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Grey Tile Bathroom Ideas: 15 Rooms We’re Obsessed With

Grey Tile Bathroom Ideas: 15 Rooms We’re Obsessed With

Grey is one of the most trending colors this year.

It’ll make any room in your house look sleek and cool. That’s why we’ve rounded up 15 trendy and unique grey tile bathroom ideas to inspire your remodel.

15 Unique Grey Tile Bathroom Ideas

Choosing how to go grey without going boring can be challenging. If you’re looking to redo your bathroom, we have all the inspiration you need.

Here are 15 grey tile bathroom ideas you can use as inspiration for your next remodeling project.

1. Dark Grey Tile With Wood Accents

Simple dark grey tile bathroom idea featuring a wide double-panel window and natural wood cabinets


There are shades of gray, and while dark colors can make any room sleek and modern, you don’t want to go too dark.

Add in some wood accents, like with this closet door and vanity, to warm up the space. This keeps it fresh and unique, rather than looking like a supervillain’s lair.

2. Mixed Size Grey Tile

Grey tile bathroom idea featuring glass mosaic tile on the front of the tub and simple 2 x 4 grey tiles on the tub surround

You can create visual interest by adding accents and using different-sized tiles.

These mosaic grey tiles next to the large slate tiles add dimension to the space. 

3. Minimalist Grey Tiled Bathroom

Minimalist grey tile bathroom with grey subway tile shower surround and grey wood-look floor tiles

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

You don’t need to tile your entire bathroom. As you can see here, the only tiling is in the shower.

The small tiles are mirrored but not exactly matched by the marble pattern on the sink. Like the walls and toilet, everything else is matched in white and gray, with a wood-look floor to break it all up. 

4. Keep It Light

Image of a grey tile bathroom idea with lots of grey tile on every wall and floor

Ruslana Maskenskaia/Shutterstock

When people hear gray, they may think dark or overcast. But there are many shades of gray.

Choose the lightest shades and mix up your tiles with different sizes and patterns. You’ll have a bright and interesting bathroom when you’re done. 

5. Wide Grey Tiles

Wide grey floor tiles and multi-size wall grey ceramic wall tiles with an above-ground white ceramic tub with modern and simple minimalistic fixtures

Fran Antolini/Shutterstock

For a modern look, use only large, flat tiles. This two-tone bathroom uses two shades and textures of large tiles to create a smooth yet interesting look.

Break it up with white furniture and gold hardware for a color pop. Or use a houseplant, as they did here. 

6. Industrial Accents

Grey tile bathroom idea with a round mirror and a simple glass walk-in shower with a half glass door and oil rubbed bronze fixtures


The large slate gray tiles of this smaller bathroom pair with white porcelain and black industrial accents.

The lightweight furnishings keep the room from feeling too dark and crowded, while the accents almost make the tile feel like poured concrete. 

7. Colorful Furniture

For a roundup on grey tile bathroom ideas, a grey above-ground tub with chrome fixtures and very light grey wood-look floor tiles and white walls with colorful art made of earth tones


You can use grey as a neutral without it being your focus. Grey is a better option than white since it tones down the room somewhat.

The grey floor is barely noticeable in this image, which is perfect if you want a neutral palette for your bright and colorful tub or sink to stand out. 

8. Black and Copper Accents

Grey tile bathroom idea with copper fixtures and a dark bronze sink bowl

July Prokopiv/Shutterstock

This hardware changes the whole feel of the room. We have tile in similar grey shades elsewhere on this list, but using black instead of white makes everything bolder and darker.

The copper hardware makes the room feel timeless. 

9. Statement Pattern

Hex gray tile bathroom idea with a tile shower surround with a walk-in shower without a door and a dark towel rack with a dark faucet protruding from the wall

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

The tiling in this room makes it look like you have a personalized mural in your shower. Use noticeable, asymmetric patterns to get a fun, modern look going.

Everything here is grey and white, with touches of black hardware. But it avoids looking flat thanks to the patterns throughout. 

10. Grey Mosaic Floor Tile

Simple grey tile bathroom idea featuring mosaic Spanish tile and a standalone white tub with a natural wooden shelf on which sits a sink bowl


The eye-catching grey mosaic floor in this bathroom keeps the room from becoming a featureless white box.

The clean subway tile and painted white brick let the pattern shine without becoming overwhelming. Nude colors and wood touches combined with the grey flooring warm up the whole space. 

11. Light Grey Herringbone and Charcoal Tiles

Grey tile bathroom shower surround idea with herringbone tile with chrome fixtures and a chrome trimmed soap shelf

Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

This is an excellent example of mixing things up. The classic herringbone in light grey shines against the charcoal wall tile, making this small space appear deep and elegant.

While the color combination offers a striking contrast, it wouldn’t be as interesting without the herringbone pattern. 

12. Architectural Detail

Grey tile bathroom idea with a simple square grey ceramic tile with glass mosaic tile running down the middle


You can apply your grey tiles in many ways. In this bathroom, the smaller, multicolored tiles highlight the shower column and continue to the floor.

The colors are still neutral (black, white, tan, grey), yet they add many different tones. You can use differently shaped or colored tiles on any architectural details your bathroom may have. 

