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Coffee Table Décor: 10 Stylish Ideas You’ll Love

Coffee Table Décor: 10 Stylish Ideas You’ll Love

Finding just the right coffee table décor can be exhausting, especially if you don’t know where to start.

Check out these ten stylish coffee table décor ideas to take your living space to the next level. Read on to learn more.

10 Coffee Table Décor Ideas You’ll Love

Without coffee table décor, your living space can feel bland and unfinished.

Adding a few trinkets or colorful pieces can change the look tremendously and add a little personality to the area. 

Keep your guests in awe of your design style by adding some of these stylish coffee table décor ideas. 

Simple Cactus

Image for a piece on coffee table decor ideas featuring a small succulent plant on a coffee table


Utilizing a cactus as a coffee table décor not only screams boho but also provides a focal point for the room. A cactus is an easy-to-maintain houseplant that won’t require your undying attention.

While the cactus itself is a statement piece, the pot used to display the cactus can also add some personality to the space. A small cactus won’t take up the entirety of the table, which is necessary if you plan to utilize the table for other items.

The evergreen color of the cactus adds light to the room when it’s dark and dreary out, making it the perfect accent for any living space.

If you are in search of a statement piece that will grab the attention of guests and is easy to take care of, consider bringing in a cactus and using it as a decorative piece for your coffee table.

Accent Candles

Coffee table decor on a simple mid century coffee table with a wood stump tray on which candles sit

Nothing is cozier than a candle. Whether it’s one candle or multiple candles, the warm light and ambiance a candle brings to a room are unmatched. One of the benefits of candles is that they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

This variety makes it easy to find a candle that matches the room and the overall feel of the space. If you have a large coffee table, consider adding multiple candles in various sizes. If your coffee table is small, use a single candle.

If a single candle won’t cut it, but your coffee table is too small for multiple candles, try adding a stand or accent piece under the candle for an elevated look. This photo is a perfect example of making the most of a small coffee table by using a wooden plate to elevate the intricate candles.

If you’re going for a homey, cozy feel, a candle will bring your living space to life while providing the perfect area to snuggle up and enjoy some hot cocoa—with marshmallows, of course.

Tall Vase

Tall vase as an idea for coffee table decor on a natural carved coffee table with sticks for legs


A tall vase is the perfect coffee table décor for an area that feels small. The slender height of the vase utilizes what space is available while still allowing extra room on the table for necessary items. 

The great thing about vases is that you can put anything you desire in them to change the look. You can also use different styles of vases depending on the season or the vibe you are trying to achieve.

If you are going for more of a boho vibe, consider adding feathers to the vase, as is seen in this example. Or, if you prefer more of a farmhouse-type style, try adding greenery or flowers to create a more homey feel.

No matter the type or style of the vase, a tall vase will help you get the most out of your small coffee table.

Potted Plant

Coffee table decor including a potted plant and a French press full of coffee sit next to some magazines on a coffee tray


There is no coffee table décor quite as classic as a potted plant. While it is a popular décor option, people have become creative in the types of pots and even plants they use to make them stand out as a focal point.

While some use pitches, jars, or other items to hold the plant, there is nothing quite as classic and calming as an orange clay pot with yellow springtime flowers.

Thankfully, these pots come in all sizes, so finding the perfect one to fit your coffee table is easy. Consider using a potted plant for your coffee table décor if you want an earthy, welcoming feel.

Minimalist Trinkets

Minimalist trinkets featuring a statue of a rhino and a carved wooden bowl as coffee table decor next to a boho style couch


Trinkets and decor items can become overwhelming quickly if not appropriately used as table décor. This image is a perfect example of how to use trinkets as coffee table décor.

The table is small, which makes it challenging to use the space effectively. However, using two trinkets that are roughly the same size and match in color fits the room and doesn’t become an eyesore. 

Trinkets are an excellent way to add some personality to the room, as you can add items from your travels or hand-me-down decorations that have meaning to you and that you want to showcase.

If you have items that you want to show off but don’t know how, placing one or two of these items on your coffee table is a perfect way to liven up the space.

Clear Vase With Vibrant Flowers

Coffee table decor in the form of a clear vase with live flowers and greenery sit next to a coffee mug on a saucer which sits next to an open book in a modern living room with a blue sitting chair and a floating staircase


A clear vase makes the space feel bigger and fits with any décor style. Using a clear vase and adding vibrant flowers lightens up the room and gives a fresh feeling to the area. 

The water is seen through the vase, making the area feel clean and tropical, while the stems of the flower are a part of the flower that isn’t typically seen. 

Unfortunately, flowers in glass vases aren’t as popular as they once were because they add a truly natural glow to any coffee table. As with the use of any vase, you can pick and choose what vase best fits the space available on your coffee table, making it a very versatile décor item. 

