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Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors: 10 Unique Ideas

Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors: 10 Unique Ideas

Using window treatments on sliding glass doors not only adds aesthetic appeal, but their importance goes beyond the appeal. 

If placed in the right place, they offer style and convenience and give your home a unique style.

In addition, they give your family access to the outside by letting natural light in.

Read on to see our favorite window treatments for sliding glass doors and why we love each one.

10 Unique Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

Despite the numerous benefits of window treatments, getting the right ones for sliding glass doors can be tricky.

Fortunately for you, we have compiled 15 unique ideas for your glass sliding doors.

Plantation Shutters

For an idea for window treatments for sliding glass doors, plantation shutters attached to the door frame in a kitchen


These shutters are ideal if you use your sliding glass doors frequently and constantly adjust the amount of light coming in.

They are easy to open and close, last longer than other window treatments, and are very efficient at controlling light. 

If you want to make your home more energy-efficient, consider using faux wood shutters. In addition to lowering your utility bills, they are exquisite.

They come in different colors to match any décor, and you can use them in any room.

In addition, plantation shutters have a lot of benefits when used on your sliding glass doors:

  • Durable: these shutters come in different materials that can stand up to the sun, dust, and changing temperatures. They can also withstand humidity, making them ideal for bathroom doors.
  • Easy to maintain: since they are made of sturdy material, these shutters only require wiping down to clean them. If they are made of wood, they acclimate to the environment, requiring you to tighten them over time. However, the task is easy to do. 
  • Increase property value: plantation shutters are the most desired window treatment option. Therefore, installing them increases your property value, as homeowners pay more for these window treatment options. So, if you are planning to add your property value in case you sell it in the future, go for these treatment options. 
  • Energy-efficient: the louvers on plantation shutters flush against the wall, sealing the sliding glass door. As a result, they prevent the hot glass from warming the air inside the house. During winter, the exact mechanism seals hot air inside, keeping your home warm.

Privacy Sheers

Privacy sheets used as window treatments for sliding glass doors in front of a laptop overlooking a balcony

Kylosova Maria/Shutterstock

If you want to have a perfect exterior view doubled with diffused natural light and privacy, then these privacy sheers are your best window treatments.

They come in different collections, giving you the freedom to choose the one that matches your taste. 

In addition, they have adjustable heat and light protection, allowing them to keep harmful UV rays out of your home.

Finally, with their different color collections, they are easy to coordinate with their counterparts in the room. Some of their benefits include:

  • Provide UV protection: privacy sheers filter out awful UV rays while allowing you to enjoy just the right amount of natural light.
  • Light control and privacy: privacy sheers feature movable fabric vanes that allow you to control when the light comes in and maintain privacy. They are especially great for sliding glass doors and large windows due to the amount of light.


Draperies being used as a window treatment for a sliding glass door in a modern white home with living room complete with reading nook

Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

For smaller sliding glass doors, draperies are your best window treatments. They offer privacy without blocking the light.

For an inconspicuous look, match the drapery with the wall colors and the hardware with the lighting fixtures and other accents in the room. 

Their benefits include:

  • Draperies come in different patterns, textures, and styles, giving you endless design options for any room
  •  When paired with window treatment, they add extra privacy and light control in the room
  • They create a soft and elegant feel in any room

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds used a window treatments for a sliding glass door as pictured in a wood paneled bedroom that looks like it's from the 70s


Although they are ubiquitous, vertical blinds are not ordinary window treatments for sliding glass doors.

In addition, they come in different colors, fabrics, and panel styles, making them the most versatile solutions for your sliding glass doors. 

Vertical blinds have numerous benefits, such as:

  • They are available in different fabrics and options, making them the most versatile window treatments for sliding glass doors
  • You can maximize the view since they have minimal stackback
  • In addition to using them as window treatments, you can also use them as a room divider

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades used as a window treatment for sliding glass doors as pictured in a vertical image

Kateryna Kubitsa/Shutterstock

Also known as cellular shades, these window treatments are the best option for sliding glass doors or patios.

They are an excellent choice if you want extra insulation and enhanced energy efficiency. 

In addition, these window treatments come in multiple fabrics, allowing you to choose between room darkening and lightening.

The unique feature about these shades is that they are cordless, so you don’t need wands or chains.

In addition, they offer numerous benefits, which include:

  • Energy-efficient: their honeycomb shape allows them to trap air inside, which insulates your home
  • Versatile color palette: they are available in numerous colors, ranging from white to rich gray and other neutral colors. With these options, you have a wide range of options to choose from that match your preference
  • Multiple styles: You can customize your home’s energy-saving design by using single, double, or triple-cell honeycomb shades

Roller Shades

For a piece on window treatments for sliding glass doors, roller shades attached to the window frame in a modern all-white living room

If you want to give your sliding doors a whole new look, then roller shades are your best option.

With these shades, you have the opportunity to use one long roller shade or two under the same headrail.

With two roller shades, you can have total clearance of one or both doors while at the same time achieving a contemporary feeling in the room.

