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Bedroom Office Ideas: 10 Creative Designs We Love

Bedroom Office Ideas: 10 Creative Designs We Love

Looking for creative bedroom office ideas?

Whether you’re limited on space or just want to breathe some new life into an existing space, you’re in the right place.

Read on to see our favorite designs for bedroom offices.

Looking for Bedroom Office Ideas?

Bedroom office idea made of a twin bed in a boho aesthetic with a fox basket and white walls with natural wood floors

If you’re one of the many Americans pushed from their office space in the last few years, you may need some creative bedroom office ideas.

There’s a good reason to capitalize on the work-from-home trend: remote workers are up to 40% more productive than in-office workers.

Bedroom offices tend to be small and do not offer much room, which is where creativity comes in handy. But how exactly do you design one?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We rounded up several unique and creative ideas to help get your design juices flowing.

10 Creative Bedroom Office Ideas

Creativity is a must when converting your bedroom into an office.

Unfortunately, this is tough to accomplish while remaining professional, as the looming temptation to roll right out of bed to your desk to begin your 9-to-5 is ever-present.

Thankfully, these creative bedroom office ideas will help you create a space where you feel professional and remain productive. 

1. Minimalistic Office Space 

For a piece on bedroom office ideas, a small shelf in a modern studio home floats on the wall


Adding an office space to a minimalistic bedroom is not difficult. You can still keep the design throughout by installing a simple desk that matches your existing room aesthetic.

All you need for a bedroom office is a desk, a comfortable chair, and a lamp for additional lighting. 

You want to keep this office space as uncluttered as possible, so it does not stand out against the minimalist décor of your bedroom.

Try using a closet to store your filing cabinet or other items you do not immediately need, so you can keep your space simple.  

2. Modern Window Desk 

Bedroom office idea featuring a wall with chalkboard paint next to a window surrounded by a white wall

David Pereiras/Shutterstock

The space between your bed and the window can be the perfect spot to add a desk and create a bedroom office.

This area will not be blocking any traffic in and out of the room, and when it is not in use, the chair should fit under the desk to allow you to walk by without problems. 

Facing your desk towards a window will keep you from having a glare on your computer screen, which can happen with other bedroom office setups. Additionally, this position is ideal for efficiency and productivity.  

3. Corner Office Space 

Corner Office Space pictured as a bedroom office idea featuring an old hutch-style desk with a shoe storage rack below

David Pereiras/Shutterstock

If you have a corner in your bedroom, you can easily create an office space. Many compact desks will fit into a corner opposite your bureau, which is the best solution when you need to work at home.

You will not have to take over a spare bedroom or have a setup in the basement when there is availability in your bedroom. Using a corner office will also keep the desk and seating out of the way of foot traffic.

This way, you do not have to worry about walking by your home office each time you enter or exit the bedroom. In addition, you will have no more stubbed toes or banging your knee on the chair in the middle of the night. 

4. Recessed Office Area 

Recessed Office Area behind a large wall that acts as a headboard in a loft with floor to ceiling windows


Many bedrooms have wasted space during construction because of closet placement, bathrooms, and other areas. If you want a permanent place for a small office space, you might have the option to create a recessed office area in your bedroom. 

If you are not a handy DIYer, you could talk to a professional contractor. You want to check that there are no load-bearing beams in the way before you start knocking down walls.

If you can find an unused area of your bedroom, this space can be a terrific spot for your desk and chair. 

5. Sitting Room Conversion

Sitting Room Conversion pictured for a piece on bedroom office ideas next to a fireplace with a small desk covered with trinkets


Some oversized bedrooms will have a sitting room attached. While this area is a nice feature, converting your sitting room is the easiest and most cost-effective method if you need a spot for your office setup. 

This conversion allows you to work as you need without disturbing your partner, even on those early mornings or late evenings when you have a deadline to meet.

Remember to add a small lap to your desk table so you do not need to illuminate the entire room when getting your work done. 

6. Executive Desk Setup 

Executive Desk Setup against the wall of a bedroom with gray walls and crown molding


An executive desk is typically longer and more extensive than standard models. These long desks can help provide enough space for all of your office needs in your bedroom.

In addition, these desks will typically have drawers to put away any items when you are not working, so you leave your space clutter-free. 

Because of the additional length, an executive desk setup will not be as wide as other desk models.

This feature can aid in providing enough foot traffic space when entering and exiting the bedroom while still having room for all your work necessities.  

7. Non-Traditional Office Space 

Non-Traditional Office Space for a piece on bedroom office ideas

Your bedroom office does not have to look like an office. There are dozens of ways to include a space for your computer and work documents without compromising your personal style and décor. 

Explore decorative stacking containers for your items while installing a simple top for your computer and desk lamp.

If you are comfortable working in a space that uses a non-traditional desk, you may find yourself more productive. 

8. Open Concept Bedroom Office 

Open Concept Bedroom Office idea with a bike hanging above the bed and lots of yellow accents in the otherwise dark and drab room

Some bedroom styles use an open concept, which may seem challenging to add an office to, but it can be easy to do.

