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Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas You’ll Love

Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas You’ll Love

Looking for doorless walk-in shower ideas? You’re in the right place.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite styles, ranging from simple to off-the-wall.

Read on to see the designs, why we love each, and a few things to consider.

Looking for Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas?

Doorless walk in shower idea made from natural wood planks with black rope accents

Julia Vadi/Shutterstock

You might wonder why anyone would want to take the door away from their shower.

One common concern is that removing the door greatly increases spillage and mess.

With nothing to stop the water from splashing out, won’t the whole bathroom flood by the end of a shower?

Enhanced Accessibility

In terms of practicality, doorless showers are much easier to access, as there’s usually no step or curb to walk past.

This makes them desirable for people with mobility impairments or the elderly.

They also take less maintenance. No door means one less place to clean when it comes time for spring cleaning.

Hard water can cause problems with some bathroom maintenance, but less so with a doorless shower.

Minimalist Aesthetics

Another common reason for using a doorless walk-in shower is for a minimalist aesthetic.

Many modern bathroom designs thrive on a minimalist view. By removing the door, there’s one less moving part to the typical minimalist design.

This also helps with many floor plans, as removing the door frees up the room needed to open it. Typically, these bathrooms use designs that work to funnel water away from the center of the room.

Using a doorless, curbless shower doesn’t mean you’ll have water all across the floor. Slight slants to the floor help keep water from the walking spaces, and enclosed doorless showers often provide the barrier needed.

Unique Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas

There are a significant number of ideas out there for walk-in showers for your family.

All of these add a beautiful minimalist aesthetic while also being practical and enjoyable to use.

Consider all ten of these options when you’re next laying out a new bathroom design.

White and Pink Minimalist Concrete

White and Pink Minimalist Concrete Doorless Walk-in Shower Idea


One issue that some run into with showers is a concern over the slipperiness of the floor.

This particular design gets around that issue by using flooring that won’t cause you to slip—concrete. Concrete may not come to mind first when you think of the interior design.

But it’s actually a common bathroom material. This design utilizes beautiful concrete flooring for safety and utility.

The pink tiles of the wall add a beautiful, almost mosaic-like quality to your shower time.

In contrast, the stark white of the sidewall tiling helps the room feel more spacious and minimalistic. The whole room comes together for a beautiful, practical look.

Doorless Marble and Tile

Doorless Marble and Tile walk-in shower idea

Matus Labanc/Shutterstock

While concrete is undoubtedly popular, tile remains one of the most popular options as well.

This wonderful design uses tiling to mimic a marbled aesthetic while also providing a solid, safe grip for your feet.

Tile grouting helps break up a single smooth surface. This provides much more stability and makes the ground more slip-resistant. Such features are crucial for the elderly or those who may have mobility challenges.

Altogether, the muted grays and whites create a lovely modern aesthetic. While minimalist, this design doesn’t leave anything feeling empty, as some minimalist designs can.

Multiple designs and colors help this room feel comfortable and spacious.

Free-Standing Tub

Free-Standing Tub with a shower head attachment and no curtain for a piece on doorless walk-in shower ideas


While not a shower in the traditional sense, many have begun using free-standing tubs in place of their shower. This has the added benefit of doubling as a bath and providing the same use as a shower.

It’s worth saying that free-standing tubs don’t offer the same added accessibility that many of the other options on this list do. That said, it’s a wonderful option for those who decide they like to mix showers and baths.

Maintenance on these styles of showers is relatively low, and there are no walls to clean. It’s easy to simply stand in the tub. The raised walls of the tub itself will stop the majority of water from splashing out, just as shower walls do.

Gray Marble and Glass Partition

Doorless Walk In Shower Idea featuring a Gray Marble and Glass Partition and black accents throughout the marble and natural wood bathroom


This modern design brings an incredibly spacious option to our list. The sizeable tiles on the ground provide steady footing, while a glass partition prevents much of the splashing that may occur.

This roomy shower provides plenty of room to bathe in while still keeping much of the bathroom usable.

A wide sink helps to compliment the open feeling of the bathroom as well. This open bathroom design presents an incredible feeling of luxury and sleek design.

Helping add to this open, roomy feeling is a large mirror wall. While some might feel uncomfortable showering in front of a mirror, the addition helps the room feel considerably larger.

Still, if it causes discomfort, it’s easy enough to avoid the mirror during installation.

Inset Shelf With Standing Alley

Inset Shelf With Standing Alley and an earth-toned 12x12 tile shower surround next to a small little white floating vanity

Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

One thing that may feel as if it’s missing in this widely minimalist design is storage space.

Many of these options may eschew shelving or any other place to put your bathing products and supplies. This option helps to undo that problem by adding an inset shelf.

Such an addition not only provides the needed space but also helps with the feeling of minimalism. Rather than adding shelves, the space is a simple indent in the wall, adding utility rather than removing it.

An added benefit is that this shower is much friendlier to smaller spaces than the other options.

