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Best Front Door Colors for Tan Houses Ideas

Best Front Door Colors for Tan Houses Ideas

If you have a tan home, whether it is siding, painted brick, or another material, you might be considering painting your front door to differentiate it from the rest of your home. 

With thousands of color options, it can be overwhelming to decide which one fits your needs.

Below, we have compiled thirty different shades that will compliment a tan or neutral-colored home. 

Best Front Door Colors for Tan Houses

Painting the front door of your home is a great way to personalize your space and add vibrancy and individuality.

Many colors will work well with your home if you have a tan home, so more than the rainbow is an option.

Let’s dive into the best colors to paint the front door of a tan house!

1. Carolina Blue

Carolina blue front door color on a tan house with garland wrapped around the top and Spring flowers and tulips in boxes and barrels on the sides of the porch

2M Media/Shutterstock

Carolina Blue, also known as Tar Heel Blue, is a popular light blue color hailing from North Carolina and highlighted in the state university’s colors.

Light blue pairs well with tan, and notably, Carolina Blue offers a cool, neutral blue color that will blend well with your home. 

2. Brown

Brown shutters on a tan house exterior


Brown is a great neutral color that is perfect for the front door of a tan house.

Using a darker accent on a lighter-colored tan house creates depth and dimension. 

3. Light Blue

Light blue door on a house with light blue exterior

Pairing light blue with tan creates a soft and welcoming look. Light blue is peaceful and calming.

It is reminiscent of a clear spring sky. Many believe that blue creates feelings of tranquility. 

4. Cerulean

Tan house with a cerulean colored front door


Cerulean is a shade in between dark sky blue and azure. In fact, “cerulean” directly translates to dark blue in Latin.

Paint your front door. This color will provide a brilliant contrast for a tan house. 

5. Violet

Violet door could enhance the appearance of your home


Violet is a blend of blue and red; the color has a wild feel, but paired with a neutral, like tan, a violet door could enhance the appearance of your home. 

6. Purple

While purple is often compared to violet, the two are quite distinct.

Purple tends to be more reddish than violet because purple is a composition of about a 1:1 ratio of blue and red. Both colors pair amazingly well with tan and other neutrals. 

7. Yellow

For a piece on the best front door colors for tan houses, a tan house with a bright yellow door with yellow-trimmed flower boxes and a metal roof

Naruedom Yaempongsa/Shutterstock

Painting your front door yellow can create a cheerful and bright entranceway.

Yellow is most often associated with the sun, so lighting up your door with this color is an excellent way to inspire happiness. 

8. Charcoal

Image of a two-story home pictured against a blue sky in an older neighborhood for a piece on shutter colors for a tan house

Susan Law Cain/Shutterstock

For a sleek, modern-looking entranceway, paint your front door a charcoal color.

Charcoal has more warmth than black but offers a particular distinction between your home and your front door. 

9. Lilac

Painting a light tan with a lilac creates openness.

Historically, lilac has been associated with romantic love or a new romance, so painting your entranceway with this enchanting color can bring love into your life. 

10. Burnt Orange

Tan painted house with a burnt orange colored front door with white trim and dark grey shake shingle roof


Burnt orange is a color that looks like flames.

It is also the university color of Auburn University and the University of Texas. Pairing burnt orange with tan is an excellent pairing with a fun and exciting result. 

11. Coral

Coral is similar to burnt orange in that they are near one another on the color wheel.

Coral has elements of white and pink mixed with red and yellow. Coral is a beautiful shade to pair with neutrals and offers a coastal vibe. 

12. Navy

Dark navy front door pairs well with a tan house


A dark navy blue front door pairs well with a tan house. Depending on where you live, the navy blue could remind people of the ocean or the night sky.

It is both a classic and contemporary color. Navy offers a timeless look for a tan home. 

13. Lavender

Image for a piece on the best front door colors for tan house showing a close-up of a lavender painted door with a round wooden lilac wreath

Bruce Peter/Shutterstock

A light purple, like lavender, is a beautiful and unique option for painting your entryway.

Lavender has qualities of both pink and purple and looks nothing like any other color on the wheel. 

14. Black

painting your front door black and adding black highlights to your entryway can create an incredibly unique pop of color and enhance the appearance of your tan house


For a classic, traditional, and timeless look, painting your front door black and adding black highlights to your entryway can create an incredibly unique pop of color and enhance the appearance of your tan house. 

15. French Blue

French blue is a purplish blue that is akin to periwinkle. It is a beautiful color to pair with a tan house because the colors are complementary. 

16. Sage

Tan house with a sage colored door and bright and bold purple flowering bushes to the left


Adding sage to your entryway is gorgeous. Sage is a color that is associated with wisdom.

Furthermore, sage is associated with nature and natural beauty, making its pairing with a neutral tan an ideal match.

17. Tan (Yes, the same color as your house!)

Tan house exterior and tan door


For a monochromatic look growing in popularity with modern designers, painting your front door the same color as your home is a brilliant look for a stylish home

18. Green

Image of a tan home with white shutters


Green is a 1-to-1 mixture of yellow and blue. It is a primary color and translates that classic look to your front door.

