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What Are the Best Colors That Go With Lavender?

What Are the Best Colors That Go With Lavender?

What are the best colors that go with lavender? Simply put, grays and whites are your best bet, but there’s so much more to consider. Keep reading if you want to make finding your perfect companion shade easy.

What You Need to Know

Lavender is a warm, smoky shade of purple that evokes feelings of relaxation and calmness, primarily when used in home décor. The best way to bring your room together is to pair it with shades of gray, white, or brown. 

You’d be surprised how well a nice pop of bright color can bring out lavender’s inner cool hues. Let’s take a look at what colors truly make lavender stand out.

The Best Colors That Go With Lavender

Image showing a lavender room with a few colors that go with lavender, green and white

Viktoria Lytvyn/Shutterstock

You’ll have to take time to consider your décor, of course, along with the overall feel you want your room to have, before choosing which color to combine with lavender.

However, once you’ve looked at your design’s big picture, you’ll be able to decide which lavender combination will really make your space shine.

1. Snowy White

One of the most straightforward, basic colors you can pair with lavender is white. It might not seem terribly exciting, but it’s actually a killer combination if you want to open up your space without losing your flair for color. 

2. Cream

A deeper alternative to white is cream, a warm shade that adds a bit of richness to any decor. It complements nearly any color, and a splash of lavender is a great choice to bring out its undertones

3. Chocolate

Chocolate brown might be the best shade to really make lavender come to life. Dark brown floors, cherry-stained furniture, and dark textiles can all be a great way to set the focus of your room to all shades of purple.

4. Neutral Beige

Beige can be a natural color that some might consider boring. However, it’s one of the best colors for dressing up or down. It’s a perfect neutral, so lavender walls with a pale beige rug or sofa would look great in a room. 

5. Robin’s Egg Blue

Robin’s egg blue is a timeless color that works for any type of décor. Its slight green undertones bring out the warmth of lavender, which can do great things for a kid’s room or powder room. Or, you can pair the two in textiles against a neutral backdrop in the living room. 

6. Stormy Gray

Darker shades of gray can make a space feel closed off. However, if you use a shade that has warm undertones, lavender accents will open your room right up.

For example, you could choose a dark gray accent wall with lavender bedding or pillows, or paint your powder room walls lavender and add in a few dark gray hand towels.

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7. Cool Mint Green

Mint green is a great complement to so many colors, and lavender is no exception. If your décor evokes feelings of spring, sunny days, and fresh flowers, mint will be a fabulous choice to highlight your lavender shades. 

8. The Palest Gray

Pale gray is a soft, soothing color with muted tones that are perfect alongside a pale lavender. You can go for gray furniture with a few lavender accents or go all out and paint your walls your favorite pale purple. Choose a gray with cool undertones for the best look. 

9. Juicy Orange 

Orange is one of those colors you can add to any décor to give the space a relaxed, tropical feel. Lavender is a great way to rein in some of the orange’s vibrancy while giving your room a fun, retro look that works for any style. 

10. Bronze 

Bronze is often an underappreciated color, but it’s absolutely fabulous when combined with lavender. The warmth of the metallic hue is really brought to life next to lavender, which makes it an excellent option for your décor. 

11. Terra Cotta

The soft reddish tone of terra cotta evokes intense feelings of nature and earth. It’s also the most popular material for flower pots. If you have lavender décor, consider adding a few terra cotta pots, perhaps planted with lavender plants, to liven up the room. 

12. Brick Red

A brick accent wall is a great feature that works well with a ton of colors. Since there are so many flecks of color hidden in the brick, lavender is a lovely option if you want to draw them out. You can set a lavender accent chair or sofa against the wall, and you’ll make both colors stand out. 

13. Deep Plum

Don’t be afraid to combine your purples. Lavender and plum complement each other really well, and you can easily add in a few accents, like mint or off-white, to break up the look. 

14. Olive Green

Olive green is one of those colors that can be stunning or simply drab. Fortunately, you get a pretty gorgeous combo when you pair it with lavender. An olive and lavender combination is especially lovely if you’re aiming for a rich botanical or floral look. 

15. Cobalt

To add a dash of royalty to your living space, why not pair your lavender bedding with some lovely cobalt blue pillows? This color combination will bring a luxurious feel to your room that you won’t find with anything else. 

16. Buttercup Yellow

If you like to “think spring” all year long, adding a bright pop of yellow could do just the trick. It stands out against the light shade of purple while also bringing out lavender’s hidden vibrancy, which you don’t get to see too much.

