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8 Colors That Go With Dark Green in 2024

8 Colors That Go With Dark Green in 2024

Dark green may remind you of a variety of objects — trees, moss, leafy vegetables, etc.

But overall, dark green is a nature-inspired color choice that works well in homes to create a calming, balanced atmosphere.

There are several colors that go with dark green, and this article will describe the best ones and provide crucial pointers for color pairing in your home.

Dark green can go with many colors if used sparingly throughout the room as a highlight.

8 Colors That Go Well With Dark Green

Living room with natural wood accents and floors for a piece on colors that do with dark green


Dark green is a sophisticated, sultry, and sleek color that requires other elegant colors to complement it well. Dark green is not as versatile as some other design colors, but that’s what makes it quite special.

When you pair it intentionally and go after a certain look, your reward will be a unique and ultra-stylish home. We’ll share the best colors to pair with dark green for specific looks, so you know which to choose for your preferred outcome.

1. White

White room with lots of windows and dark green sofa


White is a great color to pair with dark green because it allows the green to really stand out. White can be a fantastic choice if you want your dark green furniture or décor to be the focal point in the room.

Using white as a backdrop will make the green pop and create a high-contrast look that is very chic. Using white is also a nice way to make your plants stand out, especially if they are a darker green.

White will add a bright, fresh feel to the entire room. You can use white on the walls, floor, or ceiling, or incorporate it into your furniture and décor choices. Just be careful not to use too much white, or the room may start to feel sterile.

2. Black

Dark green furniture combined with black painted walls


Pairing dark green with black is a bold way to create a modern, stylish look. The two colors are very sleek and elegant together, and they will make any room look more sophisticated.

If you use too much black, the room might look a bit intimidating. But incorporating varying shades of gray with large dark green furniture and black accent pieces—such as lamps or small rugs—will be the best way to go here.

This color palette might work well in a living room, but it can also be nice for a meditation room, a bar area, or an upscale library.

3. Gold

Room with dark green walls and golden decoration details


Using gold with dark green is a luxurious way to add some glamor to your home. This color palette is perfect for formal rooms, such as a dining room or parlor. The two colors together will make the space feel very regal and high-end.

To avoid making the room look too flashy, use gold sparingly. A few well-placed gold accent pieces, such as a vase, picture frame, or mirror, will be all you need to add a touch of luxury.

4. Beige

Beige furniture inside living room with dark green walls


Beige is a warm, natural color that goes great with dark green. This color is an excellent choice to create a calming, natural atmosphere in your home. Beige will also help make your dark green furniture and décor stand out.

If you use too much beige, the room might start to look a bit boring. So, be sure to incorporate other colors and patterns to keep the space interesting.

Colors that go well with a beige and green room include gray, black, white, and brown. We especially recommend incorporating brown elements, such as wooden tables and bed frames, if you’re going for a nature-inspired design.

5. Dark Gray

Dark green living room with dark grey sofa


If you want a sleek, sharp, contemporary look, then dark gray is the way to go. Dark gray will add a touch of sophistication to any room. It can turn a simple space into an industrial-chic haven or a modern oasis.

Pairing dark gray with green will give you a color palette perfect for almost any room in your home. We especially recommend this color combination for bathrooms.

For example, you can have dark green walls and cabinets, dark gray sinks and mirrors, and a light gray shower. Add touches of white and gold to that for the ultimate sophisticated water closet!

Just try not to use too much dark gray, or the room might start to feel a bit depressing. Incorporate brighter colors into these palettes to give them life, such as off-white, light gray, and even soft blue that resembles water.

6. Brown

Dark green walls combined with brown furniture


As previously mentioned, brown is a great color to use if you want to create a nature-inspired design. Pairing dark green with brown will give you a rustic, earthy look.

This color palette is perfect for country-style homes or anyone wanting to bring the outdoors inside. To avoid making the room look too static, we recommend including brown pieces that are or resemble wood.

The brown elements in the room—tables, rugs, lighting, etc. — should have dynamic color and texture, just like the browns of nature. More specifically, consider incorporating brown brick, wooden tables, chairs, or brown textured rugs.

