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11 Colors That Go With Emerald Green: Ideal Color Companions

11 Colors That Go With Emerald Green: Ideal Color Companions

Emerald green is a lush and rich hue. It has been months since it was removed from the tops, yet it is still the trendy emerald color in fashion and home design.

This beautiful color embodies the ideal blend of sophistication and elegance. This makes it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

Has your case come down to the best colors that go with emerald green? Well, then, you’re in luck because your options are endless!

From bold and vibrant tones to subtle and neutral colors, there are countless options that go with emerald green. It all depends on what look you want to get.

Are you looking to update your home decor? Or want to stay on trend with the latest color combinations? Either way, we can help you. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular colors that go well with emerald green.

So, let’s dive into our atmosphere. We’ll reveal some of the most stunning ways to use emerald green.

11 Colors That Go With Emerald Green

Emerald green, a color that goes with gold, in a boho-style living room

Emerald green is a very bright color! It was popular many years ago when women wore luxurious emerald green dresses and complemented them with luxury necklaces with stones of the same color. And the emerald color will not lose its relevance even in 2024!

Unfortunately, many people are wary of choosing this shade. They think that they cannot find colors that go with green. But this is not the case!

And what’s more, this shade adds sophistication and elegance to any of your choices. Let’s take a look at a few of the main reasons why you should consider this shade:

  • One of the main reasons to choose emerald green is that it works well with so many other colors. Yes, yes! Exactly what many people are afraid of turns out to be easily solvable! You can combine it perfectly with neutral colors. Or you can be bolder and choose brighter colors.
  • Another reason to choose emerald green is that it’s a timeless color that always stays in style. It’s a classic shade. People have been using it in fashion and interior design for decades. And the shade will remain popular for many years to come.
  • Emerald green is a great complementary color. It is perfect for different spaces. You can use it in different rooms! For example, you create a luxurious and glamorous atmosphere in a formal room. Or you could add it to a casual setting.

Overall, there are numerous reasons to choose emerald green. If you’re looking for a color that will go with everything, emerald green is a good option.

With it, you will delve into the classics and the future at the same time. Let’s look at the colors that go with emerald green. We’re confident you’ll find one that suits you!

White: Clean and Classy

Emerald Green White Combination

Image Source:

Are you looking for neutral colors that go with emerald green?

Why not go with a traditional white? The use of white and emerald green provides a classic aesthetic. It’s crisp, clean, and indisputably fashionable.

White has amazing versatility. You can use it anywhere! And white is a color that compliments green.

This pair is perfect for interiors. All because the brightness of both colors adds an element of freshness. At the same time, they keep the feeling of modernity together. 

Do you want to add a twist to an interior? Or do you want to create a trendy look that will attract attention?

Then take advantage of the complementary color scheme of white and emerald green. Not only is it guaranteed to update your look, no matter what you choose, it will also anchor your style for the long haul.

Black: Bold and Refined

Emerald Green Room With Black Pillows

Image Source:

Another color that goes well with emerald green is black! These two colors complement each other perfectly.

They offer enough contrast to make them stand out, yet they blend harmoniously. You can’t go wrong if you aim for a bold, sophisticated aesthetic.

Emerald green and black exude exquisite luxury. It is the best color combination for those who want to make a stylish statement without being too flashy.

Do you want to get that effect?

Then, combine a textured emerald green fabric with smooth, patent leather in black. You’ll get a truly elegant look that’s sure to draw attention.

Combine the bright emerald green color with the timeless sophistication of black. So you will get an attractive and, at the same time, subtle style. Any fashionista will love it.

Beige: Effortless Elegance

Emerald Green combined with Beige

Image Source:

Emerald green and beige certainly make a stylish combination. Beige and emerald green are the colors that go together. Together, they create a light but elegant look. It is sure to attract attention.

Want to give your interior a regal touch?

Then this timeless color combination is a perfect choice. In both fashion and decor, this versatile palette speaks of sophistication. 

Are you just looking for something to spruce up your home decor?

Emerald green and beige would make great colors that compliment the room. Glamorous or understated, these colors complement each other either way. Wherever they appear, they are sure to take center stage!

Red: Strikingly Vibrant

Emerald Green and Red

Image Source:

The colors emerald green and red are complementary. They have a strikingly beautiful combination due to their brightness.

You can associate each shade with passion, energy, and strong emotions. These are qualities that are harmonious in design.

Emerald green symbolizes life and fertility. Red shows intensity and determination. These colors can create a powerful contrast that will make any design stand out.

You can choose this combination for any design. The contrast between these two visually mesmerizing hues is sure to impress.

Mustard Yellow: On-Trend and Eclectic

Emerald Green and Mustard Yellow Bedsheets

Image Source:

Another color that goes with green is mustard yellow. Combining emerald green and mustard yellow is a trendy and eclectic style for any home.

For all their boldness, these two colors enhance the beauty of each other in the decor. It’s all thanks to their complementary hues.

Emerald contrasts beautifully with the bright yellow tones of mustard. Together, they make this palette exquisite and, at the same time, lively.

