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Fireplace Tile Ideas: 25 Styles You Will Surely Love

Fireplace Tile Ideas: 25 Styles You Will Surely Love

Looking for unique fireplace tile ideas? You’re in the right place.

We’ve rounded up our favorite styles, what we love about each, and given you things to consider before installing. Read on to learn more.

Looking for Fireplace Tile Ideas?

Your fireplace should be the focal point in any room with one, and what better than adding fireplace tiles to achieve this?

Making your fireplace look its best doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.

We’ve rounded up 25 fireplace tile ideas suitable for any style preference to upgrade the look of your fireplace.

Be sure to also read our “things to consider section,” in which we lay out important considerations when upgrading fireplace tile.

25 Fireplace Tile Ideas You’ll Love

If you’re redoing your fireplace, you don’t need to install a new firebox or build a new mantle.

Tiles are the easiest way to give your fireplace a facelift without any significant structural changes. 

We’ve collected fireplace tile ideas that can change the look of an entire room—find one that inspires you!

1. A Solid Block of Marble

Black marble tile fireplace idea inside a stately living room of a home with floor to ceiling windows

Steve Tritton/Shutterstock

This solid block of black marble is luxurious, modern, and bold. It’s eye-catching without being over-the-top.

You can create a stand-out design element in an otherwise neutral room by framing your firebox with a pillar of dark marble.

2. Chartreuse Tiles

Chartreuse fireplace tile idea with large rectangular tiles alongside a gas ventless fireplace

Sheila Say/Shutterstock

If you have neutral walls and floors, consider a not-often-seen color like these chartreuse tiles.

You can give yourself a tile accent wall by making a creative color choice. The color, along with the clean lines, gives off a unique mid-century-modern vibe. 

3. Mix Your Patterns

Image of a Spanish-style fireplace tile idea in an outside stucco-lined chimney that overlooks a terra cotta paver patio


You can avoid boredom with an all-neutral color palette by mixing your tile patterns.

The slight color variation with the diamond and square tiles keeps your eye interested in the design. The clay color keeps it from looking out of place in the outdoor environment.

4. Dutch Tile

Dutch fireplace tile idea with blue and white nautical-themed prints surrounding a fireplace in front of a natural and rustic-looking hardwood floor

Sara Winter/Shutterstock

You don’t see tiles using images instead of patterns too often. Use Dutch-inspired tile to give your fireplace a quaint country feel (and stand out from traditional options).

The conventional country scenes with this classic blue and white tiling add something special to your living room that your neighbors probably won’t have.

5. Antique Stamped Tile

Old fashioned fireplace with a tiny opening lined with old fashioned and ornate ceramic fireplace tile that's white in color

Anki Hoglund/Shutterstock

This retro glossy tiling is eye-catching, even in all white.

Give your home a sophisticated and timeless look with these intricately patterned fireplace tiles.

6. Concrete Tiles

Image for an idea of fireplace tile with a concrete wall surrounding a big gas fireplace in a drab grey room brightened up with a yellow chaise lounger with a round ottoman


You can use oversized concrete tiles to give your fireplace a clean, industrial look.

Here, the concrete makes the fireplace a massive focal point.

7. A Solid Block of Pattern

A fireplace tile idea with grey tile with lots of vertical and diagonal lines running down each tile forming a triangle pattern

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

If you like the idea of using your fireplace as an accent wall, we’ve included several examples where you can use floor-to-ceiling tiling.

In this home’s fireplace, the neutral tiling uses clean lines to create a repeating pattern that crawls all the way up the wall, creating a stunning design feature.

8. Painted Porcelain

Fireplace tile idea with two large vertical painted ceramic tiles on either side of the metal wood-burning fireplace

Paul Maguire/Shutterstock

If you have an older home, honor its history by finding antique-style painted porcelain tiles.

The look is classic as well as visually appealing. You’ll have a work of art to gather around every time you light a fire.

9. Natural-Look Tiles

Modern wood burning stove against a blue, white and brown tile wall

Skye Studio UK/Shutterstock

You can use brick-effect tiles to create texture and replicate the look of natural stone without the upkeep of stone.

Here, the brick tiles are also multicolored to give a splash of vibrancy behind the black wood-burning stove. This look is an excellent option if you’re looking for a modern way to add color.

