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Grey Bedroom Ideas: 41 Examples We Can’t Get Enough Of

Grey Bedroom Ideas: 41 Examples We Can’t Get Enough Of

Grey is one of the most trending interior colors recommended by designers, with grey bedroom ideas topping the list of most-searched-for terms.

This highly versatile color comes in seemingly endless shades, making it a popular choice for decorating.

41 Grey Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your bedroom, chances are you’ve thought of using grey in your color scheme.

With so many different ways to incorporate this neutral hue, it can be hard to decide where to start. Here are our favorite grey bedroom ideas you can use for inspiration.

1. Ash Grey and Black

Black and ash grey bedroom idea color combination with grey furniture and black accents

One of the best things about grey is that you can go dark or light.

If you choose a darker, moody setting, incorporating black accents into an ashy grey like in this room can easily look elegant.

2. Natural Wood

Grey bedroom idea that uses natural wood and greenery in a boho-style aesthetic

Pale wooden furniture looks amazing paired with grey light and grey walls.

Adding plants to the mix gives your room an instant makeover.

3. A Dash of Bright Color

Piece on grey bedroom ideas featuring a rustic pallet and plywood furniture design with textured grey walls

The contrast between a soft grey and a vibrant color adds life and depth to any bedroom.

This room takes the easy way by simply adding an armful of colorful throw pillows to the bed.

4. Green Accent Wall

Grey bedroom idea featuring a green accent wall alongside grey furniture and bed linens

Just like colorful accents can give your greys a nice balance, a boldly painted accent wall can do the same.

We love this shade of steel green and how it brings out the pale grey in the rest of the room.

5. Pretty in Pink

Pink and grey bedroom idea with a simple white bed and a somewhat contemporary aesthetic with pastel hanging lights and a pink upholstered chair with natural wooden legs and white picture frames

Soft floral colors are a safe bet with any grey tones in your bedroom.

This room meshes pastel pink shades with grey for a more feminine feel.

6. Dancing in the Dark

Dark grey bedroom idea with grey walls and dark black marble accents above the bed and on the side tables


If you have a large bedroom such as this one, you can play up the luxury factor by choosing swanky black panels and curtains with just a touch of grey accents.

Just a pop of silver, like the ornament above the bed, will finish the look.

7. Celestial Blues

Blue-grey bedroom idea featuring star-themed decor and bedding

Blue and grey always look great together, especially when you mix different shades of the two.

Lunar artwork gives this blue and grey room an effortless celestial theme and instant calming ambiance.

8. Rust Tones

Grey and rust red painted bedroom idea with grey bedding and grey shelving with a bright yellow headboard

Red and grey play well together, but if you want a more sophisticated vibe, opt for a rusty red or orange shade to pair with your greys.

This room uses a softer red shade that blends well with the feathery grey paint.

9. Boho Chic

Grey bedroom idea with a white farmhouse-style bed and natural wood nightstand

Stef Brown/Shutterstock

If you already have earthy tones in your boho room already, make grey the shade that stands out, like in this green and white room.

The grey throw blanket blends in nicely with the surrounding neutral tones and pops out thanks to the crisp white bedding.

10. Steel Grey

Steel grey wall with natural wood trim around the windows for a piece on grey bedroom ideas


Some grey shades are so close to blue that it’s hard to tell them apart.

This industrial steel blue color offers a pretty contrast against the softer light grey.

11. Barely There

Grey bedroom idea with a very light grey wall with board and batten accents on the left side and natural wood furniture on the side of the bed

Grey can be so pale that it looks more like an off-white color at a glance.

This room uses white and ultra-light grey to add brightness to the room while taking advantage of natural light.

12. Go Gold

Grey bedroom idea with light grey wainscoting along with a black paneled wall

Gold accents give this darker grey room a distinguished look.

Black panels and pastel curtains complete the color palette.

13. Garden-Inspired

Garden inspired grey bedroom idea featuring a grey and green wall with floral wallpaper and grey walls

Take nature or garden elements as this room does with leaf-patterned wallpaper and a touch of floral pink.

A charcoal grey curtain and a lighter grey accent chair harmoniously blend in.

14. Playful Patterns

Grey bedroom idea with a black and white striped and polka dot comforter, a dark grey wall, and a painted white floor

A simple and easy way to add personality to a grey room is by mixing a few patterns.

The polka dots and stripes combo make this grey bedroom look fun and playful.

15. Whimsical Candles

For a piece on grey bedroom ideas, a watercolor-style wall painted grey in a bedroom


This room feels dreamy thanks to the varying shades of marble grey and a series of candles over the headboard.

