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What Colors Go with Brown: Discover the Perfect Colors to Pair with Brown

What Colors Go with Brown: Discover the Perfect Colors to Pair with Brown

Do you want to decorate a room but are stumped when deciding what colors go well with brown?

You’re not alone! Brown is a friendly and approachable color. You can often associate it with stability and security. It is warm and reliable. But too much brown can ruin an interior.

Brown, in large quantities, seems vast and devoid of life. It can cause feelings of sadness and loneliness. But you don’t want to feel lonely, do you?

Many people often try to find the perfect shades. They have to emphasize the richness of this timeless color. Fortunately, you have had success!

You almost don’t need to find an answer to what colors go with brown. We know some cool color combinations, along with brown. You can choose any combination you like. And brown acts as a universal shade in these combinations.

In this blog, we will discuss different palettes with brown hues. You will be able to create an attractive aesthetic in any room. Read on for expert tips on how to use brown in interior decorating!

What Colors Go with Brown in Fashion and Decor

Dark Brown Sofa paired with black and white walls and furniture

Image Source: Pinterest

The color brown is highly ageless and adaptable. In any room, it may look fantastic. It is typically employed as a neutral base.

When painting walls, brown, especially lighter tones, is a fantastic option. They may be beige or a golden brown shade.

They serve as the space’s neutral foundation. For color matching, there are some guidelines. After that, you’ll have a better idea of what colors go with brown:

  • Limit the amount of dark brown furniture in one room. This way, your space will look less heavy.
  • For rooms with dark brown wood furniture, balance it with lighter-colored fabrics.
  • Avoid using one shade of brown throughout the room. Alternate shades of brown in the space to create depth.
  • A brown sofa pairs well with fall-colored pillows and plaids in dark red and mustard yellow.

You can easily complement it with brown in a variety of accent colors. Adding any bold color to the space will add interest to the brown walls or furniture pieces.

It will make them more distinctive. You can’t go wrong if you add brown to your palette. It will be the perfect backdrop for lots of complementary colors!

12 Colors That Pair Well With Brown

Brown is a classic, timeless color. You can easily incorporate it into any design scheme.

And, of course, you can combine it perfectly with different colors. And we believe that brown is one of the few universal colors. 

Think about what colors go perfectly with brown. Then here’s our answer! From soft shades of blue or green to stunning shades of neon, here are 12 colors that go especially well with brown:

  • For a monochromatic scheme, try lavender or dusty rose.
  • For a modern look, you can choose more contrasting colors. You can choose, for example, red, blue-green, or purple. Or pay attention to burgundy and yellow-gold.
  • Want a little more flair in your design? Choose chartreuse, tangerine orange, or bright turquoise.
  • Finally, muted tones offer an easy way to add visual interest. In doing so, you can maintain the look. Choose mustard yellow and olive green colors for this purpose.

With so many options, making the ideal palette is simple. Selecting colors that go well with brown is simple.


Add Plush Blue Chairs & Modern Wooden Tables in a blue and brown kitchen

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

Lavender is a great color to pair with brown for interior design or fashion. This combination gives a refreshing earthy contrast, combining calm and warmth.

The soft purple shade of lavender serves as a soothing tone to the heavier brown hues. They create a whimsical atmosphere that no other color combination can provide.

Thinking about what colors go with brown, lavender won’t immediately come to mind. But it’s a great way to add a subtle vibe to any living space. That said, the gentle shade of lavender will keep you from overwhelming your space.

Whether you choose lighter shades of brown and lavender for more muted accents or make a bold choice for darker shades, your room will look vibrant, chic, and serene simultaneously.

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose Brown Combination

Image Source: Rust-Oleum

Dusty rose is an incredibly versatile shade. You can combine it perfectly with the classic warm brown. It is perfect for lovers of understated elegance.

You can use this light pinkish-brown shade in a variety of interesting ways. You can create a timeless, sophisticated atmosphere.

When you’re looking for what colors to go with brown, a dusty rose would be a good option. Combining chocolate brown furniture with dusty rose shades will give any room a sense of subtle layering and dimension.

Dusty rose is also great when you use it to complement brown. Add a touch of femininity and flair to the design. In doing so, you’ll retain the natural texture and feel.


Image showing which colors go with black sofa with a red pillow and brown wall covering


When looking at what colors go with brown, red is a must-have! Red is a vibrant color. It can make a huge difference when used to create a striking design statement.

When combined with brown, red can bring warmth and harmony to a room. Incorporating vibrant red hues into the accent elements of brown creates an attractive combination. It will be elegant and inviting.

Combine brown velvet accents with lush red velvet. This way, you will create a powerful yet classic look. Red is also great for incorporating textures into the decor.

Red is sure to add richness and sophistication. And when contrasted with different shades of brown, it will be a helpful solution.


Brown with Blue Green Details

Image Source: stocknroll

Blue-green is a beautiful combination of brown. The earthy brown and oceanic blue-green combination creates a soothing, serene atmosphere.

Blue-green exudes calm energy. You can combine it with chocolate brown. You can combine colors in:

  • Furniture finishes
  • Colors for the room.
  • Carpeting. 

There is still the question of what colors go with brown. Pay attention to the blue-green color. Whether it’s accent pillows or something else, blue-green looks spectacular. When combined with warm shades of brown, it will be unique.

These two tones can refresh a room when used together in a color scheme. At the same time, they will give a sophisticated look to any living space. You will make it cozy and welcoming.


Idea for a purple and white room with a Mauve and White Kitchen With Brown Accents pictured

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

The combination of brown and purple has become a signature style in the world of interior design. It’s a combination that creates a sophisticated atmosphere in any room.

Consider what colors go with brown, and purple 100 percent might be on your list. Brown will work as a backdrop for bold, jewel-like shades of purple.

