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10 Colors That Go With Gold | Pairings We Love

10 Colors That Go With Gold | Pairings We Love

Gold is the color of wisdom, royalty, and wealth. But will gold clash with the other colors you choose?

If you’re wondering if it’s right for your home, keep reading to find out how to pick the perfect colors that go with gold.

What Color Goes With Gold?

Decorate with gold, and it can pack a punch, but use too much, and it can be overwhelming. There are a few ways to pair colors with gold without going overboard:

  • Use gold with warm colors on the color wheel for a positive but calming effect.
  • Use cool colors to compliment and balance the warmth of gold.
  • Use a monochromatic palette to make gold pop.

Decorating with a classic element like gold or metal will never go out of style!

However, certain colors bring a fresh appeal to gold.

We’ll go over our favorite colors that go with gold to give you inspiration for your space. Keep reading to find out how to showcase this rich hue!

1. Ivory

Gold and ivory chair and floor (for a piece on colors that go well with gold)


White and gold are timeless. White feels serene and allows the gold elements in the room to shine. Plus, there are a million shades of white. Warm shades like ivory soften the warm metal, creating a cozy feeling.

Ivory goes with gold in all kinds of interior design styles. Classic styles like French provincial and American colonial often feature gold accents.

Use ivory paint on walls or furniture to compliment gold trim. In modern design, ivory can soften the look, balancing clean lines and solid shapes while allowing gold pieces to pop.

If you’re a fan of yellow gold, use it with ivory for an exciting effect. Champagne gold or darker antique gold also work with ivory but give it a much calmer feeling.

2. Charcoal Black

Charcoal black, a color that goes with gold

Branko Devic/Shutterstock

There’s just something about this combination that feels expensive and luxurious. If you’re considering neutral colors that go with gold, they don’t have to be boring! Black and gold are an intense combination.

A current twist on the duo is matte, cool charcoal with glitzy yellow gold. You could fully commit and paint a room charcoal.

The color looks striking with mid-century-modern interiors. Allow leather, stained wood finishes, and gold touches to take center stage.

Charcoal also feels masculine, which works with the style. Keep this color matte. It looks very dated when it’s polished, especially when paired with gold.

We love the look of a woolen charcoal sofa in a room with gold accents. The color combo also looks striking with art deco and geometric designs. Frame an art piece or use fabric in either style.

3. Taupe

Taupe. one of the best colors that goes with gold, on the walls of a room accented by gold


Taupe is an interesting neutral shade that has become popular in the last several years. We love the grayish-brown color for the calm, cozy feel that it invokes. Choose a warm or cool taupe hue to use in your color palette to go with gold.

Many shades of gold pair beautifully with taupe. Go with champagne gold for a cool and calm color set. Warm taupe and rose gold feel feminine in a bedroom, whereas layers of taupe and yellow gold are great for an expensive and dramatic look.

Use the color as a base for a monochromatic color scheme. You can do this by layering a handful of light and dark shades of taupe with gold accents.

Boho looks that use a lot of beiges and creams naturally would look great with taupe and gold. Or go with contemporary furniture, where the color will refresh the look with something new.

4. Blush Pink

Blush pink sofa with gold accents as a color that goes with gold


Maybe you’re looking for colors that go with gold because you have a gold piece of furniture. We recommend considering blush pink to go with it. This sophisticated shade can add a soft touch and pairs beautifully with gold!

Blush pink is a warm color, so it naturally goes with warm metals. Paint an accent wall the palest shade of blush pink and hang up a gold-framed mirror. Include blush pink pillows on a sofa near a gold lamp.

Go ultra-contemporary by placing gold fabric pillows on a blush pink bed in a white room.

The two colors make for a wonderful combination, as portrayed by a lot of abstract artwork that includes both. Or embrace your feminine side and pair rose gold with blush pink for the ultimate girl-boss combo!

5. Terracotta Orange

Orange, a color that does with gold, with funky boho-style chairs

New Africa/Shutterstock

Toasty oranges, like terracotta, are used in both boho and desert chic interior design styles.

They work together because they are analogous colors or colors that can be found on the same side of the color wheel. Use these colors for a warm but relaxing space.

Gold is also warm, which is why it goes so well with terracotta. Gold light fixtures are an easy way to include the metal in a terracotta orange room—layer with wicker, pampas grass, and other woven materials for a casual look.

We love gold sunburst mirrors, gold printed fabrics, or thick gold hardware with terracotta. The theatrical color is calming, which allows for the use of gold statement pieces without feeling over the top.

