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Cute Rooms for Girls: 15 Fun And Practical Ideas 

Cute Rooms for Girls: 15 Fun And Practical Ideas 

Ready to tackle a cute girl room makeover but need an idea to go off of?

There are many ways to make cute rooms for girls; it just takes a little imagination and a few trips to the store.

Read on to see our favorite designs.

15 Ideas for Cute Rooms for Girls

When creating a room for a girl, it needs to be practical for them. It should also be a fun and exciting place for them to spend time. Depending on their age, they may want a study nook or a toy chest.

Either way, there are so many ways to style a girl’s room that are cute and fun. Here, we will share some ideas and a few ‘do’s and don’ts’ of decorating a cute girl’s room.

Cute Tea Party Spot 

Piece on cute rooms for girls featuring a Cute Tea Party Spot 

New Africa/Shutterstock

Setting up a cute tea party spot like this one is easy enough to do and adds a sense of fun to the room. The table can be a place for them to draw or do other activities. 

This idea is age-appropriate, but they’ll probably grow out of it at some point. Once that time comes, you can convert this space into another area that fits their interests! 

Pastel Bedroom 

Cute room for girl idea with a pastel pink wardrobe, bedding, rug, walls, and wardrobe


Decorating a girl’s room doesn’t always mean hot pink. You can be more subtle and dreamy with a subdued, pastel tone of pink like the one depicted here. 

Pastel colors go well with more elegant décor like a chandelier or iron bed frame. Add white or cream-colored fairytale-style accent decorations, and you’ve got a cute, princess-like girl’s room! 

Add a Desk and Organization Bins 

Cute room for girls idea with pink and white storage cubes next to a small easel-style desk below a pink cloud wall decoration and paper lamp

Adding a desk and organization bins is a good tip for any room, but especially for a fun tween girl’s room. The containers can store other items, like sports gear.

You can also store toys and electronics that are often hard to give a place to. Giving them a space to work on schoolwork or other projects and a place to keep the clutter is crucial to keeping their space cute and clean.

Muted Pinks 

Idea for a piece titled cute rooms for girls featuring a light-colored room with wood floors, off-white walls and furniture, and boho-style weaved baskets and toy storage


A spin on the classic pink girl’s room, these muted pink colors add a sense of comfort and coziness to the room.

It also works well with a variety of décor styles and wall colors. This works well for a girl’s nursery or an older girl’s room. 

Muted colors bring a softness to a room, so you could pair this idea with a mural or other large piece of art without it being overbearing.

Add in boho-inspired décor for the ultimate muted pink paradise. 

Cozy Play Tent 

Cozy Play Tent in a room with brick walls and lots of fun room decor for a piece on cute rooms for girls

Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock

Place a cozy play tent in the corner of the room to give them extra space to play with toys or read a book. Maybe even add an activity to the tent, like a dry erase easel or microphone set. 

Match the colors of the room with the tent, or use it as a chance to add an accent color to the room. Pop in some pillows and a floor cushion for extreme comfort and usability. 

Play With Grey 

Cute girls room idea with a grey wall with pastel pink and grey hanging fixtures next to a big framed photo of the Empire State Building

Paint one or all of the walls in a gray tone to create a serene vibe in the room. This technique is good for older girls who want a cute but sophisticated room or a relaxing room for a baby.

Play with pops of muted colors like soft pink, soft blue, or lavender. You can add hints of darker or lighter grey to the décor.

The example we have given cleverly painted the block letters in a darker grey than the wall, so it’ll stand out, but not too much. 

Hang a Banner 

Cute rooms for girls idea with a banner hanging above a small wooden dollhouse in front of a large set of windows next to a cube storage shelf

In Green/Shutterstock

Have some fun and hang a banner in the corner of the room! You can customize the banner with accent colors, matching colors, or even paint their name on it.

It’ll look good as an easy décor piece, no matter where you place it in the room. 

This is a great way to add a personal touch without going overboard, and it is easily removable if needed. You could also hang this banner on a crib in a nursery!

Build a Castle Bed 

Castle bed frame made from natural wood next to a simple play coffee table below a paper chandelier for a piece on cute rooms for girls

If you or someone you know is handy with a drill, build a simple but adorable castle bed. It is a take on the classic canopy bed, but instead of drapery, a wooden frame encases the bed.

The addition of light-colored wood will help break up the colorful room and add texture to the design. If you don’t have any way to build this yourself, these bed frames are available online.

Fun Accent Rug 

Cute rooms for girls featuring a teepee, fuzzy star rug, and taupe walls in a room with a small window

An accent rug is almost always a good idea when decorating a room. Bring in a rug to add a pop of color or to build off a motif in the room, like this awesome star rug.

It also has practical uses. Place it in a room that has hardwood floors to give them a place to sit and play. You can also find a cute rug that is easy to clean for when the inevitable messes happen.

