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15 Living Room With Fireplace And TV Ideas

15 Living Room With Fireplace And TV Ideas

Looking for living room with fireplace and TV ideas? You’re in the right place.

We’ve rounded up 15 unique ideas to test out in your home.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get inspired to use one in your own home!

Considering a Living With a Fireplace and TV?

Living rooms are the heart of every home.

It is the room where people gather for a good time, so you want yours to be comfortable and inviting.

Nothing says cozy like a fireplace, and nothing says relaxed like a TV.

But it can be tough to figure out the best way to combine them into one space.

For some inspiration, check out this list of ideas that will help you figure out how you want to arrange your living room with a fireplace and TV. 

15 Living Rooms With Fireplace and TVs

1. Rustic Stacked

Rustic Stacked living room with fireplace and tv


To create a warm and cozy environment, you can utilize natural textures like wood and stone.

Placing the TV above the fireplace makes that wall the focal point of the room, so you can easily position the furniture to face this wall. 

A rustic aesthetic can be very comforting and convivial, especially for a vacation home where you want to spend time with family and friends.

With this style, the fireplace takes most of the attention, while the TV becomes more invisible until it is on. 

2. Modern Minimalist

A living room that utilizes neutral tones and simple furniture is ideal for a fireplace and TV setup.

Whether you stack them or place them side by side, the simplicity of the rest of the room will highlight the TV and fireplace.

Having both objects prominent in the living room prevents it from looking cluttered.

Sometimes the combination of TV and fireplace can look awkward and overwhelming, but minimalist aesthetics allow enough blank space for them to work well together. 

3. Modern Split

Modern split Rustic Stacked living room with fireplace and tv


Placing your TV on the same wall as your fireplace keeps the focal point in the same place.

By using a modern, minimalist fireplace, you can divide the wall into one section for the television and another section for the unique fireplace. 

If you want a style that is cozy yet sleek, a modern split is a swanky layout that will impress visitors. 

4. Hidden TV

If you want a technology-free aesthetic but don’t want to give up your TV, there are many clever ways to hide it. You can use a cabinet with a sliding door, a specially-made TV screen, or an elegant curtain.

While many still love watching our favorite TV shows and movies, televisions aren’t always the most attractive addition to your well-balanced living room.

Hiding your TV allows you to have the elegance of a tech-free room while still having your favorite movies at the press of a button.

5. Cozy Split

Cozy split living room with fireplace and TV idea


Splitting your wall into one space for the TV and another for the fireplace creates a mesmerizing wall that offers it all.

Using cozy colors like beige and cream makes the living room welcoming and friendly.

Soft rugs and cushy chairs add to the comfortable feeling, and having the fireplace next to the TV makes one wall the focal point without cramming the two objects together.

6. Opposite Sides

Placing the fireplace on the wall opposite the TV allows the seating layout to work in both directions. This is wonderful if some people want to watch movies while others want to bask in the warm glow of a fire.

This allows you to decide what you want people to see when they first walk into the room. This is a great option for people who want a massive fireplace and a massive TV that won’t fit comfortably on one wall.

You don’t have to sacrifice the luxury of either object in this scenario.

7. Ribbon Fireplace Underneath

Living room with ribbon fireplace and tv above it

Berg Dmitry/Shutterstock

A fireplace and TV on the same wall can seem clunky. The awkward look is due to their similarity in shapes, but not all fireplaces are chunky rectangles or squares.

Ribbon fireplaces, pictured here, are growing in popularity because of their chic design.

The long, low design of ribbon fireplaces makes them more of an accent on the wall than a centerpiece. It allows the TV to stand on its own while the enchanting fireplace highlights it.

8. Separate Walls

Living room with fireplace and TV idea with two giant glass doors on either side

Darousz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Designating different walls for your TV and fireplace allows them to have their own space, so they aren’t competing with one another.

If you are annoyed by the TV when watching the fire, or vice versa, this will solve that problem.

By placing them on adjacent walls, everyone on the couch can still enjoy both without being distracted by one of the others.

9. Keep It Low

For a room that entices people to sit down and relax, place the fireplace and the TV closer to the ground.

Combine this with low furniture for a peaceful, sleepy environment everyone will want to curl up in.

