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30 White and Gold Bathroom Ideas We Obsess Over

30 White and Gold Bathroom Ideas We Obsess Over

White and gold bathroom ideas come in all shapes and sizes. But how do you pick which one is right for your home?

Do you need some inspiration for the best white and gold bathroom ideas?

When it comes to interior design, gold can be a beautiful and luxurious color choice. And gold is a particularly great color in the bathroom, especially when complemented by white.

Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up 30 of our top white bathrooms with gold accents to make it easier for you.

White and Gold Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms are great because there are surfaces and fixtures on which to blend different colors.

And the best part about white and gold is that they don’t need other colors—they blend beautifully on their own to create an elegant décor.

So let’s go through some inspirational white and gold bathroom ideas for this outstanding color combo!

1. Spacious White and Gold

Spacious white and gold bathroom idea with a giant standalone tub and big mirror behind


This spacious and modern bathroom creates calming energy in a spacious bathroom.

It features a softer shade of gold with white tiles. It also has a big and beautiful white bathtub that draws your attention as the center of the room.

2. Light and Dark

Light and dark white and gold bathroom idea with white walls and a dark vanity with a white top

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

White and gold don’t always have to be the only colors in this combination.

As you can see from this example, black cabinets complement the white backdrop and the gold highlights. Altogether, the white, gold, and black create an exquisite and modern look.

3. Vintage White and Gold Bathtub

Vintage White and Gold Bathtub


This bathroom has a vintage look that you might imagine for a white and gold bathroom.

Gold plumbing complements the generously sized tub, and there is a gigantic mirror with gold framing that draws your attention. In addition, a darker shade of gray acts as a great accent color against white and gold.

4. White Marble

White and gold bathroom ideas featuring a huge expansive bathroom with a standalone tub and gold fixtures and gold mirrors with white tiles on the wall


The highlight of this bathroom is the gorgeous white marble floor. White tiles, white cabinets, and white windows make white the dominant color in this room.

But touches of gold around the mirror and on the plumbing create a subtle elegance.

5. White Tiles With Gold Grout

White hex tile backsplash with gold grout for a piece on white and gold bathroom ideas


A subtle way to blend white and gold together is to combine them into one element. In this case, the tiles of the bathroom are white, and the grout is gold.

This combination has a way of bringing the atmosphere of white and gold together in a subtle way.

6. White and Gold Marble

White and gold marble for a piece on white and gold bathroom ideas


Another subtle way to blend white and gold together is in marble. Whether you choose the marble as your floor or wall is up to you, but as you can see, they blend perfectly in the texture of marble.

And there are a few darker shades of gray in the mix that help soften out the white and gold colors.

7. Luxurious White

Luxurious white bathroom with white walls and white marble vanity top with gold lights, mirrors, fixtures, and pulls

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

In this bathroom, there is no question that white is taking center stage.

There are white cabinets, white lights, and white walls. The gold here acts as an accent color that highlights the room’s features.

8. Elegant Luxury

White bathroom, tile, and tub with gold fixtures, mirror, and chandelier


This bathroom screams elegance and luxury. White is the primary color here, but gold is more than an accent in this one.

There is enough gold, especially around the mirror and on the chandelier, to act as an equal player in this room. The white flowers with a touch of green showing put a unique final touch on this bathroom.

9. Black Trim

Image for a piece on white and gold bathroom ideas featuring a bronze mirror and window frame with a marble subway tile shower without doors, white walls, and gold fixtures

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

This bathroom is another example of how black or dark gray can complement the white and gold décor.

In this example, white is the primary color, with black around the trim of the mirror and shower glass and mixed into the tile color. The gold color on the plumbing is a subtle touch.

10. Gold Shower

White and gold bathroom idea with a gold-trimmed shower door, gold tub fixtures, and white walls with a view through big picture windows that overlooks an ocean


Here we see that gold can be more than a subtle accent color. In this example, the color gold dominates the framing of the shower.

The gold finish on the shower makes it the center of the bathroom as opposed to the bathtub.

11. Limestone Marble

White and gold bathroom vanity top idea with swirly granite


This limestone marble showcases another subtle way to blend white and gold together.

Here we see stripes of gold flowing through the marble texture, almost as if dripping like water.

12. Modern White and Gold

Modern White and Gold bathroom idea with teal walls and a 70s chic vibe

Ume Illustration/Shutterstock

This bathroom proves again that you shouldn’t limit your thinking to only white and gold colors. Gold on the framing, counter, and door complement a white floor, bathtub, and toilet.

But the real highlight of this modern bathroom is the coral color of the walls, which blend surprisingly well with the white and gold.

13. Dark Grey Floor

For a piece on white and grey bathroom ideas, a photo of dark grey floors in a stately bathroom with a nice big granite tub

Beyond Time/Shutterstock

Most of the examples up until now had a white floor, which is more standard in bathrooms.

But this bathroom proves that a dark grey marble floor works beautifully with white and gold colors throughout the bathroom. It blends elegant and sleek into one bathroom.

14. Gold Curtains

White and gold bathroom idea with white marbled wall texturing and a big glass window in front of the standalone tub


This bathroom just obviously works. The white, gold, and dark gray colors blend perfectly, especially the stripes of darker marble on the floor.

But the highlight of this bathroom is, for sure, the gold curtains, which scream elegance!

15. A Touch of Gold

White, gold and black bathroom idea with white walls and black and white patterned floor tiles

Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

This bathroom pushes the limits of even being a white and gold bathroom. White dominates the walls, and black patterns mix in with the floor.

