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Boho Bedroom Ideas: 14 Ways to Reimagine Your Bedroom

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 14 Ways to Reimagine Your Bedroom

Looking for boho bedroom inspiration?

You’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up 14 real-life examples of bedrooms with a bohemian look to bring a little carefree spirit into your room. Read on to see the styles we love.

14 Show-Stopping Boho Bedroom Ideas

You might think boho couldn’t go any further than plants and cute throws, but a closer look at what the style really is reveals that boho can be as spontaneous as you make it.

Read on to see 14 examples of boho bedrooms we just can’t get enough of. We’ll show you rooms with all-out boho aesthetics and those with just a hint of bohemian flair.

1. Light Walls

Image for a piece on boho bedroom ideas featuring a cozy interior with a wicker chair, green plants, and lots of wicker hats and furniture on the walls and floor with a trunk as a side table


You can achieve the perfect bohemian look by changing up the wall color. Pale and light-colored walls are better for bohemian bedrooms because they tend to clash less with the other colors and patterns in your bohemian bedroom.

They don’t need to be particularly ivory or even new. Like the image above, even simple apartment walls can take on a bohemian look. So no matter what Bohemian avenue you choose, your walls will match regardless. 

2. Soft String Lights and Candles

Stylish boho bedroom with high metal frame end tables on which candles sit, a white curtain draped over the bed, and natural earth tone bed linens and pillows

Anastasiya Kotelnyk/Shutterstock

In addition to pale walls, soft string lights play an important role in making any bedroom boho chic. String lights make a great addition to any room, not just boho, because of their soft light projection. 

You can find string lights at any home improvement store and drape them along the base of your ceiling. Doing this maximizes the lighting in your bedroom, saves lamp space, and reduces utility usage.

As far as boho bedrooms go, string lights are a great addition to prevent throwing off your other furniture. String lights tend to be soft, so you won’t have to worry about “matching” colors. 

An alternative to string lights is the addition of candles. They smell great, light up your room for medium to long periods, and they make your boho bedroom sparkle.

3. Art

Stylish boho bedroom idea with hanging wood light fixtures, a slatted wooden room divider, a pallet, and other natural wood and light brown accents on the wall and floor

New Africa/Shutterstock

The backbone behind any good bohemian design is a few original art pieces that match your room’s color scheme.

If your boho color theme is light green, find artwork that complements this color, such as other shades of green, gold, ivory, etc., and then decorate your walls sparingly. 

The best wall art for bohemian bedrooms is abstract pieces and landscapes. You mustn’t overcrowd your walls when decorating a boho bedroom, but if you do, you can keep the true boho style by using small frames in clusters.

4. Wall Décor

String tapestry hanging from the wall next to a little white ledge on which plants and candles sit with a wire framed bed with gold lamp and colorful pillow accents in a bohemian-styled bedroom

You’d be surprised at just how much you can get out of your wall space when decorating a boho bedroom. And to take it up a notch, you can mount your unique pieces on the wall that you feel embody the creative spirit. 

We recommend adding beads, jewelry, floppy hats, and stickers to your wall if you don’t have any framed artwork. You can’t go wrong with adding tapestries to your boho room.

The best tapestries for a boho bedroom feature stars, geometric patterns, or sun and moon patterns. Dreamcatchers and woven tassels also make great bohemian wall décor when evenly spaced. 

5. Statement Rugs

Scandi-boho bedroom idea featuring lots of natural woods as accents in an otherwise white room with white floors, white walls, and white bed linens and furniture


A bohemian bedroom only needs a few statement pieces here and there. A statement rug adds perfectly to a boho bedroom because it welcomes a spot of comfort in the space. 

Rugs are a good addition to any bedroom, especially rooms with hardwood, because they make walking on the floor cozier.

As far as boho bedrooms go, rugs are a great way to brighten your décor. Even with dark sheets, a light rug can brighten your space and give it that unique bohemian look. 

