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12 Colors That Go With Burnt Orange in 2024

12 Colors That Go With Burnt Orange in 2024

So, you’ve just purchased your new home and are ready to make the space feel more like you and express your personality.

You’ve settled on burnt orange for the walls, an accent wall, or as part of a color scheme with your furniture, but you need to decide what other colors to implement. 

Burnt orange is a beautiful, deep orange hue officially named in 1915.

There are thousands of colors out there in varying shades, so finding the color or colors that go the best with burnt orange can save you a headache and prevent you from being disappointed in the final product of your home. 

If you’re wondering why you might choose burnt orange as a paint shade or accent color throughout your home, there is some psychology behind the color. The color orange is warm and welcoming, which can bring happiness and joy to your home. 

Colors That Go Best With Burnt Orange

Colors That Go Best With Burnt Orange


When it comes to choosing other colors to go with your burnt orange furniture, décor, or wall, you need to choose colors that go well with it and don’t clash.

The best colors that go with burnt orange include neutrals such as beige, cream, and white and pseudo-neutrals like dark blues, grays, and lighter hues.

There are a lot of colors that complement burnt orange, probably more than you might think. Here’s a breakdown of all the best colors, including burnt orange, to make your home look amazing. 

Neutral Colors 

Let’s face it. Neutral hues go well with everything, and when it comes to home design, sticking with neutrals is aesthetically pleasing and makes it easier to add new accent colors whenever you feel like it.

If you’re going with a burnt orange accent wall or color scheme for your furniture and decorations, some neutral shades look better than others.


Burnt orange beige living room ideas


Beige is one of those neutral tones that go well with almost every color under the sun. The color is sort of sandy, with yellowish brown and even light gray undertones that make beige slightly cooler than cream tones. 

If you’re considering painting an accent wall burnt orange, using beige on the other walls in the room can brighten the space up and not feel so overwhelming like a room with all burnt orange walls.

Besides paint colors, you can add a variety of beige and burnt orange throw pillows to a couch, and they’ll look lovely. 


Taupe furniture accents with burnt orange


Taupe is another great neutral-tone color that pairs nicely with burnt orange. The color has more of a gray and brown hue, but it’s darker, which cools down a space.

If you were to use taupe and burnt orange together, you’d want burnt orange to be the star of the show and let taupe be on the back burner. 


Gray sofa with burnt orange details


There are several different shades of gray, and all of them can work well with burnt orange walls, furniture, and decorations.

Depending on your preference, you’ll likely want to look for lighter shades of gray since they offset the deep tone of the burnt orange. 


Cream toned living room with burnt orange chair


Many people confuse beige and cream, but there is a crucial difference. Beige has cooler undertones, while cream has warmer undertones.

The warmer undertones of cream make it pair beautifully with burnt orange. A cream couch with burnt orange throw pillows and a burnt orange accent wall would look fantastic in a home. 


burnt orange and black living room design


While it’s not the first choice for most people, black is a great color that goes well with burnt orange. If you’re thinking about painting your room burnt orange and want an accent wall, there is a better bet than this, but you can do it. 

Where black and burnt orange really shine together is in accents and paintings. Black and burnt orange throw blankets and pillows look excellent on couches and lounge chairs. 


White wall with burnt orange sofa


Lastly, for the best neutral shades to pair with burnt orange in your home, white. A classic white hue will brighten up any room, especially when paired with a warm tone like burnt orange.

Burnt orange walls with white furniture or a white rug will look very sophisticated in a living room, study, or other room. 

Pseudo-Neutral Colors 

Pseudo-neutral tones are any color that is dark or light enough that it can pass as a neutral color.

Utilizing pseudo-neutrals in your home alongside burnt orange hues is a great idea when you want to add more color to a room without it being too vibrant and distracting. 

Almost any color can be considered pseudo-neutral, but only a few of them look great with burnt orange. Here are some of the best pseudo-neutral tones that will look lovely with burnt orange. 

Dark Navy

Image of a blue sofa and a yellow pillow, two colors that go best with burnt orange

Ground Picture/Shutterstock

If you want to add a dark color to your room that’s not black, navy blue works well with burnt orange.

Whether you’re finding new bedding with fun pillows and blankets or using a dark navy as an accent throughout your burnt orange room.

Forest Green

Forest green couch with burnt orange chair


When you think of color theory, knowing the primary colors and secondary colors can help you realize what goes well together.

