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30 Fresh Mexican Kitchens Ideas for 2024

30 Fresh Mexican Kitchens Ideas for 2024

Wondering about the Mexican kitchen but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place.

We’ve rounded up 30 unique things about Mexican kitchens to help you give your kitchen a facelift.

Read on to learn more.

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Considering a Mexican Kitchen Aesthetic?

Mexican kitchens have great décor inspiration for anyone who is considering redoing their kitchen theme.

Not only will the bright, saturated colors make a bold statement of your tastes, but the unique style of the Old Mexico region will create a distinct look within your home.

A well-curated kitchen with Mexican-style décor will set it apart and resonate well with your guests.

The Mexican style is most common in the southwest and western parts of the United States, but people are drawn to this distinct look’s bright colors and bold accents.

30 Fresh Décor Ideas For Mexican Kitchens

Many people feel that Mexican-style kitchens convey a certain warmth and “spiciness” to their home décor.

In Mexico, the use of bright colors that are bold and saturated is a hallmark of their style, as is the use of tiles and mosaics, as well as distressed wood.

Here are 30 fresh visuals to get your creative vibes flowing!

Open Shelving

Open shelving, one of they key design traits of Mexican kitchens, in a blue and yellow kitchen

Leon Rafael/Shutterstock

One traditional look in Mexican-style kitchens is the use of open-air shelves. Instead of closed, stiff-looking cabinets, try installing a series of free-standing shelves or a doorless pantry.

This addition allows you to add some décor to the shelves, such as pottery or your spice collection. Plus, it makes things easier to access, too.

Rounded Arches

Rounded arches that make up most Mexican kitchens, as displayed in a kitchen with copper pots and pans and lots of small tiles on the counter and wall

Leon Rafael/Shutterstock

Although many kitchens designed in the United States use only squares and rectangles, many traditional Mexican ones do not.

Depending on your level of renovation, consider playing with some rounded arches at the cabinet or stove level.

Decorate Walls and Countertops

Mexican-style kitchen in yellow and blue with bright painted furniture and decorated walls


Compared to their US counterparts, Mexican kitchens can sometimes look “busy” with decorations on the walls, countertops, and centerpieces.

It may not be what you’re used to, but in many parts of Mexico, minimalism and subtlety are not the names of the game.

Colorful Tabletops

A wooden table painted teal with lots of jars of peppers and other vegetables surrounding it


One very unique feature of Mexican décor is the use of brightly painted wood.

Try an end table or a smaller table for potted plants if a boldly colored dining room table is too much for you. 

Colorful Tiles

Pretty and colorful tiles laid out in a row to highlight a key design trait of Mexican kitchens


One of the most prominent features of Mexican kitchens is their use of decorative tiles.

Instead of the neutral, monochromic tiles, you’ll see in traditional US designs, Mexican kitchen tiles often feature multiple colors and fun geometric patterns.

Geometric Patterns

More colorful tiles in green and white geometric patterns for a piece on Mexican kitchen design elements


And speaking of geometric patterns. You don’t have to feel like the tiles all need to have identical designs, either!

Feel free to mix and match your tile patterns and put together a whole new one to your liking.

Mexican Motifs

For a piece on Mexican kitchens, a suggestion to use wall art in the form of colorful motifs


Try using a pattern such as this for one of your wall art ideas.

Dia de los Muertos is an important holiday in Mexico, and many images associated with it make their way into the artwork, motifs, and collages.

Hanging Chilies

Hanging chile peppers found in a Mexican kitchen

Brent Coulter/Shutterstock

Called a ristra in Spanish, you’ve likely seen one of these arrangements at your local Mexican restaurant.

Although most ristas feature dried red chili pods, they can be made of chili peppers in various colors, fresh or dry.

And you don’t have to stick with peppers, either – whole garlic bulbs and other vegetables make their appearances, too. 

Mexican Pottery

Mexican pottery on a table and mounted on a wall that is typically found in Mexican style kitchens

Colleen Anne Bessel/Shutterstock

No Mexican-style kitchen is complete without featuring some pottery.

Whether it’s your everyday dishware or a few decorative pieces, take advantage of the bright pops of color and different patterns these pieces can bring to your kitchen.

Mexican Wooden Furniture

Blue Mexican kitchen table chairs

Lucas Gustavo Duarte/Shutterstock

You don’t need to go all out and buy a brand-new dining room set, but investing in at least a few pieces of Mexican-type furniture can be fun for its added authenticity.

Many traditional Mexican kitchens feature a low chair or stool to use while shelling, peeling, or otherwise preparing food.

Potted Succulents

Potted succulents, often found in Mexican kitchens, in little painted jars and cubbies


Why not add some of the live plants of Mexico into your kitchen?

Many of the succulents growing in the Sonoran desert can be potted, and they’re easy to take care of, too! Live plants are always a great décor touch, and don’t forget to use some colorful pots!

Add Texture: Textiles

Colorful blankets in the Mexican style in pink and yellow and red colors

Tati Nova Photo Mexico/Shutterstock

Mexico has many traditional textile types, and it’s also a great piece of décor to add to a style kitchen.

It adds color and texture, but bigger textiles can be hung on the walls and surrounded with other attractive décor for a very textured look.

Backsplash Tile Arrangement

A blue and yellow and green colorful tile that would look great in a Mexican kitchen


This design is an excellent example of a Mexican-type tile arrangement. Notice the motif tiles are in the center, surrounded by a monochrome tile border.

You can use this look for tiling your kitchen island, repeated multiple times on your countertops or as a backsplash.