The gold color is a subtle accent on the sink and the doorknob.

16. Minimalist White and Gold

Minimalist White and Gold bathroom idea with gold decorations and vanity hardware

Philipp Shuruev/Shutterstock

A white and gold bathroom doesn’t have to be fancy and elegant, and this example shows that the color scheme works with minimalist décor.

Subtle gold colors on the fixtures and candles complement the white and off-white colors.

17. Wood Floors With White and Gold Accents

Wood Floors With White and Gold Accents


This bathroom is another example of how versatile white and gold can be. In this case, they don’t even serve as the primary colors.

Beautiful wood floors and the dark gray backdrop instead dominate the color scheme. The white and gold serve more as accent colors in this bathroom.

18. White, Gold, and Blue

Blue white and gold bathroom idea with blue tile and gold fixtures

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

There are four colors present in this bathroom that bring the look together.

A white backdrop with gold light fixtures immediately catches the eye and highlights a beautiful grey stone countertop. But the feature here is the blue tiles behind the counter.

19. New Age and Modern

New age modern white and gold bathroom idea with a big round mirror mounted on a white hammered look tile with gold fixtures and decorations


The lighting in this bathroom is so memorable, especially with the circular mirror.

Subtle touches of continuous gold balance a white backdrop and sink. The dark blue on the side helps create the new-age lighting.

20. Minimalist Dark Grey

Minimalist dark grey walls in a bathroom with white and gold bathtub, floors, and fixtures


This bathroom is another example of how white and gold can work with a minimalist style. In this case, minimalism is captured mainly by the dark grey backdrop.

The grey makes the white and gold appear softer, and the green plant is a great accent color.

21. Black and Gold Marble

Close up of a piece of black and gold marble


You’ve already seen a few examples of white and gold or white and black mixing together in a marble texture.

This marble shows that even black (or dark grey) and gold can mix well for a marble floor or wall. And there are even touches of white in the marble as well!

22. Black Countertop

White and gold bathroom ideas featuring a black countertop, black fixtures, and gold accents

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

If you want your white sink to pop, consider a black bathroom counter like this example. The sleek black against the clean white sink makes the colors pop.

And the gold colors on the soap dispenser serve as the perfect, subtle accent color.

23. Shades of Gold

White and gold bathroom idea showing the various shades of gold faucets available mounted on a white vanity top

Ievente imre takacs/Shutterstock

If anything, use this example to show you just how many shades of gold you can choose from for your faucets.

From a brilliantly polished gold to an almost copper-like dark gold, you have many options depending on what other colors you choose.

24. Gold Mosaic Marble Tiles

White bathroom idea with Gold Mosaic Marble Tiles

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

White is the primary color in this bathroom, and the gold color is an accent on the fixtures.

The standout feature here is the subtle way in which the mosaic marble tiling incorporates gold. The gold and white work beautifully together and create a bright and clean bathroom.

25. Yellow Gold

White and gold bathroom idea with yellow hex tile on the back wall behind the floating rectangular boxy sink


By now, you’ve probably noticed many shades of gold, ranging from a darker copper color to bright or brilliant gold.

But this bathroom highlights the yellow flavor of gold coloring. A white rug, black cabinets, and a yellow gold backdrop create a sleek and minimalist look.

26. Gold Accents

For a piece on white and gold bathroom ideas, a white granite wall with dark bronze fixtures and gold accents

Ume Illustration/Shutterstock

If you don’t look closely, you might miss the gold color in this bathroom. The black tub is unique, and it fits nicely against the white marble floor.

And there is a subtle accent of gold hanging from the mirror.

27. Golden Toilet

Gold toilet for a piece on white and gold bathroom ideas


Let’s be honest: a golden toilet is probably not the look for everyone.

Generally, white and gold create an elegant look, and a gold toilet can easily seem too excessive. But in the soft lighting of this bathroom, it does work!

28. Golden Sink

White tiled bathroom with a dark grey vanity top and gold fixtures, accents, and sink bowl


Unlike most of these examples, which made white the primary color, gold is the primary color in this example.

The golden inner sink is unique and makes the gold color pop out of the gray countertop. White towels add a subtle note of white color to the mix.

29. Gold Decorations

For a piece on white and gold bathroom ideas, a simple white countertop with a white sink bowl and single handle chrome faucet with white and gold hex tiles


This bathroom shows that you don’t have to officially bring gold into the bathroom as part of the walls, counters, or fixtures.

In this example, gold decorations provide a subtle accent color to the predominantly white bathroom.

30. White and Gold Half Bathroom

White and gold half bathroom idea with beige walls, white fixtures and mirror frame and towels and gold fixtures

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

Many of these examples displayed white and gold in large and luxurious bathrooms. But this bathroom proves that the two colors work well even in a small and modest bathroom.

The gold hardware on the sink balances the white color of the sink and mirror. 

Things to Consider

Now that you’ve seen some examples of white and gold bathrooms in action, let’s go over some of the things you should consider when designing your plan:

  • Gold colors work great as an accent. A little goes a long way with gold.
  • Don’t limit yourself to only white and gold. As you can see, plenty of other colors work as well.
  • Gold works great as accessories in the bathroom (soap, towel rings, etc.)
  • Marble is a great way to avoid plain white walls or floors, which can be dull.

Which White and Gold Bathroom Idea Is Your Favorite?

If your first thought about a white and gold bathroom was “that’s too fancy for me,” then hopefully, these ideas have changed your mind.

White and gold have many options, ranging from subtle and elegant to outlandish and fancy. And now you have plenty of white and gold bathroom ideas to work with!