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30 Tile Shower Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Fun & Unique

30 Tile Shower Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Fun & Unique

Classic ceramic tile in the bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. 

Check out the 30 tile shower ideas we’ve gathered below to help you turn your shower space into something special. 

Read on to get inspired today.

30 Tile Shower Ideas We Can’t Get Enough Of

The days of plain, white ceramic tile in your shower are over.

Different tile shapes, colors, and patterns can take a necessary part of your day up a notch by giving you a beautiful and unique space for your daily routine. 

The classic look will never go out of style, but if you’re craving something a little more updated, take some inspiration from one of the tile shower ideas we love. 

1. Classic Stone With Accents

Tile shower idea featuring a big square shower with a bench surrounded by travertine tile in a dark tan color

Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

Stone tiles on the walls with small ceramic tiles in matching shades on the floor give a shower stall rich textures and style.

A stripe of decorative tiling halfway up that leads into a diamond tile pattern adds even more interest, while the colors pull all the textures together into a cohesive look.

2. Round Glass Tiles

Round penny-sized glass tile shower idea with round tiles on the floor and white square tiles on the sides

Berkay Demirkan/Shutterstock

Standard block-style ceramic tiles let the walls fade into the background, so the mosaic tile floor stands out.

Round glass tiles in different shades mimic pebbles and stones, a look perfect for a shower with a natural rain showerhead.

3. Colorful Walls

Blue walled tile shower idea in a herringbone pattern with glass walls on two sides with a rain showerhead above

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

Hexagon floor tiles in shades of gray help set off the brilliant blue of the wall tile set in a herringbone pattern.

The light color of the grout makes the herringbone pattern stand out and adds interest to the glass shower wall and door.

4. Decorative Tile Wall

Tile shower idea with white subway tile on one wall and blue spanish-style tile on an accent wall and in the soap box

Lois GoBe/Shutterstock

White ceramic tile gets a boost from an entire wall covered in blue and white decorative tile.

Only one wall done this way keeps the look from becoming overwhelming. A recessed nook in the shower gets a decorative tile to pull the look together.

5. A Mosaic Strip

White subway tile shower surround with a brown mosaic tile strip between the shower head and the faucet

Jason Finn/Shutterstock

Rectangular white tile uses dark grout that pulls from the color of the decorative tile strip that circles the shower stall.

Mosaic tiles in shades of brown add an accent strip that keeps the rest of the tile from looking plain, and the matching grout color makes it feel like one large design.

6. Matching Patterns

Rain shower head mounted high up on a brown slate tile surround with one glass wall


Gray and brown shades in rectangular stone tiles on the walls lead to matching shapes and colors in the smaller floor tiles.

Small tiles add more texture for safety on the shower floor while mimicking the look of the walls in a beautiful design.

7. Create an Illusion

Tile shower idea with lots of blue and white square tiles put into a mosaic-style pattern in a white room with lots of drawers


Square ceramic tiles in darker shades anchor the bottom of the shower stall, with more white and gray tiles added as the eye goes up.

The changing color saturation creates the illusion of a lifting movement. Use lighter tiles to draw the eye up.

8. Decorative Tile Shelving

Walk-in tile shower idea with a soap shelf that's lit from above with glass tiles in the background


Plain ceramic tile keeps the shower stall within a budget, but costlier mosaic tile can change any cubby hole in a shower stall into an accent piece.

This practical shelving becomes artwork backed in different shades of hexagon tiles with lighting to make it stand out even more.

9. Pull in the Floor Pattern

Tile shower idea in a bathroom with dark brown slate tile that covers the shower surround, shower floor, tub deck, and the rest of the floor


Brown shades of stone tiling from the bathroom floor extend into the shower stall to create a mood.

The colors and angels from the flooring cover the baseboards and the outer surface of the shower door for a complete look.

10. Basic Bricks

As an example of the best tile shower ideas, a subway tile shower with two large soap shelves on either side of the head and faucet with a spanish-style grey tile accent wall

Krista Abel/Shutterstock

White, rectangular shower tiles set in a brick pattern become a backdrop for two inset cubbies tiled in shades of gray as an accent.

The smaller tiles repeat the rectangular pattern to give the shower stall a sense of balance and cohesiveness.

11. Black Gold

Tile shower idea that ties in black and gold mini square tiles on every wall, including the shower surround and behind the sink and toilet

Edvard Nalbantjan/Shutterstock

Black, gold, bronze, and tan tiles lend this entire bathroom some dramatic flair. Small squares set from dark at the bottom to lighter tiles going up draw the eye.