Keeping both objects low to the ground makes for a charming living room that is relaxing and comfortable.

10. Statement Wall

Statement wall living room with fireplace and tv idea


A statement wall like this one is a massive eye-catcher. It allows you to position your TV and fireplace on the same wall with an intentionally dramatic look.

Adding bookshelves or art on either side draws more attention to the wall, making it easy to set up your seating.

A striking granite wall or wooden texture can tie the whole room together while highlighting the fireplace and television. A statement wall creates a daring living room aesthetic people won’t soon forget. 

11. Cornered TV

Cornered TV in a living room with a fireplace and a brick chimney wall


Fireplaces aren’t as common as they used to be, and if you have a lovely one, you should showcase it.

If you want the fireplace to be the center of your living room, you can find a different place for your television so it doesn’t take away from the beautiful fireplace.

Mounting your TV in the corner of the living room makes it less noticeable. So it won’t detract from the massive, captivating fireplace, such as the one in this image.

12. Corner Wrapped Fireplace

Living room with Corner Wrapped Fireplace and TV against a gray wall

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

A fireplace built into a wall that is sticking out can make your living room feel encircled in warmth. As pictured, this fireplace is striking but doesn’t compete with the TV because of its unique shape.

A fireplace that wraps around a corner wall makes it so people seated in different areas of the room can enjoy the flickering flames as well as the TV.

From outside the living room, the fireplace is more noticeable than the TV, keeping your home looking fresh and modern.

13. Side by Side

Living room with fireplace and TV mounted side by side

Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

If your TV and fireplace are about the same size, placing them side by side can create a symmetrical effect that fosters a sense of balance.

Using two different colors on the wall, as pictured, creates a specific spot where the TV and fireplace belong.

Adding bookshelves or cubbies on either side or between the TV and fireplace will round out the wall, so it looks sleek and well-designed.

14. Extra-Cozy Eclectic

For a super comfy and welcoming living room, you should fill the space with cushy furniture and lots of pillows.

This will create an environment that begs for a movie night or a fun board game in front of the fireplace.

Don’t be afraid to combine different colors and styles. Sometimes using the same colors and materials throughout an entire room makes it feel stiff and pristine rather than a place for relaxed socializing.

15. Mantle-Mounted TV

Living room with fireplace and Mantle Mounted TV idea


Placing your TV on top of the fireplace mantel is a common setup for living rooms with a fireplace and TV.

It is easy to place your TV on the sturdy mantel which allows you and your guests to watch the fire and television at once.

If you have a smaller fireplace and a larger TV, it may look odd to place the TV above the fireplace. However, this idea works perfectly if you have a massive fireplace and a smaller TV.

Things to Consider

Not every home will allow for these types of arrangements, so it’s important to know what kind of setup will work best for your living room.

Consider the following factors when deciding on a fireplace and TV layout:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions people also ask:

How Close Can I Put A TV To A Fireplace?

TV and extreme heat aren’t a wonderful pairing. So to ensure your TV isn’t damaged by your fireplace, keep the TV a minimum of 20 inches from the fire. If you place your TV on a mantel, it should be far enough from the fire, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Should The TV Or The Fireplace Be Bigger?

It depends on the layout you are going for, but in the end, it is a personal preference. For a balanced look, try to have a TV roughly the same size as your fireplace.

Will A Fireplace Ruin a TV?

A ton of heat can definitely damage a TV. If your fireplace is giving too much heat to yours, you should consider using a mantel or installing a gas-controlled fireplace.

Can You Mount the TV on the Chimney Wall?

Recommendations suggest avoiding installing your TV if you measure the temperature and is above 100° F. If it’s lower than 90°, you can rest assured that nothing bad will happen.

How to Protect the TV from the Fireplace?

If you have a fireplace shelf or a mantel, those can help protect your TV and keep the heat from radiating towards other stuff as well.

What’s Your Favorite Living Room With Fireplace and TV Idea?

There are many ways to incorporate a TV and fireplace into your living room. Consider these ideas and how they would fit into your space.

Not every layout is ideal for everyone’s home, so account for the space you have and the aesthetics you want.

Once you find the perfect fireplace and TV combination for your living room, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the warmth of the fire while watching your favorite shows with your family.