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8 Colors That Go With Mustard Yellow for 2024

8 Colors That Go With Mustard Yellow for 2024

Yellow is a notoriously challenging color to pair with other colors because it can easily look too bright, cheap, childish, tacky, or even frustrating.

But mustard yellow is a shade of yellow that helps solve this problem by adding brightness and color without overwhelming the senses.

There are several colors that go with mustard yellow, which we’ll describe in this article.

Colors That Go With Yellow

Neat modern style chair with dark grey walls for a piece on colors that go with mustard yellow


Because mustard yellow is a striking, unique color, you might assume that you will be limited in how you can match it with other colors and what sort of overall design might come from different color pairings.

Lo and behold, you can use mustard yellow for various styles: chic, boho, modern, rustic, elegant, subtle, and more.

It all depends on which color you pair it with, how much of each color you use, the shades of color, etc. We’ll describe the best colors for mustard yellow to help you select what will be best for your design goals.

1. Navy Blue

Mustard yellow chair and navy blue pillows with dark blue walls


Navy blue and mustard yellow is a classic color pairing that works well for a variety of design styles, including boho chic, modern rustic, and even preppy.

This color pairing is perfect for those who want to use mustard yellow in a more subdued way, as the navy blue will help tone down the brightness of the yellow.

The two colors also pair well together because blue and yellow-orange are on opposing sides of the color wheel, which creates a visually appealing color contrast.

If you want to pair this color in your home, we suggest using navy blue as an accent color with mustard yellow as the dominant color. For example, you might use navy blue pillows on a mustard yellow couch or use navy blue curtains with mustard yellow walls.

2. White

Mustard yellow rustic cabinets with white formica cabinets next to a white fridge


White is a basic yet classic color that goes with virtually everything, including mustard yellow. White can help tone down the brightness of mustard yellow or make it pop, depending on the shade of white you use and the ratio of white to mustard yellow.

For example, a very pale white with mustard yellow can help create a softer, more delicate look. On the other hand, using a bright white can help make the mustard yellow pop and look even brighter.

And if you have white walls with a mustard yellow couch or vice versa, the couch will pop. Pair the color of the walls with the pillows on the couch, using white or light gray pillows for white walls on a mustard couch or mustard yellow pillows for a mustard wall and a white couch.

Plus, white limits distraction, so a mustard-themed room with white walls will provide color pops while still allowing focus, which is perfect for an office space.

3. Gray

Dark grey sofa with light grey walls and mustard yellow decorations


Gray is another color that can go with many other colors, including mustard yellow. The two colors can create a modern look or a more classic look, depending on the shades of gray and mustard yellow you use.

For example, a very light gray with mustard yellow can create a modern and fresh look, while a darker gray with mustard yellow can create a more classic and sleek look.

You can also use both gray and white as accents throughout a mustard-yellow-themed room. White and gray work swimmingly in a mustard room because they offer a look that others can interpret based on what they’d like to see.

You can see it as sophisticated, funky, chic, relaxed, or hip. Essentially, this color combination is all about the eye of the beholder!

4. Beige

Beige living room wall with mustard yellow pillows and sheets on beige couch


Beige is similar to gray in that it can be used to create either a modern or classic look. However, beige has a bit more warmth than gray, making it a better choice for certain design styles.

The key to using beige with mustard yellow is to find the right shade of beige.

If you use a beige that is too light, it might appear as an unappealing, dirty white color next to mustard yellow. And if you use a beige that is too dark, it will look like you are trying to create a color scheme with only two colors.

The perfect shade of beige will have just enough warmth to complement the mustard yellow without taking anything away from the overall look and feel of the room.

5. Pink

Scandinavian living room with mustard yellow soafa and pink curtains and decoration details


Mustard yellow and pink together convey a feeling of fun and playfulness. This color pairing is perfect for those who want to design a cheerful and inviting room.

The two colors also work well together because they are both fairly light, which means they won’t overwhelm the space.

If you want to use this color pairing in your home, we suggest using pink as an accent color with mustard yellow as the dominant color.

