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30 Fun & Unique Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love in 2024

30 Fun & Unique Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love in 2024

A porcelain throne should be built for a king.

Instead of living with a poorly designed bathroom, get inspired to finish your palace by reading the ideas below. We rounded up 30 of the most unique designs to inspire you.

30 Distinctive Bathroom Ideas

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom each day, using it to care for your health, hygiene, and maintenance.

The activities that go on in a bathroom often call for a soothing design. By choosing calming tiles, vanities, fixtures, and storage spaces, you can craft a peaceful environment for your home, no matter the size.

1. Minimalist Traditional Bathroom

For a piece on bathroom ideas, a clawfoot tub sits in a modern open farmhouse bathroom

Paul Maguire/Shutterstock

This minimalist, traditional bathroom has an off-white and neutral color scheme and simple fixtures.

The subtle black accents help the clawfoot tub take center. There is enough contrast between the creams, whites, and browns to create visual interest without overpowering you.

2. Wooden Eco-Style Bathroom

Wooden Eco-Style Bathroom idea with wood-looking tile

Julia Vadi/Shutterstock

You can vamp up your bathroom with textured wood accent pieces. Wooden floor mats and wall coverings give you a taste of the outdoors as you take a bath.

The open shower also provides a naturalistic feel. Adding a few houseplants can add to the soothing theme while also providing health benefits.

3. Tiled Accent Walls

Tiled Accent Walls in teal and white for a piece on bathroom ideas


Another way to spruce up your bathroom involves installing a tiled accent wall in a peaceful shade of blue.

Simple wood and ceramic fixtures help the walls pop more, and houseplants fill up the space.

4. Striking Marble Tiles

Striking Marble Tiles in a steam shower as an example for bathroom ideas

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

A marble shower stands out against the white walls, especially when it has a high contrast print.

The stark difference between dark brown and white gives it a masculine, powerful appearance. You can soften the harshness with a flower for a peaceful vibe.

5. Indoor Garden

Image for a piece on bathroom inspiration featuring lots of green plants scattered about an otherwise open and drab marble-walled bathroom

New Africa/Shutterstock

While many of the design ideas have used plants, this one makes them a focal point.

Filling your bathroom with houseplants gives the room an outdoorsy feel, especially when complemented by wooden furniture and neutral shades. The green really pops.

6. Welcome the Darkness

Bathroom idea titled Welcome the Darkness

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Black, white, and gold marble add a luxurious touch to your bathroom.

Simple, modern fixtures with round edges contrast the deluxe marble walls, helping them stand out more. The walls should have opposite colors to up the drama.

7. Raggedy Chic

Raggedy Chic bathroom idea found in an industrial-style building

Pavlovska Yevheniia/Shutterstock

This vintage bathroom uses textured brick and concrete walls accented with pink and cream.

Visit your antique store for seating, lighting, and decorations accented with fresh pink flowers. Paint the furniture pink and then white, stripping some of the white for a layered, worn feel.

8. Terrazzo Walls and Tile

Terrazzo Walls and Tile in a bathroom with an open shower for a piece on bathroom ideas

Terraphan Pensupha/Shutterstock

Terrazzo walls and floors give you a modern yet cozy look.

The texture isn’t distracting, but it helps you showcase plants without having a boring background. Go for some interesting lighting to spruce up the space.

9. Modern Country

Modern Country bathroom idea with floating euro toilets and white bowl sinks

This wood-heavy bathroom design uses basin-style fixtures to contrast with the wood.

It’s sleek and shiny, adding modernity to the theme. Make sure you seal the wood to prevent water damage!

10. Rustic Glam

Tribal-style bathroom with a tree on the inside in what would be considered to be an African-inspired bathroom design idea


Make your bathroom look like a luxury VRBO cabin with a tree growing through it.

Colonial furniture, a painted chandelier, soft curtains, and wood panels bring together a mishmash of designs in a surprisingly cozy manner.

11. Heavenly Vintage

White clawfoot tub in a white room with two large windows on either side of the tub below a glass and gold chandelier


For a glamorous, divine feel, opt for a white and gold vintage theme.

Rippled curtains, gold-rimmed furnishings, and retro fixtures will make your bathroom feel like an angel’s abode.

12. Split Walls

Bathroom idea with tiled backsplash on a part-split wall behind green vegetation

If you like bricks but prefer a modern design, consider implementing a split wall.

You can have a white brick extrusion to hold some toiletries, plants, and decorations. Pair it with a white background and some colorful fixtures for an eccentric feel.

13. Grungey Not Grimey

New white clawfoot tub in the middle of a burned-out room for a piece on artistic takes on bathroom ideas

Zastolskiy Victor/Shutterstock

For a look that no one will forget, go for patchy, dark, peeling walls with bright, modern furnishings.

The dichotomy is stark, but it creates a bold look you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, no one will notice if you accidentally stain the walls.

14. Pink Princess

70s inspired bathroom idea with pink tile and blue wallpaper

Crystal Alba/Shutterstock

For an effortlessly feminine feel, go for this pink and white retro bathroom. The fuzzy seat cover gives it a spunky touch in contrast with the 1950s diner-style wallpaper and tiles.

You can mix and match modern and vintage pieces to make your bathroom your own.

15. Contemporary Wood

Contemporary wooden bathroom idea with grey slate tile walls and modern dark brown wood

Beyond Time/Shutterstock

This contemporary bathroom uses wood and stone-print walls for an outdoorsy vibe.

The plants lie on a rock bed, and the fixtures have a quirky modern design. This design is the bathroom equivalent of glamping.