Storage Bed

Cute girls' room with a small double storage bed with striped bedding below square floating shelves with grey tile flooring and mid-grey walls


Buying a storage bed for your girls’ room is a great idea because it is functional but stylish.

You can match the bedspread to other colors that are in the room, like wall décor. The drawers will accent the room well by adding color and texture. 

They also serve as another place to store things, since many teenage girls accumulate lots of stuff. These beds are usually pretty affordable, and their sleek style will match almost any aesthetic or color scheme. 

Paint the Wall

As an idea for cute rooms for girls, a herringbone floor made of wood with white walls on which rainbows are painted

New Africa/Shutterstock

Whether you are a master artist or not, painting a simple design on the wall will add individuality and spice to the room.

Pick a design that complements your skill level as a painter but will still produce super cute results. 

This is a great alternative to wallpaper, which is very cute but can be hard to remove. With paint, you can always paint over it! 

Add Ambient Lighting

Cute room for girls with ambient lighting, flower wall decals, a hanging paper light fixture, and fairy lighting draped over the couch

Adding lights like delicate fairy lights to a reading nook, play space, or other sitting areas in the room is a great way to add warmth to the room.

Maybe bring in a light like this tall paper lantern that’ll add to the room whether it is on or off. 

Be sure to put the lights in a darker spot, like a corner of the room, to let them light the space and avoid the natural light overpowering the whole room. 

Fun Overhead Light 

Fun white overhead light made of plastic fingers and a metal base with white walls and a little sitting area for a piece on cute rooms for girls


Staying on the topic of light, an overhead light adds a lot to a room. If you have an overhead light that you want to switch or that you want to install, take the opportunity to add uniqueness to the room.

Invest in a fun chandelier to add glamour. Bring in a unique ball-like overhead light fixture for some texture and geometric shapes.

Add a simple but cute fan. No matter what you add, if you try to match the room, you’ll love the outcome.

A Vanity Is Always a Good Idea

Image as part of a roundup of cute rooms for girls with a Victorian-style bed next to a vanity with a mirror at which to apply makeup and get ready

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

If the girl you are designing for is into makeup, hair, or jewelry, think about installing a vanity. There are many ways to install it.

You can get creative and make a floating vanity; you can build it into the wall; or you can simply buy an elegant vanity that you can tuck into the corner of the room. 

Depending on the style of the vanity, it can be a transition piece. A transition piece means it can be useful décor in many stages of their life.

Many girls want to change their room décor throughout their growth, but the vanity will serve as a piece of consistency. 

Things to Consider 

As with any home project, there are a lot of things to consider when designing a girl’s bedroom. We have broken down a few key points to remember and some do’s and don’ts here. 

  • Do you have the budget to execute your vision?
  • Will you need to outsource any of the planning or execution of your design?
  • Is the room spacious enough to accommodate the décor you have planned to implement? 
  • Are there some pieces of décor that can serve as transitional pieces for multiple stages of their lives or multiple design overhauls over time?
  • Will you be able to complete the project promptly?
  • Does the aesthetic you have picked fit the owner of the bedroom?

Of course, there are many more thoughts that are specific to your situation for you to consider, but these are some main points that we think are the most important to remember:

  • DO check on dimensions before building or buying structures like a framed bed, play tent, or accent rug. 
  • DO run the design idea by all parties involved 
  • DO use color theory to match your paints and designs to be sure the room is cohesive
  • DO stick to a budget once you have it 
  • DO look for inspiration and make a mood board before beginning the project 
  • DON’T base your entire design on the current time frame; you want to be able to change the room when it is ready without overhauling the entire room. 
  • DON’T assume all girls like the same things. Be ready to change your vision if they request it. 
  • DON’T make the room completely monochromatic. It flattens out the space. 
  • DON’T add lights to a flammable area like a bed or corner with flammable fabrics draped on the walls. 
  • DON’T expect the room to be perfect right away. It may take some reiteration to get the exact product you were hoping for. 

Don’t get discouraged if you have to go back to the drawing board a few times when designing.

You want your product to be perfect for the girl you are designing for. Take your time to make sure it turns out cute, fun, and practical! 

What’s Your Favorite Cute Room Idea for a Girl?

Cute room for girls with a pink bedspread, teddy bear, and purple butterflies made from paper in rustic grey wooden picture frames

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

So there you have it—our top ideas for cute rooms for girls. We think all of these ideas are fun and cute for any girl, so we can’t pick just one!

What idea will you choose to run with to create the ultimate room for the girl you are designing for? Maybe you’ll choose to create an epic room with many of these ideas all in one space.

Maybe you are looking to improve upon an idea you already have or a room you have already decorated. Or maybe you are just here to see some inspiration before making a room all your own. 

No matter what your plans are, if you take the advice and inspiration we have rounded up here, you are sure to have an awesome girl’s room at the end of your project!