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What Colors Go With Navy Blue? Unlocking the Perfect Palette

What Colors Go With Navy Blue? Unlocking the Perfect Palette

Color has an unusual power to affect our emotions. They can evoke memories or create moods.

Among the vast array of hues, a color really stands out. You can praise navy blue for its timeless appeal and mysterious charm. Like a midnight sky, navy blue exudes sophistication and a sense of depth with ease.

Dark blue is a deep, saturated shade. It recalls the darkest depths of the ocean. It is a universal color that finds its place anywhere. You can easily combine classic elegance and modernity in it. It makes it a staple choice for various aesthetic styles and occasions.

But like any other color, people want to discover it. Therefore, many people wonder what colors go with navy blue. In combination with others, it blossoms and emphasizes its beauty.

Next, we’ll find the perfect color companion for navy blue. Prepare to dive into a world of captivating combinations. We will find the perfect color combinations that dance harmoniously with navy blue.

Colors That Go Well With Navy Blue

Navy blue chair and mustard yellow pillow

So, have you decided on a color for captivating combinations? This deep, regal hue has many benefits, making it a top contender for any palette.

First and foremost, navy blue exudes timeless elegance. And this pretty color has a rich, refined character. It adds sophistication to any room or ensemble. It makes it a versatile option for both formal and casual settings.

Another advantage of navy blue is its versatility. You can easily combine this shade with the whole spectrum of colors. You have endless possibilities for creativity. You can create a bold contrast or, vice versa, a calm background.

In addition, navy blue can evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. Many people associate it with the night sky and the ocean. It evokes a sense of serenity and stability in the atmosphere.

Out-of-time attractiveness and the ability to harmonize with the many shades make the navy blue option. Therefore, let’s quickly figure out what colors go with navy blue. It’s time to find out the real combination!

Navy Blue and White: Classic Contrast

Bedroom with navy blue wall and white bedsheets

J. Zhuk/Shutterstock

Let’s start with one of the most classic color combinations: navy blue and white. It’s a classic contrast that always makes a striking impression.

We can say that this is an iconic duo that effortlessly combines elegance and modernity. The deep saturation perfectly blends with the purity of the white. You can create a visually mesmerizing harmony.

The contrast between the two colors brings a sense of balance and sophistication. The navy blue lends depth and seriousness, and the white, on the contrary, brings freshness.

Together, it’s just a dynamic interaction. Because you get a sense of sophistication, versatility, and no enduring charm. This combination is a timeless pairing. It stands the test of time because of its captivating appeal.

Navy Blue and Gray: Sophisticated Pairing

Bedroom with navy blue and gray color combination

Dark blue and gray are an equally sophisticated pair. It exudes a casual style and sophisticated appeal.

The deep presence of navy blue finds its perfect companion in understated gray. Together, these pretty colors create a timeless and universal palette.

Navy blue adds depth and a touch of drama, while gray provides a cool and composed backdrop. This combination shows the harmonious balance between boldness and subtlety.

That makes it perfect for absolutely any environment. You can use this combination anywhere. But navy blue and gray can create an exquisite synergy.

Navy Blue and Mint Green: Fresh Combination

Mint green navy blue color accents

Navy blue and mint green are fresh combinations that breathe life into any palette. Think about mint green if you are looking for colors that go well with navy blue.

As with many color combinations, nature creates a beautiful combination. Thinking about these companions, you can picture the bottomless ocean and palm leaves.

Dark blue’s deep richness intertwines with mint green’s cool vigor. So you create a refreshing and invigorating harmony.

Navy blue provides a solid anchor, while mint green adds lightness and vitality. Together, they create a dynamic contrast. It sticks with this attention-grabbing energy.

This combination is quite modern yet soothing at the same time. It reminds me of coastal landscapes and serene gardens. This combination fills the space with a rejuvenating atmosphere. It will make you feel refreshed and optimistic.

Navy Blue and Red: Bold Contrast

Navy blue chair with red wall living room

Navy blue and red, a bold contrast that ignites passion and commands attention. The deep intensity of navy blue combines with the fiery energy of red. The result is a dynamic pairing of pretty colors.