For example, you might use pink pillows on a mustard yellow couch or use pink curtains with mustard yellow walls.

6. Turquoise

Turquoise sofa with mustard yellow pillows and mustard yellow chairs

Turkuaz Görsel/Shutterstock

Turquoise is another color that goes great with mustard yellow. The two colors together can create either a chipper and youthful look or a more calming and serene look, depending on the two colors’ tone, shade, and brightness.

Pale turquoise, deep mustard yellow, and gold accents can create a sophisticated and calming overall design that’s perfect for an open living and dining area with large windows.

Meanwhile, bright, bold turquoise and bright mustard yellow can work together as accents for a white or light-colored room. These bold colors can bring the room to life and create a fun, playful, and engaging environment.

7. Gold

Mustard yellow, one of the best colors to pair with gold

New Africa/Shutterstock

We already mentioned how gold accents could increase the level of sophistication and class of a mustard yellow and turquoise room, but the turquoise part is not necessary for this look.

Combining mustard yellow with gold and gray on a white backdrop will give the room a supremely elegant and timeless look.

This color combination can be perfect for a formal dining room or living room where you want a statement without being too over-the-top or seemingly overly gaudy.

8. Light Green

Mustard yellow wall with a green chair with brown legs for a piece on colors that go with mustard yellow

Mustard yellow and light green are two colors that pair well because they are both light and have a bit of a yellow undertone. This color combination can create a spring-like feel and a more calming atmosphere.

To use this light green and mustard yellow color combination in your home, we suggest using light green as an accent color with mustard yellow as the dominant color.

This color combination is arguably less common than most on this list, but that’s part of its appeal. You can have a calm room that’s not as basic as a white, gray, or beige room. It’s a little more intriguing and youthful.

Things to Consider

When finding and selecting colors that go with mustard yellow, here are some important things to consider:

  • Have a vision of your overall look so you can get tones that match your desired feel and vibe.
  • Think about the other items in the room and ensure the colors won’t clash with mustard yellow or the other color you wish to incorporate.
  • Pick a color scheme and then find specific shades, tints, and tones of colors to match the mustard yellow.
  • Don’t go overboard on the color. Mustard yellow can pair well with other colors, but only if you choose one main complementary color to match.
  • If you want more color options for a dynamic look, instead of choosing multiple bold colors, choose a few more neutral colors like white, gray, and beige that won’t overwhelm the senses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that might provide further assistance as you choose colors for your mustard yellow design.

What color goes well with mustard yellow?

Some colors that go well with mustard yellow are turquoise, gold, light green, and white.

What color is complementary to mustard?

Many colors are complementary to mustard in terms of personal preference, such as white, gold, gray, turquoise, and light green. But according to the color wheel, blue compliments yellow. More specifically, navy blue compliments mustard yellow very well.

Does teal go with mustard?

Yes, teal may complement mustard depending on the look you are going for. They are both relatively bold colors, so when used together, you should use them sparingly throughout the room. Having too much of both of those colors can easily become overwhelming to the eye.

Do gray and mustard go together?

Gray and mustard can go together, but you must be careful of the tones that you use. If you use a dark gray with very bright mustard, it may be too much for the eye. We suggest using light, paler mustard with a darker gray to create a more sophisticated and timeless look.

What colors work well with yellow?

We’ve discussed colors that work well with mustard yellow, but what about standard yellow? Orange, pink, brown, white, and blue are some colors that can work well with standard yellow.

Can I use mustard yellow as an accent color?

Yes, you can use mustard yellow as an accent color. It can liven up a room while still keeping a level of sophistication. When using mustard yellow as an accent color, we suggest using it sparingly and using it with more subdued colors like gray, white, or beige.

So, What Colors Go With Mustard Yellow

Now that you know what colors go with mustard yellow, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

Use these tips to create a beautiful and cohesive design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and shades to find what you like best.

There are several colors that go with mustard yellow, even beyond the ones we’ve listed in this article. The purpose of design or redesign is to have fun and be creative!