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What Color Comforter Goes With Black Headboard?

What Color Comforter Goes With Black Headboard?

Whether you’re redecorating your bedroom, sprucing up a house before you sell it, or designing the perfect mother-in-law suite, it’s essential to know what bedding will go best with the black headboard that you’ve chosen. 

Keep reading to find out what color comforter goes with a black headboard.

Colors That Go With Black: Quick Guide

While it may seem tough to style bedding with a black headboard, it’s more simple than you think.

Black is a neutral color, so it naturally enhances and compliments any other color you put it with, meaning your choices for comforter colors and bedding styles are vast.

There are color schemes that historically look fabulous with black, and in this article, I’ll address those and the most frequently asked questions about finding the right color comforter. 

But first, there are three main color schemes that go with black headboards:

  1. Neutral Colos
  2. Jewel Tones
  3. Neon Colors 

Comforter Colors for Black Headboards

What color comforters go with black headboards

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Deciding on what comforter color is right for you depends on the color scheme and style that you want your room to have.

While every hue will go well with black, certain colors pop against a backdrop of such a significant tone.

Stylistically, it’s up to you to decide which design is perfect for your home, but in this guide, I’ve laid out some of the best color combinations for a black headboard. 

Which Neutral Color Comforters Go With Black Headboards?

Neutral colors are those that do not clash or compete with any other primary or secondary hues on the color wheel.

Instead, they complement and even bring out other colors when paired together. The most common neutral colors are white, grey, tan, and brown

If you’re looking for a muted or darker color scheme for your bedroom, cooler neutral shades of grey and navy blue may be what you need.

White is always a sought-after color for comforters, and it will be crisp and stark against your black headboard, but it can lighten the space up a lot.

1. Grey and Tan

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A grey or tan comforter will look fantastic with your black headboard. Grey can bring a modern feel to your bedroom and also lighten up your space while remaining easy on the eyes and indistinct.

Soft grey is often an approachable choice for blankets and comforters. A tan or beige comforter can warm up your space without bringing all the attention to the bed.

Tan will add a breezy and calming touch to your bedroom while subtly highlighting your black headboard, even if your space is bright. If it’s dark, tan can easily become a statement color. 

2. White

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White is a popular neutral color and a common choice for comforters and other bedding.

It’s easy to appreciate the stark contrast between your black headboard and your white comforter, and the look it creates is undeniably contemporary and fresh.

It can also be a great color for sheets. White is modern and associated with cleanliness, which can make guests, kids home from college, or mother-in-laws feel more comfortable in the space you curate for them.

For you, a white comforter will make your black headboard the statement piece of your bedroom. 

3. Navy Blue

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While some don’t consider navy a truly neutral color, it’s an ideal choice for homeowners who want a neutral color scheme, as it also works well with grey and tan.

A very trendy color choice, navy blue will complement the decisive cast of your headboard without looking too busy. If the room is white, navy can add a very old-school coastal vibe.

In any bedroom, navy shines as an accent piece, but as a comforter set against a black headboard, it looks both professional and casual, perfect for a guest or owner’s suite. 

Which Jewel Tone Comforters Go With Black Headboards?

Jewel tones are hues that resemble or take their cues from the hues of precious gemstones. The most notable jewel tones resemble rubies, emeralds, amethysts, and sapphires.

Jewel tones have a high level of color saturation, making them look vibrant, especially against a darker backdrop. Jewel tones can come in multiple shades, from magenta to cyan to citrine yellow.

This not only gives you lots of options for a bold comforter choice, but it also means you can use more than one jewel tone at once. A comforter in a jewel tone will find a model background on a black headboard.

1. Emerald Green 

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Emerald Green is a stately color choice for your comforter. An Emerald Green comforter will stand out combined with the distinct shade of your black headboard.

Green is an elegant color for the bedroom and may be best for someone looking for an easy pop of understated color in the space.

2. Amethyst Purple

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Amethyst purple is a dazzling jewel tone that also remains muted. This is a deep and intense shade of purple that will draw and impress the eye.

Amethyst purple can give the room a regal and dignified feel, and the comforter will compliment your black headboard.

Many comforters in amethyst purple come in patterns combined with black if you want to add an extra matching element to your bedding.