17. Vibrant Magenta

Magenta is a dark yet vibrant shade of pink that’s incredibly versatile. Its purple undertones work really well with lavender to give you a warm, inviting color combo that works great for any room. Of course, you could also throw in a few pops of gold or silver for a fun added touch. 

18. Shimmery Gold

Depending on your style, a shimmery gold might be just what you need to complete your lavender look. Gilt-framed mirrors, gold drapes, or a gold damask chaise will look absolutely fabulous against a lavender wall. 

19. Light Blue

Blue and lavender are a perfect, calming mix that would work great in a bedroom or sitting room. The combination would be the ideal backdrop for a lazy afternoon or curling up with a good book. 

20. Navy Blue

Navy blue is a dark shade with a surprising amount of fun color combinations. Lavender makes the blue stand out, making it an excellent pick for pairing. A few white accents will go a long way in completing the look. 

21. Bright Pink

Lavender mixed with a vibrant shade of pink can be a great mix to open up a room. This is also a great way to brighten up an area that might not have a lot of natural sunlight or many windows. 

22. Copper

If your kitchen is full of copper cookware and decorative accents, lavender accents or a lavender accent wall will make the warmth of your cookware really stand out. 

23. Cornflower Blue

Cornflower is a timeless color that can outlast any change in décor. However, if your latest designs call for a touch of added color, lavender is a perfect match for this muted blue tone. This color combo looks especially lovely when it’s interspersed with white. 

24. Baby Pink

If you love the soft, floral nature of pale pink, lavender is the perfect way to bring your flowery vision to life. You can pair the colors by themselves with a few white accents or white bedding to keep the look from becoming overwhelming. 

25. Deep Scarlet  

It might sound surprising, but the dark red shade of scarlet mixed with lavender is one of the best color combinations. Red brings out lavender’s hidden warmth, and the lavender’s cool undertones really make a deep shade of red pop. 

26. Cool Silver

Silver is a good choice to pair with lavender if you want to cool things down. A kitchen outfitted with stainless steel appliances will feel warm and inviting against soft lavender walls. 

27. Ombré Tones

Ombré is a fun way to blend your colors together in one piece. You can find fun curtains, pillows, and other textiles that seamlessly blend lilac with different shades to brighten up your room. 

28. Sunset

While not strictly a color, per se, lavender combined with reds, yellows, and oranges can bring the most vivid sunset to life in your home. Ombré curtains, a sunny yellow rug, and lavender accents will look absolutely stunning when you combine them. 

Things to Consider

Image of a room with colors that go with lavender, mustard yellow and green

Viktoria Lytvyn/Shutterstock

Lavender can be a great addition to your home décor, but there are a few things to consider if you want to add a touch of purple to your space. 

  • If your space is small, use lavender as an accent to white walls.
  • Don’t be afraid to combine lavender with vibrant colors.
  • You can pull an open space together with small pops of bright color.
  • If you don’t want to commit to painting or buying new décor, you can use lavender blooms to add a touch of purple.
  • Adding texture in the form of wallpaper or textiles can be a great way to bring your space to life. 
  • Nothing is permanent. Feel free to swap out textiles, accents, and even paint colors when the mood strikes. 
  • If you think your color combination might be too bright, find a way to add a neutral, such as white or beige, to tone things down. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering how lavender can work for you? Check out the answers to some common questions about lavender’s capabilities:

What colors go with lavender walls?

Lavender walls work best with neutrals. Off-white, smoky grays, and light neutrals are great choices if you want to paint your walls this pale shade of purple.

What colors go with pale lavender?

Pale lavender works best with darker shades. Dark gray, navy, and even black will look great against a pale lavender backdrop.

What color will make lavender pop?

White is a sure-fire way to make lavender stand out. However, you could also go with beige or yellow if you want to change it up a bit.

What color goes with lavender for a wedding?

If lavender is a key feature at your venue, consider using varying shades of greenery, plum, and bright yellow. Off-white roses mixed with berries also look great with lavender.

Do gray and lavender go together?

Lavender is an excellent choice for brightening up the muted tones in gray. In addition, it’s the perfect option if you want to add some cherry brightness to a space.

So, What Are the Best Colors That Go With Lavender?

Lavender is a lovely, vibrant color that can easily be dressed up or down, depending on what color you pair it with.

As you can see from this list, there are many options for what you can use to highlight lavender’s beauty. Take time to examine your space and understand what you want it to feel like, then go and have a blast decorating.

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