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The 10 Main Types of Desks Trending in 2024

The 10 Main Types of Desks Trending in 2024

There’s a new trend: people are working from home more than ever. Working at home means creating a workspace that works for you, which means that types of desks are an important thing to consider.

The type of desk you choose depends on your job requirements, budget, and space.

It’s great if you can upcycle something vintage or used. The easiest option to shop for any type of desk is Amazon. And fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up the best options to revamp your work-from-home setup.

10 Types of Desks for Your Needs and Style

Desks are versatile workstations that come in hundreds of styles and budgets. We suggest considering the following:

  • For small spaces, consider a foldable option. 
  • To make an imposing impression, choose the executive.
  • For versatility, consider a corner or gaming test.
  • Find the design style that matches your décor.

1. Executive Desks

U-shaped executive desks


Usually made from lavishly ornamented wood or ultra-modern glass and chrome, executive desks provide lots of surface space. An executive desk is the focal point in a room and requires more space.

Modern and vintage executive desks provide storage space and are sometimes L or U-shaped. An executive desk instantly creates a professional ambiance and lends credibility to the person behind it.

Presidents signed many historic documents sitting behind executive desks. Executive desks are great because they often have built-in shelving and extra drawer space.

The surface space is also larger, so it’s perfect for someone who has to shuffle many document folders or blueprints. Executive desks also need an executive chair to complete the picture.

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Bestar Logan U or L-Shaped Executive Office Desk
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2. Mid-Century Modern Desks

Mid-Century Modern Desks


At least once a day, someone you know says mid-century modern. Mid-century modern stems from an American design movement between 1945 and 1969. This contemporary style is all about making a statement with less.

Typically, mid-century modern desks blend natural elements like wood with man-made influences like glass. The style is synonymous with minimalist form and function.

It fuses natural wood tones with a burst of bright color. There are many great reproductions on the market. A mid-century modern desk is perfect for those who’ve progressed away from paper documents and manage all their content online.

These sleek desks are great for home office spaces without a dedicated room. While mid-century modern desks aren’t ostentatious, they still make a sophisticated statement without the pomp.

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HEACH Modern Mid Century Desk
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3. Folding Desks

Folding Desks


For those with limited space, folding, floating, or Murphy desks are a wonderful option. Murphy-type desks come in many styles, sizes, and materials. They mount to the wall and don’t leave an intrusive footprint.

If you’re creating that industrial décor, consider mounting a metal Murphy desk that folds away when it’s quitting time.

Mounted folding or floating desks are great for individuals who like to work standing. These types of desks also have a large weight-bearing capacity and store important textbooks or documents for easy retrieval.

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Floating Desk, Wall Mounted Desk Folding Wall Desk
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4. Desk and Hutch

Desk and Hutch


A desk and hutch, also known as a credenza desk, is ideal for those who can dedicate a space to a home office. What’s great about the hutch is that it allows individuals to decorate their desk space.

The shelving space can also offer artists, creatives, or musicians storage solutions. This type of desk consists of a desk surface built into the hutch, similar in profile to a modified wall unit.

Although the desk and hutch type of desk works as a dedicated office space, it’s versatile enough to work anywhere. It’s possible to define a space by adding a protective area rug.

Our Top Pick
Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk
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5. Writing Desk

Writing Desk


No surprise there; writing desks are aptly named. Writing desks served a purpose before computers. People used writing desks to handwrite and later type on these small, dedicated desks.

Some writing desks had a slope, while others had a lid that allowed people to store pens, paper, and stationery. Writing desks are great for people who work online and only need space to plop their laptops.

What’s great about writing desks is that you can most often pull them towards you to create an ergonomic lap surface that is better for people. A writing desk is a small table suitable for one person.

It’s perfect for those who like the organic feeling of using a smaller surface that becomes an extension of them as they write and create. Modern writing desks come in various décor styles, materials, and size options, from modern to vintage reproductions.

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RAAMZO Computer Laptop Writing Desk
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6. Drawing Board Architects Desk

Drawing Board Architects Desk


Sometimes called drafting tables, these desks are perfect for individuals who spend countless hours behind desks. It’s ideal for anyone that needs to adjust the table height to fit the task. 

These desks are also a great ergonomic option for those who want to alternate between standing and sitting. Some adjust mechanically.

Architect’s tables have larger work surfaces and adjust with lowering and raising mechanisms. These desks also slant and have a built-in lip to stop pens and pencils from falling. 

The versatility of these desks makes them ideal for any task, from sewing to drawing to working with ledgers to designing layouts. Some have a tempered glass surface ideal for drawing and have accessory holders and storage space.

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Height Adjustable Drawing Board Desk
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7. Secretary Desk

Secretary Desk


Secretary desks also have a strong link to our past. Secretary desks are tall and have a hinged door that folds down into a writing surface. Vintage secretary desks came with pigeon holes for important mail or documents.

Some even had hidden compartments with secret locking mechanisms. The secretary desks competed with the formidable roll-top desks.

Secretary desks are great for spaces that need to perform double duty. It’s easy to fold the desk lid up and lock it.