The greys on the wall go from light to dark, creating a whimsical ambiance when paired with dim lighting.

16. Hardwood Floors

Chic master bedroom with walkout French doors for a piece on grey bedroom ideas


Many people wonder what kind of flooring goes well with a grey bedroom, and though there are multiple right answers, one of the easiest is a hardwood floor like this one.

You want to aim for a darker wood if you’re using softer greys, while a light to medium floor works well with darker greys.

17. Bold Wallpaper

Image of a grey bedroom idea featuring black wallpaper with grey accents in a bedroom with hardwood floors and unique curtians tied up to the wall

Alex Tihonovs/Shutterstock

Adding grey elements or furniture to your room is easy when you have bold wallpaper like this one.

Any intricate patterns or dark colors will look great with grey furniture or accents.

18. Sunny Yellow

Idea for a yellow bedroom with grey accents and white bedding and shelves with unique art on the wall


Give your bedroom a vibrant makeover by incorporating some grey into a bright yellow color scheme.

Having a good balance between the light greys and bold yellow here makes the room look nice and bright.

19. Violet Hues

Image of a dark grey and white and natural dark wood bedroom idea with white end tables

Purple is another color that mixes well with grey, and you can even choose purple grey shades in the violet color family.

The soft mauve chair in this room and purple-gray cover offer a delicate, quixotic ambiance.

20. Suspended Bed

Image of a suspended bed with a big knit blanket resting on the mattress in a brick walled room for a piece on grey bedroom ideas

Oksana Bondar/Shutterstock

The thick grey, knitted blanket in this room looks even cozier on a suspended bed.

We love the soft, dreamy feel of this suspended grey bed in a room that uses minimalist, nature-themed décor.

21. Grey Headboard

Grey headboard in front of a white wallpapered wall with grey sheets as inspiration for a grey bedroom idea


A fun grey headboard goes well with almost any color palette, and we like this unique wooden panel style.

A rustic grey wood instantly adds a touch of elegance.

22. Floral panels

Floral wallpaper in a mural-style image next to a dark grey wainscoted wall with a plum colored bed in front of it

When it comes to an accent wall, different paint colors aren’t your only options.

This pretty floral wall pairs nicely with the dark grey elements of the room.

23. Bold Curtains

Idea for a grey bedroom with a grey bed and linen with grey accents throughout and dark green curtains on either side of the window

Interior Design/Shutterstock

If you don’t want the hassle of repainting part of the room, a colorful curtain choice can be enough to make a difference.

This grey room uses curtains in an emerald green shade for a fun splash of color.

24. Oversized Painting

Grey bedroom idea with a giant blue mural with floral themes above the bed and with a grey rug and grey curtains


White and grey are a traditional color combo, but adding this snowy giant painting to the room makes it look more daring.

An oversized painting or work of art can give your grey bedroom an instant transformation without having to do much else.

25. Modern Loft

As an image for a piece no grey bedroom ideas, a modern looking white bed sits below a slanted grey wall with windows in the ceiling

ESB Professional/Shutterstock

If you have an attic room turned into a bedroom or a lofty bedroom with tilted ceilings, using modern elements to decorate can make your grey look even more contemporary.

This grey loft room portrays a very modern bed design and plays up the natural light from the windows.

26. Rustic Brick

Photo of a bedroom with a red brick accent wall between two grey walls

Teeraphan Pensupha/Shutterstock

A brick wall (or brick wallpaper, if you prefer) looks super stylish in any room with grey elements.

The paneled ceilings in this room make the rustic feel even more pronounced.

27. Red Tufted Bed

A red tufted bed with white linens sits in front of a grey paneled wall

Anna Marynenko/Shutterstock

The bed in this grey room becomes the focus with its red, velvety texture.

Tufted beds come in all kinds of bright shades and offer an easy way to add a splash of color to a grey room.

28. Chandelier and Grey Carpet

For a piece on grey bedroom ideas, a gorgeous beige-grey walled room sits in front of an elaborate gold and white trimmed wall

Love Lego/Shutterstock

A classic trend for dressing up any bedroom is adding a crystal chandelier in the center of the room.

The chandelier in this room and the uniquely cut grey carpet create the perfect romantic look.

29. Glass Barriers

Grey bedroom idea featuring mirrors alongside one entire wall with grey wooden slats as a headboard and accent wall


Glass and reflective objects in general combine very well with a grey interior.

We love the idea of using a glass barrier to separate a master bedroom from a modern bathroom, like in this photo.

30. Vertical Stripes

Grey bedroom idea with white and grey vertical striped walls on the sides of big metal glass-lined French doors

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

The grey and stripes look great in this bedroom, especially due to the tilted ceilings.