If you are attempting to achieve a fresh, clean look, try using a clear glass vase with real flowers to brighten up the room. 

Large Bowl

Coffee table decor idea showing a large black bowl in which small rock spheres sit

Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Lucky for us, bowls are handy in more places than the kitchen. Large, decorative bowls are making a statement in the world of coffee table décor and provide a versatility not many other decorative items can.

While a bowl is still a bowl, it can serve other uses besides holding food. Use a large bowl to capture river rocks or old pottery pieces to create an ambiance like no other.

Bowls come in all shapes and sizes, which means you can find the perfect bowl to fit the space available on your coffee table. Wooden bowls with greenery are a noble option to brighten up the space, and dark ceramic bowls with rocks create a cozy and earthly atmosphere.

If you want to bring the outside in, try using a large bowl filled with river rock as the focal point for your coffee table.


Succulents as coffee table decor on a modern white coffee table with rounded edges and natural wood legs


You can’t have a list of coffee table décor without succulents! Succulents have skyrocketed in popularity over the past year or two making them a perfect option for an intriguing décor piece.

Succulents come in various shapes and colors, some of which seem out of this world. While they require maintenance, a succulent can liven up a space and provide a vibrant color pop.

As with other potted foliage, you have the option to select a pot that fits your space and turns into a statement piece. Use multiple succulents as shown in this example to add depth to your centerpiece, or use one to remain a standout item.

Succulents are a go-to décor item if you aren’t sure what will fit in the space or adapt to the specific style you are attempting to achieve. 

Table Lamp

Table lamp as a simple idea for coffee table decor for a mid-century modern or boho living room


Table lamps have lost their spotlight due to the popularity of floor lamps sweeping the nation. The lost fame is most likely due to the space required to hold the lamp while still using the table it sits on.

Fortunately, table lamps still have their place and make a perfect coffee table décor item. Varying lamp shade sizes and designs mean table lamps are versatile and will shed some extra light when necessary.

This table lamp example is sleek and has a unique lampshade that makes it a focal point in the room. The slender design allows it to easily fit on the table while keeping space available for your coffee mug.

Table lamps add mood lighting to the room or brighten the space up depending on the type of light bulb you purchase. Don’t let the popularity of floor lamps deter you from using a table lamp to add some style to your coffee table.

Table Tray With Seasonal Décor

Table Tray With Seasonal Décor sits on a coffee table

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

If you are the type to change the décor every season, a table tray with seasonal décor is a must for your coffee table. This unique style is perfect for any size coffee table. Use a plain table tray to hold seasonal décor or decorate a tray and let it do the talking for you.

The tray keeps all your décor items in one spot allowing you to utilize the rest of the coffee table for more practical use. Place candles, candy, trinkets, or any other item you can think of on the tray for an easy décor idea!

If you enjoy getting spooky around Halloween or putting mistletoe out to show your Christmas spirit, this is the perfect coffee table décor idea for you.

Things to Consider

Woman putting wheat plants into a vase that sits on a modern decorative tray for a piece on coffee table décor ideas

Before digging up your coffee table décor or going out to purchase those necessary items, there are certain aspects of coffee table décor to consider.

  • Size of table – the size of the table plays a vast role in the décor options. If you have a small coffee table, you won’t want to use a table lamp or potted plant as they will take up the table in its entirety. Instead, consider decorating with a small candle or succulent or even a small trinket. 
  • Traffic – The traffic around your coffee table is a must to consider before adding décor. If your table has toddlers that frequently use it to get their wobbly legs under them or a pet that likes to snoop around, you won’t want to place breakable décor on its surface. Try placing a sturdy bowl on the table and filling it with child-safe items or items that won’t allow it to tip easily. 
  • Time of year – In the winter, you want to portray a cozy, welcoming feel. In the summer, you’ll want bright colors and a spacious vibe. Let your coffee table décor help you accomplish those seasonal feelings by using items that reflect the outdoor weather.
  • The table uses – Do you use your coffee table to hold your mug or dinner plate regularly? If so, you don’t want to put multiple décor items on the table that will take away from the space needed. Try using a vase with colorful flowers instead of a bulky array of candles.
  • Style of the room – The room type is another aspect to consider before going all out on your décor. If you are going for a boho feel, consider using minimalist trinkets that reflect that style. If you want to pull together the farmhouse style, place a potted plant on the coffee table as a focal point.  

What’s Your Favorite Coffee Table Décor Idea?

Coffee table décor is an admirable avenue to spruce up your living space and give it the vibe you desire.

Use potted plants and candle arrangements to accomplish that farmhouse style, or use trinkets and table trays to get that seasonal feel.

What stylish coffee table décor idea is your favorite?