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15 Unique Front Door Colors for Yellow House

15 Unique Front Door Colors for Yellow House

If your house is yellow, you’ve already turned your home into a happy, sunny place that will encircle you and your family in happiness and positivity. 

But what color should your front door be? Yellow is a powerful color that makes an impact when people drive or walk by, so you probably want your door to complement your lovely house.

Choosing front door colors for a yellow house can be intimidating, so we’ve rounded up 15 ideas to inspire you!

No matter what shade of yellow your home is, these colors will bring out the beauty of the yellow while captivating everyone that walks up to your front door. 

Check out these front door colors for a yellow house that range from classic and simple to bold and brilliant, and take inspiration to paint your front door a dazzling color. 

15 Color Ideas for Your Yellow House’s Front Door

1. Brick Red

Brick red, one of the best front door colors for yellow houses

Brett Taylor Photography/Shutterstock

A deep, muted red is a classic color for a front door and still works with a yellow house. It fosters a warm exterior that evokes positive emotions like excitement and intrigue.

If you want to see a colorful home every time you pull in the driveway, combining a yellow house with a brick-red door will give you a brilliant combination of colors. 

Brick red also has a country, rustic vibe that is perfect if you live in the city and want a piece of rural aesthetics for your home.

2. Plum Purple

Purple door on a light yellow house


Yellow and purple are complementary colors, so it’s a no-brainer to choose purple paint for your door. 

A rich purple that looks like red wine or a fresh plum will enchant people as they walk up to your door. Dark purple is a popular color that you are sure to love for years and years to come. 

3. Cerulean Blue

Cerulean Blue, a great front door color for a yellow house


Cerulean blue is a calming and serene color that inspires a relaxing, comforting feeling.

Parents are encouraged to paint baby nurseries shades of blue for this exact reason. The vibrant blue will be a lovely match for the sunny yellow color of the house.

It creates a striking combination that will catch your neighbors’ eyes and make a statement. There are many shades of blue out there, but cerulean has a special brilliance that is captivating while still being peaceful. 

4. Tropical Orange

Tropical orange door on a soft yellow house


Using a tropical orange color on your front door will create a warm exterior for your house.

Combining bright oranges and yellows remind people of fire. The exterior will radiate the energy of a dancing fire, offering a happy, joyful appearance. 

A bright orange works even better if you live in a warm place like Florida or Southern California. It will look even more striking and colorful when the sun shines on your home. 

Yellow and orange exude positivity, so your neighbors will get an inviting, fuzzy feeling whenever they see your colorful house. 

5. Simple White

Simple White front door color on a yellow house

Jorge Salcedo/Shutterstock

White is a great choice if you want the yellow paint to be the star of the show. White is a crisp, clean color that will make your home look bright from the outside and accent the yellow in a subtle way.

White won’t pull any of the attention away from the yellow, so it’s perfect if you want to keep the color pairings straightforward.

6. Natural Wood

Natural Wood front door color for a yellow house

David Papazian/Shutterstock

Natural wood is an easy choice and works with any color in the house! Opting for a medium-colored wooden door will allow the yellow paint to be the main focus.

Wood does an excellent job of being elegant and beautiful without detracting too much attention from your lovely yellow paint. 

7. Sage Green

Sage Green front door color for yellow house next to a grey porch


Painting your front door in sage green will match your yellow house and remind people of fresh grass and bright flowers.

Green is a fun, uplifting color that will show your neighbors what a colorful, positive person you are.

While many greens will look beautiful on a yellow house’s front door, this sage green is particularly soft and natural-looking. 

8. Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine yellow door yellow house


If you painted your house yellow, it is probably safe to say you love yellow. So why not paint your door yellow too?

You can paint your door to perfectly match the house’s exterior and create a monochrome appearance.

Or you can choose a different shade for a subtle contrast. A soft yellow door will make a golden-yellow exterior more striking.

Painting your door a darker shade of yellow, say a shade close to mustard, can highlight your door against a light, pastel exterior.

