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46 Rustic Cabinets Ideas We Love in 2024

46 Rustic Cabinets Ideas We Love in 2024

Rustic cabinets are a timeless trend that mixes classic and cozy styling.

Find inspiration for your dream kitchen with these 46 unique rustic cabinet ideas. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas and some things to consider.

46 Rustic Cabinet Ideas You’ll Adore

There’s much to love about the distressed look of rustic cabinets, and they’re much easier to incorporate into your home décor than you think.

The casual yet stylish vibe these cabinets bring to your kitchen will make you feel like you’re secluded in the comfort of your own country cottage, whether you live in the country or not. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these 46 unique cabinets.

1. Tri-Color Cabinets

Tricolor rustic cabinets mixing grey, blue, and natural wood in a log-cabin inspired home

B Brown/Shutterstock

Though you may think of natural wood colors when you hear rustic cabinets, the truth is they can come in cool colors too. This charming combination of blue, steel grey, and beige creates the feeling of a “lived-in” kitchen.

2. Country Kitchen

Country inspired kitchen with log timber frames and a log cabin-style wall covering with rustic cabinets made of natural pine wood


These lovely wooden cabinets blend right into this log country kitchen. We love the golden hue of the wood and the vintage look of the handles. 

3. Cottage Cuteness

Cottage interior with rustic cabinets painted white and pine shiplap backsplash


White and pale natural wood are a classic combo. These cabinets bring back the old-school look of bottom cabinets paired with hanging pots and wall shelves. 

4. Retro and Brick

Rustic cabinets painted blue and purposely weathered hold up a butcher block countertop stained dark in color with a brick and stucco wall next to the stove

Altan Can/Shutterstock

The brick walls fill the kitchen with instant warmth, while the retro-style blue cabinets and stove add just enough color to this ultra-rustic kitchen.

5. Wood on Wood

Wood burning stove heats a kitchen that has rustic cabinets made of unstained wood with wooden butcher block counters and a wood stove vent for a wood-on-wood look

Federico Rostagno/Shutterstock

We can’t get enough of the layered wood look on these kitchen cabinets. The counter and wall on the side are a perfect match, while the opposite brick wall provides a stylish contrast. 

6. Distressed Brown

Rustic and distressed brown wooden cabinets in a kitchen with white granite, brown floors, and a wood beam above the kitchen which has an open floorplan


These brown cabinets have a worn look to them but still appear polished. Paired with the gleaming white countertops and white kitchen island, the overall result is a very modern, rustic look.

7. Farmhouse Island

Kitchen that has a farmhouse island made of grey stained timber, rustic white painted cabinets, white shiplap walls, and dark countertops and fixtures

Chris Haver/Shutterstock

Offset the contemporary look of black and white cabinets by combining them with an oversized farmhouse-style island like this one. The distressed wooden legs complete the look.

8. Handle-less Cabinets

Rustic handle-less cabinets with hand pulls cut out act as drawers inside a grid-style cabinet that's painted white

Melinda Nagy/Shutterstock

This unique take on rustic cabinets has us in awe. The handle-less wooden drawers really stand out against the white frame.

9. Medieval-Modern

Medieval-modern rustic cabinets hold up a plain wooden countertop next to a wood burning stove in a log cabin that someone built themselves

Roman Babakin/Shutterstock

How cool are these hand-made wooden cabinets with medieval-inspired handles? This rustic ensemble is fit for royalty.

10. Floating Shelf on Brick Wall 

Rustic cabinets hold up a Floating Shelf on Brick Wall 

Sakharova Anastasia/Shutterstock

These cabinets feature a super simple design and look straight out of a German fairytale. Create this look easily by pairing these low cabinets with a floating shelf against a brick wall.

11. Black Chalk Wall and Suspended Shelves

Black Chalk Wall and Suspended Shelves for a piece on rustic cabinets

Dmitry Galaganov/Shutterstock

The wall behind your cabinets can make a huge difference. We like the effortless way this kitchen takes on a rustic vibe by using a chalk wall and some easy-to-build shelves to support pots and pans.