The metal tones make the walls appear reflective, while the light grout outlining each small square adds texture to the rich look.

12. Subway Tiles

Grey subway tile shower idea with dark bronze fixtures and soap shelf


Gray marble subway tiles don’t need accents or other colors or designs to create a beautiful shower enclosure.

The marble pattern throughout the entire shower, floor to ceiling, is gorgeous without the need for additional lines or colors to add to it or set it off.

13. Rustic Stone Look

Rustic grey rectangle tile shower idea with two glass walls next to a white floating euro toilet


Skinny rectangular tiles in different sizes cover the shower walls in a look that resembles natural stone.

Thin tiles like these can be purchased separately, or opt for tile panels with repeating patterns that cost less and are easier to install.

14. A Pop of Color

Tile shower idea with a blue subway tile accent wall on one side, a white marble shower surround on the other, and a doorless glass panel on the third wall

Pavel Adashkevich/Shutterstock

Rectangular aquamarine tiles set like bricks offer a pop of color to a white and gray marble bathroom.

You can use any color tiles you want to turn the shower stall into an accent. Use bathroom accessories in a matching color to draw the shade into the room.

15. One Detailed Wall

Simple walk in tile shower idea with big grey tiles on three walls and small grey and white horizontal subway tile accents on the wall with the fixtures

Matus Labanc/Shuttestock

A single wall of small rectangular tiles keeps the other wall and floor covered in huge square stone or stone-look tiles from looking plain.

Matching earth and stone shades on all walls gives a balanced look while pulling the accent wall better into the overall design.

16. Black Mosaic Flooring

Luxury tile shower idea with white marble subway tile surrounding three walls, a glass wall and door, and a black hexagonal tiled floor

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

Marble subway tiles set off the black mosaic tiles used on the shower floor.

Silver fixtures complement the white, gray, and black color scheme, while the glass doors create the perfect look for a modern bathroom.

17. A Wood Effect

Wood-look shiplap style tile shower idea with a round hanging mirror and modern dark farmhouse style fixtures with a half-glass wall

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Tiles don’t have to look like the old ceramic tiles. They don’t even have to look like tiles at all.

Tiles designed to create a wood effect pull the wall pattern from the rest of the bathroom directly into the shower, so all the walls look paneled in wood instead of tile.

18. Classic Marble

Classic marble tile shower idea with two benches, underlights, a fully-lit soap shelf, and two rain shower heads


White marble tiles look luxurious in any bathroom. The gray streaks in the marble create a unique pattern you can never achieve with manufactured tiles.

Even without the inset covered in mosaic tiles and lit as an accent, marble tile creates natural beauty in shower stalls of all sizes.

19. Whole-Bathroom Mosaic

Blue white and black mosaic tile shower idea with a glass wall and a marble vanity


The random mosaic pattern inside the shower stall shows through the glass door and matches the bathroom walls for a connected look.

Using the same tile in a shower and on bathroom walls makes the room appear larger and creates a balanced design.

20. Outside Accents

Interior of a south-american style tile shower idea with mosaic tiles accenting all of the walls and some of the flooring


Though standard square tiles line the shower walls, two vertical panels of heavily patterned, colorful tiles frame the enclosure and add beauty to the room.

Adding more expensive custom tiles for décor in small places can set off the entire room and give a designer look for a fraction of the price covering whole walls in specialty tile.

21. Decorate With Shaped Tiles

Gorgeous shower with grey polygon tiles on the windowed side of the shower surround and simple white tiles on the other side with elegant gold fixtures and simple grey and white mini hex tiles on the floor

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

Use tiles with decorative edging to add a pop of texture without getting fussy or adding too many details.

Here, white grout showcases the design of gray tiles by making the delicate edging stand out. Simple marble mosaic tiles cover the floor to keep the focus on the wall.

22. Gray and Gold

Gorgeous house interior with grey and gold fixtures and a white subway tile surround with blue painted walls on the outside


Light gray rectangular tiles set like bricks lead down to the darker floor, made up of mosaic tiles in shades of darker gray to black.

This creates a cohesive look that keeps the enclosure from a monotone appearance, while gold fixtures and accents like the shower door handle add richness without too much detail.

23. Shades of Beige

Bright white bathroom with overly beige tile on the shower, shower floor, tub deck, sides of the tub, and the floor


Square stone tiles in shades of beige and tan cover the shower walls and extend into the rest of the bathroom to keep the entire room connected.