Navy blue provides a grounding presence, while red injects a powerful burst of energy. Together, they create a striking visual impact that demands to be noticed. This combination embodies a sense of boldness and assertiveness.

It makes it perfect for making a statement in fashion and interior design. The navy blue and red form a forced duo. It symbolizes boldness and the desire to take risks.

Navy Blue and Lavender: Serene Blend

Navy blue walls combined with lavender couch


Navy blue and lavender are a serene combination of lavender flowers and the night sky. If you ask what colors go with navy blue, don’t hesitate to answer lavender.

This combination captures the essence of tranquility and elegance. The deep sophistication of navy blue intertwines with the soft shades of lavender. Together, they create a harmonious fusion that evokes a sense of calm and sophistication.

The vision color sells solidity, and the lavender adds a touch of serenity. Together, they create a palette that is both tranquil and enchanting.

This combination exudes a peaceful ambiance reminiscent of serene landscapes and dreamy sunsets. Be sure to try this combination. You’ll find a captivating duo that inspires relaxation.

Navy Blue and Peach: Subtle Romance

A fancy rose and teal peacock bedroom wall mural with blue bedding

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Navy blue and peach are a subtle romance, encapsulating grace and delicate charm. The deep charm of navy blue is echoed in the soft shades of peach. Together, they create color combinations that exude notes of romance.

Dark blue brings a sense of depth and sophistication, while peach adds a touch of sweetness. Together, they create a palette that is both sophisticated and delicate.

This combination evokes a sense of elegance and a whisper of love. It makes it perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. Dark blue and peach form a harmonious duo. It sparkles with subtle yet undeniable charm.

Navy Blue and Silver: Modern Elegance

Silver details with navy blue wall

Navy blue and silver are a captivating combination that epitomizes modern elegance. The deep richness of navy blue harmonizes with the elegance of silver. The result is a palette that exudes allure.

Silver is a color that goes well with navy blue. Navy blue provides a strong foundation of depth and sophistication. Silver, on the other hand, adds a shimmering sparkle to it.

Together, they create a stunning contrast that gives off a sense of modern glamor. This combination is synonymous with luxury and sophistication.

It makes it the perfect choice for trendy ensembles and interior designs. Navy blue and silver are an amazing duo in which you will find both modernity and elegance.

Navy Blue and Turquoise: Vibrant Duo

Turquoise and navy blue living room

You can also add turquoise when looking for colors that go with navy blue. The navy blue and turquoise are a vibrant duo that exudes playful energy.

The power of navy blue is intertwined with the refreshing hues of turquoise. You can create a captivating combination that radiates vibrancy.

Dark blue creates a feeling of stability and sophistication. Turquoise, on the other hand, brings a splash of stunning color. Together, they create a striking contrast. It evokes joy and vitality.

This combination embodies a sense of adventure and creativity. It makes it perfect for adding bright colors wherever you go. Form a dynamic duo that ignites excitement!

Navy Blue and Gold: Luxurious Harmony

Navy blue couch and golden details interior

Navy blue and gold are a luxurious harmony that exudes luxury and refined elegance. The deep richness of navy blue is organically combined with the regal glow of gold. Together, they create a palette that exudes a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

The navy blue provides a solid foundation of depth and seriousness. Gold gives it a shimmering sheen and luxury.

Together, these pretty colors create an amazing contrast. It radiates timeless beauty. This combination is synonymous with luxury and prestige.

This makes it the perfect choice for creating a regal atmosphere. If you want a mesmerizing duo, opt for a navy blue and gold combination.


Navy blue is a universal shade in color combinations. You can combine it with various shades of other colors. All because navy blue easily complements several colors.

Together, they create an elongated palate that evokes different moods and styles. From tranquil combinations with lavender to vibrant turquoise. Each combination reveals its own unique story.

Whether in search of sophistication, romance, or modernity, navy blue has proven to be a constant companion. It will help you create stunning compositions that leave an impression.

So unleash your creativity. Let navy blue become a blank for writing breathtaking color symphonies.