When working with an open concept, you want to choose office items that will not take over the room’s attention but rather blend into the style. 

Desks and chairs that match the colors and materials of the current furniture will help the added office fade into the surroundings.

In addition, an office desk can double as a side table when you are not working to help organize your items and keep them off the floor. 

9. Bedroom Office Nook

Bedroom Office Nook in a guest bedroom painted dark brown with light grey carpet and a small desk in a nook below the window with a lightweight and small metal office chair


If your bedroom already has a window seat, you can convert that space into a usable bedroom office instead.

By simply removing the added seat in the recessed window, you will have room to fit a desk and chair without taking up additional footage in your bedroom. 

This cozy office nook can keep you on track with your work tasks even when your partner is home. In addition, facing the window with your back to the room can ensure that you do not become distracted by other things in the house. 

10. Window Office Alcove 

Image of a bedroom office titled Window Office Alcove 

Pedal to the Stock/Shutterstock

Using an office alcove in your bedroom can create enough space for you and your partner to work without competing for floor space.

By installing a simple ledge that doubles as a work desk, you will have room to place chairs under and work comfortably, even in your bedroom. 

Not only will you have enough space for everyone to work, but you will not spend a fortune trying to set up a bedroom office that fits in your existing space. 

Things to Consider

Both converting your bedroom and improving your home office don’t have to be complicated. It just takes some creativity and a can-do attitude!

Before letting your creative juices flow, consider these aspects, so you don’t find yourself backtracking. 

Bring the Outside In

If your bedroom doesn’t have a window and you yearn for some of that fresh, outdoor greenery, try incorporating a large, potted plant into the space.

Houseplants serve multiple purposes besides being an excellent focal point. We really love tropical houseplants.

They clean the air, which will ultimately give you more energy and make you more productive. If you don’t already have houseplants in your bedroom, now is the perfect time to incorporate them into your space.

If you don’t have the confidence you need to keep a potted plant alive, even an artificial plant or greenery will help brighten the space and give it a more outdoorsy feel.

No matter your reasoning for a potted plant in your bedroom office, it is a noble option to keep morale high and liven up the space.

Make Use Of the Wall

The wall is your best friend when it comes to creative office bedroom ideas. While a wall may seem restricting, it poses an option for a plethora of creative DIY office ideas.

A textured board is perfect for hooking items, including small trays and shelves, onto the board for easy access while sitting at the desk.

This addition is an excellent way to keep those small, necessary office supplies close without allowing them to clutter up your desk space.  

You can also use this type of wallboard to hold photos, paperwork, and a houseplant. If you’re in the market for a creative bedroom office idea, consider adding a textured board to your wall, as the possibilities are endless!

Desk Angles

The angle of your desk is a vital consideration before setting up your bedroom office. Desk angles can help you make the most of the space and also help with creating the right camera angles for your digital meetings. 

During your weekly video check-in with the team, your colleagues do not need to see your dirty laundry hamper or your unmade bed. 

Space Availability

Petite woman pulling her legs up on an office chair in a bedroom office nook on a rustic and minimalist workshop-style desk

Vera petrunina/Shutterstock

Setting up an office in a bedroom can be tricky when there is limited space. Before designing your bedroom office space in your head, measure the available area in the room to ensure the space fits your needs.

If it doesn’t, you may consider going with an alternate design. This way, you will not waste time and money on a bedroom office setup that will not work. 


If you have an indoor pet, you may want to make sure they feel included in your office plans.

Set up a comfy napping spot near your desk so they can help their human make it through the workday. 


Having a window view from your desk is a noble consideration. Being near a window allows you to receive that necessary sunlight humans need to stay healthy and gives you more energy to make it through the workday. 

If your space does not allow you to look out the window, simply being near the window will make a noticeable improvement.

Remember to take stock of how the sunlight enters the room during the day and if you receive a glare on your computer screen. You may want to position your monitor so you are not straining to see your work. 


Office décor is where you can let your personality shine. Consider sprucing up your bedroom office space by placing bold décor items on your desk.

You may also want to add a large painting or picture behind your desk as a backdrop for your online meetings. 


Selecting an office chair that is comfortable and helps you maintain good posture is essential. This furniture is not an area where you want to try to be thrifty.

Remember that you should still get up and move around to stretch, even when working at home. If you intend to exercise your back and abdominal area while sitting at your desk, consider using an exercise ball as a desk chair. 

What’s Your Favorite Bedroom Office Idea?

Spare bedroom office idea in an apartment with grey carpet and baseboard heaters with a desk across from a pull-out futon bed


So there you have it—bedroom office ideas. Knowing where to place your bedroom office can be a daunting task.

However, no matter what space you have available, there are plenty of creative bedroom office ideas that will help you make the most of your DIY office space. 

You may find that more than one of these ideas will work terrifically in your bedroom. You can try combining some of your favorite features from a few of these ideas to create a custom style. What creative bedroom office idea is your favorite?