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Master Bedroom Décor Ideas: 15 Designs You’ll Love

Master Bedroom Décor Ideas: 15 Designs You’ll Love

The master bedroom in your home is the place you can relax and unwind.

It’s a haven for any homeowner, and you should decorate it to reflect your style of choice. Read on to see our favorite ways to decorate your room.

Master Bedroom Décor Ideas You’ll Love

Master bedroom decor idea in dark and rich mahogany


Decorating a master bedroom can be challenging. Generally, a master bedroom also has an en suite or some other sitting area. It also contains the largest bathroom and closet in the house.

Keeping to the overall theme that flows from each of these components of the master suite is essential. We’ve tracked down 15 unique bedroom décor ideas for you below.

Hopefully, inspiration for your bedroom will come thanks to these ideas. Creating a place that you feel most comfortable and at home in is one of the most important things you can do for yourself in your home. 

Gentle Pop of Color 

Gentle pop of color in a taupe and beige room for a piece on master bedroom décor ideas

Rodenberg Photography/Shutterstock

Using a gentle pop of color in an otherwise white or cream-colored room is a great way to show your individuality.

Use your favorite color, or a color that means something to you, in gentle pops like throw pillows or lampshades. 

You can also translate this color in other ways throughout your master suites, such as bath towels, accent chairs, or accent rugs.

Choose a color that is not overbearing so you can maintain a warm vibe. 

Statement Wallpaper 

Statement Wallpaper in gold and grey for a piece on master bedroom decor ideas

Zhu Difeng/Shutterstock

You can up the regality of your master bedroom with sophisticated wallpaper. Wallpaper is easy to apply, though it can be difficult to take down. There are many tutorials online, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Use a wallpaper like this embossed one to add to the feel of the room. If you have more modern furniture, add a modern take on the wallpaper.

No matter what you decide, having an accent wall in your master bedroom will elevate the space without the hassle of painting. 

You can also use it as a makeshift headboard. Adding the wallpaper to the wall your bed sits against will create an illusion of a large headboard, or it can complement your existing headboard.

Use Shelving 

Use Shelving as an idea for master bedroom décor


Dual-purpose shelving is a clever way to use the space in your master bedroom. One example of this is using a headboard that has shelving in it.

It doubles as storage and a furniture piece. Display your favorite books or a candle on the headboard as a way to show visitors who you are.

You can place these shelves in other areas, like a sitting area or reading nook in your master suite, and still serve the same purpose.

Instead of adding another bulky furniture item, these shelves will make your room seem modern and put together.

Add a Luxurious Overhead Light 

Master bedroom decor ideas titled Add a Luxurious Overhead Light 

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

An overhead light goes a long way. Generally speaking, overhead lights function to light the entire room when the sun is not out.

If you are looking for a bright and luxurious option for your master bedroom, an overhead light is a good way to go.

However, don’t rely on just any overhead light. Make a statement with a chandelier or other large and luxurious light fixture.

It will be the focal point of the room and will create a feeling of grandeur fit for royalty. You can keep this theme going throughout the master suite with smaller light fixtures in the same style. 

Use Plants 

Master bedroom decor idea to use plants to bring some life into an otherwise minimalistic white and grey room


Whether or not you have a green thumb, plants are a great way to add vitality to a room and to frame your décor symmetrically.

You can buy faux plants or real plants depending on your skill level, so this technique is useful for everyone. Use tall potted plants to create symmetry among your furniture.

For example, you can frame a sitting area with the plants or frame your bed with the plants. You can also accent the room with smaller plants that go with the taller plants. 

If you opt for natural plants, you can enhance the air quality in your room with certain types of plants. With easy online research, you will find a plant that suits you.

Wall-Sized Mirror 

Wall-Sized Mirror leaning against the white wall in a bedroom with simple white walls and a grey and black blotted accent wall

Using mirrors is a well-known tactic to open up a room and make the light reflect around it for a brighter space. However, in a master bedroom, having a large, luxurious, wall-sized mirror will enhance your space even more. 

Choose a mirror that works with your color scheme for a more monochromatic effect, or choose a statement mirror that will stand out and serve as a centerpiece for your room.

No matter what type of mirror you choose, be sure that it is large enough to nearly cover a wall. This will also give the illusion of a large space, which is a desirable trait for a master bedroom. 

Add Leather 

Leather wallpaper in a brown and tan room with only the wallpaper as the master bedroom decor idea


In many ways, leather is a great way to convey luxury and warmth in a space. You can do this through leather furniture, leather accents like lampshades, or even leather wall art.

However, adding leather to a focal point piece like a couch or bed frame is a great way to use this tactic. 

Using leather upholstery brings a warm, welcoming, and a little bit edgy vibe to your bedroom.

You can carry this theme through with faux animal skins or prints in your sitting area and bathroom. Level up the sophistication of your bedroom with leather.