6. Lavender Purple

Lavender purple, a color that goes with gold, with gold accents in a bedroom

Viktoria Lytvyn/Shutterstock

Purple and gold are both colors of royalty. When it comes to colors that go with gold, we had to include this one! We love all shades of purple but wanted to focus on lavender.

This lighter shade of purple is graceful, understated, and soft. When paired with gold, it feels luxurious and timeless.

Purple is an interesting color because it is made by combining both blue and red on the color wheel. It’s warm and cool at the same time. It both showcases yellow gold while also balancing it out.

Paint the walls lavender and showcase gold leaf furniture for a bourgeois feel. For a surprising and warming touch, you could add gold and lavender touches to a modern interior design layout. Combine the pair with stark white for a refreshing color palette.

7. Emerald Green

Emerald green, a color that goes with gold, in a boho-style living room

Both green and gold are colors found in nature. Polished gold and emerald green can feel a step removed, but they are inviting and soothing because they are both from the earth.

Green is also a complementary color to gold, so they contrast and intensify each other.

Play up this dramatic pair by going big. Imagine an emerald velvet Chesterfield sofa with a yellow gold chandelier showcased above it.

Embrace oversized geometric prints in gold on an emerald background. A way to introduce the color duo into your space is with a few key pieces. Add emerald accent pillows and gold hardware.

Because the colors are so intense, you don’t need a lot to change the look of a room. Add a leafy plant or a thin gold picture frame for even more green and gold.

8. Powder Blue

Colors that go with gold featuring powder blue


Gold is a classic interior design accent that will never go out of style, but there are ways to make it feel new. Team the precious metal with light colors for a breath of fresh air. One of our favorite colors that goes with gold is powder blue.

This cool, barely-there color is an oldy that feels young. Think of blue skies, hydrangeas, and glaciers. It doesn’t occur too often in nature, so it feels special.

We love powder blue because it’s calming and makes yellow gold glow! This shade is conservative enough for the most common décor but adds a fun twist to classic looks.

If you have a classical interior design, play it up with gold and powder blue walls and fabric finishes. The color feels natural in a retro-styled space, and gold elevates everything to feel luxurious.

9. OxBlood Red

Oxblood red, a color that goes with gold, in a green walled living room


OxBlood can feel audacious and decadent. Embrace this deep, dark red hue by seeking out heavy fabrics and luxurious pieces. Hammered gold looks stunning with oxblood.

Just be careful not to go too matte or lose the color’s appeal. Try a gold metal bed frame with an oxblood throw on it. Add oxblood and gold to a light color palette that balances everything to achieve current trends.

If you’re strictly into traditional interior design, oxblood will work beautifully with gathered curtains, Persian rugs, and intricate details.

10. Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow, one of the best colors to pair with gold

New Africa/Shutterstock

Some will say it’s taboo to pair yellow with gold, but we think it feels like the most natural thing in the world! Another analogous color of gold, the colors make each other shine.

Combine mustard and gold with complementary colors, like midnight blue or taupe. Mustard and gold are made to be used in mid-century modern styling.

Mustard became popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Even when added to the eclectic décor, there’s still something classic about the color!

With this color duo, we love playing with intricate prints and wallpapers. Or keep everything solid and color-blocked.

Have fun with this color duo! If you are able, use natural light in a mustard and gold space as much as possible. The light will keep things from feeling heavy.

Things to Consider with Gold Color Palettes

Now that you have inspiration for your color palette, here are some do’s and don’ts.

You’ll want to keep them in mind when choosing colors that go with gold.

  • Yellow gold can make a space feel smaller quickly. If the room you’re decorating is small, keep the warm hue to small accents only.
  • A great way to get your feet wet with gold is with accent pieces. Place a gold picture frame on your bookshelf and a gold bowl on the coffee table nearby.
  • Gold paint can make a statement or make a room feel depressing. Pair a gold statement wall with complementary colors in the rest of the room to balance things out.


Colors that go with gold next to a green couch


Some questions may come to mind when you start planning a space with a gold palette.

Let’s go over some of the top questions from other gold lovers!

What colors make gold?

Gold in its purest form is yellow. You can also make gold-colored paint by mixing yellow and brown paint. These are all warm colors, which is good to know when choosing colors that go with gold.

Are there different colors of gold?

In nature, gold mixes with other metals, creating yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and more. In interior design, these colors are produced by combining pure gold with other alloys.

What colors don’t go with gold?

All colors go with gold! It just depends on how you use them. Browns should be rich and dark. Neon colors and gold are a fresh pairing that breaks old rules. Use different shades of yellow with gold for a range of looks.

Closing Thoughts

We’ve given you a rainbow of inspiring colors that go with gold! We hope you found something to inspire you.

When it comes to pairing gold with colors, you make the rules. Happy decorating!