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Farmhouse Décor Ideas: 15 Beautiful Examples You’ll Love

Farmhouse Décor Ideas: 15 Beautiful Examples You’ll Love

Looking for farmhouse décor ideas but coming up short?

Don’t worry—you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up 15 rustic examples to bring a little bit of the farm into your home. Read on to see our top picks.

Looking for Unique Farmhouse Decoration Ideas?

Farmhouse décor is on-trend in the house design and décor space right now. There are many ways to incorporate elements of farmhouse décor in almost any design style.

Modern, traditional, and rustic styles offer opportunities to decorate with variations of farmhouse décor. Keep reading to learn about 15 beautiful farmhouse décor ideas that may fit your needs.

15 Beautiful Farmhouse Décor Ideas 

As mentioned, farmhouse décor is very popular right now. However, it is popular because it is quite classic and relatively flexible.

You can implement nods to the farmhouse style in many home styles and designs. Farmhouse décor is a great way to add personality and comfort to your home.

The feelings evoked by farmhouse décor are those of comfort, welcomeness, and warmth. Adding in these touches is sure to make your home the place people want to be!

1. Wooden Bench in the Entryway 

For a piece on farmhouse decor ideas, a rustic unfinished natural wood bench sits in the entryway to a modern home


Many farmhouses are designed with an entryway. The entryway can be from the front door, the back door, or a side door.

Decorating your entry with a small wooden bench is practical and adheres to farmhouse décor standards.

Treat this bench as a place to take off your shoes from the day. Add a coat rack and key rack in the same space so you can unload your things from the day before entering the home.

Wooden pieces are key to farmhouse décor, so adding this wooden bench is perfect. Add a few pillows, and your bench is ready to use!

2. Wicker Seating on the Porch With a Sign 

Farmhouse decor idea with a wooden sign that says hello fall sitting in front of a white shiplap wall

Kristen Prahl/Shutterstock

An essential staple in farmhouse décor are calligraphy signs. These signs are often wooden or glass, and they are adorned with either season-specific sayings, the family name, or other sentimental thoughts.

Take inspiration from this fall-inspired back porch. The black wicker seats match the black of the decorative lantern and hand-lettered sign.

Again, pillows decorate the seats for a comforting look, and the white pumpkins add a little extra to invoke the spirit of fall.

You can replicate this look for other seasons and holidays. Switch out the pillows and the signs to match any event you want!

3. Rae Dunn-Inspired Vases With Flowers 

Rae Dunn-Inspired Vases with Flowers as a featured farmhouse decor idea


Fresh flowers and opaque white pottery are common in farmhouse design. These Rae Dunn vases are popular, but many similar types exist on the market.

Place these vases on a console table, a dining table, or even a fireplace mantle. Any place where you want fresh or fake flowers to adorn your home.

Be sure to pick vases with simple sayings on them that are unique to you! This example uses fake leaves, which is an excellent idea if you are not good at keeping your plants watered.

4. Decorative Ladder

Decorative ladder with a white painted wreath as a featured idea for farmhouse décor

Laura Bergeron/Shutterstock

Bringing the wooden theme into your home is crucial for a farmhouse look.

You can purchase pre-made wooden ladders in various colors, or you can try and find a used one to recycle, depending on the level of rustic flare you want. 

Adding a ladder with a small wreath and a blanket is both functional and cute. Place this ladder in the corner of a bedroom or living room for easy access to the blanket for guests.

You can also use this idea in a bathroom with the same concept, but add towels instead of blankets.

5. Rustic Tiered Centerpiece 

Photo of a rustic tiered shelf centerpiece (one of our favorite farmhouse decor ideas) sitting on a simple white table


A centerpiece is almost always involved in a farmhouse dining room. You can find metal, multi-tiered centerpieces at a variety of home décor stores or second-hand shops.

A repurposed cake stand may also do the trick! Add in faux greenery and wooden accents, like a small wooden sign or a string of wooden beads.

Place this centerpiece on your dining room table and expect your guests to feel at home while enjoying a home-cooked meal. 

6. Dark Wood in a Kitchen and Dining Area

Living room full of our favorite farmhouse decor ideas with dark black metal fixtures and furniture


If you are looking for a more modern approach to the farmhouse style, adding black or dark wood to your common areas is a good choice. 

Wood and metal are essentials to the style, but darkening them up adds a level of sophistication to the space.

Bring light into the room with an accent rug and wall color so that it is not completely dark, but the dark wood and metal pieces will stand out.

7. Light Colored Coffee Table Décor With Candles 

Farmhouse decor ideas with Living room full of our favorite farmhouse decor ideas with dark black metal fixtures and furniture

PV Productions/Shutterstock

Candles evoke a feeling of warmth. Pair that feeling with an old pitcher that doubles as a flower holder and wooden letters that spell out something meaningful to you.

This creates a homey feel in your common room when you place these things together in a coffee table centerpiece. This idea brings all elements of farmhouse style into one piece.

Use wooden letters to spell out “home,” “love,” or “family,” just to name a few ideas. Light the most rustic-scented candle you own. Tie your living room together with this simple coffee table centerpiece.

8. All Wooden Bedroom Furniture with Neutral Colors 

Bedroom farmhouse decor ideas titled All Wooden Bedroom Furniture with Neutral Colors 


Bringing in neutral colors to pale-colored, wooden bedroom furniture is a great way to create a calm and clean resting place.

Add in texture with metal accents on the furniture, like handles on a dresser or the bodies of lamps. Add a small plant in the corner to add some color to the cream-colored landscape.