13. Grey Subway Tile

Very unique grey tile bathroom idea featuring beveled subway tile covering the every wall from floor to ceiling and natural oak frame mirror


White is the most popular color for subway tile but check out these floor-to-ceiling grey walls. Once you see it, you’ll notice the potential for a really standout bathroom plan.

The entire wall tiling is clean and neat, and the grey tone prevents the room from becoming too sterile or stale, even as it reflects the light. 

14. Grey as an Accent

Luxurious bathroom with white terrazzo floor tile, a grey vanity, and grey tile in the shower surround and white shiplap running horizontally across the wall behind the vanity

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

You don’t need to grey your entire bathroom. As we’ve said, it makes an excellent neutral while still adding a good amount of contrast to the room. Here there’s only the dark gray vanity and light grey (mixed with white) shower tiling. 

There’s tan wallpaper by the toilet, and different textures of white are everywhere else (floor tiling, marble counter, shiplap wall), making extremely distinct yet all-white spaces. The two grey touches add interest and dimension to the light coloring. 

15. Gold and Grey

Idea for a grey tiled bathroom with simple and very light grey tile on the floor and dark grey tiled accent wall in shower

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

Pure gold-colored fixtures (instead of rose gold or copper) pop against darker greys. This exquisite combo will keep your bathroom visually pleasing, with pops of gold brightness against your warm grey tones.

Consider adding black and white tiling to the mix, either as a backsplash or flooring, for a classical look. 

Things to Consider

Say you just had to have one of the grey tile bathroom ideas above.

When tiling your bathroom, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before getting started:

Can You Do This Yourself?

Some of the inspiration up here can be hard to install on your own.

While it’s tempting to save money, you don’t want to ruin any expensive tilting with poor installation. For the more complex pattern work, you should consider a professional or at least some online tutorials. 

Measurements (Part One)

Make sure you know the exact measurements of every bathroom surface you have. This will help you narrow down your tile choices.

Bigger surfaces mean more money for materials, so you’ll want to choose the cheaper option. 

Measurements (Part Two)

You need to be aware of your space so you can choose a good design.

You may like the idea of mixing and matching many tile types, but in a small room, that can quickly become too busy. Pick your colors and sizes accordingly.

If you have a small space, wider tiles can help make it look bigger and cleaner. Small mosaic accents can help a small space have depth if you keep everything else clean.

You can break up a larger space with a mix of tile sizes and color schemes.  

Playing With Texture

You don’t want to go too crazy with this, but you can have many different textures before it’s a problem. A good general rule is that the less color you have, the more texture you can have.

If your bathroom is primarily one color, like grey, you can use different patterns to break it up so it doesn’t look like a grey box.

For example, a mosaic floor with wide wall tiling and smaller shower tiles won’t look too much if they are in similar tones.

Pay attention to your finish

Tiles come in matte or gloss finishes. Gloss is shiny and can help enhance your lighting.

That’s why we usually recommend it for a smaller space with little natural light. But it can also show smudges more easily, and shiny walls may not be the look you’re going for.

Matte tiles don’t show dirt or smudges so easily. They also offer a very different feel from shiny tiles. Depending on the tile, they can pull off a more natural look and take the coldness out of tiles. 

Think About Grout

Grout is another aspect of finish you should think about before you begin renovating. White is a conventional choice, but it shows a lot of dirt. You can try a high-contrast color, depending on your preference.

This might include colors like black with lighter tiles or bright gold. You can also try a grey grout that matches the tone of your tile. This will create a more seamless and high-end finish. Just make sure you use a good sealer too.

Use Pops of Color in the Bathroom

Neutral bathrooms will always look nice, but they can seem devoid of personality if you use one flat tone. If you don’t want a million tile options, then use grey as your neutral backdrop for colorful sinks, tubs, or mirrors.

You can even coordinate your towels with your accent color. Your bathroom will never look bland with pops of color. Earth tones are classic and look amazing with grey tile.

While pure white can end up looking like a hospital room, grey tends to be a bit warmer. Use greens or deep reds as accents. You can even use real plants for green instead of towels, photos, or other décor.  

Two-color tones

We used plenty of examples of two-color-toned bathroom tiling. Here’s a quick tip on how to use it:

Make sure you know what you want. You can go dramatic and have a high contrast, like pure white and deep (almost black) grey. Or you can use two similar tones for visual appeal.

Without a huge contrast, the space remains unbroken but still interesting. You can use two light tones to keep the place bright but not solid. For example, a pale grey with a white background will still make your bathroom appear fairly white, but without being a smooth box.

Unless you’re using a very distinctive pattern, dark flat greys tend to look industrial, while lighter ones tend to look almost pastel, which overall will soften your bathroom’s look. Figure out the vibe you want to narrow down your design. 

What’s Your Favorite Grey Tile Bathroom Idea?

So there you have it—the best grey tile bathroom ideas. As you can see, there is a lot that can be done with grey tile alone.

You don’t have to be boring to stay timeless. You’ll be able to keep your bathroom neutral to improve your home’s resale value.

Or, just so you don’t hate just a year after renovation. There are endless texture, color, and shading combinations to give your bathroom whatever feel you want it to have.