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Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas: 15 Examples That’ll Wow You

Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas: 15 Examples That’ll Wow You

Looking for aesthetic bedroom ideas? You’re in the right place!

We’ve rounded up 15 unique real-life examples of gorgeous bedrooms, each with a unique aesthetic, to help inspire your next design. Read on to learn more!

Your bedroom can be a sanctuary of aesthetics and brilliant decoration. If you get the right idea, you can turn your bedroom into a cozy area that is suitable for every season and style. 

People spend a third of their lives in the bedroom. Consequently, the bedroom must have the best equipment and style. Here are the top aesthetic bedroom ideas:.

15 Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas We Love

If you want to have the best time in your bedroom, you must use the best aesthetic bedroom idea.

You can choose your idea from one of the 12 designs that we have listed below. 


Scandinavian bedroom aesthetic idea featuring a simple white room with light cold and natural wood accents on and around the bed

This bedroom design borrows heavily from Scandinavian aesthetics. While the style emphasizes minimalism, it also enhances the space by introducing stone, natural texture, and raw wood.

As a result, the room looks more lively and can take on several patterns. There are also floral patterns that go hand-in-hand with lacy bedding. You can also introduce neutral colors or white linens.


Cottage-style aesthetic bedroom idea with light wood paneled walls with simple lighter wood furniture

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

This is the ultimate representation of coziness and warmth. Its primary attraction is simplicity and natural elements. When airy designs combine with calming curtains, the result is a tranquil bedroom.

You will notice several patterns on the walls as well as extensive blinds. There is always an effort to introduce organic texture and create a ready-to-relax bed.

Coastal Bedroom

Coastal bedroom aesthetic idea with vertical white shiplap paneling, light wood floors, and natural wood accents


Coastal bedroom design brings a lot of relaxation that can remind you of the beach. Its main attributes include casual, carefree, and natural environments.

That is probably why many bedrooms now feature blue tones that remind one of the comfortable coastal environment.

The coastal design doesn’t have strict style rules. All you have to do is ensure that your bedroom has a peaceful and casual feel. You should also include vintage furniture and oceanic colors.

The most popular colors are white, blue, and navy grey. If you can find something that will bring out the sea life accent, you should include it. Distressed finishes on wood also tend to be a common feature of coastal bedroom design.

The distressed finishing is supposed to represent wood that waves have washed. Of course, you can also go for bamboo furniture if you can afford it.

The color pattern can also take any route, but there should be several yellow, blue, and green instances.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style bedroom aesthetic idea with a frilly hanging hammock chair, ample natural wood, simple white and black framed pictures, and a furry rug draped over a natural wood bench at the foot of the bed

The Bohemian style likes chaos and hates organization. It typically advocates for random patterns, textures, and color combinations. As a result, the bohemian style doesn’t have any rules or laws that you must follow.

The most important thing is that you follow your desires and create a place that you can enjoy. Creativity is the central theme of the bohemian style.

You are supposed to incorporate several values, cultures, and the latest interior designs into your home. As the above image indicates, you don’t have to follow conventional beauty.

Art Deco Design

Art deco style aesthetic bedroom idea with a gorgeous crystal chandelier above a leather bed frame with lots of old Hollywood style décor

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

Art deco focuses on streamlined shapes, animal prints, and geometric shapes. It can include an angular armchair and cowhide rugs.

You are also free to use Pratesi linens and a mirror. Art deco is a style that requires boldness and the ability to embrace inherent glamour.

You need to choose functional, elegant, and robust bedroom features. There should be no restraint when combining lighting and wall colors.

If you’re familiar with the Great Gatsby interior design, you won’t be disappointed with your choices.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern style aesthetic bedroom idea with funky gold decor and natural polished concrete floors


Mid-century is a beautiful bedroom idea that incorporates nightstands and dressers.

All you need to turn your bedroom into a mid-century is to include a piece of furniture from the mid-century era. Most people go for nightstands because they are affordable and readily available.

You can also choose a modern dresser to revamp the vibe. The dresser should have natural and straight edges, raised legs, and clean lines. You can also use a lamp to crown it all.

Going for a patterned accent wall has also been part of the mid-century modern bedroom design. Again, you can use a bold color or go for something neutral. The idea is to bring back popular styles from the 1970s.


Country aesthetic bedroom idea with natural wood paneling on the walls and ceiling with large barnwood flooring panels and ample natural wood lamps, chandeliers, and décor alongside animal hides and fur on the wall and furniture


You may also want to bring the country attitude and freshness into your bedroom. You can do this by decorating your bedroom in country style.

The most preferred country style is the English country house aesthetic. This style is typical of Downton Abbey.

People on both sides of the Atlantic are going for country style, especially Hollywood royalty.

This style emphasizes English patterns and pretty colors. You can then introduce the drama and fun. Upholstered headboards and unique shapes will bring a new dimension to your bedroom.


Americana-themed bedroom aesthetic idea with Colonial-style wainscoting and American flag end tables, wall decorations, and bedspreads


Americana embraces the latest trends across the country. Its main feature is the American flag as well as quilted cushions. There’s also usually a large wooden bed. The idea is to have a bold color pattern that brings out contemporary living.

You will be looking for a relaxing coastal vibe that consists of a white palette and a soft blue color combination. When you use a white backdrop, you will be expected to highlight the flag poster to improve elegance.

You can go with any stars and stripes pattern, but the most important thing is that they should be modern and functional.

