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Couches in Bedrooms: 15 Ideas You’ll Love

Couches in Bedrooms: 15 Ideas You’ll Love

Do you love the idea of couches in bedrooms?

Additional seating can create a comfortable space for you to enjoy the privacy of your bedroom, and we’re here to help.

We’ve rounded up 15 unique couch bedroom ideas to help spark your creativity.

15 Examples of Couches in Bedrooms

Having additional seating for bedrooms of all sizes is essential to making the space feel comfortable and homey.

You should enjoy the private room in your home for more than just sleeping; adding a couch creates a space for relaxing, reading, or watching television.

1. Add a Couch Against the Opposite Wall

Couch in bedroom idea featuring a bright blue couch against the opposite wall, as viewed from the foot of the bed


If your bed faces an empty wall, adding a bedroom couch facing your bed on the opposite side of the room is a great option.

Placing the couch flush against the wall or angled in the corner is a good place in the bedroom. Adding a complementary nightstand and lamp will make this the perfect place to wind down.

2. Underneath a Large Painting

For a large room, there might be a wall that needs additional touches to make the room feel complete and comfortable—consider hanging a large painting or mirror with a sleek couch nestled underneath.

3. Near a Window for a Faux Sunroom

Teal bedroom with a dark grey couch in it next to a window for a piece on couches in bedrooms

Philip Beauchesne/Shutterstock

Decorating with natural light is a beautiful way to add life to your space. Place a couch near a window or by French doors to utilize the natural light for a sunroom-like nook in your bedroom.

Be strategic about when the sunlight enters your room—morning or evening—to take full advantage of couch placement.

4. Place a Couch Beside the Bed

Couch in bedroom idea with the small couch right next to the bed


Adding a couch that runs parallel to the bed is an excellent way to create linear seating with the flow of your bedroom.

Having a sofa next to the bed might be a good option for sleepless nights if you are a restless sleeper.

Additionally, having a couch to sit on next to the bed can help you transition into the day on sleepy or slow mornings.

5. Create an Accent Wall

For a roundup titled Couches in Bedrooms, an idea for an accent wall that contrasts the loveseat shown next to a bed

Many interior designers might paint one wall in a particular room a different hue for a pop of color.

You can use this same idea for adding a couch by framing it against a wall you intend to highlight.

6. Matching the Flooring

Couch in bedroom with light beige bedding and décor


Adding a couch to your bedroom matching your hardwood or carpeted floors can direct the eye upwards from the floor and help the bedroom feel more significant, regardless of placement.

For instance, a tan couch atop a hardwood floor is a beautiful way to tie the natural beauty of your floors to the décor of your bedroom.

7. Add Couch at the Foot of the Bed

Couch in bedroom idea with a loveseat or ottoman at the foot of the bed that ties in the bedding design to the couch

Many people have footboards or chests at the foot of the bed, so why not add a couch?

Having a sofa at the foot of the bed is a clever way to decorate a bedroom and use all of the available space.

Further, if you choose a sofa with storage included, you can get the benefits of both a chest and a couch in one convenient location. 

8. Separated by Curtains

Couch in bedroom idea with curtains draped from the ceiling to create a separate sitting room area


Adding curtain runners to your bedroom ceiling can separate your bed from any seating area and make the couch in your bedroom truly feel like an additional private living room.

Placing your sofa further away from your bed is a great way to use your space efficiently.

9. Matching Your Bedding

Idea for couches in bedrooms featuring a couch in a bedroom with a small half-wall diving the sitting area but the bedding matching

By adding a couch that matches your bedding, you can create a cohesive space in your bedroom—utilize matching color schemes and throw pillows to tie the room together. 

10. Add Couch Adjacent to a Chest of Drawers

Couch in bedroom idea with a couch separated by a small room divider

New Africa/Shutterstock

If you have a chest of drawers in your bedroom, placing a sofa next to the chest is a convenient idea.

Assuming you store your clothes in the compartment, you can easily access your socks and utilize the couch for putting on shoes.

11. In Front of a Fireplace

Giant bedroom with a couch next to the fireplace with big picture windows above the bed

Digital Storm/Shutterstock

If you have a fireplace in your bedroom and are looking to enhance the coziness of your space, adding a couch can transform the room and give you additional seating to keep you warm on cooler nights!

12. Add a Curved Couch

Bedroom with couch idea in a medium-sized bedroom without a dresser


By adding a curved couch, you can maximize the space of a small room.

While still as comfortable and charming as a traditional couch, a curved sofa might fit more snugly in your bedroom, depending on the layout.

13. Place Couch to Make a Separate Space

Image for a roundup on couches in bedrooms in a Euro-style home with a bike at the foot of the bed


If your bedroom is large enough, you can create a new separate space using a couch placed in the center of the room.

Individually placing your sofa without relying on other furniture or walls in the room can create a natural barrier and a unique vibe in your house.

14. Add a Couch and Coffee Table

Couch in bedroom inspiration featuring a simple bed in the middle of the room and on the left side are shelves and a couch


Adding a couch in your bedroom is great for extra seating, but if you need a place to rest your coffee or to stack books or magazines, consider adding both a couch and a coffee table to your space for maximum benefits.

15. Place Couch Facing Chairs

Couches in bedroom ideas for an attic dormer with low light

Zastolskiy Victor/Shutterstock

If you have space in your bedroom for a private sitting area, adding a pair of chairs facing your sofa can make that space in your room suitable for hosting close friends for confidential meetings.

Offering extra seating in your bedroom is also an excellent option for your spouse or children as they move about your home.

Things to Consider

When deciding to add a couch to your bedroom, there are a few things to consider. 

First, measure your space and figure out how much room you have for a couch. Searching for sofas to fit in a particular area rather than finding a couch and then trying to fit it into the space is a more efficient option and a better decorating plan. 

Second, decide why you want a couch in your room. Are you going to use the sofa for reading or resting, or will you use a functional couch for dressing or medical purposes?

Answering this question can help you decide where to place the sofa and the firmness of the sofa you might buy. 

Finally, consider other ways you’d like your sofa to function in the space. Will it be primarily for sitting and decoration, or will it work as a storage function?

Understanding what purpose you need from a bedroom couch can lead you to search for the best option. 

Still Like Couches in Bedrooms?

So there you have it—15 examples of couches in bedrooms that we just love.

A couch is decorative and efficient in a bedroom. Adding throw blankets and pillows can accentuate the sofa and help it be a decorative focal point of the room.

A bedroom couch is excellent for reading or relaxing and can be another comfortable space in your bedroom aside from your bed.

Depending on the other features of your room, placing your bed in a way that creates a new space for additional activities is a great plan.

Deciding where to place your couch can be challenging, whether opposite your bed, against a wall, or independently in the middle of your space.

What’s great is that there is no wrong answer, and it is easy to rearrange bedroom furniture if you dislike your first sofa placement.