If you love yellow, let it shine and cover your house in one of the happiest colors on the color wheel!

9. Dark Oak

Dark Oak front door color on a yellow house with white trim


A dark wooden door will make your home feel warm and inviting while adding a natural flair. Bright yellows can feel artificial, so a dark oak door can offset this image.

An oak door pairs well with every shade of yellow, but especially a pastel shade that doesn’t compete with the wood.

If you’ve always wanted a wooden front door but are hesitant after painting your house yellow, don’t doubt yourself! Yellow and wood go beautifully together for a light yet deeply charming appearance. 

10. Firehouse Red

Firehouse Red front door color on a yellow house


For a stark contrast, paint your door a bold firehouse red that will catch people’s attention. A bright red door is a statement that one will never forget. You can become the house with the bright red door!

Red exudes passion and positivity, so don’t hesitate to paint your front door in a way that will invite people in and make them feel the warmth in your home. 

11. Soft Gray

Gray door on a soft yellow house


If black is too dark for you but white is too boring, you’re in luck!

Gray is super trendy right now, and a soft gray will give your home a lovely, muted color scheme that will mellow out your yellow paint. 

Gray is a neutral color that will work with any color, and pairing it with yellow fosters a sunny environment without overwhelming people that look at your house. 

12. Forest Green

Forest Green, one of the best front door colors for yellow houses

S. Vincent/Shutterstock

Yellow and green together are reminiscent of a sunflower or sunny forest. Using green on the exterior of your home brings vitality and a natural aura to your home, which is especially prominent when on the front door.

A dark green such as forest green, also called hunter green sometimes, creates a beautiful contrast against any shade of yellow.

Green is closely related to yellow, so they flow nicely together and accentuate the happiness in the yellow. 

13. Teal Blue

Teal blue, a favorite front door color for yellow houses


This shade of teal is mesmerizing. It fosters a peaceful yet joyous feeling that will make you and everyone else happy every time you see it. The color is reminiscent of the color of the ocean on a tropical beach.

If you live in a cold climate, this color scheme will make you feel like you’re in the Bahamas. No matter what shade of yellow you have, this shade of teal will highlight the brightness and lightness of your home and make it truly unique.

14. Pastel Pink

Pastel pink door yellow house


Pink is a super happy color, just like yellow. Combining them makes for a warm and inviting exterior that radiates joy and love. A colorful front door is captivating for visitors and bypassers.

Pastel pink reminds people of babies or cotton candy! And, of course, you have to look at it all the time, too. Having a soft-colored door will give you peace every time you walk through it.

Some people underestimate the power colors can have on our moods, but you’ll understand when you come home from a tough day to see an endearing pastel pink door.

15. Classic Black

Classic Black, one of the good front door colors for yellow houses

David Papazian/Shutterstock

It is hard to go wrong with a classic black door. If you want to contrast your yellow house without adding another color to the mix, black is a great choice.

It will make the yellow stand out against the dark color. Black is less common on front doors than white, so if you don’t want to use more colors but still want to be different, a black door is for you.

Things to Consider

There are a few things to consider when choosing the color of your front door, so keep the following in mind when picking out your paint:

  • Shade of Yellow
  • Size of Door
  • Shutter Color
  • Roof Color
  • Weather Where You Live 
  • Your Favorite Color

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does door paint last?

If you buy quality paint, your door paint should look excellent for at least 5-10 years. And there is some general maintenance you can do to prevent chipping or fading.

What if my door has big windows?

No problem! Just work with the door space you do have to paint and consider going for a bold color to highlight the beautiful windows.

What if I have double doors?

It just means more space for your dazzling color choice! It is best to paint both doors the same color, or else the exterior of your house may look too busy.

What’s the Best Front Door Color for Yellow Houses?

So there you have it—the best front door colors for yellow houses. All of these colors, and many more, can work beautifully with a yellow house.

Make sure to choose a color you like in general, or else you may tire of it quickly.

You have to walk up to your front door every day, so choose something that will please you at the end of the day and welcome you home.