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zBuyer: A Good Way to Get Real Estate Leads?

zBuyer: A Good Way to Get Real Estate Leads?

zBuyer is a real estate lead generation software and service product. It supplies agents, brokers, and real estate investors with contact and other information on people looking to sell or buy homes.

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What Is zBuyer?

In a nutshell, zBuyer is a web-based lead generation platform that sources home sellers via ads. They then vet the prospect and, if they are serious about selling, send you the contact information.

Essntially, they are a smart lead generation service that fills your lead pipeline with a fresh supply of seller leads.

How It Works

zBuyer uses a variety of marketing methods to attract people interested in selling and buying homes. These include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Telemarketing
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Print advertising
  • Online banner ads

The marketing aims to encourage home buyers and motivated sellers to visit websites or call phone numbers. The system then asks them to leave information about themselves and the properties they own or want to buy.

zBuyer gathers and verifies this information. Then it forwards the verified leads to its real estate professional subscribers.

Subscribers may be real estate agents, brokers or real estate investors. The subscribers get the information on their smartphones. Then they can text, email or call the leads to offer to list or buy the sellers’ homes.

zBuyer uses many other names and websites to collect information. So leads are often unaware that they have provided information to zBuyer.

That means agents and brokers should not assume leads know who zBuyer is or how they’ve gotten the leads’ contact information.

 zBuyer’s Best Features

 Some of zBuyer’s most useful and popular features are:

Customizable Property Searches

zbuyer account dashboard

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zBuyer lets users perform customizable searches in its database of leads. Users can sort leads by price, number of bedrooms, and other criteria. This helps users target properties and sellers that suit their business needs.

Daily Lead Notifications

One of zBuyer’s most popular features is the way it sends lead notifications directly to its subscribers’ smartphones using the zBuyer app. Assuming there are new leads in the subscriber’s market area, the leads are sent daily.

The leads can be sent via email or text.  From their phones, subscribers can readily identify promising leads using the search features.

They can then call, text, or email directly from their phones with a single click. They can add notes to profiles to remind them when they contacted someone and what was discussed.

Detailed Lead Profiles

zbuyer lead report

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When subscribers get leads, they can click on each on to expand the lead profiles. The details of the lead profiles contain lots of useful information for a real estate professional.

 Details may include:

  • Seller’s name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Property street address
  • Zip code
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Asking price
  • Whether the property is already listed with a broker

Interactive Map and Area Statistics

zBuyer’s app lets users see interactive maps and satellite views of individual properties and neighborhoods from their smartphones.

Mobile iOS and Android Apps

zBuyer has apps for both iPhones and Android smartphones. Subscribers can also use the service from a computer by logging into the website at

zBuyer Pros and Cons

As with any balanced review, it’s important to review both the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Pros (What We Like)

Unfortunately, there are not too many reviews about this product, meaning it’s not widely used in the real estate industry.

At a minimum, it’s not as popular as other services like Boomtown or BoldLeads. From what we’ve found online, here is what the company does well:

  • zBuyer gets high marks for being easy for subscribers to use. The installation is simple as well.
  • The company doesn’t publicly reveal the prices it charges. But users report paying $180 a month for the service on a month to month contract.
  • That makes it priced significantly less than some competitors. Other lead generation services and marketing automation software sellers may also require long-term contracts.

Cons (What Can Be Improved)

zBuyer also has some significant limitations. Again, there is not much information available, so we’re sourcing these cons from the limited online reviews.

Some of the biggest complaints we’ve found include:

  • One of the biggest is that the leads are not exclusive. Many other real estate agents, brokers, and investors may be getting the same leads. This means that subscribers have to be quick when contacting leads.
  • Even after immediately calling or emailing leads as soon as they arrive, some subscribers complain that leads have already been contacted by several others.
  • Subscribers also complain about outdated leads and inaccurate contact information. A zBuyer subscriber can expect to plow through a number of already-called, old or wrong numbers before getting a live prospect.
  • zBuyer sends leads to real estate professionals based on their location, by county. In some smaller or less active real estate markets, the amount of leads may be small. Subscribers in these markets may only get a few leads a day, or even less.

Tip: Some zBuyer subscribers say that they have best results texting leads first rather than emailing or calling. Then they followup with a call in a week or two after the first rush of contacts has fallen off.

Plans and Pricing

zbuyer pricing by county featuring a sampling of colorado and california regions

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zBuyer does not list pricing on its website, so we created a sample account to determine pricing estimates.

The service is unique in that it prices by lead, not by month. Instead of a subscription model like its competitors, zBuyer charges per lead.

Higher volume counties cost less per lead than those with lower volumes. We sampled a handful of counties in Colorado and California to give you an idea what to expect for your county.

Leads ranged from $7 to $16 each, with an average of $12.14. Keep in mind that there is no minimum monthly commitment, and these leads are pre-vetted, so they have a better chance at converting than those sourced from simple databases.

zBuyer Alternatives

If you’re interested in automated lead generation services but zBuyer doesn’t seem quite right, there are alternatives. You may want to consider these zBuyer competitors:

  • BoldLeads is a real estate lead generation service that emphasizes exclusivity. It accepts only one real estate agent subscriber per ZIP code.
  • REDX is a lead generation service that emphasizes expired listings. It provides phone numbers for home sellers whose listings have expired.
  • leads are created by homeowners seeking more information on specific properties listed on They vet the leads before sending them to you.

Our Take

Buyer has been around since 2003, so the company would appear to be doing something right. However, the quality of the leads is likely to be modest in many cases.

Agents and brokers should expect that zBuyer leads will be quickly contacted by others offering real estate services. So they need to act quickly and be persistent.

The company stresses in its marketing to real estate professionals that marketing is a numbers game. The numbers with zBuyer may be larger than some agents and brokers are comfortable with.

zBuyer is likely best used as part of a comprehensive real estate marketing campaign. It’s less likely to work as sole source of leads to home buyers and sellers.

However, we like the flexibility of their pricing, as you can essentially buy leads as you need them. For agents testing new lead generation services, this one is worth a try.

Should You Use zBuyer?

While the company has been around for a while, they have a limited presence on the internet. Their site is outdated and lacks information about the product and its features.

If you’re looking for high-quality leads, check out Bold Leads. Their system is simple but highly reviewed, and there is plenty of information available online.

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