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Masculine Bedding: 11 Top Picks For Your Bedroom

Masculine Bedding: 11 Top Picks For Your Bedroom

Looking for masculine bedding ideas? You’re in the right place.

We’ve rounded up our 11 favorite products, listed what we love about each, and given you some things to consider before buying. Read on to learn more.

Looking for Masculine Bedding Ideas?

Masculine bedding idea with a black bed with grey flooring and an orange comforter with minimal decorations in the room

Santiago Cornejo/Shutterstock

Masculine bedding can be a bit of a tricky subject. We don’t like to make generalizations or stick to hard-hitting stereotypes around here, but men, let’s be honest—most of us don’t have a clue when it comes to decorating. 

And unfortunately, there comes a time in every guy’s life where he must take down his movie posters and university flags and establish a more adult atmosphere.

This lifestyle change often comes with new bedding, so we’re looking at bedding that exudes masculinity today. 

11 Masculine Bedding Products You’ll Love

What does masculine mean, anyway? And how does it apply to bedding? In short, something that is masculine has qualities that are traditionally associated with men.

You might call it manly, macho, or rugged, in other words. There are many traditionally feminine bed sets on the market today, ones that boast flowers, bright colors, and swirly designs.

That’s not what we’re looking at today. Read on to find some of our top masculine bedding products—sans flowers. 

BBANGD Store Duvet Covers Set

Duvet Covers Queen Size - Ultra Soft and Breathable Bedding Comforter Cover
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Are you looking to change up your style without breaking the bank? The BBANGD Store lets you change your bedding without buying a brand new comforter.

This set comes with a soft and breathable duvet cover along with two microfiber pillow shams. It’s available in 23 solid colors, making it easy to match your style and décor with no frills or patterns to deal with. 

Woolrich Store Reversible Quilt

Woolrich Reversible Quilt Cabin Lifestyle Design
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The word quilt probably doesn’t scream “manly” to most guys, but keep an open mind on this one. This Woolrich quilt takes on a rustic, cabin-style look with patches of plain and solid colors for a complete masculine look. 

The breathable quilt is made of 100 percent cotton and comes in seven different styles, from red and tan plaid to black and grey moose and everything in between. 

Plus, the set comes with a decorative pillow to match, which just makes your room design process even easier. 

Amazon Basics Bed-in-a-Bag

Amazon Basics 7-Piece Lightweight Bed-in-a-Bag
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A guy can’t go wrong with an Amazon Basics purchase to make life simple. These polyester bed sets include a comforter, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, two shams, and two pillowcases—all in one set. 

And, of course, everything matches. These affordable and ready-to-use sets come in 16 fabulous colors and patterns.

However, for you masculine men out there, we recommend the Blue Calvin Stripe, Gray Calvin Stripe, Navy Simple Plaid, Red Simple Stripe, Red Buffalo Plaid, and Reversible Gray Stripe. 

Bare Home Bedding Set

Bare Home Bedding Set 7 Piece Comforter & Sheet Set
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We’ll just get this out of the way now: 7-piece bedding sets are the ultimate bedding score. Bare Home’s bedding set offers just that with its goose-down alternative comforter and microfiber sheets. 

And we’re not joking when we say this set is available in every possible color. Some of these sets have matching sheets, while others offer a different colored sheet, such as the grey/white set with a grey comforter with white sheets and white and grey pillowcases. 

Comfy Bedding 3-Piece Bedspread

Comfy Bedding 3-Piece Bedspread Coverlet Set
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Prewashed. Oversized. Comfy. Need we say more? The Comfy Bedding 3-piece bedspread set comes with one simple, quilted bedspread and two matching pillow shams.

It’s available in eight solid colors with a basic quilted design that adds just the right amount of dimension to your manly bedroom. 

JELLYMONI Pinstripe Duvet Cover Set

JELLYMONI Pinstriped 100% Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set
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Stripes will always be classic, and that’s a hill we’re willing to die on. If you’re looking to upgrade your bedding and add just a hint of flare, stripes are the way to go.

These JELLYMONI pinstripe duvet covers add an upgrade to your existing comforter.

They come in five different colors, with the option of vertical pinstripes or horizontal stripes. The cover comes with two pillowcases to match as well. 

Cozy Line Home Fashions Brody Quilt Bedding

Cozy Line Home Fashions Brody Quilt Bedding Set
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How many rustic quilt sets are too many? There’s no such thing as too many! The Cozy Line Home Fashions Brody Quilt is a cozy yet masculine bedding set that comes in several different colorways.

Though, for masculinity’s sake, we recommend going with the chocolate brown plaid grid style. 

