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12 Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas We Love in 2024

12 Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas We Love in 2024

Have you decided to spruce up your outdoor shower but don’t know where to start?

A great starting point is with the shower floor.  Your outdoor shower floor can make or break your shower, so it’s crucial that you know your options before choosing your floor material. 

So, what are some of the best options for your outdoor shower floor?

Read on for some great outdoor shower floor ideas that will take your space to the next level.

12 Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas

From wood to stone, there are so many options for an outdoor shower floor.

Here are just a few, along with their features and why we love each one:

1. Teak

For a piece on Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas, a teak lined shower and surround

Papin Lab/Shutterstock

Teak flooring is a good option for outdoor shower floors because it contains a lot of natural oils that make it water-resistant.

In addition, its natural moisture resistance helps prevent mold and mildew from forming, which makes for easier upkeep.

In addition to its water-proof qualities, teak also has a classic backyard look. It’s common for outdoor furniture, so you’ll be able to build a shower using teak that will blend in with your backyard décor without any problem at all.

2. Tile

Outdoor shower tile is probably the most versatile option available for shower floors


Outdoor shower tile is probably the most versatile option available for shower floors.

Not only do tiles come in an endless array of colors and styles, but you can choose a material that’s also perfect for wicking away water.

The best options for outdoor tile applications are ceramic and porcelain.

Both are strong, slip-resistant, and can stand up to the elements. If you opt for a glazed option, you’ll also have the added element of stain resistance.

3. Composite

Composite deck for outdoor shower floor


Composite decking is an excellent, low-maintenance option for an outdoor shower floor. Since it’s manmade, it holds up to the elements better than wood, and it doesn’t require refinishing the same way lumber might.

In addition, composite is long-lasting, can stand up to constant moisture, and is built to look just like natural wood.

Not to mention, you can build your shower to match your existing deck without having to worry about changes in stain color or fading.

Composite also offers more value to your outdoor space, which can be useful when it comes time to sell your home.

4. Travertine

If you like the look of natural stone, travertine is a great choice for an outdoor shower floor


Travertine is a porous limestone material that’s excellent at absorbing water. It’s a durable stone that holds up well to outdoor wear and tear.

What’s best is that it doesn’t require much upkeep at all, so it’s ideal for places that see a lot of moisture.

If you like the look of natural stone, travertine is a great choice for an outdoor shower floor. It has a warm, rustic look that combines high quality with a timeless style.

5. Bamboo

Stainless steel shower panel with bamboo tray


Bamboo is one of the simplest options for an outdoor shower floor. It’s especially convenient if your shower space is small or you don’t have room for more than a shower head and base.

Also, bamboo is an inexpensive option to replace if the wood starts to splinter or fade with age.

Bamboo mats come in various sizes, and you can purchase them at the most common home stores. Many are foldable, so bamboo should be your top choice if you need to conserve space outdoors.

6. Brick

Outdoor shower with brick floor


Brick is a fun, stylish option for outdoor shower flooring. It’s built for the outdoors, so you won’t have to worry about resiliency.

The best part is that no two brick floors are unique. You can put down bricks in any pattern or style you want. 

The biggest thing to remember about brick is that it heats up quickly under the sun.

So if you want to use brick for your shower floor, consider installing a sunshade or roof-like structure over your shower to keep the brick cool. You could also let the water run over the brick to cool it down before stepping on it.

7. Pebbles or Gravel

River rock outdoor shower floor looks great and feels nice underfoot


A nice, natural option that provides easy drainage is simple pebbles or gravel.

Small stones that have been rounded and smoothed can turn an outdoor shower into a foot-friendly experience. Since the stones aren’t sharp, they’re easy on your soles and are non-slip.

This type of flooring is also incredibly low-maintenance. Plus, you have the option of combining the stones with resin to make a somewhat smooth flooring option. It’ll look great and have just enough texture to be non-slip.

8. Cedar

Cedar flooring is quite strong and resistant to water and rot


Cedar flooring offers a lot of benefits for your outdoor shower. It has a natural appearance that can blend seamlessly with any style of outdoor décor. It’s also quite strong, not to mention resistant to water and rot.

Cedar is also a durable wood that you can stain or paint any color you want to match your backyard. So if you already have a wood or cedar shower, you won’t have a problem matching the colors when you install the floor. 

9. River Rock

River rock floor inside outdoor shower


River rock is a unique, natural stone for an outdoor shower floor that looks great and feels nice underfoot.

Like pebble flooring, river rock is non-slip and easy to maintain. If you’re going for an all-natural look, pebbles are the perfect option. 