Good advice is to ensure your office chair is the correct height for the folding lid. People are getting taller, so non-ergonomically vintage secretary desks might not work. Modern secretary desk versions have laptop drawers that fold down.

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Walker Edison Secretary Hutch Wood Desk
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8. Roll-top Desks

Roll-top Desks


Roll-top desks are the quintessential desk of aspiring writers. Craftsmen reinvented the original pedestal desk and added extra storage cubby holes for quill and ink sets and letters. The traditional roll-top was invented by Jacob Alles in 1879.

A roll-top is a security feature that allows owners to close up the contents with a flexible slat shutter. The option to lock it and keep important documents safe is still useful today.

Many roll-top desks are pieces of craftsmanship and art. Made from quality wood like walnut, rosewood, and oak and handsomely carved, these desks were a staple in homes and cleric offices.

Quality antique or reproduction roll-top desks still hold a charm for many. However, they don’t fit everyone’s budget and décor and lack certain functionality. Many are cumbersome to move because of their weight.

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Secretary Desk Solid Oak Wood Drop Front Desk
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9. Salvaged Desks

Salvaged Desks


Repurposing furniture is all the rage. Furniture flippers can transform any old desk or table into an attractive office or home furnishing with a splash of paint.

What’s great about using salvage desks is that so many great types of desks are waiting for a home. With some elbow grease, imagination, paint, hardware, and a few inexpensive power tools, people can individualize and customize their desks.

Going salvage allows people to save money and spend it on what matters more: an ergonomic chair. A quality office chair cuts down on back problems, which can lead to health problems.

Our Top Pick
Calico Designs Salvage-Look Nook Desk
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10. Gaming Desks & Corner Desks

Gaming Desks & Corner Desks


Gaming desks have become an important segment in the desk category. The gaming industry is worth roughly $200 billion. That means that gamers need desks.

Gaming desks help gamers sit ergonomically. These desks also provide gamers with enough surface to mount several screens and switch between keyboard stations. Gamers spend countless hours online, heading into virtual battles.

They need to be comfortable so they can focus on the task. Some gaming desks have a built-in mouse pad that covers the entire desk surface.

Some gaming desks also have extra features for storing snacks, headphones, and cup holders. These units must be sturdy to support the gamers’ erratic movements. They must also fit gaming desk chairs.

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LUFEIYA L Shaped Desk White Gaming Desk
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Things to Consider When Picking a Desk

Woman picking out one of the many types of desks while standing in the middle of office chairs


When choosing the right desk, there are many considerations before purchasing. 

Designated Space

Assuming this is a work-from-home desk, ask yourself where that dedicated space will fit. The options are endless if you have an office space or den with ample room. 

  • Where is the best place for your desk?
  • How do you convert a living space into a functional workspace?
  • Is there room for a chair and storage?
  • Where is the nearest electrical outlet?
  • Will sunlight impact your screen time?

Desk Function

If the office desk is a shared piece of furniture with family, make sure you have storage space to safely keep important documents.

  • Is the desk surface large enough?
  • Does it have ample storage?
  • Will the style choice compliment my décor?
  • Can I hold meetings from this desk space and location?
  • What about office supplies like printers, paper, and supplies?

If your requirement includes excess storage, you must calculate that into the space dimensions. 

Do Not

Desks, whether for home or work offices, must make working comfortable. 

  • Don’t buy a desk that’s too small or too large.
  • Don’t go over budget.
  • Don’t overestimate the desk and how you’ll use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wall setup, one of the main types of desks for homes, pictured in a retro-modern loft

Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Desks need to fit our lifestyles and help people remain ergonomically correct. Our jobs depend on so much sedentary screen time that finding the right fit is even more important.

What are the different types of desks called?

Popular desk types include folding, executive, writing shell, floating, computer, secretary, and metal or roll-top desks. Styles come and go, but the essential elements remain the same.

Is there a specific name for large desks?

Large desks are called executive desks. They’re often ornate wooden desks or ultra-modern glass and chrome desks. They can be imposing and set a tone immediately. Architect’s drafting desks are also very large. They move up and down and are very versatile.

What makes an excellent office desk?

It depends on the type of work and the person’s work habits. Some people can work with small spaces, while others need a larger surface and storage. The kind of job might impact the best type of office desk for each person. Typically, an ergonomically correct position between the desk and chair is best.

Do smaller desks have a unique name?

Some people consider writing desks to be small. Secretary desks can also be very dainty. Antique secretary desks for ladies were small and portable.

What does an ergonomic desk station mean?

Ergonomic means how your body relates to your chair, computer, and desk in a comfortable position. Incorrect posture eventually harms the neck, lumbar area, wrists, and shoulders.

Types of Desks and Your Needs

Choosing the best type of desk for your work or hobby needs is a fun project. You can take the easy route and order online, scour yard sales, furniture stores, or even the free section of your favorite social media platform.

Every person has individual needs. The type of desk suitable for you directly correlates to those needs and how much surface and storage capacity you need. Happy decorating!