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What Colors Go With Orange? Unveiling The Beauty

What Colors Go With Orange? Unveiling The Beauty

You probably know that colors have an uncanny ability to evoke emotion. They can convey messages and create a captivating visual experience. Among the vast spectrum of shades, we can highlight the color orange.

Orange is a color that many people associate with warmth. And in fact, it is not surprising because this color radiates energy and enthusiasm. And the orange originates from the sunset’s bright tones and the sweetness of citrus fruits.

It brings a unique charm to any setting. But when it comes to creating harmonious combinations, many people have one question. What colors go with orange? Finding the perfect companion for an orange can be both exciting and challenging.

Whether you’re looking for subtle contrast or a bold statement, understanding what colors go with orange is key to achieving a cohesive and visually striking result.

Colors that Go Together with Orange

Dark brown couch living room idea with a dark brown couch and orange pillows


Orange is not just a beautiful color. Unfortunately, because of its brightness, many people are a little wary of it. They are worried that bright orange will gather too much attention.

Then everything else will pale against its background. But we assure you, if you choose the perfect colors in combination with orange, there will be no such thing. Appreciate the advantages of orange.

One of the most important benefits is that it evokes a sense of energy and enthusiasm. And it’s the perfect choice for rooms where you want to inspire productivity.

Its vibrant nature stimulates mental activity. It makes it a great color for decorating workspaces or offices. So many workers feel optimistic and are full of energy to do tasks. Also, the orange color offers many great possibilities in color combinations.

There’s almost no color we can’t combine with orange. Want to create striking contrasts that balance warmth and coolness?

Then combine orange with blue. Want something more harmonious and earthy? Why not then choose shades of green and orange? Colors that go with orange abound.

Its versatility provides endless possibilities for creating fascinating and aesthetically appealing palettes. So let’s take a quick look at what colors go with orange.

Orange and Teal: A Dynamic Duo of Contrasts

Azure Blue Subway Tile Stack Bond Backsplash

Krista Abel/Shutterstock

We decided to describe orange and teal as the first two color combinations. So, what advantage can this particular color combination give you? It is where there’s going to be a significant balancing act.

Let’s start with the fact that orange has a bright, pronounced energy. In contrast, the color teal has a rather cool and calm nature. It would seem that these are two completely incompatible colors.

But here, on the contrary, the sharp contrast plays into the hands. With this contrast, you can create an amazing and incredibly natural palette.

Teal will bring notes of calm and balance. This amazing interplay of warmth and coolness will create a unique experience. You would get a stunning combination of intrigue and a sense of warmth.

Orange and Eggplant Purple: A Regal Fusion of Tones

orange and purple details in white living room

Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock

For the second color, we decided to go with eggplant purple. And here, too, there would be a significant contrast. All because orange is quite bright and eggplant purple is dark and mysterious. These perfect colors will help give you a stunning palette.

It makes sense that orange, as a bright color, conveys positivity and energy. But eggplant purple balances it out with its depth and a bit of enigma. Together, these are amazing and stunning contrasts that are not deliberately eye-catching.

You can use this fusion of colors anywhere. After all, anywhere is an exquisite combination of aesthetics at the same time.

Orange and Mustard Yellow: An Energizing Blend of Warmth

Mustard yellow couch and orange wall

New Africa/Shutterstock

We thought about an unusual option when considering what colors go with orange. Why not complement the bright orange with mustard yellow?

At first, these colors seem to be plus-minuses in the same color scheme. And that’s true, but the combination gives the feeling of warmth.

Here, you can combine bright warmth with slightly earthy tones of mustard yellow. So you get a dynamic duo. All because these colors are almost monochrome.

And monochrome is a classic that will always be relevant. Create a bright symphony that will add life to any environment. Make it impossible to resist the infectious energy of these captivating colors.

Orange and Coral Pink: A Playful Harmony of Vibrant Hues

Orange couch and coral pink rug


And so, another interesting idea occurred to us. Why don’t you do two color combinations in a bright and delicate style? And what better way to convey tenderness and sophistication than in coral and pink?

We decided to combine these two colors for a reason. In the previous versions, we made a strict contrast. Here, we decided to do the opposite. We decided to make it soft and positive at the same time.

The bright energy of orange and the delicate shades of coral pink are perfect for this style. Orange will bring vivacity and dynamism; coral pink will add happy femininity. Together, you will get a strikingly beautiful duo of colors.

You can use this amazing combination wherever you want. Remember that this color combination should evoke a sense of creativity and solitude. Embrace the bright side of life with these colors.

Orange and Olive Green: Earthy Elegance with a Pop of Citrus

Answer to the question what color furniture goes with gray walls featuring an orange sofa with gold accent pieces

For the next colors that go with orange, we decided to go with no other color, like olive green. What do you think olive green and orange hues have in common? Have you ever paid attention to the tree where oranges grow?

If you haven’t, you should take a look. Nature herself is hinting at this amazing combination of colors for you.

Gorgeous green foliage surrounds the oranges as they grow. And that foliage can come in many shades, including olive green. So why don’t you trust nature and choose this gorgeous compound?

Oranges bring a vibrant and energetic presence, but olive green adds tranquility. That is, you balance out this brightness of orange again with the more earthy green.

Besides, such a combination reminds us of oranges and their leaves. That is, the orange will act as a citrusy, refreshing twist. The green will evoke the feeling of nature and balance this brightness.

It is such an amazing combination that nature gives you; you can use it anywhere. Such a captivating piece will exude an elegance that will never go out of style.

Orange and Lavender: A Dreamy Fusion of Warmth and Serenity

Sunset color combination with orange and red sofa and lavender wall


We invite you to plunge into a fabulous fusion of orange and lavender colors. These perfect colors are something many people love to combine. All because this wonderful palette again combines energy and tranquility.

Again, orange brings bright feelings, while lavender calms them down and adds a note of grace. Then this duo evokes a sense of whimsy while being relaxed at the same time.

If we talk about nature, imagine a lavender field against the backdrop of a sunset. You understand that nature again hints that this color scheme is quite successful. Therefore, do not hesitate and rather choose this color combination.

Orange and Royal Blue: A Captivating Contrast of Royalty and Energy

Royal blue couch with orange details

The last two color combinations we want to highlight are orange and royal blue. You can imagine how gorgeous this color is by the very name of blue. It’s a deep, rather saturated, blue-dark color. It’s as if it shows off its regal essence. We suggest you combine it with orange.

Today, we have already said many times that orange is a bright color. The combination of bright and dark creates a significant contrast.

This contrast can create a captivating pleasure when people are in the atmosphere of these shades. Although the colors are quite different, combining them is quite bold.

If you still struggle to imagine the combination of these perfect colors, we suggest you look at the bottomless ocean and sunset. Imagine being away on some island, sitting on the beach, and watching the sunset.

The ocean has a bottomless, royal blue hue. Sunset is usually orange with small shades of red. The horizon separates these two hues. And looking at this beauty, you just can’t take your eyes off it.

So, again, you cannot be afraid to combine these bold shades. Because you see that nature is hinting at what kind of beauty you will have. Rather, combine royal blues and oranges for a serene experience.


We want to emphasize that the realm of color is limitless. The color combinations provide us with numerous alternatives.

Even a bold hue like orange isn’t immune. There are both strong contrasts and relaxing harmonies. You can make a variety of combinations by combining different hues.

Explore many options and let your imagination run wild. We hope that our post has assisted you in locating the ideal color companions to build intriguing and aesthetically attractive designs.