16. Outdoor Bathroom

Example of an outdoor bathroom to bring nature inside under a covered patio for a piece on bathroom inspiration ideas

Breslavtsev Oleg/Shutterstock

If you prefer camping to glamping, why not set up your bathroom outside?

If your climate allows for it, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors while taking a bath.

You will need special coatings on your fixtures to protect them from the weather, but it can be fun for those in warmer regions.

17. Simple Stone

Simple stone bathroom idea featuring a bunch of grey tiles in various colors on the walls with grey wood-look tiles on the floor


Simple gray stone walls with wood-printed floors have a slight natural feel. However, the modern fixtures and glossy look make it interior-friendly.

You won’t need many decorations for this design, just the basic furnishings.

18. Beach Resort

Beach resort bathroom idea with a wood-paneled bathroom overlooking light green ocean water


If you have a gorgeous view outside your bathroom, install a large window that reaches the floor to bask in it.

Wood panels make it feel beachy, and plain furnishings keep the window the focal point. Set up your bathtub next to the window for the most relaxing bubble baths of your life.

19. Industrial Revolution Meets Today

Industrial Revolution Meets Today bathroom idea with a white painted metal tub below a funky-shaped bathroom mirror

Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

If you have a brick wall, complement it with some stone for an industrial feel.

Furnishings with visible fasteners make it look almost steampunk, and you can spice things up with zig zag towels.

20. Brick City

Brick city bathroom idea in front of a large floor-to-ceiling window


If you have high ceilings, entirely gray brick walls give it a city-ready feel. Minimalist art, lighting, and black furnishing make it feel abandoned yet bold.

While not a homey design, it’s great for those who want to feel like they’re in New York City while they bathe.

21. Luxury Boutique Bathroom

Luxury Boutique Bathroom idea in a yellow painted room with a white clawfoot tub with gold legs


If you accent gold with white rather than the other way around, you get a cozier and busier look, even with the same furnishings.

This bathroom resembles one you’d find in a boutique hotel, which can make you feel like a wealthy vacationer every time you wash your hands.

22. Mermaid Motel

Bathroom idea titled Mermaid Motel with a teal curtain and tan surrounding tile


This bathroom uses shades of blues, greens, purples, and browns to brighten the otherwise white space.

Shells, fish, and oceanic textures keep it beachy without being overwhelming. You could go more over-the-top with mermaid sculptures or keep it simple.

23. Kid-Friendly Fun

Kid-friendly bathroom idea with a fun hot air balloon and musical note shower curtain next to a light brown vanity


For kid’s bathrooms, you can go for a brighter wall and decorative curtain.

Keeping things light and fun might make your little one happier to brush their teeth. Ensure you coat everything to resist stains.

24. Outside or In?

Luxury bathroom with a bathtub next to a fence with green vegetation on the side


If you like the freedom of an outdoor bath but want the option to go inside, try this design.

On a snowy day, you can easily shower inside while watching the outdoors. When it’s nice out, you can relax while watching the sunset from your tub.

25. Bright and Bold

Bright and bold blue tile floored bathroom with white and green tile above it

This bathroom design uses bright green and blue for a bold, kid-friendly theme.

The colors might grow annoying after a while, so you might prefer softening the shades.

26. Mixing Patterns

Mixed patterned tile in black and blue color for a piece on bathroom ideas

Vadim Ovchinnikov/Shutterstock

It can be risky, but you can mix spots and stripes. This bathroom has a tiny polka dot print above an intricate panel painting.

Below are some blocks of stripes. The furnishings are unique but not distracting, leaving the focus on the walls.

27. Go Blue

Bathroom idea with blue walls and brown herringbone tile floors with a raised tub and giant plant in front of the window

Lekstock 3D/Shutterstock

Blue is one of the most popular bathroom colors because of its association with water and calming feel.

Blue, cloudy walls stand out from the standard bathroom without being too flashy. You can complement the walls with simple wood furnishings and plants as well.

28. Classically Modern

Classically modern bathroom idea with giant square floor tiles and a big white vanity with a sitting chair across the room


Combine old and new with shiny tiles, diaphanous curtains, and vintage couches.

White walls, brown floors, and pink accents give you a mature look without compromising on color.

29. Need a Reminder?

Contemporary green-tiled bathroom idea with a clawfoot tub with a big window in back

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Sometimes you need to remind someone what the bathtub is for.

The green brick wall adds color to the ceramic and wood furnishings, which have a somewhat rustic flair. This bathroom is cozy and homey while remaining chic.

30. Pastel Dream

Bathroom idea titled pastel dream with vaulted ceilings, a bidet, and victorian-era furniture

Vadim Ovchinnikov/Shutterstock

The cloudy walls, white and blue tiles, flowing curtains, and swooping tub give this room a dreamy, whimsical feel.

It’s simplistic yet luxurious, and it transcends all ages with its classic design.

Things to Consider

When redecorating, take these bathroom ideas with a grain of salt.

  • How big is your bathroom? Smaller rooms benefit from white walls to open them up, while bigger bathrooms can handle something more colorful.
  • What is your budget? You can make luxurious designs budget-friendly by shopping at thrift stores, but it will be more challenging than something minimalist.
  • Who will use your bathroom? If it’s the main bathroom that guests will use, you might want something more decorative and soothing than one made for you or your children.
  • What does the rest of your house look like? If you have a minimalist house and a bathroom that’s exploding with décor, the designs will clash. Try to keep some consistency between rooms.

Like Our One-of-a-Kind Bathroom Ideas?

If you’re seeking to upgrade your home, look through the list above for some unique bathroom ideas.

You can choose something retro, modern, minimalist, grunge, busy, rustic, or somewhere in between. Have fun decorating!