Green pairs well with tan and can add an organic look to your home. If you have a grassy lawn at your front door, a green front door can enhance the overall appearance. 

19. Seafoam Green

Seafoam green, one of the top front door colors for tan houses

1000 Words/Shutterstock

Seafoam is a fresh color that echoes themes of renewal and energy.

Seafoam green is a lighter shade that incorporates white; in the same way, tan is a lighter version of brown, so the two pair naturally and look beautiful in any home.

20. Salmon

Salmon is a pale, pink-orange color adjacent on the color wheel to coral, listed earlier.

Salmon is associated with health and happiness and is a welcoming color to add to your home. 

21. Eggplant

Eggplant is a dark color that is a mixture of purple and brown


Eggplant is a dark color that is a mixture of purple and brown.

Pairing a dark purple with a neutral tan or darker tan house is a beautiful, rich way to incorporate a saturated color into your home’s appearance. 

22. White

Tan colored house with a white door and white trim on the roof soffit


If you prefer a crisp, clean look, adding a white front door with entryway trim is a classic paint color for your home.

Mainly, adding white to a tan backdrop is a lovely way to make your home cozy and inviting.

23. Indigo 

The rich color of indigo is an expressive way to add color to your home with integrity and intuition.

Indigo sits on the blue side of purple and is a mixture of blue and violet. For a pop of color that will make your home stand out in your neighborhood, indigo is an excellent choice. 

24. Cream

If you want to keep a neutral tone for your entryway, then painting your front door cream can add to that earthiness.

If you’re going to add colorful landscaping in front of your home, then keeping a simple front door color can help your landscaping remain the focal point. 

25. Forest Green

One of the best front door colors for tan houses, forest green, on a front door with a small mail slot on the left

Gaia Conventi/Shutterstock

The name forest green comes from its close relationship and appearance to trees and plants in the woods.

Pairing this color, green, with a dark or light tan can create the illusion of nature right in your home. Adding ferns or plants beside the door can further highlight the forest green color.

26. Daffodil

Often associated with springtime, the daffodil is a golden yellow color that fights against seasonal depression.

A daffodil-colored front door is cheerful and welcoming. Adding a more golden yellow to a tan house will also enhance the warmth of the underlying tones in your home’s color. 

27. Wine (Red)

Wine red front door color on a tan house

Brett Taylor Photography/Shutterstock

A deep red wine is a lovely merlot color that adds a sultry chromatic vision to your entryway.

As daffodil is to spring, so wine is to autumn; if you love cooler weather and the themes of fall, then painting your front door a deep wine color can keep the fall vibes going all year.

28. Rose

The light pink rose color is an attractive choice to paint your front door.

It is soft and feminine and can add individualized color to your home. 

29. Dark Gray

Tan house color with dark gray door

Jason Finn/Shutterstock

Dark gray can help streamline the look of your front entrance.

Creating contrasting lines with a dark door and a lighter-colored house is an interesting visual. 

30. Pumpkin

Pumpkin orange front door color on a tan house

Li Cook/Shutterstock

Painting your front door a warm orange will pair well with tan and create a warm fall harvest feel year-round.

Pumpkin is a combination of orange and yellow, so it is inviting and bright.

Things to Consider

First, the pop of color will be the focal point of your home. When you paint your front door a brighter color, it will naturally draw the eye to your front door.

If you have colorful landscaping, consider how it will visually play with whichever colors you’ve chosen to add via plants, trees, or flowers.

A bright color on your front door is a great way to add personality to your space. Second, if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, some rules might impact what colors you can use on the exterior of your home.

Before painting your door or making any exterior improvements, you must review any rules or contact the president or leadership of your HOA so that you do not receive a fine.

Third, make sure that you use a mixture formulated for exterior usage as you make your paint selection. Not only are exterior paints offered by many major brands, but specialized brands are also creating paints specifically for front doors! 

Fourth, consider whether you’d like to paint both sides of the door. While painting the exterior is exciting and a great way to spice up the exterior of your home, don’t forget about the opposite side! 

Painting your front door from an indoor perspective can totally change a room.

Finally, when painting your front door, be sure to explore all of the options you like. Purchase sample-sized paints and test squares on your door for a few days to see which one looks best for your space.

Painting test squares on your door is a cost-effective and time-saving way to make a final decision on paint color before committing to painting the entire floor. 

So, What’s the Best Front Door Color for a Tan House?

Guy painting the front door of his tan house blue

Thye-Wee Gn/Shutterstock

So there you have it—the best front door colors for tan houses. As you can see, the possibilities are vast.

From a variety of blues to purples or oranges, add a pop of color to the front door of your home and creatively personalize your entryway. 

Before you paint your front door, be sure to clean the door thoroughly. Then, to ensure the best results, use a primer to cover whatever color the door was previously.

Finally, apply your color choice to the door and wait for the paint to dry. Pick a color and get to work!