If you have an unevenly shaped room or a loft bedroom, thick stripes like these are a great choice.

31. Complex Color Palettes

Pink wainscoted wall with unique square patterns line the bedroom covered in herringbone wooden flooring for a piece on grey bedroom ideas


Grey can be the finishing touch in a more complex color palette like this one, which plays up the peach and navy tones.

Three or four colors that work well together need just a touch of grey to look more relaxed.

32. Retro Studio

For a piece on grey bedroom ideas, a dark grey-walled room has a grey rug in the middle of the room and hanging lamps alongside a simple white bed that looks small in the big room

This hip studio bedroom mixes retro furniture with a modern shade of charcoal grey on the walls.

The result is a vintage-meets-modern look that is instantly captivating.

33. Fairy Lights

Pink-grey bedroom with hanging string lights on the ceiling and a wood plank and metal square room divider on the side


This cute grey bedroom looks even cozier thanks to the string of lights over the bed.

Especially if you have a smaller bedroom, this fairy-light tick can go a long way.

34. Brown With a Hint of Grey

Grey bedroom idea with a mountainous-style wallpaper above the headboard


The grey cover is a pleasant surprise in this sea of brown.

Varying earth shades with a grey accent in the mix add to the warm look of this room.

35. Subtle Grey and Beige

Subtle grey and beige walled bedroom with a circular lodge-style chandelier and a giant picture window overlooking an ocean

Sheila Say/Shutterstock

This room has tons of natural light, and the subtle shades of grey and sandy beige are a perfect combination.

A unique ceiling lamp adds a fun, campy flair.

36. White Canopy

Grey bedroom idea with white canopy curtains around the 4 corners of the bed

The drapes over the bed are the central focus in this bedroom, with white and grey elements.

The rustic rope ties contrast beautifully with the beaded pattern of the canopy.

37. Fresh and Contemporary

Fresh and Contemporary grey bedroom idea with a paneled or wainscoted wall painted grey with natural pine flooring

A simple color scheme of navy and grey emphasizes the low-to-the-ground modern furniture.

A low platform bed helps draw attention to the grey furniture and walls.

38. Neoclassical Style

Neoclassical grey bedroom idea featuring a simple black metal frame bed as the centerpiece and intricate marble-look paneling on the wall behind the headboard


The subtle metal frame for the bed and floral arrangements make for an adorable neoclassical look when paired with the feathery grey panels on the wall.

Gold and silver vases sweetly complement the look.

39. Make It Sage

Grey bedroom wall with a half-panel wooden wall sits next to a gold framed bed with two minimalistic side lamps

Pinchit Tongma/Shutterstock

A blend of sage green and greys in this room makes it look tranquil and soothing.

The shimmery sage bench at the foot of the bed is a nice finishing touch.

40. Deep Maroon

Deep maroon and grey bedroom idea with white carpet and white trim


Maroon is a good compromise between crimson and purple; this deep maroon shade looks great next to a light grey.

41. Dual Grey Walls and the Rainbow

Grey kids bedroom idea with a large grey chalkboard wall in front of a bed and storage cubby

New Africa/Shutterstock

The light and dark grey combo means you can go crazy with colors and patterns.

This room uses neon colors to offset the dual grey paint on the walls.

Things to Consider

Because grey is such an adjustable color, it’s important to keep in mind the overall look you’re going for with your grey bedroom:

  • Subtle looks are best when you pair lighter greys with other neutral shades.
  • Adding shiny or reflective objects provides elegance to your grey without much effort.
  • Look for undertones of a different hue in your greys, such as blue or purple.
  • Deeper greys such as a charcoal shade, make a room look cooler and darker, especially paired with black accents.
  • Don’t shy away from accent walls with either a bold color to balance the greys in the room or a fun wallpaper with an adventurous pattern.
  • Think about the lighting in your room when making color choices. Grey and white combos work well with natural light and open spaces.
  • Adding a colorful accent like a rug, chair, or throw pillow is a safe bet if you want to add color to your grey without going overboard.
  • Use a grey backdrop if you’re going for more of a monochrome look. A big grey headboard or wall panel is a great starting point.
  • Blues are calming. If you want a relaxing effect in your bedroom, don’t be afraid to reach for a blue palette to mix with your greys.

What’s Your Favorite Grey Bedroom Idea?

Grey is never out of style when it comes to decorating your bedroom. It’s one of the easiest shades to incorporate into your color scheme and offers limitless possibilities.

Now that you’ve got some ideas for grey bedrooms, go out and find your perfect grey.