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30 Funky Red Door Ideas Trending in 2024

30 Funky Red Door Ideas Trending in 2024

We’re filled with red door ideas to make your home both inviting and unique.

Regardless of your style, one of the following 30 red door inspirations will surely improve your curb appeal

30 Unique Red Door Ideas 

Red doors are notorious symbols of positivity across various cultures, ranging from welcomeness to prosperity.

Aside from being an emblem of positivity, red doors also transform bland houses into lively homes.

Whether you prefer an extravagant, timeless, or cozy red door, you can achieve it with the right shade, material, and décor.  

High Gloss Red Door

An example of red door ideas on a brick house in London

Chris Lawrence Travel/Shutterstock

High-gloss red doors create a classy and extravagant look.

For instance, this red door’s sleek character enhances the entryway’s already lavish appearance, drawing in onlookers. 

Matte Red Door

Matte red front doors are best for a clean and minimalist appearance. Matte red pairs well with most homes without compromising the pop of inviting color. 

Matte colors also absorb light and easily blur imperfections from scratches or chips. If you’re revamping an older door with slight wear and tear, consider flat red paint. 

Rustic Red Door 

If you’re not ready to commit to a blast of vivid red just yet, consider a rustic red—sometimes called burnt orange.

Depending on your preference, rusty red doors are cozy and barn-like, industrial, or even mysterious. 

Wine Red Door 

Example of a red door idea on a Colonial style modern house on the East Coast

David Papazian/Shutterstock

A deep red door, such as colonial red or maroon, is a stark yet warm contrast to neutral-colored houses.

This wine-red door supplies a simple and much-needed burst of color to the entryway. 

Bright-Colored Flowers 

If you enjoy bold and bright colors, consider potting or planting vivid flowers near your front door.

Bright colors, such as yellow, purple, and white, further energize your doorway. Complement your red front door with sunflowers, lilacs, violets, daffodils, or all of the above!

Black Frame

Bright red doors, surrounded by black frames, shine even brighter. Black frames work best for lively shades, like cherry red, as the two offer an eye-appealing contrast. 

Deeper shades of red, like burgundy, are closer to black. While the combination is still pleasing, a dark red door received more attention when framed in white. 

White Frame 

Burgundy red door idea surrounded by white trim

Bobkeenan Photography/Shutterstock

This bright white frame effortlessly draws attention to the deep red door.

As mentioned above, because the two colors are off-beat, they ironically complement one another. 

Olive Green Frame 

A seemingly strange yet enticing combination is olive green and red.

Much like bright red and black, olive green and red are drastically different in appearance. But together, they create a soft appearance that is easy on the eyes. 

Blue Contrasts 

Bright red door in the middle of a white frame surrounded by deep lavender purple siding for a piece on red door ideas


At first thought, a blue and red color combination sounds unflattering, but this home proves otherwise.

Both bold, classic, and timeless—a blue house and red door bring out the best in each other. 

Attach House Numbers or Greetings  

Individualize your red door by adding your house numbers, greetings, or last name. Most homeowners hammer in free-standing metal numbers and letters. 

However, there are multiple pre-made decals on the market as well. Decals make finding a specific font and color much easier. With that said, they’re not nearly as durable as free-floating stainless steel characters. 

Create Door Panels 

If your front door doesn’t already have panels, you or a professional can add some!

Panels play a significant role in the style of your door. Traditional, contemporary, or upscale—the number and location of door panels can help you achieve the perfect red front door.

Grey Contrasts 

Red door on a Cap Cod style house with a bright red door

Susan Law Cain/Shutterstock

A contemporary grey house gains unique character when paired with a red door.

Whether wine or racecar red, you can’t go wrong with this combination. 

Add Glass Panels 

Glass panels add even more character to a red front door. Depending on panel placement, red doors with glass windows can appear suburban-like, luxurious, or modern. 

Regardless of where the panels are situated, they’ll draw in sunlight and brighten your entryway. On most doors, it’s possible to replace the existing panels with glass or add some.

If you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, a professional can assist you.  

Black Accents 

Black accents on a very red door below a white porch overhang


Much like a black frame, black accents radically contrast against red doors to draw attention.

Depending on your door’s hardware, black accessories can appear luxurious, farmhouse-like, or modern. 

Contrasting Colored Sidelights 

If your home has sidelights, consider painting their trim in one of the complementary colors mentioned above.

A black, white, olive green, blue, or grey color will attract more attention to the entryway. Determine which color is best by examining the color of your house and hanging paint chips next to your front door. 

Include a Letterbox

Muted red door with a letter or mail slot on the middle of it

David Papazian/Shutterstock

For a traditional appearance, affix your red door with a letterbox.

This simple red door is complete with an old-fashion letterbox, creating a neighborly and home-like style. 

Red Dutch Door 

A red Dutch door will grace your home with a cheerful presence. A red door symbolizes warmth and welcomeness, and a Dutch-style door will make your front yard appear even more hospitable. 