10. Mix and Match Colors

White tile fireplace idea with green ceramic floral pattern tile inset sits in a room with green floral wallpaper in a Russian-style home

Vadim Ovchinnikov/Shutterstock

If you already have color in your room, try picking a tile that highlights it as this country home does.

The green interior tiles complement the wallpaper perfectly, and the glossy white exterior fireplace tiles break everything up to keep the room from becoming too busy.

11. Mosaic Tiles

Teal and green mosaic fireplace tile idea with a fireplace next to a large soaking tub framed by natural wood shutters


Small-tiling is making a comeback. Where large tiles give a smooth look, small tiles create texture and pattern.

You can create a lively space by using small tiles in a bold color, like the turquoise used here. And because this is a bathroom, you can use one tile choice for multiple features (the fireplace and bath).

12. Clean and Neutral

Clean and neutral fireplace tile idea featuring a small wood burning fireplace surrounded by grey 12x12 ceramic tile framed by an ornate white mantle

Ursula Page/Shutterstock

If you prefer neutral backdrops, or perhaps you’re selling your home in the near future, then you should consider this classic fireplace design.

The sizeable sandy tile with the white mantle is calm and clean and doesn’t draw too much attention.

13. Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan fireplace tile idea featuring a bunch of different patterns on brightly-colored tiles surrounding a wood-burning fireplace

Laurence Taylor/Shutterstock

Bland room? Moroccan tiles are a classy way to add a burst of color.

This unique example has both intense color and pattern design—note the different interior and exterior tiles.

Whether you use this inspiration on the entire fireplace or just the hearth, you can inject personality into any room using Moroccan tile. 

14. Contrasting Colors

Fireplace tile idea with a black mantle and white 12 inch ceramic tiles framed by beige walls with medium-dark brown carpet


You can keep your design simple yet dynamic by choosing contrasting solid colors.

On this fireplace, the black mantle beautifully frames the simple white tile on the surround and hearth.

15. Mixed Tiling

As an idea for fireplace tile inspiration, a small section of mosaic tile frames a wood fireplace with a dark blue mantle against a light beige wall

MK Design Hub/Shutterstock

The hearth and surround of this fireplace use two completely different tiles to break up the space.

The hearth is a solid navy tile, while the surround uses small, multicolored mosaic tiles to break up the navy (though you’ll notice navy is used in the surround too).

Mixing the tiles creates a cohesive yet visually exciting and textured fireplace.

16. One Color, One Shape, Two Sizes

Long and skinny ventless fireplace framed by brown and tan fireplace tile in a living room that overlooks a deep blue ocean


Whether you want to cover an entire wall in tile or not, the design idea here is simple yet impactful.

The tiles are all square and copper-toned; the only thing that changes is that the tiles that outline the fireplace are a couple of sizes bigger than the rest of the wall.

You can apply this technique to any size room to create distinct spaces on your wall.

17. Clay Upgrade

Clay and brick fireplace by an outdoor sitting area


Consider this unique Slavic folk-inspired design if you live in a region where clay or smeared brick fireplaces are standard.

Instead of installing tile on your entire fireplace, choose your favorite patterned tiles and have them inlaid on your smooth clay fireplace. You’ll have a touch of decoration on an otherwise smooth surface.

18. Tile and Brick

Fireplace tile idea that uses brick behind the black wood burning chimney pipe in a rustic-looking cabin

Anatoliy Eremin/Shuttestock

Perfect brown square tiles line the hearth of this fireplace, with brick climbing up the wall behind the stove’s chimney.

The combination of materials makes for a rustic and simple design.

19. Black Subway Tile

Black subway tile surrounds a ventless gas fireplace in the middle of a bathroom next to the shower


Subway tile is popular in kitchens and bathrooms, but you can also use it to give your fireplace a solid and modern design.

This black subway tile works perfectly in this bathroom fireplace, but the beauty of it is that it can fit anywhere, including your living room, while maintaining its classic look.

20. No Tile on the Surrounding

Gas fireplace without any tile on the surround that has a pile of wood next to it for decoration

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

Actually, you’ll have no surround at all if you choose to expose your firebox, like in this ultra-modern living room.

Simply apply a cement tile slab to the hearth and upper, and keep the firebox exposed between the two pieces. This smooth and modern design creates clean lines to frame your fire.

