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What Color Goes With Beige? | Complete Guide

What Color Goes With Beige? | Complete Guide

“What colors go with beige?” This is a question we’re asked a lot. In fact, so much that we made a complete guide to help answer it in detail. Read on to learn the colors that go with beige and a few things to consider with each.

What Colors Go With Beige?

In short, beige goes with just about everything. It’s neutral, which makes it highly versatile. That said, some colors work more effectively than others as a contrast to beige.

So, what colors go best with beige? This is a flexible color in a range of shades and with varying undertones. We compiled a list of some of the best color combinations below.

Beige and Other Neutrals

For a piece on what color goes with beige, neutral living room décor with beige sofas and dark brown couches and flooring to symbolize the neutral color combo


Despite being a neutral itself, beige is a color that combines effectively with other neutrals, such as:

  • White 
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey


White and beige create a bright, light atmosphere that makes them a popular combination in living rooms. Both are light, which means they help draw the sun into the room. This can be transformative, especially for smaller spaces. 

White and beige also work well in more intimate spaces, like bedrooms, because the beige tempers the white and stops it from becoming stark. The result is a cozy space that brightens as the sun comes in. 


Despite being bolder than white, black is still neutral in that it goes with almost anything. And, while we don’t often equate black with coziness, that’s exactly what it contributes when set opposite a lighter color like beige.

Black retains heat and sunlight. That can make a draughty room significantly warmer. Black also softens the starkness of lighter colors like white or beige. That’s why, for the best results, black should be coupled with shades of beige that are cool to medium on a color pallet. 


From warm chestnuts to cooler tans, brown is another neutral that works with beige for a warm and inviting atmosphere. The best brown and beige combinations utilize a cooler beige with a darker brown to contrast it.

There are various ways to do this, and whether you opt for beige walls and a rich, wood floor or brown furniture against a beige carpet is a matter of taste. Done well, brown and beige give off a rich, honeyed look that catches just enough sun to brighten a room without feeling too stark or uninhabited. 


Grey and beige are another pair of neutrals that home decorators love. There’s a reason kitchens are full of sleek, steely appliances contrasted with beige cabinets. Although individually, these colors run the risk of being drab and unassuming, together they create an elegant, stylish interior. 

However, if you’re thinking of combining beige with grey, pay attention to the tone and shade of the grey you’re using. Because grey is a fellow neutral, it comes in various shades. Whether you opt for a darker or lighter grey will affect the overall look and feel of the room. 

You may also consider grey accents rather than a strict grey and beige color scheme. These can add warmth or coolness to the room you’re decorating while still leaving space for you to incorporate more vibrant colors. 

Beige and Cool Colors

Beige walls with cool color pillows like blue and teal

Teeraphan Pensupha/Shutterstock

While beige can and does go well with its fellow neutrals, they aren’t the only option. It also blends effectively with several cooler colors on the color wheel, including:

  • Blue
  • Navy blue 
  • Green 


Blue works beautifully with beige because whatever the shade, the outcome hints at the sea, sun, and relaxing holidays. This is particularly true of blues with green in them. To heighten that sense of the sea, you can add other decorative touches like seashells.

This can work particularly well in bathrooms, whether water features are a given. Blue and beige also work well together because they enhance the size of a room. This is particularly true of lighter blues. 

For bolder combinations, however, beige can combine with royal or bright blues. The coolness of these colors compliments the warmer aspects of beige while giving the room a bit of extra color and zest. 

Navy Blue 

Darker than other shades of blue, navy blue keeps the coolness of the blue palate while still offering extra warmth to offset a lighter beige. If you don’t want a room to feel overwhelmingly dark, painting the walls beige and offsetting them with navy blue accents is an effective way to implement this combination. 


Like blue, the natural coolness of green can help enlarge a room. Lighter greens especially can help bring in extra light, making a room feel not only bigger but brighter. And because both beige and green occur in nature, together, they create an atmosphere that evokes woodsy tranquility.

This is true irrespective of whether you pair beige with a light or dark green. However, a darker green naturally darkens a room. That makes it an ideal choice for rooms you want to feel cozy as well as soothing. 

Beige and Warm Colors

For a piece on what colors go with beige, a warm pink sofa with beige furniture and walls is pictured

Ever flexible, if you can’t find cool or neutral colors you fancy with beige, it also works with warmer colors. Some of the best combinations are:

  • Red and beige
  • Pink and beige
  • Yellow and beige 
  • Orange and beige 


It’s a less popular color combination than some, but red brings bold, playful warmth to a predominantly beige room. Alternatively, beige can help temper the ebullience of a room decorated mainly in red.

Together they hint at liveliness, romance, and vitality. Whether you use red to accent beige or contrast beige with large swatches of red, the result is a warm and inviting environment. 

For the best possible red and beige color combinations, select a beige with warm undertones. And to further enhance the look of the room, consider accenting it in gold to draw the colors together still more. 


As a shade of red, pink is a warm color. But colors have warmer and cooler shades, and typically, the pinks paired with beige have cooler tints. That’s because they’ve got more white and less red in them. 

Pastel pink and beige are a favorite when decorating nurseries for young girls. Together they give out a softer, feminine sensibility that is soothing to look at and sleep in. 

However, in larger spaces like kitchens, this combination can quickly feel overwhelming. If you want to offset beige with pastel pink in a more utilitarian space, the best course of action is to use splashes of it as an accent color. This could be on:

  • Cushions
  • chair backs 
  • Smaller appliances 


 While not as daring as a bright red, yellow is another warm color that looks good with beige. It’s a sunny color that inspires a cheerful atmosphere as well as adding brightness to the room. 

Using beige with yellow undertones can help unify these colors and create a warm and inspiring atmosphere. Yellow and beige are also ideal as a bedroom color because, while yellow isn’t sleep-inducing, its innate sunniness can help wake people up on grey or rainy days. 


Orange ranges from eye-catching and vivid to sunset oranges to more muted, brown-tinted shades. All of these work well with beige, and each creates a slightly different atmosphere. 

Brighter oranges offer relief from heavier shades of beige or work as bright accents in a naturally dark room. And, like yellow, in the right shade, they can give you the visual cue you need to start the day.

Orange also works as a brighter accent to blue and beige rooms. A beige with warm undertones helps knit the color scheme together, while the orange gives an unexpected lift to the more staid design.  

So, What Color Goes With Beige?

Beige wall with neutral earth toned decorations


Whether you favor warm or cool colors or even more neutrals, beige works with almost every color. Not every color will suit every room or taste, but understanding the atmosphere you want to create will help you find a combination that suits your needs.

As you search for colors that go well with beige, consider the importance of:

  • Shades
  • Undertones 
  • Color families 

With that in mind, you’ll soon have a room that appeals to your style and taste.

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