6. Statement Pieces (Furniture)

Boho bedroom in extremely simple styling with a wooden sphere chair hanging from the ceiling along with a white and salmon striped rug


You can amp up your boho bedroom and optimize seating by investing in statement pieces. Statement pieces can be anything, but for your boho bedroom, you’ll want to go one of two avenues: 


Boho bedroom idea with natural wood shelves, plants, and lots of airy and light brown accents on white walls


Either spring for a hanging basket chair or find a simple vintage chair with a bold undertone, such as orange. If you go the simple route, you’ll find bold colors pair well with the bohemian look.

Otherwise, the hanging chair is the better option. You can also venture to thrift stores, where you may find old school chairs. These are perfect for sanding down and spray painting to create your boho bedroom’s new statement piece.

Mini Tables

Bohemian style bedroom with dark orange-brown style bedspread next to a natural wooden table below a round metal sun-type art fixture with a mirror in the middle hanging on the wall


Another powerful statement piece in any boho bedroom is mini tables. Nightstands are a step above the desired size, but home improvement stores and Walmart have mini tables.

They may not be ideal if you’re looking to load a bunch of stuff on top or use it as storage. 

The mini tables complementary to boho chic should only hold a plant or two. Maybe even a book, if you’re lucky.

Either way, its simple design only adds to your boho bedroom. Most mini tables cost about $20 each, so consider the investment before springing for such small furniture.

Another unique idea for a boho mini table is a repurposed stool. Most of them are small and sleek enough to match your bedroom’s design without taking up too much space. Most of all, they’re practical and in most homes already. 

7. Plants

Boho style bedroom with lots of plants providing color in an otherwise plain and off-white cement room


No boho bedroom would be complete without the addition of plants. Houseplants bring many benefits to your space, including their natural air diffuser, airy feel, and au natural look.

In a boho bedroom, they excel just the same. 

The perfect plants for a boho bedroom are ferns, succulents, cacti, and snake plants. These are the best indoor plants for bohemian décor because they have large or long leaves, are bright, and require little sunlight. 

Plants fit the Bohemian aesthetic in clusters and far apart. We’ve seen dozens of boho bedrooms with just one plant and some with more plants than the floor.

However, both seem to embody the unique boho bedroom ideal. Macramé plant holders are the best way to display your plants in a bohemian bedroom, but shelves and chairs are other great places to showcase them. 

8. Woven Baskets

For an idea for boho bedroom decorations, a weaved basket in light brown coloring sits on a light grey wooden plank floor holding a white blanket that looks very cozy


You can give your storage its bohemian look by switching all your traditional cabinetry out for baskets. Baskets make great storage for bedroom items such as blankets, remotes, and miscellaneous items you want to keep up with.

Additionally, baskets make the bedroom feel open and chic. Replacing storage with baskets is also inexpensive, as baskets cost less than $10 at most retailers. 

9. Wooden Furniture

Bedroom decorated in boho aesthetic with a rattan chair with white cushion sitting next to a big picture window and a natural wood shelf with plants hanging from the ceiling


Your boho bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a bookcase or some sort of extended shelf made of bamboo or wood. Wooden furniture makes a great addition to any style of boho bedroom because of its neutral tone. 

The best way to decorate wooden furniture is with vibrant, solid-color décor such as glass figurines, vases, antique plates, and pieces of vinyl. Vintage décor happens to be the best filler for small shelf spaces. 

10. Fluffy Comforter

Boho bedroom featuring a fluffy comforter and blanket draped over the bed with mostly grey and brown furniture and accents with lots of tapestries hanging on the wall next to a bird cage around which are string lights


Every bedroom could use a nice, big, fluffy comforter, but bohemian bedrooms especially benefit from big, fluffy comforters for several reasons. One of those reasons is that oversized blankets make your bedroom look even more boho. 

The entire idea behind bohemian is minimalism, and what better way to embody this look than with a giant, oversized comforter that doesn’t quite fit perfectly on your bed?