Paint It Black 

All black master bedroom decor idea with painted walls and fancy white roman-style crown molding


Many people may shy away from black wallpaper or black wall paint, but if you do it the right way, your bedroom can become a mysteriously luxurious paradise.

Using dark colors on the walls and in the fabrics will bring a sense of coziness and nightfall to the room. 

This is a good choice for someone who likes to sleep in their bedroom but doesn’t like to use it for lounging or working.

You can lighten up the room with white or light-colored décor and accent pieces like a lamp. In this example, these large wall sconces break up the darkness from the light without taking away the dark luxury vibe that the black walls create.

If you are looking for a departure from the light-colored décor that is prevalent in many master bedrooms, this is the décor inspiration you need.

Create a Cozy Sitting Area

Cozy sitting area in a beige room with white trim for a piece on master bedroom decor ideas


As we have said, many master bedrooms come with enough space to make a sitting area for reading or relaxing.

Cultivate a cozy vibe in that corner by spending time making it a place you would like to take a break from the day in.

This is a relatively easy process. All you need is a cozy chair in a color that matches your room’s aesthetic, a standing lamp or table lamp in a neutral color, and a small side table.

You can choose to have the side table with a drawer for storage or a simple three-legged side table. Either way, creating a space to sit and unwind in your master bedroom is an excellent option. 

You can use this corner as an accessory to the space or the focal point. It is all about the colors and textures you choose.

Use a Bench 

Use a Bench subtitle for a piece on master bedroom decor ideas

Rodenberg Photography/Shutterstock

Benches are a great décor option for large and small spaces alike. If you have a smaller space, use a bench that opens and has storage in it for extra blankets or pillows. You can even store winter jackets in it.

Placing the bench at the foot of the bed elongates the look of the bed and offers a place to both store things in and out of it.

You can accessorize by adding a tray to the top of the bench with décor items like a small plant or a candle. It is also a good way to add color and texture to your room.

Create a Vanity 

Master bedroom decor idea to Create a Vanity with a mirror to act as a powder station

Image Supply/Shutterstock

If you have an affinity for makeup or have a smaller bathroom, creating a vanity is a good choice for a master bedroom.

If you have an open wall with a space for a desk, all you will need to do is add a mirror and some marquee lights, and you’ve got yourself a vanity.

Adding a vanity in place of a desk is a good use of space if you know you will not need or use a desk in your master bedroom. It is also a good way to add personal touches to the space. 

Get a Geometric Area Rug 

Get a Geometric Area Rug for a piece on master bedroom decor ideas


A good way to add texture to a large space is with an area rug. By implementing an area rug with a geometric pattern, you are bringing together the room while adding design value.

Be sure to choose a rug that is large enough for your space so it fits the room. You can also bring in an accent color or stay on theme with the rug. The choice is up to you.

Decorate a Desk 

Idea for master bedroom decor featuring a dramatic interior of a taupe and beige room with white trim and a yellow and grey bed

Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock

If you will be working in your bedroom, a desk is a good option for both work and play.

Many bedroom suites come with the option to add a desk, so you can get a desk that matches your other furniture. This way, it is not an out-of-place object. 

You can decorate it with personal photos or a cute lamp. You can also add a pop of color to the room with a nice chair cushion. A desk is a practical furniture piece, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

Mount Your TV

Master bedroom decor idea to Mount Your TV on the wall as the centerpiece in a drab white room


Mounting a TV is not that difficult of a process and shouldn’t cost you too much money. This is a good way to keep with the elegant and modern feel of a master bedroom.

Though you most likely have space for a TV stand or a dresser that doubles as a TV stand, you can declutter your space by mounting the TV.

This also allows you to decorate with small personal objects on the dresser if you place it under the TV, which is often a good placement for the dresser. 

Don’t Underestimate Curtains

Unique colored curtains in a peacock type pattern for a piece on master bedroom decor ideas

David Papazian/Shutterstock

Curtains are both practical and fun. They can add a pop of color to a room or be an addition to an already existing motif.

You can use them to create a more intimate setting in your room by covering the windows. 

There are many uses for them and many colors and prints they come in. The choice of which ones to use is really up to you.

Things to Consider

Here are a few things that are most important to consider. 

  • Consider your budget and stick to it as much as possible
  • Research items you want before buying them. 
  • Take into account things you will use the most 
  • Ask yourself what kind of vibe you want to portray in your master bedroom 
  • Try to pick pieces that can translate throughout the entire master suite 
  • Decide on a theme, but don’t hold yourself to it. Let your ideas evolve as you decorate.
  • Remember that the decorating process should be fun and reflect who you are

Which Master Bedroom Décor Idea Will You Use?

Master bedroom decor ideas with grey furniture and natural taupe and beige couches

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So there you have it—master bedroom décor ideas. Decorating any room is a tall order.

With these 15 ideas in mind, you are sure to be able to mix and match to find the perfect fit for your room and your budget. Remember to keep it fun and creative.