Small tiles in similar shades cover the shower floor, while one strip of dark brown tile wraps around the shower stall to create a focal point just above shoulder level.

24. The Color Has It

Very bold bright green accent wall with simple white tiles on the fixture wall with a soap shelf for a piece on tile shower ideas


Let one shower wall add a bright accent color to the room, like this bright green wall that looks fresh and natural alongside white tile.

Green plants that love sunlight and steam could pull that same green throughout the room.

25. Stylish Monochrome

Open tile shower idea with black and white monochrome tiles on an accent wall with simple white subway tiles on the rest of the walls and floor

Lois GoBe/Shutterstock

A bathroom decorated in monochrome can feature any color, but black and white are particularly eye-catching when gorgeous decorative tiles cover one shower wall.

Any colors and patterns you like can be used to decorate one wall that shows through glass shower doors to anchor the room.

26. Striking Black Marble

Striking black tile shower idea with an elegant black granite waterfall vanity and a stylish but modern square mirror

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

White marble lends a bathroom a clean, pure appearance, but black marble creates drama.

Black marble tiles set next to white marble streaked through with gold match the black and gold décor of the room. Marble is a class look made wholly modern with glass doors and jet-black fixtures.

27. Beveled Tiles

Beveled white subway tile surrounding a square shower with a square black rain shower head for a piece on tile shower inspiration


A white ceramic tile wall with white grout stops short of being boring white-on-white thanks to the beveled edges of the tiles.

The beveling adds a hint of texture that’s a perfect backdrop for stunning black shower fixtures as part of a black-and-white bathroom design.

28. Blue Mosaic Accents

Blue tile shower inspiration idea with blue tiles surrounding three walls of a shower tub and white and blue mosaic accents running along the walls


Blue ceramic tiles look pretty but don’t add much interest to the space.

A stripe of mosaic tiles in shades of blue above the tub mimics its shape. This accent creates a focal point to break up the color and keep the enclosure from looking bland.

29. Go Two-Toned

Two-toned tile shower idea with white subway tiled running horizontally on top and bigger grey wood-look subway tiles on the bottom

Neil Podoll/Shutterstock

A modern shower enclosure covered in white subway tile gets a traditional foundation with wood-look tiles on the bottom half.

Using two different styles can help cut costs instead of using a pricey tile to cover complete walls. Two-toned walls work well when you want a unique look without adding mosaic accents.

30. Unique Tile Patterns

Bathroom with horizontal long tiles running vertically in an offset pattern that almost looks like paint dripping and a funky wood slatted vanity


Dark rectangular tiles cover the floor and appear to stretch into the shower enclosure and climb most of the way up the wall before stopping in a ragged edge that draws the eye.

This unique design is easy to achieve by staggering the start and stop points to keep the top edge of the tiles uneven. The asymmetrical edges complement curves elsewhere in the room.

Things to Consider

When you think beyond single-color ceramic tile, the possibilities seem endless.

Keep a few things in mind while you’re deciding which tile shower ideas will work in your bathroom. 

  • Offset the cost of expensive tiles you love by using them on only one wall or in an accent stripe. 
  • Mosaic tiles or small tiles work best for a shower floor to give you a better grip when it’s wet. 
  • Marble is a classic choice, but don’t forget there’s more to marble than black or white. 
  • Using the same or similar tiles in a visible shower enclosure and through the bathroom creates a designer look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to installed a tiled shower?

The average cost to tile a shower ranges from $1,500 to $2,000. On average, tile materials cost $2 per square foot, setting materials cost $1.5 per square foot, and labor costs $8 per square foot.

However, your costs will vary greatly based on type of tile selected, location, and vendor used.

What is the easiest tile to keep clean in a shower?

Natural stone, porcelain, and glass tiles are the easiest to keep clean in a shower.

To reduce time spent cleaning, we suggest using large tiles and small grout lines. Generally speaking, tile is easy to clean, but the grout is what gives homeowners fits.

How wide should grout lines be in a shower?

In a shower, grout lines should generally be 1/8 inches wide on floors for 16×16 tiles and 1/32 inches wide when using 18×18 tiles.

But as a rule of thumb, never make grout lines wider than 3/16 of an inch.

Which Tile Shower Ideas Are Your Favorite? 

A small room like a bathroom can be a wonderful canvas for your creativity and a fun way to break out of a rut.

Whether you want something traditional and classic or a fun, modern look, one or more of these tile shower ideas can serve as inspiration for your next home décor triumph.