3. Ruby Red

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Ruby red is potentially the most well-known of the jewel tones. Without your black headboard overpowering it, this color can make a striking statement piece as your comforter.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, black and red are a solid color combination, and many comforters come pre-patterned with them.

Which Neon Colors Go With Black Headboards?

Neon or fluorescent colors are extremely bright versions of primary and secondary colors. They aren’t a part of the standard color wheel because they were made using chemicals at a later date.

While mostly used as accent colors, large bursts of neon color can give a room a modern punch or lighten a darker-styled space.

Neon colors are often considered a risky color choice because of how loud and intense they can be, but when done the right way, they can be beautiful.

Against a dark frame like your black headboard, a neon-colored comforter can become the exceptional dash of color your space is looking for. 

1. Electric Blue

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Electric blue is similar to cyan, turquoise, and aqua. It’s a bright blue color that is used all the time in fluorescents and is allegedly the color of lightning. An electric blue comforter will certainly add a shock of color.

And with your black headboard, it’s sure to create a contemporary and youthful feel. Electric blue can also be a calming color when combined with neutral accents like white, beige, or light green.

2. Absinthe Yellow

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Absinthe Yellow is a bright yellow that almost seems to have a glow to it, and usually it’s made with shades of green. Also referred to as neon yellow, comforters in this color are surprisingly popular.

It is obvious that a neon yellow comforter will match and add a lively and exciting mood to your room because black softens all neons somewhat.

3. Neon Pink

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Neon pink is a fun color often confused with hot pink but is actually quite a bit brighter. Usually combined with neon green, neon pink can sometimes add light and a feminine feel to the room.

However, combined with a black headboard, your room will feel edgy and adult, rather than girly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black headboard with a white comforter

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Is a Black Comforter a Good Idea?

Choosing a comforter all depends on the mood and feel you want your space to have. Black can add a mellow and homey feel to your space.

Or, it can toughen things up with other browns, blues, and greens if you want a more rugged or experienced environment. Either way, a black comforter can be a great idea for you if you know what you’re looking for.

How Do You Color Coordinate Bedding?

To color coordinate your bedding, it’s best to first pick a color or two and decide if they fit into the vision you have for the style of the room. If they do, choose one for the main and pick lighter and darker shades of that color for your bedding.

Your second color should be used for accent pillows, nighttime accessories, or the furniture around your bed like nightstands or a tv stand. If you’re coordinating throughout the house, you can use both of your main colors.

Just choose which bedrooms will have which color, and maintain the lighter and darker method for deciding on shades. Try to find two colors that either complement or stylishly contrast one another for a cohesive look.

What Colors Go Well With a Black Bed Frame?

Since black is a neutral color, it will complement all other colors. However, darker colors like burgundy, navy, or brown can highlight the frame without clashing with it.

It can also bring a worldly but fresh feeling to the room to use pastel colors like cream, lavender, or mauve. White or other neutrals can also help lighten your bedding if the frame is black and can make a bedroom feel more spacious and summery.

Does Espresso Go With Black?

Espresso is a shade of deep dark brown. As a darker color, it goes very well with black and the two are often combined in bedding, furniture, and other home decor.

While some tones of espresso can include reddish or light brown shades, the darkest iteration can be almost indistinguishable from black. Espresso brings a sophisticated and erudite feel to the room.

How Do You Pick a Sheet Color?

To pick a sheet color, first, decide on whether or not you want your sheet to match the rest of your bed set. If you do, choose either a lighter or darker shade of the first color you chose for your bed.

This will match your sheets to your comforter and other bedding and look well put together.

If you don’t have matching bedding, neutral colors like black, white, and tan make great sheet choices. If you want something more daring patterned or neon sheets are also a fun choice.

So, How Do You Choose the Right Comforter?

Choosing the right comforter to match your black headboard really depends on your home’s style, the feeling you’re trying to create in your space, and, of course, the colors you like.

Although black may seem like an unforgiving color, in reality, it compliments and combines well with most other colors, especially neutrals, jewel tones, and neons. 

Once you know the style you’re looking for, the color choice becomes much easier, and you can make the right decision on a comforter for your space.

Accenting or complementing your black headboard will be simple once you’ve decided how you want your room to look. While it seems like a small change, the right comforter can transform your area.