In addition, these window treatments offer the following benefits:

  • They are available in a wide array of colors, fabrics, and textures, giving you the freedom to choose one that matches your taste
  • One shade can span for up to 3000mm, making them suitable for large sliding glass doors
  • They are ideal for high-traffic areas and rooms that require more privacy

Vertical Sheers

Vertical Sheers used as a window treatment through which light shines through a sliding glass room into an unlit room


Vertical shades combine sheer draperies and vertical blinds to produce an elegant and classical look for your sliding glass doors.

If you want to get a filtering view of the outside, then tilt the panels open.

On the other hand, if you’re going to achieve some privacy, simply tilt the vanes to close them. 

The benefits from these window treatment options include:

  • They diffuse natural light, giving any room a soft ambiance 
  • They offer the same benefits as vertical blinds but with more elegance
  • They are available in a variety of colors, textures, and fabrics

Ripple Fold Drapery

Idea for a window treatment for a sliding glass door featuring Ripple Fold Drapery


These have sliding panels that glide along a track on either side of the wall. You can control them using a baton, cord, or motorized control.

However, the unique feature of these window treatments is their soft-fold fabric. In addition, they offer the following benefits:

  • They give your home a luscious look from inside and outside
  • They are easy to maintain
  • The ripple folds prevent the curtains from sagging on the floor, hence eliminating any trip hazards.
  • The ripples help the curtain maintain its look and position without the need to pull the cords.

Panel Track Blinds

Panel track blinds used as a window treatment for sliding glass door that opens to a wooden deck in front of a tree

Chen Min Chun/Shutterstock

The panel track blinds feature the cord or baton control options that slide effortlessly along the track.

With these treatments, you have the opportunity to choose silver or white track; it all depends on your taste.

In addition, they give you the freedom to choose your preferred open direction, which can be left, right, or split from the middle. 

Panel track blinds are ideal window treatment options for patio doors due to their high level of privacy and endless color options. In addition, they have the following benefits:

  • Durable: they operate on a track with minimal risks of breaking down
  • Custom-made: You can have them custom-made to fit your sliding glass doors. In addition, they are very versatile and trendy.
  • Safe: They use a wheel-sliding mechanism instead of cords. Panel track blinds are therefore safe for use by both adults and kids. 
  • Don’t accumulate dust; they are designed to collect minimal dust and hence remain as sleek as ever
  • Versatile: they are highly functional, and you can determine which way they can stack when you open the glass door

Curtain Panels

Simple grey curtains used as a window treatment for a sliding glass door that opens to a well-manicured lawn overlooking a big lake

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shuterstock

If you’re looking for a modern and minimalist look for your patio doors, curtain panels are a good option.

Unlike regular curtains, these curtains feature flat panels of fabric that hang from a sliding mechanism, allowing you to move the panels in front of one another when open. 

Curtain panels offer numerous benefits, which include:

  • Provide texture and color to any room; these panels are available in hundreds of plain and patterned fabrics, allowing you to dress your glass door with your style of choice
  • Allow you to control the light: curtains are easy to open and close as necessary, allowing you to control the amount of light getting into a room. If you wish, you can have your curtain customized to include a blackout lining to provide more protection against other harmful rays.
  • They perfectly fit large sliding glass doors; you can have your curtains made to measure depending on the size of your sliding doors or windows.
  • Privacy control: with sliding glass doors, there are times you’ll feel a little exposed. In this case, you can use translucent curtain panels, which you can pull shut at any time while allowing enough light in.
  • Provide an extra layer of insulation; curtain panels combat the cold and draughty feeling that comes from sliding glass doors. If you wish, you can have your curtain panels made with a thermal lining that prevents heat from escaping.

Things to Consider

Sliding glass door in an off-white living room with all-white walls


If you are planning on buying new window treatments for your sliding glass doors, there are several things that you need to take into consideration.

  • Your budget: window treatment options are priced according to their size and material. Before choosing the right one, make sure you have enough budget to cater to your preference. 
  • Your purpose: you can use window treatments to boost the functionality of your home or add elegance to your interior décor. Before choosing, consider your lifestyle; are you looking for privacy, style, or light control? You can then select the window treatment option that best matches your purpose. 
  • Safety: If you have kids and pets in the house, it’s wise to choose cordless window treatment options. These treatment options eliminate tripping hazards or getting the kids and pets getting trapped. 
  • The amount of light and privacy—choose your window treatment options based on the required light and privacy level. For instance, cellular shades are perfect when you want to block harmful UV rays while at the same time increasing privacy.
  • Measurements of your glass doors: glass doors come in different sizes. It’s, therefore, necessary that you have the right measure of your glass door before ordering window treatments. You can always seek professional help if you don’t know the exact size of your glass doors. 
  • Interior decoration: if you want to achieve a perfect outcome, choose window treatment options that complement your interior decoration. Blinds and shades are available in different colors, textures, and fabrics, making it easy to meet this requirement. 

What’s Your Ideal Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors?

Guy measuring in preparation to install window treatments for sliding glass doors

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Now that you know a variety of window treatment options for your sliding glass door, which one matches your preference?

Remember that it’s essential to consider all the factors discussed above and the guidelines when selecting the most suitable.