7. Light Green

Dark green and light green living room color combination


Pairing the same two colors with different shades is a nice way of adding depth to a room without overwhelming it with too many different colors. That said, light green is a nice color pairing for dark green.

Depending on the other colors and elements, this color combination can work well in any room, but we especially recommend it for bedrooms and living rooms.

The different shades of green will give the room a natural, calming feeling. You can add other earthy colors to this palette, such as brown and beige, or you can go for a brighter look by adding yellow, white, or even pink.

No matter what colors you choose to pair with your dark green and light green rooms, be sure to use them sparingly and intentionally. Too many colors will make the space feel chaotic and busy.

8. Light Pink

Dark green walls and light pink sofa


Light pink and dark green are perfect for a child’s bedroom. It can look just mature enough to not feel childish but still carry a youthfulness and liveliness that is fitting for teenagers and young adults.

We recommend using light pink as the backdrop for a chipper appearance or dark green as the backdrop for a more grounding and intimate space.

The ones that you don’t choose as the staple color and backdrop are what you’ll then use as the standout pieces, such as the blanket, pillows, or art pieces.

Incorporating gold into this type of room, such as hanging a gold light fixture on the ceiling or a gold mirror, will add a touch of elegance and a bit more maturity to this bedroom style.

Light pink and dark green also work well together for romantic events like weddings and anniversary dinners, perhaps because they convey a charming, loving, and welcoming feel.

Things to Consider

Here are a few additional items to consider when selecting the perfect color to go with dark green.

  • Dark green is a beautiful color, but it can easily drown out a room. Use it intentionally, but not for every large or small item.
  • Dark green walls make the room feel less spacious yet more intimate. Consider what type of vibe you want to create in the room before choosing to paint all the walls dark green.
  • Dark green and light green will only go well together if they’re the same color with just different levels of white and black in them. Dark green with a red undertone won’t look good with a light green color with a blue undertone.
  • Studies show that being around green spaces—and even urban green spaces—can help reduce stress, so regardless of which other colors you choose to pair dark green with, try adding as many green plants to the room as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of a hunter green bedroom wall with a bed and square picture frames above for a piece on the best colors to go with dark green interiors


If you’re still wondering about colors that go with dark green or have other related questions, we hope our answers to the following commonly asked questions will help you out.

What color looks best with dark green?

The colors that look best with dark green include white, black, gold, beige, dark gray, brown, light green, and light pink.

What color compliments green?

In addition to the best colors that work with dark green as mentioned throughout this article — gold, beige, brown, light green, light pink, black, dark gray, and white — other colors complement green as well.

Other colors that might also go well but that you should use more carefully include light yellow, blue, off-white, and silver.

What colors can you wear with forest green?

Forest green is a type of dark green that not only goes well within the home but also in outfits.

Light brown, dark brown, beige, tan, and rust-orange colors look excellent with forest greens to highlight the natural, earthy vibe. These are especially great color pairings for the fall.

Does gray go with green?

Gray often goes well with colors that pop, and green is no exception. Vibrant, bright greens work well with either light or dark gray.

However, if you are adamant about using dark green, try to stick with lighter gray colors or incorporate a range of gray shades into your design.

What colors look good with emerald green?

Emerald green is a stunning color but one that can be difficult to work with. The colors that look good with emerald green are ivory, yellow-green, beige, light pink, and coral.

Do green and blue go together?

Green and blue can certainly go well together, as long as they’re in the right shades. For example, a navy blue color won’t go as well with mint green as it would with olive green or lime green.

How do you decorate a dark green room?

If you have dark green walls and dark green furniture, it's best to add some bright, light colors to add a bit more life to an otherwise very dark room. We recommend adding white or light gray sheets, tables, or rugs.

Additionally, you can incorporate beige lamp shades and bookcases, golden chandeliers and mirrors, or a single multicolored art piece that incorporates the same dark green color used in the room.

So, What Colors Go With Dark Green?

As you can see, there are many colors that go with dark green. Use our color guide to help you select the best colors for your home design.

You can also transfer this information if you need help for your wedding, anniversary, dinner party, or even your next outfit.

And don’t forget, when in doubt, to mix and match different shades of green and other color options to create a unique, stylish, and dynamic vibe.

Good luck with your upcoming color choices and designs!