12. Off-White Vintage

Off-White Vintage rustic cabinets with light brown ceramic tile flooring in a log-cabin inspired kitchen

Vadim Ovchinnikov/Shutterstock

Take your rustic cabinet game to the next level by incorporating these cool off-white vintage cabinets into your kitchen. The pale neutral shade means they pair well with just about any color.

13. Open-Shelf Cabinets

Modern light wooden kitchen with white uppers and rustic cabinet lowers with an open-shelf look attached to a painted white brick wall


You’ll have an easier time finding everything you need with these open-shelf cabinets. These are a DIYer’s dream.

14. Fireplace Complements

Rustic cabinet idea featuring a French cottage-style interior with a large wood burning fireplace next toa brown stucco wall with lots of rustic cabinets made of barnwood


Nothing says rustic quite like having a fireplace in your kitchen. This kitchen takes the old farmhouse look very seriously and makes the fireplace the focus by repurposing cloaked shelves and tables as cabinets. 

15. Shades of Grey

Rustic cabinets painted grey in a kitchen with exposed wood timber beams and grey granite counters


Rustic doesn’t have to look worn. These cabinets combine several shades of grey to create a very modern ambiance.

16. Green Is Serene

Rustic style cabinets made of hardwood and painted green in a French-style kitchen with ample brown and rustic coloring

Vadim Ovchinnikov/Shutterstock

Add a pop of color to your country-style kitchen by using these green and beige cabinets. These add a fun flair when combined with high shelves.

17. Built-In Shelves and Tile 

Rustic cabinet idea featuring built-in shelves and tile with a green wall and blue ceramic tile backsplash

Alfredo Ragazzoni/Shutterstock

These low wooden cabinets look great with the matching built-in shelf. The blue tile and an aisle doubling as a kitchen table complement the casual look nicely. 

18. Glass Cabinets

Rustic white cabinets with glass doors in a modern Scandinavian-style kitchen with a natural wood table sitting on a grey floor


Glass cabinets have remained chic for decades. These glass and white cabinets add an ageless rustic touch to any kitchen.

19. Worn Walnut

Rustic cabinets made of worn walnut in a home with light grey granite and stone accents throughout

B Brown/Shutterstock

High-quality wood looks great worn, especially on kitchen cabinets. We love the vintage design of these.

20. Narrow Farm Cabinets

Narrow style rustic farm cabinets in dark brown color with white appliances and tan and white backsplash


These cabinets feel cozy with their curve-top shape and narrow design. The glass doors and open shelves accessorize them nicely.

21. No Handles, No Frills

Rustic cabinets with metal shelves built in using the industrial style design aesthetic next to a brick wall with a big floor to ceiling window nearby

2m Media/Shutterstock

This ultra-simple design features handle-less cabinets on solid wood. A nude color means it goes well with several color or style combinations.

22. Loft-Style Cabinets

Loft style rustic kitchen cabinets with green walls next to a large exposed shelving unit on which several pieces of pottery and plateware sit

Alexandre Zveiger/Shutterstock

These crafty built-in cabinet shelves feature an extra-long design to fit all of your kitchenware. The wide open look means you can neatly display all of your best china.

23. Oversized Handles, Black Countertops

Rustic cabinets with oversized handles and black granite in a kitchen with a curved hardwood floor and large exposed beams

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

An exaggerated size on these cabinet handles gives the kitchen a glamorous look. The sleek black countertops and layered rustic wood make these cabinets a trendy choice. 

24. Muted Tones

Modern kitchen with rustic cabinets made of medium-hue grey wood with euro pulls and grey subway tile backsplash going to the ceiling


We fell in love with the opaque charm of these cabinets and their muted grey-brown color. The pentagonal matching island is the perfect complement.