Whether it’s accents or subtle splashes, this pair of colors will make any room more pleasing to the eye.

Are you looking for something truly unique? Try contrasting shades between the two colors. Choose a light tone of brown with a deep shade of purple. This way, you’ll add drama, or vice versa, for a softer atmosphere.


Burgundy brown combination

Brown is an earthy shade, and you can associate it with nature. It is a classic and versatile color. You can easily combine it with many other colors. Bordeaux is one of those colors.

Burgundy is a rich and dynamic shade. It is a great accent to the muted neutrality of brown. When paired together, brown and burgundy create a warm, welcoming palette. They exude sophistication and style. 

Although they are both considered earth tones, the combination of light brown and deep burgundy provides contrast while maintaining depth and consistency in the overall visual effect.

And choosing what colors go with brown—burgundy is that color! Adding burgundy to a brown color scheme opens up unlimited possibilities.


Example of one of our favorite room ideas using a pop of color in a midcentury-retro living room with a brown suede couch and gold accents

Brown is a color that doesn’t seem to be compatible with anything. Of course, you have to search for what colors go with brown. And our solution is yellow-gold!

Brown and yellow-gold form an attractive combination. This combination is brought to life by modern design trends.

The combination of yellow-gold with shades of brown allows you to create a dynamic look. It will decorate any space without being overly bright or garish.

The warmth of these two warm shades naturally combines. It creates a cozy living space. In a professional environment, softer tones combine to beautify the room.

This versatile color palette is suitable for both traditional and contemporary designs. It makes them an obvious choice for those who want to update their decor.


Chartreuse Walls and Brown Furniture Living Room

Image Source:

Chartreuse is a bright shade. With it, you will favorably emphasize the brown color. Together, they create a bold and modern look.

Combining these two colors helps create an eye-catching effect. At the same time, you will leave a timeless version of home decor.

When it comes to what colors go with brown, the most important thing is for you to be on-trend. Chartreuse is a current and vibrant shade of yellow and green. Just imagine the coolness of brown and chartreuse.

Chartreuse is especially suited to pair with dark brown. You can use it in moderation as a bright color. Or you can use it in equal parts for a more subtle display.

All because it stands out even brighter against it. Ultimately, chartreuse and brown are an elegant yet stimulating combination. It is sure to catch the attention of those around you.

Tangerine Orange

Brown couch in front of dark gray wall panels with orange and red pillows

Brown is a classic color. You need to know what colors go with brown to keep it from being boring. Why don’t you also try tangerine orange?

Tangerine-orange adds amazing brightness to any room. The combination of these two colors creates an inviting atmosphere.

It will be truly mesmerizing. The combination of brown and tangerine orange can complement a variety of styles. You can use it anywhere:

  • Accent design elements;
  • Textile decor items (plaids, pillows, etc.);
  • And much more.

This dynamic duo can add a special touch to any room, from traditional to modern. That way, you get a spectacular statement that will be unforgettable. Use these two shades wisely.

Bright Turquoise

Turquoise sofa and light brown and yellow furniture, great colors that go with turquoise

Vadym Andrushchenko/Shutterstock

Bright turquoise is a great color to pair with brown. The contrast can be subtle and natural or bright and saturated.

It all depends on the effect you want to achieve. Bright turquoise is great when looking for the answer to what colors go with brown.

Turquoise is a good choice if you’re looking for a color that can accentuate the warm tones of brown while giving it a fresh and modern feel.

Many designers have used it in countless interior design projects. Including bright turquoise and brown in the space will give it a unique character. It will exude style and sophistication.

Mustard Yellow

Brown has long been a popular color in many decorating schemes. It brings warmth, depth, and richness to a room. But what to do if you want bright accents? You need to look for colors that go with brown.

Combining brown with lots of supplementary hues is a terrific way to keep it fresh. One fantastic shade that pairs well with warm brown tones is mustard yellow. This bold shade accentuates the brown color. It creates an inviting space.

Whether it’s an upholstery fabric or accent pieces, mustard yellow is great for accentuating the beauty of all shades of brown.

Olive Green

Grey bedroom idea with a white farmhouse-style bed and natural wood nightstand

Stef Brown/Shutterstock

When it comes to brown, you look for what colors go with it. One of the ideal choices is olive green. Both colors are considered earth tones.

They provide a natural and soothing contrast. At the same time, they add warmth to any room.

Whether you want to create a subtle finish or something more expressive, combining these two colors is sure to create a timeless look, all thanks to their muted depth and quiet civility.

Olive green and brown can add sophistication to a silhouette in almost any situation.


Can I choose any color to go with brown?

Yes, you can choose any color that goes well with brown. It depends on what kind of look you are trying to achieve.

For a classic look, opt for olive green or beige. For something more modern, consider bright colors like tangerine orange and chartreuse.

What colors should I avoid when combining with brown?

You should avoid colors that are too bright and overwhelming. You need to choose colors that will create a subtle contrast rather than clash with each other.

It is like fluorescent pink or yellow. These colors may clash with the earthy tones of brown.

What is the best way to combine different colors with brown?

The best way to combine different colors with brown is by using a color wheel. It will provide you with the perfect color palette for your project.

You can also experiment with different combinations to create something unique and special. By using the right mix of colors to go with brown, you can create a sophisticated and timeless look that suits any space.


Use the colors that go well with brown to give your design a distinctive touch. Alternatively, you can choose conventional hues like olive green and beige.

Or, combine chartreuse and tangerine orange to produce amazing results. Each of these hues will add richness and warmth to any decoration.

As you can see, many different color combinations go well with brown. You may ensure that your decor stands out from the competition dramatically by making the appropriate decisions!