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The Best Room Aesthetic Ideas for 2023

The Best Room Aesthetic Ideas for 2023

You’ve seen them all over Instagram — aesthetic room ideas. But while the finished product is great, wouldn’t it be nice if someone rounded up where to find these products? Don’t worry — we’ve done just that below.

Looking for Aesthetic Room Ideas?

Coming home at the end of the day should feel like the combination of a nice, big hug and a deep sigh of relief. The best way to let the day’s cares melt away is to create a home environment that relaxes you and makes you happy.

While everyone’s style is different, we can all appreciate great, aesthetic décor and gain inspiration from the items we may see in a store or sitting around someone else’s home. 

Today, we’re bringing some of those aesthetic items to help you jumpstart your creativity and help you come up with aesthetic room ideas that can help your whole home feel like the unique, comforting refuge you need at the end of a tough week.

Aesthetic Living Room Ideas

Well-decorated living room for a piece on aesthetic room ideas


Your living room is important because it’s probably one of the first rooms you encounter when walking into your home. Not only is it an instant mood influencer for you, but it sets the tone for guests and tells them a bit about who you are.

Whether you like a minimalist look, a bohemian vibe, or something more traditional, here are some products that might inspire a total room redecoration.

Minimalist Line Art Wall Decor

Unique Line Decor
Minimalist Line Art Wall Decor - by Haus and Hues
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Wall art is an important component of interior design in any style, and this somewhat abstract, somewhat minimalist print is a perfect conversation piece and focal point. The modern Matisse- and Picasso-inspired style of this art can add a funky yet elevated aesthetic to any room.

With a black and off-white palette, it’ll fit in perfectly with any color scheme. But try it out with a Parisian-inspired, neutral-toned theme complete with lots of cozy textures throughout the room to experience a truly luxe yet understated aesthetic.

Or add it to a gallery wall with other unique prints to create a larger focal point that draws the eye up and enlarges your room while also throwing in a dash of personality for good measure. 

It can also shine on a side table or console as part of a vignette that showcases items or trinkets that have personal significance to you. Style is all about balance, and the abstract feel of this print mixed with very real, tangible displays of your travels or experiences helps create a pleasing, aesthetic, and inviting space.

Silverwood Floor Lamp

Cool Floor Lamp
Silverwood CPLF1267E Floor Lamp, Black and Tan
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Lighting is also crucial for setting the mood of any particular room, and in your living room, you want enough light to encourage interactions and enough dimness to still feel cozy, intimate, and ambient.

Using a floor lamp like this one can not only be a practical lighting move but can also add so much personality and style. This one, with a bohemian-inspired though still modern rattan shade, adds beautiful texture.

As mentioned before, texture is a great way to add depth and luxury to a space without making it feel cluttered or overdone. Materials like rattan and wicker, when used as accents, can help elevate your aesthetic and make your décor feel complete.

This floor lamp is the perfect height to place in a corner, angled behind your favorite lounging chair, or even on its own as a bit of a statement piece. The shadows that the semi-open rattan shade casts create a subtle but beautiful pattern on the wall that is a bit of an art piece itself.

Aesthetic Bathroom Ideas

For a piece on aesthetic rooms, a well-decorated and inviting bathroom shown in mid-afternoon's light


When it comes to finding the perfect aesthetic for each room, it’s easy to overlook the bathroom. It’s such a practical space that we often forget it’s one of the spaces that visitors are likely to see and spend time in.

And really, it’s not difficult to bring an elevated style to your bathroom area. Many options marry a cool and trendy aesthetic with much-needed storage solutions so that you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to an aesthetic bathroom.

Floating Shelves

Shelves That Float
Befayoo Floating Shelves for Wall, Rustic Wood
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We’ve all seen the floating shelves with a circular frame, which has become a bit of a mainstay for rustic or eclectic aesthetics. If you like the idea of shelves like that but are afraid they may be a little overdone, then these floating shelves are for you.

The three shelves are held together by a diamond-shaped frame that introduces a bit of clean-cut modern edge. The dark stain of the wooden shelves also contributes to the rich and clean look.

Store your skincare routine, your backup toiletries, a few humidity-loving plants, or some small, woven baskets right on the wall to free up counter space and help streamline your bathroom. 

Speaking of plants, the bathroom is a great area to keep many plants that thrive on the humidity of the shower and running water. And adding a few to a great floating shelf like this will not only give you houseplants to brag about but can add a comforting, natural aesthetic that’s been proven to boost your mood and help reduce your stress levels!

Retro-Style Trash Can With Lid

Retro-Styled Waste Basket
Bathroom Trash Can with Lid, Small Cream Color
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Just like with the floating shelves, efficiency doesn’t always have to look unstylish. Bathrooms hold a lot of items that are there just because they have to be: a mirror, a toilet, a vanity, and so many other practical pieces.