25. Short Cabinets in Classic White

Short Rustic Cabinets in Classic White

Alexandre Zveiger/Shutterstock

With classic handles and a contemporary border, these cabinets add a touch of class to any kitchen. We like the intricately carved frame on every door. 

26. A Teal Dream

Rustic cabinets painted teal with teal walls and white granite countertops

Sunshine Seeds/Shutterstock

Teal is a fun twist on any rustic-style cabinet. These feature a long design for convenient storage and are beautiful against a matching teal brick.

27. Sunny and Warm

Sunny and warm kitchen with light wooden rustic cabinets and white granite with stainless appliances and red accents

Pavel L Photo and Video/Shutterstock

Yellow and orange tones mean these cabinets create a mellow, warm mood. The sharp edges and rectangular design combine futuristic elements with vintage ones.

28. Bold in Black 

Rustic black cabinets with cream accents and trim in a dark grey kitchen

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

Feel like you’re in a modern-day fairytale with these classic-inspired wooden cabinets in a deep, almost-black grey. The cute button handles and glass bring the fifties back to the present.

29. Metal Racks

Rustic kitchen cabinet alternative using metal racks as shelves in the middle of the kitchen

For the minimalist at heart, these metal frame shelves with wooden drawers provide just the right amount of storage space with a modern look that doesn’t feel basic. Placing some kitchen plants on the top shelf further enhances its urban sophistication.

30. European Gothic 

European gothic style kitchen with rustic cabinets that are stained dark brown with white stucco walls with natural brown pots sitting on top

Alena Veasey/Shutterstock

A rustic medieval-style pantry and matching low cabinets give this kitchen an extreme gothic vibe. For those looking to mix and match looks, a castle-worthy pantry cabinet like this one will instantly add rustic appeal.

31. Faded Wood

Open floorplan kitchen with natural wood floors and rustic cabinets stained dark brown with stainless appliances throughout


Combine the faded look of these wooden cabinets with granite countertops, and you’ve got a classy, rustic kitchen. Homey metal handles add to the overall country appearance of these polished cabinets. 

32. Legged Cabinets

Freestanding rustic cabinets with wooden legs sit next to a small white stove in a white kitchen


A rough yellow exterior and short, stubby legs on these wooden cabinets reinvent the meaning of rustic. These are unique designs that instantly grab your attention. 

33. Oak and Village Charm

Kitchen with rustic cabinets and an Oak and Village Charm aesthetic with a teal hutch and exposed wood beams

George Tsamkdas/Shutterstock

Transport yourself to a villa every morning with this powder blue vintage-inspired pantry and oak and metal cabinets. 

34. Knicks and Nooks

Kitchen with rustic cabinets and grey granite counters with shutters inside

Gordon Swanson/Shutterstock

The grainy look and rough knicks on this cabinet style scream rustic. The faded paint on the island is consistent with a retro-style rustic aesthetic.

35. Red and Baskets

Red kitchen hutch next to light pastel blue rustic kitchen cabinets with brown 12x12 tile flooring

Charmaine A Harvey/Shutterstock

Red shades like this barnhouse one immediately conjure up images of a farmhouse. Add to the illusion with the woven brackets on the shelves for some trendy kitchen storage. 

36. Iron and Wood

Medium brown wood cabinets with horizontal grain and stainless steel pulls and white counters in a retro-euro kitchen


Two characteristics of rustic cabinets are iron handles and wooden designs. These wide cabinets look sleek yet perfectly rustic. 

37. Funky Duo-Color Cabinets

Rustic cabinets painted green and cream in a funky modern kitchen with a rustic flair


A spunky green color with a splash of white makes this seventies-inspired cabinet a bright and bold way to spruce up any kitchen. 

38. Mint Vintage Loft

Vintage loft with mint-colored rustic cabinets in the kitchen with natural wood flooring and grey ceilings and white brick subway tile backsplash


Minty sage green paint and a retro style give these loft-kitchen cabinets an ultra-cozy look. 