Since you have already included the red color in the flag, you shouldn’t have any other red items. You can then include other accessories, such as a grey poster with sprinkle paintings.

French Country Style

French country style aesthetic bedroom idea with a huge open sliding glass door, teal curtains and bed set, and white sheets with a standalone wardrobe and wet bar in the corner

George Tsamakdas/Shutterstock

The French country bedroom style combines old-world French décor with relaxing textures and ornaments.

You will be trying to reduce rough edges and introduce gentle spaces. If you manage to do this, you will have created an oasis of tranquility, calmness, and elegance.

The French country style also emphasizes casualness and widespread eclectic furniture. If you can find an old piece of furniture that has been in use for several decades, then you will have the perfect French country-style bedroom design.

Anything that makes the room look feminine and introduces color contrast and brighter hues is allowed. You can borrow the same colors that you have used in the dining room or living room.

Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency aesthetic bedroom idea with dark grey walls and gold accents with floral print chairs and natural wood framed end tables in the style of cages

The primary purpose of this design is to introduce glam into your bedroom. As a result, you must go for luxury accents, lavish details, rich texture, and bold colors. Your purpose is to make your bedroom look as opulent as you possibly can.

The more things you put in your bedroom, the better you will achieve your goals. Hollywood is known for its glamour and lavish style. Minimalism is not entertained here, and you must go for layered, rich, and contrasting patterns.

You will then need to throw in some vibrant colors before finishing with metallic accessories.

You can choose to have a modern Hollywood style, but there is no shame in adding some accessories from past eras. For instance, you can choose to go with one color palette instead of many vibrant colors.

In this case, you will be trying to make your bedroom feel calming and not too busy. The most popular combination is white and black with some pops of gold and blue. The more contrast there is, the better your design will be.


Mediterranean bedroom aesthetic idea with simple bright white walls and colorful blue accents with a round mirror to bring an airy feel into the room

McLittle Stock/Shutterstock

Mediterranean bedroom design encompasses stone accessories, vibrant colors, warm texture, and wood furniture. It brings out comfort, relaxation, and glamour.

If you want to install authentic Mediterranean bedroom style, you will have to purchase Spanish tiles and get terra cotta.

Natural colors are also a significant component of Mediterranean décor. But the most crucial part is that you must include the color of the Mediterranean Sea: blue.

Wooden ceilings and beams can be part of your bedroom interior. You can also add some stone and mosaics to create a contemporary style.

If you can’t afford the more expensive stones, you must choose the traditional ceramic ones. They look just like stone and use durable materials.


Photo of a bedroom with a tropical aesthetic with lots of plants and natural wicker furniture


Banana plants and palm trees are the core components of the tropical bedroom style, but there are other essential elements. The critical factor is to choose a design that inspires comfort, hospitality, and a calm lifestyle.

In addition, you must select features that are versatile and speak to the coastal or nautical design. For instance, you can go for Bali exotic or choose a traditional British style.

Tropical bedroom styles are usually the trendy thing in the summer. By using bright colors, you will enhance your mood and begin your day with more energy.

It will even be better if you can manage to add wallpapers to create a jungle feel.

Vibrant Pink

Vibrant pink aesthetic bedroom idea with light pink walls, a pink bedspread, pink rug, pink lamps, and white wooden floors with white wainscoting and a white bed frame and end table to match the flooring


Pink can be an excellent addition to your bedroom. You can introduce it in the form of a wallpaper, mural, or wall painting.

Pairing it with maple gold or velvet will also increase the aesthetics of your bedroom. Nevertheless, the surroundings should be light and plain to highlight the pink color.

Less Furniture

Minimalist aesthetic bedroom idea with a dark wood accent wall as the headboard framing a white leather headboard with beige walls and beige carpet

Edvard Nalbantjan/Shutterstock

Your bedroom will need some essential furniture, such as a bed. However, other pieces of furniture may be unnecessary and reduce precious space.

That is why you should go for a few essential furniture items in the bedroom.

Mixing Patterns

Nature themed bedroom aesthetic idea with floral paints alongside slatted roller blinds

Marko Poplasen/Shutterstock

A single pattern is beautiful, but there is no shame in mixing different styles and designs.

These patterns will speak to your personality and will make your bedroom look unique and stylish. For instance, you can go for the traditional style with industrial elements.

How to Choose Your Bedroom Aesthetic

The bedroom is your personal space, and it should be a sanctuary where you can express your feelings and emotions. Here is how to choose the best aesthetic for your bedroom:

  • Go for the right colors: Bold and vibrant colors look amazing, but the best choice is usually a neutral color. 
  • Don’t ignore the ceiling: The ceiling is an integral part of your bedroom, and it’s what you will usually see first when you wake up in the morning. You can also use wallpaper or decorative paint for your ceiling. If you have a tented bed, you can use vibrant colors or even a chandelier to decorate the wall.
  • Select the best furniture: You’re only going to put one or two pieces of furniture in your bedroom, so you need to make the best decision. 
  • Keep it simple: Simplicity is the ultimate factor that determines whether a bedroom is sophisticated or not. The standard practice is to leave about two feet between the furniture and the bed. You shouldn’t be walking around the bed if you want to get to the bathroom or closet.

What’s Your Favorite Aesthetic Bedroom Idea?

The bedroom is the place where you usually find sanctuary and peace. It is important that you choose the right style to suit your taste and preferences.

Also, remember that you can always change your bedroom style once you get tired of staring at it.