Don’t forget that some of these practical pieces can double as aesthetic décor. Take this cute, vintage-inspired trash can, for instance. You can’t have a bathroom without a trash can, but you don’t have to resign yourself to one without personality, either.

In two sizes and five different colors, the subtle style of this trash can help your overall bathroom style theme to feel more consistent and concordant. Plus, with this lid-attached version, your trash is concealed, and your space looks cleaner and less cluttered.

Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

Cute and well-decorated bedroom for a piece on aesthetic rooms

Your bedroom is the main place in your home that is just for you. So why not make sure that it reflects your personality and your unique preferences? 

Even if the rest of your house has a tamer aesthetic, try out something bold or daring that’s just for you and that will give you a safe, enveloping environment that you’ll look forward to falling asleep and waking up in every day.

Black Silk Wallpaper

Unique Wallpaper
Black Silk Self Adhesive Peel and Stick Wallpaper
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Accent walls aren’t just for entertaining spaces! Creating a little drama in your bedroom can create a luxurious, elevated vibe that helps you relax and unwind. This embossed wallpaper is the perfect thing to lend some moody drama to your bedroom.

The subtle embossed texture of this wallpaper, which comes in four other colors as well, is a great option for bedrooms because the pattern is small and not distracting. 

Using patterns that are too big or colors that are too bright in your bedroom can keep you from relaxing well, but this wallpaper lends just the right amount of style to your bedroom without commanding too much attention.

Try it out on just an accent wall, or make a bold move and cover your entire bedroom with it. Switch it up and use another neutral pattern on your bed to complement the embossing of your wallpaper and add that ever-important texture.

And the best thing is that this wallpaper is peel and stick, so it’s easy to install and remove, easy to clean, and is safe for renters as well, so you can have an aesthetic bedroom no matter where you live.

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Mirror Display Digital Alarm Clock

Mirror Alarm Clock
Digital Alarm Clock, Lamisola Large LED Mirror Display
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Although it’s not our favorite, we inevitably have to get up every morning. Since we can’t avoid it, why not try to make the process as aesthetic as possible? This beautiful alarm clock melds form and functions so well that you might not mind waking up early anymore.

With a borderless, mirrored display design, this alarm clock is the penultimate in modern chic. If you like even your most practical of possessions to pull double duty as beautiful décor, then this is the clock for you.

The display is large and it’s super functional, able to charge up to two devices at the same time and with settings for adjustable brightness so that blue light won’t mess with your circadian rhythms.

For the perfect minimalist vibe, let this alarm clock stand alone on your bedside table as a focal point, or add a few monochromatic décor books or even a simple vase with a few of your favorite flowers.

Alternative Clock
Digital Alarm Clock, with Wooden Electronic LED Time Display
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And if you prefer a warmer aesthetic, check out this still modern-looking alarm clock with a chic wooden display.

Aesthetic Kitchen Ideas

Cute and well-decorated kitchen in a semifarmhouse style for a piece on aesthetic rooms


Even if you’re not the most prolific chef, everyone still wants an aesthetic kitchen. And there are so many cute and functional gadgets out there to help you make that universal dream a reality at home.

Patterned Kitchen Towels

Unique Kitchen Towels
Folkulture Kitchen Towels or Dish Towels for Kitchen
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Towels are another one of those non-negotiables that can keep your kitchen looking dated or just out of touch with your personal style. Try out this set of three kitchen towels to help your favorite décor style take over even when you’re washing dishes.

The pattern on these towels is subtle but still makes a statement: not quite hippie, not quite minimalist. While it comes in three colors, the neutral hues of the Indie Smoke color are gorgeous and sure to fit with just about any color theme.

Highly absorbable and, of course, washable, these aesthetic dishtowels will look sleek and unique in your kitchen.

Velvet Bar Stools

Velvet in the Kitchen
Bar Stools Set of 2 Counter Stools Velvet Barstool Modern Bar Chairs
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I know what you’re thinking: velvet in the kitchen? But nothing can elevate any design scheme like velvet can. It lends that beautiful texture we’ve been talking about and can help your kitchen feel luxurious and modern.

So if you have a kitchen island or breakfast bar, these bar stools are the perfect option to elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic with a little bit of an art deco vibe. While the gray color will suit a minimalist and modern kitchen beautifully, the jewel blue and green tones are just right for adding some drama to a more eclectic design. 

Plus, these stools are ergonomic and have a fuller seat than most bar stools, ensuring that you and your loved ones will be comfortable and encouraged to sit and stay awhile.

Like Our Aesthetic Room Ideas?

Everyone wants to walk into their home and feel instantly comfortable and relaxed. While it may feel intimidating to try and overhaul each room’s aesthetic to produce that feeling, starting with just one item is a far easier and more fulfilling method.

We hope that our aesthetic room ideas have inspired you to inject more of your unique personality and preferences into your home so you can enjoy it to its fullest!

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