Including some accessories can easily add depth and character to any space. You choose such things with both shades:

  • Furniture
  • Textiles
  • Wall art
  • Window coverings

With the right elements, this color combination creates the most sophistication. You can create an attractive design that stands out among other styles. You will only sometimes find this combination in interiors.

Light Green: Natural and Refreshing

Emerald Green With Light Green

Image Source:

Light green is a great color that goes with emerald green. You can associate these colors with the natural world. All because they evoke a sense of freshness.

The bright foliage of a graduation garden, the carpet of moss that adorns ancient forests, or the gentle brightness of a spring breeze—all these hues conjure up images in their picturesque simplicity.

Together, they refresh the wheel of color, evoking sighs of lightness and tranquility.

They’re perfect for adding an airy grace to a room. Or you can use them to highlight something contrasting.

Each shade echoes the beauty of nature in a way that only nature can. Divine in nature, certainly delightful, and undeniably soothing!

Grey: Bold and Modern

Emerald Green Wall with Gray Sofa

Image Source:

Adding bold modern touches to your space can be a great way to enhance any room. Emerald green and gray is a striking combination of colors that go together. You can use them to create a unique, stylish atmosphere.

Whether it’s an accent wall or neutral furniture, this look is guaranteed to add drama. You want sophistication in your home, right? Then emerald and gray would be a super option.

If you’re daring, mix in a few bright emerald-green elements. For example, choose chairs or rugs with a more subdued palette of gray colors.

In this way, you will achieve the maximum effect. With such a combination, the possibilities are endless!

Blue: Crisp and Refined

Emerald Green and Blue Wall Color Combination

Image Source:

Emerald green and light blue are classic colors for achieving a clean, sophisticated appearance. These colors complement each other to produce a magnificent presentation. Both hues can be used in an interior design project.

With their distinct combination of brightness and sophistication, this color pair is ideal for professionals looking to add a touch of luxury to their decor or those seeking something more sophisticated than typical black-and-white combinations.

If you’re looking for more than neutral colors that go with emerald green, then blue! Emerald green and blue bring out the best in each other. Together, they create a visually arresting setting or style. They are both sure to catch the eye.

Pink: Vibrant and Unexpected

Pinky Pillows on bed inside Emerald Green room

Image Source:

Do you want to evoke a sense of indulgence?

Then pink is the color that complements green. It’s the perfect combination for those looking to make a statement. These shades create a striking contrast, whether they are part of a color scheme or not. It subtly declares your individuality.

Combine deep green with delicate pink to create organic elegance. Or choose richer bronze metals paired with a pale blush. You’ll create a more contemporary style that way.

Either way, this intriguing combination creates unexpected results. They can breathe new life into any room.

Purple: Luxurious and Sumptuous

Emerald Green Chair with Purple Pillows And Purple Details

Image Source:

Emerald green and purple are two luxurious and advantageous colors. For centuries, people have valued them for their radiance, richness, and unique appeal. These shades have been used to decorate everything, from jewelry to walls and roofs.

Emerald green is associated with the seductive beauty of emerald stones. It often serves as a symbol of fertility, happiness, and good luck.

Purple symbolizes royalty due to its long association with kings. If you’re looking for colors that go well with emerald green, look for purple.

Emerald green and purple have a luxurious elegance. It makes any material look special. Combining these two colors allows you to create stunning works of art. They convey a powerful visual message of luxury and life.

Orange: Vivid and Uplifting

Emerald Green and Orange Room

Image Source:

And finally, we chose the last color that goes with emerald green. It’s orange! Emerald green and orange are bright and powerful colors. They evoke a sense of joy and uplift.

These colors serve an important purpose in design work. They also create a sense of progress on tracks, diagrams, or icons. All because you can use them to create visual interest.

Added to photos, they create a striking contrast. It catches the viewer’s eye and adds optimism. When used together, emerald green and orange create easily recognizable elements. They bring any project to life, whether for private or public use.


What is the opposite color of emerald green?

The opposite color of emerald green is magenta. Magenta is a vivid, bright color that contrasts nicely with emerald green.

What colors look good with emerald green?

Colors that look best with emerald green include blues, pinks, purples, and oranges. These colors bring out the best in emerald green and create a visually striking combination.

Are there any colors that don’t go with emerald green?

Yes. Color that does not complement emerald green includes brown. Brown is too dull to work with this vibrant color. Instead, use brighter colors that emphasize the vibrancy of emerald green.

Is teal the same color as emerald green?

No. Teal is a blue-green color, while emerald green is a slightly darker shade with a yellow tint. While they are similar colors, teal and emerald green are not the same.


The colors that go with emerald green are endless. You can use them to create a multitude of looks. From fresh and modern to classic and elegant—whatever you want.

When used together when decorating a room, these colors emphasize the power of each shade. They form unforgettable combinations.

Regardless of your style, you can find the perfect color combination. You need to use emerald green as the main shade.

With its unique combination of vibrancy and sophistication, it’s no wonder why this gem-inspired color has been so beloved for centuries!