21. Mixing Marbles

Fireplace tile idea that uses marble and brick as the tile surround along with wood paneling on the wall above the fireplace


If you love marble but don’t love the trend of using a single marble slab, consider mixing your marble.

This two-toned fireplace uses a pinkish marble mantle with a grey marble hearth to create a delightful effect in the small space.

Breaking up the colorful tile with a neutral brick makes it all the more appealing while also adding a second texture.

22. Dark and Colorful

Dark wooden fireplace mantle with ceramic tile surrounding the wood burning fireplace


You can make your fireplace pop with these antique-inspired design elements.

The black and gold mantle with dark green hearth and surround tiling makes for a bold, dark piece in a bright room—without sucking the life out of it.

The pops of white and yellow keep it from becoming too dark, while the multiple patterns make your living area cool.

23. Reshape Your Mantle

As an example of a fireplace tile idea, a wooden mantle frames a wood burning fireplace below a stucco chimney


Depending on your existing fireplace, you can use tiling to create a new shape.

The tiles in this image are cut in a semi-circle and can be installed over your current opening to create an arch effect without ripping out or rebuilding the whole fireplace.

24. Wood-Look Tile

Fireplace tile idea featuring wood-look parquet tile framing the chimney with no mantle

David Papazian/Shutterstock

Get the warm appearance of wood without flammability by using a wood-look tile.

This tile is an excellent idea if you have an otherwise plain space. The false grains add texture to the otherwise bare walls, and the color warms up the cold room. 

25. Light and Airy

Fireplace tile idea featuring white subway tile framed by a simple wooden mantle

Jason Finn/Shutterstock

You can make your fireplace bright yet warm with these glossy subway tiles and wooden mantle.

This combination is perfect for a smaller space where you don’t want too much going on.

The black firebox contrasts perfectly with the white tile, making it seem even brighter. The wooden mantle can keep your design from becoming too antiseptic, and it also ties in with the wood floors.

Things to Consider

If you want to refresh your fireplace with new tiling, there are some things you should be mindful of. They include:

  • Budget: Not all tiles are created equal. Obviously, the amount you need will significantly affect the price and the material you choose (like marble vs. ceramic). If you’re only tiling the surround around the firebox, you can probably choose something more luxurious since this is the smallest area of the fireplace. If you’re going to do a floor-to-ceiling design, you might want to consider less expensive options.  
  • The design of the rest of the room: You may be really excited about some of these tiling options, but a fireplace is only one part of a room. Consider exactly how you want the entire room to feel before making a drastic change. You’ll be surprised at just how much simple tiling can adjust your whole look.
  • What’s popular: You may want to show off your unique personality, but if you think you may be selling your home soon, then consider picking new tiles based on what’s trending now. Something too quirky can put off potential buyers and lower your home’s resale value.
  • Your home’s location: What’s popular can change with location. Certain styles and materials are going to be more popular depending on what region you live in. For example, stone tends to be more popular than tile for fireplaces in the northeast. If you are concerned about resale value, don’t just research popular trends; find out which trends are most popular in your area.
  • Your fireplace’s location: Whether your fireplace is indoors, outdoors, semi-exposed, or in a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, it can change your design choices. If it’s in a high-traffic area like a kitchen, make sure you use resilient tile. If it’s in a bathroom, choose something that can hold up well in a damp space. Some materials and colors are more likely to show dirt or smudging than others. That may not be a problem in a living room, but it can be a problem outdoors.
  • Personal Use: You may be someone who lights a fire every night or only uses your fireplace when guests are around. Depending on how often you use the fireplace you’re redoing, you’ll want to consider tiles based on how long-lasting or easy to clean they are. More use means more smoke, which means more wear and fading on certain materials. Ask the manufacturer about protecting and cleaning the fireplace tiles you ultimately choose.

The Best Fireplace Tile Ideas

Guy installing a gas fireplace in a fake brick wall


Which of these fireplace tile ideas is your favorite? Are there any things you dream about having in your home?

There are so many options to choose from and so many ways to completely change your fireplace’s appearance.

Remember to consider the current design of your room, your design goals, and, of course, your budget, before you begin shopping. With a bit of imagination, you can make your fireplace the perfect centerpiece of any room.