You can also add chunky blankets or a woven rug to add texture; keeping the main bedroom furniture and coloring neutral adds to the simplicity of farmhouse living.

9. A Clawfoot Tub 

Bathroom full of farmhouse decor with a white shiplap wall, a light brown barnwood floor, and white shelves and wooden fixtures


When creating your perfect farmhouse, you can’t forget the bathrooms! Clawfoot tubs are often associated with luxury and glamour.

However, they are a big part of the farmhouse décor scene as well. Pair the tub with a small wooden footstool and a burlap-like bath rug in front of the tub for a rustic look.

Adding a shiplap wall or a wooden cabinet to the bathroom will extend the rustic theme to the entire bathroom. 

10. Wire Baskets 

Dark black wire basket on a natural wooden table in an entryway as an image for a piece on farmhouse décor ideas


Wire baskets add the perfect touch to your farmhouse look. You can use them in entryway consoles, living rooms, pantries, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

They are extremely versatile and come in a variety of shapes and sizes! As mentioned before, the contrast of wood and metal is important in styling a farmhouse-style home.

Bring in the metal with the wire baskets! They are also good to use because you can put in colored blankets, pillows, towels, and more to accent the room. 

11. Old Windows as Décor 

Piece on farmhouse décor ideas showing a dark wooden mantle with bright and airy decorations, white painted pumpkins, and an off-white painted window used as a decoration

Kristen Prahl/Shutterstock

Old windows are a perfect décor piece! They function similarly to mirrors, as they help to bounce light around the room.

This helps make the room feel bigger and lighter than it is. Recycle an old window for the ultimate rustic look!

You can place it on a mantle, decorate it with a hand-lettered saying, or even glue pictures into it like a makeshift frame.

Any way you slice it, the glass and wooden combination is perfect for the rustic farmhouse style. 

12. Embrace Neutral, Wooden, and Natural Kitchenware 

Natural wooden kitchen utensils and stone cookware sitting on a barnwood counter

Svetlana Lukienko/Shutterstock

A big part of farmhouse décor is the emphasis on the living room and kitchen area.

Often, these areas are the most used in the house, and they serve as the place that visitors frequent most. Bring neutral colors to your kitchenware.

Invest in basic, vintage vases for wooden utensils and cutting boards as centerpieces or décor pieces.

This is an excellent way to keep these heavily used items on display without compromising the design. 

13. Lean Into the Farm or Woodland Animal Motif 

A lodge-style farmhouse décor idea with natural wood floors, wood paneled walls, and more


Looking for a more dark and dreamy feel from your farmhouse? Embracing the animal motifs that are associated with a farm is a good way to do it!

Bring animal figurines like deer, chickens, or cows to the space. Add in rustic fabrics like faux fur blankets and faux animal skin rugs to tie in the theme.

These fabrics work well with a farmhouse style as they are complemented by wood. Don’t be afraid to get a little wild! 

14. Wicker Hanging Chair 

Image of a home decorated with farmhouse décor ideas with a hanging wicker chair, natural wood baskets, dark floors, and white walls


The bohemian style often inspires these chairs. But there is a crossover with the farmhouse style. It gives off a feeling similar to a porch swing, but inside!

Style the chair with flannel cushions and blankets, add a hand-lettered pillow, and you are on your way to a perfect farmhouse hanging chair.

It also pairs well with the textures involved in farmhouse décor, like homemade signs and wooden baskets. 

15. Think Natural 

Image of a gathering of farmhouse décor including metal baskets, old keys and locks, and chicken statues

Galina Grebenyuk/Shutterstock

The most important thing about farmhouse décor is embracing the elements of nature. Think of anything you would find on a farm.

Clay pots, metal watering cans, animal motifs, and faux eggs in a basket, or just having wood.

Adding these elements to your already existing space will help change the vibe immensely. Have fun with it!

Things to Consider 

Before starting any project, you should go through the pros and cons of the project.

Ask yourself these questions before embarking on a farmhouse décor makeover of your home. 

  • Do I have the time and money to complete this project? 
  • Should I have someone build a few wooden structures for me?
  • Do I like a more rustic or modern farmhouse style?
  • Will I be able to translate the farmhouse style across my entire home?
  • How long will it take me to complete this transformation? 
  • Does a farmhouse décor aesthetic fit my style?
  • Is the farmhouse décor functional enough for me?

As you explore, you will find many more questions that need to be answered, but these are a few we have decided are the most important right off the bat. 

Don’t worry about making it all match. One of the good things about farmhouse style is that it is all similar but not exact. 

Don’t try to buy everything brand new. Another part of farmhouse style that makes it charming and welcoming is that it has an old-time feel to it.

Try to recycle or upcycle as much as you can! Bring your personality into the space, no matter what you do, and you will be pleased with the results! 

What Farmhouse Décor Idea Will You Use?

Image of farmhouse decor ideas featuring a sign that says home and a metal tea kettle

PV Productions/Shutterstock

We know there are many different ways you can go with farmhouse décor. Maybe you want modern, rustic, or a touch of both. Farmhouse décor is very versatile and can be molded to fit your needs. 

There are many more ideas than what we have presented to you here, so don’t be afraid to do more research or try out a certain idea or two before settling on the one you like.

Decorating is about experimenting, and with a decoration style like farmhouse décor, it is important to find what makes you feel most at home. 

We hope this round-up has given you the inspiration you need to create the farmhouse of your dreams!