This style sports browns, tans, greens, and even a hint of orange-red for a stylish yet rugged appearance. It’s made of polyester, suede, and cotton and includes two pillow shams for a complete look. 

Wake in a Cloud Gray White Duvet Cover Set

Wake In Cloud - Gray White Striped Duvet Cover Set
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If dark colors aren’t your thing, that’s okay; you can still find yourself some masculine bedding in brighter, whiter hues. The Wake in a Cloud duvet cover is gray and white striped for the perfect blend of modern and manly.

The subtle stripes give you some texture, while the plain design goes with any décor or style. The duvet cover comes with two matching pillowcases. 

M&Meagle 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set

M&Meagle 3 Pieces Green Grid Duvet Cover Queen
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A nice sage green color is the perfect way to add some subtle character to a room without making it too loud, flashy, or, dare we say, girly. The M&Meagle set is uncomplicated and ideal, with a simple grid design. 

This set features a duvet cover along with two matching pillowcases. It’s all made from ultra-soft, natural cotton that’s easy to wash and maintain. 

The duvet and the pillowcases have stylish coconut button closures that add a nice touch to the package. 

Eddie Bauer Eastmont Collection, Navy

Eddie Bauer Home | Eastmont Collection | Quilt Set
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Two things in this life will always be masculine: navy and plaid. The Eastmont Collection from Eddie Bauer showcases both of these styles in one beautiful bed set.

This 100 percent cotton set boasts various shades of navy with intricate patches of plaid and plain squares. It’s soft, comfortable, and breathable. Plus, it comes pre-washed, so it’s ready to toss on your bed. 

Wake in a Cloud Denim Blue Duvet Cover

Wake In Cloud - Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set
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We can’t say enough good things about stripes, and Wake in a Cloud has them to spare. This duvet set features a stunning denim blue cover accented with thin white lines. It’s a classic style that’s great for any adult’s bedroom. 

The set is made of washed cotton, which is natural, breathable, and durable. It comes with two matching pillowcases, all of which are machine washable.

Things to Consider

Modern bedroom with planetary art and masculine bedding with a constellation-themed bedsheet set

What is it about a bedding set that makes it masculine? Let’s take a look at some of the main components. 


Traditional masculinity often comes with a certain expectation in terms of colors.

In this case, we’re going to avoid all things traditionally “girly.” This would include all of your pinks, purples, light blues, and a lot of pale colors. 

Instead, opt for dark, bold colors along with neutrals and masculine color combinations. We’ll give you a few solid examples:

Any combination of the above colors is sure to work for you as well. Additionally, you can often incorporate light colors, such as light blue or pale yellow, along with a darker shade for a pop of masculine brightness. 


When it comes to most men, patterns aren’t typically the first thing on their minds. However, there are a few manly patterns that are worth considering, especially if you feel that your bedroom space could use a bit more life and style: 

  • Vertical strips
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Plaid
  • Geometric Patterns
  • Reversible 

Patterns may not be your thing, but in a mostly plain room, some bold stripes or two-toned designs can really add some personality. 

Patterns like stripes and plaid are also great for adding just a hint of color to your décor scheme. 

Comforters vs. Duvets

On the topic of things men are clueless about, let’s talk about duvet covers. What’s the difference between a comforter and a duvet cover?

As a guy, you may not even care to know the difference. But you might be surprised once you learn more about the two. We all know comforters well. They’re the thick, fluffy blanket that serves as the top layer of your bed set.

These blankets are designed to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night, and they also serve as the primary design element of a bedroom.

Comforters come ready to use. They consist of a bottom layer, a filling, and a top layer. The outer layers serve as the built-in cover, so when you wash a comforter, you wash the whole thing.

On the flip side, a duvet is a type of comforter that you must use with a duvet cover. The duvet is the thickest part of the combination, as it holds the filling that a comforter would. 

However, you cover your duvet with a duvet cover. Duvet covers are great because they’re removable and easier to wash. Rather than washing your whole duvet, you can slip the cover off and wash it like a sheet.

And speaking of sheets, your duvet protects your comforter, so you don’t even need to use a top sheet anymore. 

Finally, duvet covers come in all kinds of colors and styles, making it easy to switch them out when you’re looking for a quick change in your bedroom. 

So, Which Masculine Bedding Resonates?

3d rendering of a dark wooden paneled room with pendant lights above the ceiling and masculine bedding on the bed

Creative Wonder/Shutterstock

Did our masculine bedding ideas inspire you? Not all men have a flair for interior design, and that’s okay! 

Our guide has offered some essential pieces centered around color, pattern, and bedspread type that will help you create a masculine yet cozy place to rest your head at night.