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6 Reasons Why Whirlpool Duet Dryer Won’t Start 

6 Reasons Why Whirlpool Duet Dryer Won’t Start 

A whirlpool dryer may not start due to several reasons, not necessarily power.

Perhaps the door switch is faulty, the thermal fuse has been blown, or the starter switch is experiencing some challenges.

Sometimes it may only be the settings, or even worse, a defective drive motor.

You need to check each of these causes independently to know what makes your Whirlpool dryer not start. Then, seek the right solution to the particular issue.

We’ve rounded up a few steps to take and the most common reasons why your Whirlpool duet dryer won’t start.

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Whirlpool Duet Dryer  Won’t Start: Troubleshoot

Imagine a whole load of wet laundry in a whirlpool dryer that won’t start despite all your efforts. That can be pretty annoying, right?

Having an appliance from one of the leading home appliance manufacturers in the world is such a good investment.

You don’t expect anything to go wrong. That’s because Whirlpool is known for its high-quality products.

But unfortunately, it happens; in today’s case, a whirlpool duet dryer won’t start.

You can fix the above six common causes of a whirlpool duet dryer that won’t start, following these simple steps for each problem.

#1 Power Not Reaching the Dryer

It’s not always about the dryer being faulty. Sometimes your Whirlpool duet dryer is just in good shape, with the power turned on, but still, it won’t start. Have you stopped to think that maybe the electricity isn’t reaching it?

In this case, the first reasonable thing to do is to confirm that the dryer is indeed plugged into the socket. This you can confirm with the dryer’s light inside. Open the door to see if the lights are on. If the lights are on, then you’ve correctly plugged in the dryer.

Now that you know the plugging is correct, why won’t it start? It’s not over yet.

Now check the fuses and circuit breakers in your home. It could be that the breakers tripped, and you must reset them for the dryer to start, or a blown fuse that you should replace.

It can also be the case that there is insufficient power supply to the dryer. The power reaching it is not just enough to start your Whirlpool duet dryer.

That’s very common with extension cords, so if you’re using one, you may need to consider a much more powerful option.

#2 The Dryer’s Settings

Whirlpool Settings


A whirlpool duet dryer not starting even after you push the start button could also have something to do with its settings.

Is the dryer on the proper function settings when you check? We suggest confirming this before calling a repair specialist.

The dryer’s control knob must always be on the automatic cycle to dry your wet clothes in a normal drying situation. However, you can include a few other setting options, such as a timer and wrinkle reduction, for effective drying.

Maybe you want to either increase or decrease your drying time. That way, you have to change the automatic cycle settings.

Note that with the wrinkle reduction option, it may take a few seconds before your dryer starts. That’s because it also has to fluff the clothes to ensure they don’t contain any wrinkles once dried.

You could also have locked your dryer earlier to prevent it from starting when you’re not around. All Whirlpool duet dryers come with this feature to ensure your children’s safety. Check if you forgot to unlock it, as it could be the only reason your Whirlpool duet dryer won’t start. 

#3 Faulty Start Button

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It’s not that hard to know if the start button is the reason why your Whirlpool dryer won’t start.

Usually, when you push this button, you’ll hear a humming sound coming from the dryer. If this happens, then the start button is in perfect shape.

Otherwise, you have to replace it. That is, if the power is on but it isn’t responding to the start command.

A multimeter will help you determine if the start button is faulty. You can use this device to test for sure if there’s electricity on the start button. Confirming a lack of electricity tells you that the start button is faulty and needs replacement.

#4 Something to Do With the Dryer’s Door Switch

Dryer Door Clicking Sound


Your dryer responds accordingly to all the signals from its door switch, so you must ensure that the door closes and latches well. If this component is faulty, the control panel won’t know that you’ve shut it off to start the dryer.

But how do you know if it’s defective or in good shape? Typically, a dryer’s door switch will produce a clicking sound when you shut it. The sound is very audible, so you won’t struggle to listen.

For this reason, to determine whether this dryer component is defective or not, try starting your dryer. If it makes this sound, then the switch is in good shape. A no-click sound means that you should replace your dryer’s door switch.

A qualified specialist should do this replacement work to avoid any more damage to your dryer. But before calling one, check and remove any clothes on the way that could be causing an obstruction.

#5 Blown Thermal Fuse

Electric Dryer Thermal Fuse


A thermal fuse helps protect your dryer from getting damaged due to high temperatures that could cause overheating. This device will sense if the temperatures get too high for your normal loads, triggering your dryer to shut down.

This means that the thermal fuse has blown and needs replacement. A multimeter device comes in handy here too. It will help you determine whether this device is functioning or not.

You need to access the dryer’s thermal fuse to know for sure. First, ensure the dryer isn’t plugged into power.

Then, remove the back lid to see the thermal fuse. Once you confirm it’s blown from using your multimeter device, you can unscrew it to remove it and screw a new one into its place.

Any home appliance parts dealer should have this component available in their stores. Remember, you can always hire a specialist for the job. This way, you have peace of mind that everything will turn out well.

#6 Defective Motor

Dryer motor service


Checking whether the drive motor is functional or not should be your last option after all the above possibilities don’t work.

Did you know that the motor is the only component responsible for the circular motion needed to start your dryer?

Well, that’s how crucial this part is. The dryer’s drum and blower will never spin if the drive motor is defective. The ideal solution for a defective motor is a replacement.

However, before replacing, you should first check for any obstructions. It could be covered in dirt and other debris and only needs cleaning.

You can easily access the dryer’s motor by removing the belt. If there are no more obstructions on the motor, but the whirlpool duet dryer still won’t start, then you must replace it.

This component is not just expensive to buy, but the replacement cost is also high. Therefore, you must weigh all your options to ensure you settle for a worthy course. Following all these steps will most likely make your Whirlpool duet dryer start.

Things To Consider


Dryer reset


It’s not that difficult to reset a whirlpool duet dryer if need be. Here’s one quick and easy method you can follow. First, ensure the dryer is switched off, then remove it from the plug.

It should remain unplugged for at least sixty seconds before plugging it back in. Now turn it on to continue working. There, you’ve successfully reset your whirlpool duet dryer.

PF Error Code

This error code tells you that a power failure occurred some time back on your dryer. Your dryer won’t start without clearing the PF error. To do so, you first need to reset it following the above procedures, then restart it.

Press the start button for a few seconds before releasing it to restart your dryer. If it doesn’t resume with your current settings, choose a new cycle and other options, then press start.


Longevity of Whirlpool Duet Dryer


Your Whirlpool duet dryer can last between 10 to 13 years. That said, you can extend its lifespan through proper care.

You have to clean the lint trap and outer vents frequently to keep the dryer in good shape. This way, your whirlpool duet dryer will be appreciative and, in return, last longer.

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So, Why Won’t Your Whirlpool Duet Dryer Start?

Several factors may cause your Whirlpool duet dryer not to start. It may be because of power issues, a faulty motor, problems with the start button, a blown thermal fuse, or a defective door switch.

You can troubleshoot most of these problems, but if unsure, please call a professional.