You can leave river rock loose on your shower floor over a bed of gravel, or you can pour grout to provide more stability. Pouring grout will also make it easier to clean or power wash if necessary.

10. Outdoor Floor Pan

A shower pan is the easiest option to install and maintain


If you want to go for a simple solution, a simple outdoor shower pan can be all you need. It can go on top of an existing concrete slab or decking, and since it’s raised, it’ll instantly draw water away from your feet. 

A shower pan is the easiest option to install and maintain. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution to replacing your shower floor.

Or, if you’re into changing up your backyard appearance now and then, they’re easy to swap out for something new.

11. Concrete

Concrete outdoor shower floor with peebles on drainage

Alan SK/Shutterstock

A concrete shower floor offers a lot of benefits. Not only is concrete sturdy, but you also won’t have to worry about grout lines wearing down over time. It’s also easy to clean using a power washer or hose.

If you choose the right texture, a concrete shower floor can also be non-slip. The main thing to remember is that you’ll need to pour the concrete at an angle so it slants slightly toward your drain to avoid water collecting in your shower.

Concrete is an option you can have a lot of fun with because it’s easy to stamp designs into the concrete when it gets poured.

12. Paving Stones

You can use the same style of pavers from your path in your shower to continue the look throughout


Already have a path in your backyard? Then that’ll be a great place to look for inspiration.

You can use the same style of pavers from your path in your shower to continue the look throughout. 

Paving stones are especially ideal because many are great at absorbing water. The pavers can dry quickly, are easy to clean, and are non-slip, which are three of the most important aspects of a shower floor.

Benefits of an Outdoor Shower

Not sure if you’re ready to install an outdoor shower? Here are just a few reasons why it’s a great idea:

It’s Relaxing

One of the most relaxing things in the world occasionally is taking a shower outside.

An outdoor shower can give you the chance to shower while the birds chirp around you, which is a great way to start your day.

Good For Dog Washing

Welsh corgi after shower

Paul’s Lady/Shutterstock

An outdoor shower, especially one that’s enclosed, is the perfect place to get your pup clean.

Your dog will be confined to a small area, and you won’t have to worry about your pet getting loose in the house while he’s all covered with soap.

Easy Clean-Up

Are you an avid runner? Or maybe every day is a beach day?

An outdoor shower is a quick and easy way to rinse the sand and sweat off before heading inside. Even better, if you’ve installed a river rock shower floor, your feet will get a nice post-run massage.

Perfect For Hot Weather

If you live in a hot climate, it can be relaxing to take a cool shower in the morning while also soaking in some sun, which works best if your outdoor shower is in some type of enclosure.  

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Outdoor Shower Floor

Although the above options can work in most instances, keep the following things in mind:

  • Water should always flow away from your home, so install your floor and drainage accordingly.
  • Choose a location for your shower near the main water source, so you don’t have to install too much additional plumbing.
  • Regular power washing can help prolong the life of concrete, brick, and natural stone.
  • Only use flooring options that are safe for outdoor and high-moisture use.
  • Place a cap over your drain to prevent large debris, insects, and small animals from clogging up your pipes or getting stuck under your shower floor.
  • Install your shower in an area that gets enough sunlight to prevent mildew from growing on the floor or walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you loving the idea of adding a new floor to your outdoor shower? Here are the answers to a few more questions you might have:

Do outdoor showers need drains?

Most outdoor showers can simply drain into the ground without any added pipes. However, if you place your shower strategically, you can ensure the water flows out of the shower and away from your home.

What do you put under an outdoor shower floor?

All outdoor showers need a base of some sort because running a shower over bare ground could cause the soil to turn muddy and make a big mess. A dry well lined with landscaping material filled with pebbles can help wick water away quickly. 

What kind of wood do you use for a shower floor?

Cedar and teak are the two most popular options for wood shower floors. Teak has a lot of natural water-resistant qualities, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications such as showers and furniture. 

Do outdoor showers need a floor?

Although outdoor showers don't necessarily need a floor, you should still use one. A floor for your outdoor shower will help drain away water and protect your feet from the ground. It'll also help keep the ground from degrading.

Should I use wood or stone for my outdoor shower floor?

Wood is a simpler option for an outdoor shower because it’s easier and less expensive to replace.

However, stone offers more options in terms of color, shape, and style. Your best bet is to take a look at your current backyard setup and see which option would go best with your current décor.

What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Shower Floor Idea?

So, what’s the best option for your outdoor shower floor?

It will all depend on your budget, the amount of available space, and your aesthetic and style.

There are benefits to each kind, so hopefully, the ideas here inspired you to get started on your next outdoor project. Happy building!