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9 Colors That Go With Brown Brick in 2024

9 Colors That Go With Brown Brick in 2024

Brown brick inside or outside of a home can provide a rustic, cozy, or even elegant touch, depending on how it’s combined with other materials, styles, and colors.

If you’re wondering what all the colors that go with brown brick are, this article will help answer this question, provide further details and tips on coordinating with brown brick, and address other relevant questions.

By the end, you’ll know which colors you’ll want to pair with brown brick to get the aesthetic you’ve always wanted.

9 Colors That Go With Brown Brick

Image of several colors that go with brown brick featuring a dark brown chair and shelves


The best color to pair with brown brick will depend on the overall feel you want to create.

Brown brick conveys a cozy, homey, and rustic feel, but this atmosphere can look brighter, more elegant, more inviting, more daring, more modern, or more—all depending on which colors and shades you match it to.

We’ll explain the overall look of each type of color when matched with brown brick so that you’ll get a better sense of which one will work best for the feelings you wish to inspire.

1. White

Living room with white sofa and brown brick wall


White is arguably the most commonly used color choice in design, and for good reason. It can complement any other color and add contrast, brightness, and a clean feel.

When used with brown brick, white can achieve several different looks:

  • A rustic farmhouse: When paired with distressed wood, light fixtures, and other wear-and-tear details, brown brick and white can give off a rustic farmhouse look.
  • Sleek and modern: When paired with dark or black accents, as well as clean lines and minimalistic furniture, brown brick and white can give off an elegant and contemporary look.
  • A bright and airy feel: Paired with large windows, light-colored woods, and other light details, brown brick and white can make a space feel bright and airy.

2. Dark Brown

Dark brown sofa and green chair combined with brown brick wall


If you want to maintain the cozy and warm feeling that brown brick naturally gives off but want to add a little contrast, consider using a dark brown color.

You can achieve this look by adding dark brown furniture and accents or painting the trim a darker brown color.

If you have brown brick outside your house and want an intentionally muted look, try painting the front door, garage doors, and roof a deep, dark brown.

Dark brown works exceptionally well when you pair it with multicolored brown brick that has a dark brown within it. This specific dark brown color matching will provide a more cohesive look.

3. Light Brown

Living room decor with light brown couch and brown brick behind


For a softer and more subdued look, try using light brown colors combined with your brown brick. You can achieve this look with light brown paint, rugs, couches, and tables.

Houses with light brown brick on the outside look lovely with even lighter brown paint on the doors or fixtures.

Multiple shades of light brown on the outside of a house provide an inviting, homey feel, especially for homes that sport healthy green yards and have a few trees nearby.

4. Beige

Living room corner with beige sofa and a brown brick wall


Another way to maintain that warm and cozy feeling is by combining beige colors with your brown brick. This pairing can look especially nice when you have a light beige color on the trim of your dark brown brick house.

Beige has a similarly inviting effect as light brown, but potentially even more of an alluring contrast. It won’t be as subdued but might instead look a tad more unique and striking.

Beige can also look great when used as an accent color in a room with brown brick walls. Try adding beige pillows, curtains, or even a painting with beige in it.

5. Tan

Brown brick wall and sofa with tan shades


Tan colors go great with brown brick because they are similar in hue but have different undertones. Tan colors tend to have more of an orange undertone, while brown brick has a red or yellow undertone.

Pairing tan and brown together can create a look that is both warm and inviting while also feeling a bit more refined than if you were to pair brown brick with a light brown or beige.

If you’d love a pop of color, consider using a tan color as your accent color. Try adding tan pillows, rugs, or curtains to a room with brown brick walls. You could even paint the trim a tan color if you want a more subtle pop of color.

6. Yellow

Yellow sofa inside living room with brown brick wall and gray lamp


Yellow is an exciting color to use in combination with brown brick because it can add a bit of brightness and contrast.

If you want a more subtle look, consider a light yellow color. You can do this by adding golden yellow accents or painting the trim a light yellow color.

Try using a brighter or darker yellow if you want a bolder look. These shades of yellow offer a unique, daring, or even funky look that’ll make your house stand out among the rest if you include it on the exterior.

Inside the home, yellow blankets, pillows, and rugs may be the perfect choice to complement a brown brick fireplace. Yellow, reds, and oranges pair well with a fireplace look because they allude to the color of the fire itself.