Bold, Saturated Colors

Photo of the bright colors typically found on the floors, furniture, and walls of a Mexican kitchen


If you haven’t noticed by now, Mexican kitchens use bold, bright colors—and lots of it!

Depending on the dynamics of your space, it could work to paint your floor or cabinets in one (or two) of these vibrant tones.


Of course, no good kitchen would be complete without a margarita, one of Mexico's favorite and most popular drinks


Margaritas are arguably Mexico’s most famous drink. Unless you’re a teetotaler, you should take advantage of their reputation and work them into your decor.

You could choose artwork or just have a colorful margarita set on the dining room table as a centerpiece. 

Indigenous Styles

Bunch of indigenous style bowls and plates typically found in Mexican kitchens lined up in a row

Brandon Bourdages/Shutterstock

Mexico has a rich history of several high-profile, prolific cultures that meshed to form Mexican culture today.

Many of the décor elements we typically see are inspired by Spain’s colonization of Mexico, but the Mayan styles also play a role.

Try looking for some Mayan or Aztec pieces to throw into your kitchen décor.

Colors in Juxtaposition

Mexican kitchen with pink and tan walls decorated with colorful plates


Not only do Mexican-style kitchens use bold colors, but they’re often juxtaposed in ways that we don’t usually see here in the US.

Using juxta positioning can be an exciting, bold, and fresh look for your space, but it can also be a bit of a challenge.

Wooden Hanging Rack

Mexican kitchen featuring a wooden hanging rack with lots of pots and pans hanging from it


Many aspects of Mexican styles are commonly considered “rustic” in look, especially their use of wood.

Wood, often distressed wood, plays a significant role in helping to bring Mexican décor together for a more cohesive feel.

Stone Mortar and Pestle

No mexican kitchen would be complete without a stone mortar and pestle, as displayed in this up-close image

Ernesto Chi/Shutterstock

You should invest in a black stone mortar and pestle set, even if only for decoration purposes.

It will not only lend to an authentic-feeling kitchen, but mortars are practical too – it’s the easiest way to make guacamole, which is highly recommended.

Avoid Cheesy Décor Choices

For a section on what types of decorations to avoid in a Mexican kitchen, a cheesy pepper graphic that says extra spicy is displayed


So far, we’ve been focusing on décor options you should consider, but it’s also good to know what to stay away from.

If you’re trying to create an authentic, traditional feel in your kitchen, avoid using cheesy wall art about “spiceiness” or decorations in the color or style of the Mexican flag.

There are no hard-and-fast rules here, but when in doubt, try searching online for authentic kitchen images.

Mexican Artwork

Artwork of a Mexican parrot and

Arina Yastrebova/Shutterstock

In addition to using indigenous styles, why not try incorporating some famous Mexican artwork and artists into your decor?

You can use prints, paintings, photos, or all of the above!

Wall Décor

Blue sun handicraft wall decor on a red wall, typically found in Mexican kitchens


Mexican-style wall décor can be 3D too. Try mixing up any prints or textiles you’re using with statue-type pieces.

Bold, Saturated Colors

A Mexican kitchen as viewed from the outside in through metal grated with lots of skeletons adorning the walls


Bold and bright colors have been a theme for this list and many a well-decorated Mexican kitchen, but again, don’t be afraid to mix and match saturated shades that you typically don’t think of as complements.

Tile With Bright Walls

Mexican kitchen inspiration showing colorful floral subway tile on a bright orange wall

ASTA Concept/Shutterstock

In the same way that you may be unused to mixing saturated color, you may be unaccustomed to mixing wall textures.

Mexican-style walls are typically textured with drywall, and it’s not uncommon to see tile arrangements worked into and on them.

3D Wall Décor

A number of sombreros found in Mexican kitchens around the globe

Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock

It’s not just stonework that works for 3D wall pieces. Folk pieces and traditional, yet fun, arrangements of fabrics can work too!

Tile Countertop Patterns

Tile countertop patterns often found in Mexican kitchens


If you’re not quite into the saturation of tile patterns, one thing to try is spacing the tile out and using a neutral color in between.

This method will still give you pops of authenticity while creating a more toned-down look.

Incorporate the Beach

Direction sign pointing to all places of the world next to an ocean


We may forget about it sometimes, but Mexico isn’t all just deserts and cacti!

Mexico also features many world-famous beach spots, so feel free to work some ocean feels into your décor choices.

Lots of Used Wall Space

Photo of the walls of a traditional Mexican kitchen, showing lots of decorations all over the entire wall space


Don’t be afraid to use all your available wall space! Different textures and mediums will help you create an authentic, cozy feel.


Mexican kitchen pictured with a colorful round rug below an old and unfinished wooden dining table

Anna Shkolaya/Shutterstock

Kitchen rugs are not only practical, but they’re also a great way to add some warmth to your kitchen décor!

Talavera Pottery

Talavera pottery pieces stacked on top of one another in a big pile

Peter Carney/Shutterstock

Talavera pottery is a traditional style stemming from Mexico’s colonial days. Talavera pieces will make a great addition to any Mexican-style kitchen.

Things to Consider

When you’re putting together your kitchen in Mexican style, here are a few pointers:

Do (Things to Do)

  • Use bright, bold colors
  • Decorate your walls with multiple texture types
  • Use tile as a backsplash or on countertops

Don’t (Things Not to Do)

  • Use cheesy artwork
  • Decorate sparingly
  • Use a monochrome tie scheme
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So, What Are the Main Ingredients of Mexican Kitchens?

There’s no one magic element, but generally speaking, the Mexican style includes lots of color, lots of patterns, and a space that’s full and well-used.

As long as you incorporate these three elements into your décor, you’ll get a cozy, authentic-feeling kitchen!