The draped, lazy look of the comforter hanging off the sides will give your space the ultimate bohemian look. 

Another route to take is the oversized quilt avenue, which works for the same reason. And don’t be afraid to go bold with the comforter color.

The comforter is the best way to show off your sense of style under the bohemian aesthetic. The best boho bedrooms have neutral décor and autumn-toned bed sheets such as rustic brown, cranberry red, or mustard yellow. 

11. Mirrors

Vintage suitcase trunk and weaved wooden lamp next to a green painted mirror with lots of plants scattered about


No boho bedroom would be complete without a signature mirror to tie the room together. Geometrically shaped mirrors such as ovals, crescents, and squares work best for a boho bedroom.

The bohemian style is usually unconventional, so you’ll need to find décor that seeps past the ordinary if you want to do the aesthetic justice. 

The placement of mirrors is also strategic for maximizing the bohemian look. By placing mirrors adjacent to windows, you can open up your space, brighten your room, and keep the chic intact. 

12. Throw Pillows

Weaved circle floor mat with white pillows and a white frilly throw blanket on natural wood floors

July Ko/Shutterstock

Contrasting pillows are the next great way to spice up your boho bedroom. The best way to use pillows for a bohemian bedroom is by contrasting them against your comforter color.

For example, peach throw pillows contrast best with white sheets. Throw pillows are also great for bohemian rooms because they make the space look cozy and inviting.

You and your guests will enjoy hanging out in your boho bedroom even more if it features multiple elements for comfort. If your bedroom lacks seating, throw pillows are a great way to add extra comfort against the wall or around the floor. 

13. Reading Nooks

White macramé pillows in a reading nook in a boho bedroom


If you have a lot of open floor space in your boho bedroom, consider crafting a small reading nook. Reading nooks are perfect because they don’t require a lot of materials and can give you another space for lounging in your bedroom. 

You can make a simple Bohemian reading nook in any corner of your room using a faux carpet or two, a few floor pillows for back and butt support, and a tapestry for an added touch. 

Think of it as another space to relax away from your bed. It’s also a good option for those without enough space for a loveseat or chair. 

14. Clothes Rack

Boho bedroom idea with a metal clothes rack next to a simple white bed with dark grey linens with grey curtains

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Most of us have a few statement pieces in our closets that stand out above the rest. You can showcase your most bright and unique pieces of clothing as décor in a boho bedroom. 

The idea is to use your most unique garments, such as a nice parka or a lilac blouse. A clothes rack with a few statement pieces is an inexpensive way to decorate your bohemian bedroom and show off your best. 

Things to Consider

A bohemian bedroom should embody individuality above all else, but there’s no exact way to decorate a bohemian bedroom. Remember:

  • Bohemians don’t need to match. Boho is a spontaneous and quirky aesthetic, so forget picture-perfect matching. The best boho bedrooms combine geometric patterns with individual taste.
  • Bold colors are your friends. It’s all about contrast. Seriously, don’t get caught up in the tan and pale boho bedroom inspiration you find on Google. The best boho bedrooms incorporate the boldest, loudest colors on the spectrum. That, combined with a unique style, makes for the perfect bedroom.
  • Its minimalism is at its finest. Find old furniture to repurpose into your bedroom’s new décor. At the core of boho is minimalism, so basically, less is more. 
  • Bohemian isn’t expensive. Venture to thrift stores and antique shops to find the best décor. Thrift stores typically carry discounted furniture, and it can easily be whipped up and renovated.
  • You can never go wrong with a few wooden baskets. Aside from the fact that it saves on storage, it also makes your room look organized and you, as the owner, more collected. However, try not to trip over them, as they may take up some walking space.

What’s Your Favorite Boho Bedroom Idea?

To sum up, you can reimagine a boho bedroom in so many ways.

At its core, bohemian decor embodies the ideals of artists and creative thinkers alike, so there’s no need to decorate uniformly.

As long as it’s unique to you, it’s true, boho. Happy decorating!