Finally, mustard yellow is a shade of yellow that can work for a more versatile look. You can create either a subdued or a bold look with mustard yellow and get the best of both worlds.

7. Gray

Large light gray sofa with brown brick wall behind and large windows


You can use gray colors to create a look that is both modern and timeless. Gray goes swimmingly with brown brick because it is such a versatile color.

You can use gray to create a look that is either dark and moody or light and airy, depending on the shade you choose. If you want a light and airy feel, try using a light gray color on the trim of your brown brick house.

You can also add light gray accents to a room with brown brick walls, especially if the brick shades are on the lighter side. If you want a dark and moody look, try using a dark gray color.

You can do this by painting the trim a dark gray color or by adding dark gray couches, tables, bookshelves, and other pieces of furniture to a room with brown brick walls.

8. Navy Blue

Apartment with brown brick wall and navy blue sofa on the other side.


Navy blue is an intriguing color to pair with brown brick because it is such a dark color. Navy blue can give your house a regal or even nautical look, depending on how you use it.

One way to use navy blue in combination with brown brick is by painting the front door navy blue. You can also add navy blue shutters or a navy blue porch light to make the color pop.

Some people even make navy blue the staple color of their home on the outside, only adding small elements of brown brick, such as for the base of their home or the garage entrance.

If you want to use navy blue inside the house, try adding navy blue flooring in a room with a brick fireplace, a navy blue wall adjacent to a brown brick wall, or navy blue cabinets in a kitchen with a brown brick backsplash.

9. Green

Brown brick wall on living room wall combined with green couch


Lastly, green is a beautiful accent color in a room with brown brick because it adds a natural, soothing element to either a rustic or elegant look. Green creates an overall look that’s either inviting, stylish, or both!

Green chairs, pillows, and accent walls can liven up a room with brown brick walls and other brown or neutral-toned furniture.

However, the best way to pair green with brown brick is to include plants inside your home and trees around the perimeter of your home. On the inside, foliage can freshen up the look of brick and make it more stylish.

On the outside, planting trees can increase curb appeal and make your home stand out from the rest of your street. Although not what many people think at first, green is undoubtedly one of the best colors that go with brown brick.

Things to Consider

When considering colors that go with brown brick, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t go overboard with color. Brown brick usually works best with just a few neutral colors and one accent color to complement it.
  • Try out different color combinations. The best way to see what colors look good with brown brick is by testing various color schemes in your home.
  • Think about the overall look you wish to achieve. Colors can create different feelings in a room, so it’s important to think about which color and shade of that color will convey the feeling you wish to convey.
  • Avoid jarring colors. These include purple, orange, lime green, bright pink, and other neon colors, as these can be overwhelming when paired with brown brick. Stick to more subtle shades of color to compliment brown brick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Image of a home showcasing the colors that go with brown brick as seen from the courtyard area


If you’re still wondering which colors go best with brown brick or have other questions about style and décor, these commonly asked questions should help you out.

What color goes well with brown brick?

The best color pairings for brown brick include white, dark brown, light brown, beige, tan, yellow, gray, navy blue, and green. The color you ultimately pair with brown brick will depend on the overall style and feel you are going for.

What color door goes with dark brown brick?

The color of your door depends on the tone of your brown brick. If it has red undertones, you should use a red or mahogany door. Otherwise, a navy blue or black door can look great with a brown brick house.

What color compliments with brown?

Brown brick has a few color options, but the color brown in general works well with even more colors. In addition to the colors that go well with brown brick — white, dark brown, light brown, beige, tan, yellow, gray, navy blue, and green — you can pair other colors with brown such as gold, turquoise, and orange.

What colors go with beige brick?

The best colors for beige brick are white, gray, tan, light brown, and dark brown.

How do you make a brick house look better?

There are a couple of ways to make a brick house look better. One way is to add color. You can do this by painting the trim or adding furniture or accents in colors that complement the brick.

Another way to improve the look of a brick house is by adding plants and trees. This natural foliage can help soften the look of a brick house and make it look more inviting.

What Colors Go With Brown Brick? 

As you can see, many colors go well with brown brick. The key is to find a suitable color scheme for the overall look you want to achieve.

With a little experimentation, you’re sure to find the perfect colors for your home. Happy decorating!