 Dutch doors are split horizontally into two portions. The top half opens, letting in sunlight and nice weather. 

Bronze or Gold Accents 

Red door idea with a white frame surrounding it nestled between white pillars

David Papazian/Shutterstock

Fancy up your red door with bronze or gold accents. This otherwise simplistic door is made elegant by gold hardware. 

Decorative Wreaths 

Red doors and wreaths—a holiday favorite! But don’t limit yourself to just the holidays.

The right-sized and colored wreath can add an abundance of character to your red door year-round. A wreath adorned in light-attracting colors like yellow, violet, or white is always a reliable option.

Integrate a Brick Pathway 

Red door idea with a brick porch and an American flag and flower boxes on the side

David Papazian/Shutterstock

Something is fascinating about a red brick pathway leading up to a classic red door. The combination suggests warmth and kindness.

If you’re considering a red door because it symbolizes welcomeness, also think about incorporating brick. 

Add A Kick Plate 

Kick plates supply an old-style, authentic look. If your goal is clean and lavish, a kick plate will elevate your entryway.

Bronze, gold, and black kick plates pair well with red doors. For a uniform look, match the kickplate to the rest of the door’s hardware. 

Install Strap Hinges

Strap hinges carry an antique but classic look. They extend approximately a quarter to halfway across the front door to be visible.

Strap hinges are triangularly or decoratively shaped and most common on old-fashioned or arched doors.

Complementary Greenery

Fire engine red door idea next to a number of green plants in front of the living room window


Plants are known to attract sunlight, so surrounding a red door with greenery will undoubtedly brighten the area.

In the above image, vines, shrubs, and sunshine frame the front door, making the brief burst of red stand out even more.  

Matching or Contrasting Window Shutters 

Accessorize your red door with colored window shutters.

Some homeowners paint their shutters the same color as the door. Others choose white or black shutters to accentuate their red door. 

Attach a Door Knocker 

Much like a letterbox, a door knocker establishes a traditional and welcoming feel. Door knockers vary in style and have the potential for extravagance or simplicity. 

Brighten With a Light Fixture 

Bright red front door with a light fixture hanging above the porch overhang

David Papazian/Shutterstock

Hanging a bright light fixture above your red door will keep its charm during the evening.

Not only does the hanging appliance brighten the door at night, but it also points bypassers’ eyes toward it, like above. 

Frame the Door With Guard Rails 

If stairs or a distinguished pathway lead toward your entryway, highlight your red door with guard rails.

White and black guard rails are most common, as both emphasize the color red. The type you choose will depend largely on your door shade and front porch architecture

Use a Black or White Door Mat 

As you probably know by now, black and white are engaging contrasts to red.

Fashion your entryway with a black, white, or black-and-white welcome mat to draw attention to your red door.

Red Double Doors 

Double red door idea on a home with French doors and a big white wreath on the left door


Splashing double doors in red will add an elegant appeal to the front of your home.

Red paint transforms this straightforward entryway into an affluent-looking home. 

Integrate Front Porch Furniture 

Properly colored front porch furniture is another way to make your red door pop.

Plain white, black, blue, or even gray patio furniture near the front door will divert attention toward the color red. 

Things to Consider 

Guarantee that your red front door remains unblemished and withstands the test of time by considering the following: 

  • The higher the gloss level, the more durable the paint. Glossy paints withstand scratches and discoloration better than others. If your door requires frequent cleaning, opt for a high gloss level. Read more about the types of paint.
  • Although glossy paints are durable, they reflect rather than absorb light. Therefore, imperfections, like cracks, will be painfully obvious. If you’re planning on painting an older door, opt for flat paint instead. 
  • If you plan on swapping your door hinges for a different construction, seek the assistance of a professional before purchasing them. You’ll need to know the weight of your door. This will ensure the new hinges have an acceptable weight capacity. 
  • Ensure you use exterior paint rather than interior. Exterior paints contain elements that prevent fading from the sun and mildew growth from moisture. 
  • Before applying primer and paint, sand your door. Thorough sanding will make for a smooth surface free of old paint chips and uneven scratches. 
  • Clean your door before painting it. Dirt and dust prevent paint from fully sticking to the material, making it less durable. 
  • Choosing the right shade of red can be tricky. To find the perfect color, hang paint chips on your door until you find the best one. 
  • Removing your door before painting it is much easier than painting it on the hinges. If this isn’t an option, completely cover all hardware with painting tape. You can remove the excess tape with an exacto knife. 
  • Before painting a door, check the weather. Not only will your home be exposed to the elements, but the paint also requires zero moisture and just the right amount of sunlight to dry properly. 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit is a good rule of thumb. 

The Most Unique Red Door Ideas 

So there you have it—our favorite red door ideas.

Whether you’re interested in improving your curb appeal or brightening your home, a red door’s charm is timeless.

With endless options of shade, style, and accessories, we’re certain there’s a red door fit for your home.