While some doorless showers take up a lot of room, this option does a lot with a little. This is extremely beneficial to homes that don’t have a significant amount of space to work with.

Wooden Outdoor Shower

Wooden Outdoor doorless walk in shower idea featuring a shower and surround made from simple stained wood slats

Papin Lab/Shutterstock

Our first of two outdoor entries, this walk-in shower is a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. The deep brown of the wood and natural wood grain add a lovely natural feel to your showering space.

This is especially useful poolside to wash away chemicals after swimming.

Needless to say, you wouldn’t want this to be your only shower in your home. Bathing outside can feel vulnerable, and using soaps and hair products can harm the environment. 

Still, if you’re renovating your outdoor areas, this is a fantastic addition. The wooden flooring provides a strong grip for you to stand on, and nearby lighting fixtures make it usable at all hours.

Using wood may call for added cleaning and maintenance, but nothing drastic.

Glass-Walled, Wooden Floor

Glass Walled, Wooden Floor as an idea for a doorless walk-in shower


Speaking of wooden flooring, this attractive option presents a gorgeous beach feel.

The blue walls and the creamy sand-colored flooring can make you feel like you’re standing on the beach. A warm shower with the sun coming through brings the outdoors inside your home.

Using a wooden floor slat, as this option shows, presents an excellent grip for your feet.

A completely doorless design makes entry easy while also conserving room. This is also smaller than many other options, showing again that you can have minimalism without empty space.

All in all, this is an amazing option for those who want to step into the outdoors while staying inside.

Consider switching the blue walls for a gradient to add a sunset feel to your relaxing shower time. Interior design is heavily customizable, so fine-tune it to your dream shower.

Outdoor Brick Shower

Outdoor Brick Shower for a very simple outdoor doorless walk-in shower idea

Terra Pittayanurak/Shutterstock

Our second outdoor entry provides a bit less maintenance than our above option will.

By using bricks, your shower will resist water much more thoroughly than wood does. That said, brick doesn’t fit all aesthetics as universally as brown wood may.

Instead, this is a great doorless walk-in shower for a retro aesthetic. Using this vintage look can help bring your outdoor area together with a beautiful yet rugged look.

Maintenance on bricks is also much lower. Depending on where you’ve installed it, you won’t have to clean it often at all. As before, though, you may not want an outdoor shower as your only bathing option, so plan before you renovate!

Standing Doorless Shower and Tub

Standing Doorless Shower and Tub


If you like the idea of a tub but don’t want to give up your shower to have one, there’s a simple fix: have both!

This combination gives a bit of natural lighting to keep the mood relaxing and quiet.

A free-standing tub is excellent if you decide to skip the shower for a night. The shower’s dark gray aesthetic helps to provide a tranquil, quiet feel.

Soft lighting from above will help to keep things feeling elegant and relaxing. This combination provides beautiful lighting and quiet aesthetics to keep your bath time as tranquil as possible.

This is also an excellent choice for couples that may want to bathe together but in separate styles. One can opt for a bath while the other opts for a shower.

Staying in the same room and removing the border of a door allows togetherness and conversation to continue as well.

Copper and Concrete Doorless Shower

Doorless walk in shower idea made of concrete and wooden-style tile planks for a piece on doorless walk in shower ideas


Our last option on the list provides a nice splash of color while staying elegant and minimalist. As we’ve seen a few times, the shower portion of this option offers a wooden slat for your feet to grip.

This helps reduce the likelihood of slipping or falling, increasing safety. The copper-lined mirrors add a gorgeous accent while sprucing up the space.

A large square showerhead also gives that waterfall feeling to help your shower feel just a bit more natural. The gray aesthetics help things feel sleek and clean without feeling empty.

Of course, the color scheme is up to you when installing your new shower. If this minimalist option feels like it provides a bit too much gray, change it up!

The splashes of color and natural lighting help this final option pop into life.

Things to Consider

Now that we’ve looked at ten unique doorless walk-in shower ideas, make sure to consider the following information when designing your own shower:

  • Will guests feel comfortable using this shower?
  • Will I want to use this shower long-term?
  • Does this shower provide the utility that I need for my own restroom?
  • Is this shower able to adapt to my own changing styles?
  • Can I afford to dedicate the needed space to this shower style?
  • Do I have the room required to design a doorless walk-in shower?
  • Does this renovation add value to my home?
  • Am I picking an out-of-date style that I might regret in the future?

There are many more things to consider, but this is a strong list to think of upfront. The first is the most important: while you feel comfortable with the shower, will guests?

Some people may feel uncomfortable or vulnerable using some designs, so think of all possible options.

What’s Your Favorite Doorless Walk-In Shower Idea?

Modern doorless walk in shower idea with a glass door and small grey square mosaic tiles

Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

So there you have it—our favorite doorless walk-in shower ideas.

With so many excellent options, choosing is easily the most challenging part.

Make sure that you’re considering all possible options, pros, and cons before you dedicate yourself to a choice.