Luckily, many secondary colors, despite not initially appearing like it, go really well together. Green and orange are both secondary colors and look great together when toned down into burnt orange and deeper shades of green.

As the name suggests, forest green is a green hue that resembles the color of trees. 

Since the color of trees can vary, the exact shade of forest green will vary depending on the product and who manufactures the paint or item marketed as forest green.

Painting walls in the same room burnt orange and forest green might come off as a little overpowering, but if you have one of these colors on your walls, adding decorations in the other will look stunning. 

Olive Green

room filled with some of the best colors that go with burnt orange in a living room featuring brown and grey


Along with how forest green goes well with burnt orange, so does olive green. The difference between forest green and olive green is the undertones.

Olive green has warmer undertones, but they’re slightly muted, which makes it offset the sometimes vibrant burnt orange shade. 


Plum toned living room combined with burnt orange pillows


If blues and greens aren’t your cups of tea, another surprising color that goes well with burnt orange is plum. Plum is a rich purple shade featuring warm undertones, much like burnt orange. 

At their root, they’re both secondary colors complementing each other as accent shades in any room. You can mix and match burnt orange and plum décor and even paint one wall with a plum hue as an accent. 

Mustard Yellow

Grey and yellow, colors that go well with burnt orange, in a living room

Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Mustard yellow and burnt orange are complementary colors when you look at the color wheel, so they do well together when designing your home.

Both shades are highly pigmented, so many people are nervous about using the two at the same time, but the result can be shockingly excellent. 


Mauve and burnt orange toned living room


Mauve is a beautiful blue/purplish color that weirdly pairs nicely with burnt orange.

Ideally, burnt orange would be the primary color in a specific room, and mauve would be more of an accent, but you might be surprised at how well you like the two colors together. 

Opposite Colors

You’ll need to address the color wheel to find the opposite of a color. Whatever color is directly opposite your chosen one on the wheel is their opposite. These tend to complement each other well, but only for some. 

Since blue is on the color wheel’s opposite side of orange, blue hues will be the opposite of burnt orange.

You can mix and match different shades of blue to find one you prefer, but the more neutral-toned blues are ideal when pairing them in home design

Thing to Consider

When choosing to add burnt orange to your home, there’s really only one thing you’ll want to keep in mind, and that’s how you’re going to incorporate the shade. 

What to Use Burnt Orange On

There are several ways you can add burnt orange to your home. The most popular options are to paint a room burnt orange or at least one accent wall in the house.

If you’re not ready to commit to burnt orange walls, then here are some other ways that you can add this stunning color to your home: 

  • Throw pillows
  • Throw blankets
  • Artwork
  • Rugs
  • Couches, lounge chairs, or other furniture
  • Painting doors
  • Painting the floorboards
  • Sculptures
  • Other types of décor 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about what goes great with burnt orange? We’ve got you covered.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions from other eager homeowners. 

What is the opposite color of burnt orange?

The opposite color of burnt orange is going to be dark blue. Blue is the opposite of orange on the color wheel, so the opposite of it will be a deeper blue shade.

Is terra cotta more red or orange?

Most people will say that terra cotta has more of an orange tint to it, but it can vary depending on how the shade is made and the company that produces it.

What is a good accent color for burnt orange?

If you’re looking for an accent color to pop against burnt orange, you can’t go wrong with dark blues and gray tones.

Does gold or silver look better with burnt orange?

While it ultimately comes down to your preference, if you want your room or decorations to be the most visually appealing, then going with gold over silver for burnt orange is the best thing you can do.

Does pink go with orange?

While not commonly used together, pink and orange can sometimes pair well. Since they’re so close to each other on the color wheel, most people avoid using them together. If you’re going to use pink with burnt orange, you should look for one that is more of a pseudo-neutral shade.

Can I pair burnt orange with other shades of orange?

Yes, you can if you want. You might want to pair burnt orange with another shade of orange because it can make your room and space look more dimensional. If you do this, pairing pastel oranges with a burnt orange is a good choice.

Which Colors Go With Burnt Orange?

Several colors go well with burnt oranges, like cream, beige, white, black, dark navy, plum, olive green, and more.

At the end of the day, no one can tell you what color you can and can’t pair with burnt orange, but the above colors are the best options. 

Whether you’re interested in adding an accent wall to your burnt orange room, a combination of burnt orange and a complementary color of pillows and throw blankets, or something else, you can’t go wrong with any of the above colors.