39. Ultimate Shelving System

Rustic cabinets with floating metal shelving and purple cabinets on which sit white granite counters


One of the big things to look for in any rustic kitchen design is cabinets that offer loads of storage space. This moody blue cabinet and giant metal shelf combo give you that and much more. 

40. Green Hutch

Simple green hutch as an idea for a piece on rustic cabinet ideas

Val Lawless/Shutterstock

With a perfectly vintage green and intricate legged design, this hutch makes a fantastic addition to any rustic kitchen.

41. Reclaimed Colonial Wood

Rustic cabinet idea made of Reclaimed Colonial Wood in blue and grey

B Brown/Shutterstock

A beautifully primitive piece. We are all about the gold accents on the faded greyish blue paint in this rustic cabinet from colonial times. 

42. Mock Chalkboard Over Retro Wood

Mock Chalkboard Over Retro Wood for an idea for rustic cabinets

Tanya Sid/Shutterstock

A lazy way to complete your rustic cabinet design is by pairing a mockup chalkboard like this one with quirky wooden cabinets. We love the lines on the wood on these, especially against an equally rustic brick background. 

43. Simple Lines

Rustic kitchen cabinets with white doors and natural wood bases with butcher block counters and stainless appliances with very small square mosaic tile backsplash

Dario Lo Presti/Sutterstock

These white cabinets with simple yellow lines on the door and timeless button handles make an adorable addition to your rustic kitchen project.

44. Rural Red

Rustic cabinets in a kitchen with the doors painted red with red accents throughout and Spanish-style mosaic backsplash


This swanky red cabinet design features a classic style with rustic elements such as long iron handles.

45. Mustard Yellow Wood

Mustard yellow rustic cabinets with white formica cabinets next to a white fridge


Wide and deep cabinets combined with a bold mustard yellow and horizontal lines give these handle-less cabinets a special glow.

46. Short and Sweet

Short and sweet rustic cabinets painted grey-cream coloring next to a vertical grey shiplap wall acting as backsplash


Extra-low wooden cabinets and asymmetrical shelves make this kitchen look like a vintage dream. The traditional farmhouse table has faded paint for added effect. 

Things to Consider With Rustic Cabinets

  • A little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll. While rustic generally refers to older styles, many rustic cabinets can incorporate modern features into their design. Several on our list fit the bill because of their unique mix of old-school components and contemporary ones. 
  • Simplicity is key. When shopping for rustic cabinets, you want to keep an eye out for simple features and designs that aren’t overly complicated or gaudy.
  • Seek out imperfections. Much like produce from your local farmer’s market, finding quirky imperfections or slightly flawed texture means you’ve got quality when it comes to rustic cabinets. Look for grainy wood and knots that add personality. 
  • Reclaimed Wood. It’s common for rustic cabinets to feature repurposed lumber or wood materials, adding to their overall charm.
  • Metal hardware. Iron and copper handles or other rustic metal components are characteristic of rustic cabinets, as they keep the rough look consistent. 
  • Distinct Patterns. You’ll notice that many rustic cabinet designs incorporate rough or unique patterns and textures into the wood.
  • Faded Paints. The faded look is commonplace in rustic kitchen furniture, and when the paint is a little faded, it enhances the rustic aesthetic. 
  • All About Storage. Look for wide shelves and extra storage options in rustic cabinets, including extra metal frames or floating shelves. 
  • Don’t rule out custom. You can certainly find rustic cabinetry and kitchen furniture on the market, ranging from classic farmhouse style to medieval gothic. However, it’s not uncommon for rustic cabinets to be custom-made, so design your dream order or roll up your sleeves and DIY. 
  • Inspired by different time periods. While largely traditional, rustic cabinets should feature unique aspects of different periods in their design. 

What’s Your Favorite Rustic Cabinet Idea?

Redecorating your kitchen is immensely exciting. Rustic cabinets make the job a little easier because of their inherent beauty.

Choose a style you love and add some rustic charm to your kitchen on your next project.