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Standard Mudroom Bench Dimensions for Your Home

Standard Mudroom Bench Dimensions for Your Home

Wondering what the standard mudroom bench dimensions are?

Don’t worry—you’re in the right place.

While the sizes often vary by home and available space, there are a few standard sizes to know about.

Mudroom Bench Dimensions: A Summary

The bench in the mudroom is a classic feature for most mid- to high-end homes.

Mudroom bench dimensions can change depending on the size of the room, but the basic concept of the bench remains the same. In any case, there are some standard sizes to consider:

Average Length36 to 48 inches
Average Depth14 to 18 inches
Average Height15 to18 inches

Having a mudroom bench can save space and provide extra storage for shoes, coats, and scarves.

It includes seating in the mudroom, making putting your boots on much more accessible. Instead of having to do the famous balancing act, you can sit down and put on your shoes with dignity. 

Mudroom bench dimensions vary greatly depending on the type of bench and the size of the mudroom. However, most standard measurements for a mudroom bench are 36 to 48 inches long and 14 to 17 inches deep

The range of sizes allows each mudroom bench to be slightly different and meet specific needs, depending on the home and the family.

What Affects Mudroom Bench Dimensions?

Image of a standard dimension mudroom with bench built in

Sheila Say/Shutterstock

Mudroom bench dimensions come from a standard for mudrooms and the things for which the bench must be used. These standards are a helpful guide, but they don’t have to dictate your mudroom bench situation if you have better ideas in mind.

While there is some standard for mudroom bench dimensions, there doesn’t have to be a replica in every home. The beauty of the mudroom bench is that it is customizable to fit your needs. 

The versatility of the mudroom bench is one of the things that makes it such an essential feature in the home. If you need a bench that’s longer than 48 inches, you can have one.

You don’t have to stick to the standard if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle. But even though the mudroom bench is highly versatile, there are some things to consider before finding something too abnormal. 

Fitting in a Mudroom

The biggest concern with your mudroom bench is whether or not it will fit in your mudroom.

It would be unfortunate to go through all the trouble of ordering or making a mudroom bench, only to find that it does not fit in the space for which it’s designed.

Measuring your mudroom before making any purchases is probably the best way to avoid this awkwardness. If you already know how much space you’re working with, it will be much easier to find something that fits your needs and fits your space.

Don’t look only at the size of the mudroom. When you measure for a mudroom bench, the width and height of the doorway are just as important as the room size.

Forgetting this leads to those unfortunate moments when you can’t quite angle your furniture to get it through the door. 

So measure everything. Before you even look at mudroom benches, take a tape measure and get all the proper dimensions for your mudroom. Planning and preparing make the whole process easier and less likely to cause frustration.

Bench Varieties

Mudroom benches are all very different. Some are tall, some are short, some have compartments and cubbies, and others have no accommodations. The size of the mudroom bench will depend significantly on the kind of bench you end up getting. 

Some mudroom benches look just like basic benches. They don’t have any defining features other than being in a mudroom. There’s usually some space underneath for storage, but they offer very little else in the way of amenities.

Other mudroom benches have a compartment hidden inside the bench. In this instance, the bench’s dimensions will likely be different to accommodate the hollow insides.

These benches offer more storage space that’s out of the way and hidden from a view, a great trick for those who love organization more than anything.

Then there are the tall mudroom benches. These mudroom benches tend to come with a back that may include shelves, coat hangers, or little cubbies that provide storage and hanging space.

Benches such as these may also have storage space beneath the bench or extra shelves. If so, the dimensions may be different than a standard mudroom bench.

The seat will likely be higher from the ground, but the space between the floor and the bench base will likely be shorter. Since there are so many different types of mudroom benches available, it’s challenging to narrow down too specific dimensions.

The dimensions vary greatly depending on the type and style of bench you purchase, which means you have plenty of options.  

Bench vs. Chairs

If you don’t need lots of storage space and you’re just looking for something that allows you to have a seat while you put on your shoes, then a simple mudroom bench will likely do the trick.

There’s no reason to clutter your space with lots of junk if it’s not necessary. Sometimes a mudroom bench might seem excessive when you just use a chair instead. And chairs are perfectly viable options for mudroom seating.

They are often foldable, so they don’t take up as much space, and they are multipurpose. Even though mudroom bench dimensions can change drastically depending on the size of the mudroom and the type of bench you get, a bench is always more challenging to move than a chair.

Benches can be hefty and hard to maneuver. Depending on your space, keeping a big, bulky bench in the mudroom might not be feasible. 

Mudroom Sizes

On average, a mudroom is about 49 square feet, or seven feet by seven feet. Much like the mudroom bench, the standard mudroom size does not need to dictate what you do with your mudroom.

Some mudrooms are more significant because they need to hold more storage space, but some can be incredibly narrow. Some modern home builders leave the mudroom out of the house construction because there’s simply not enough square footage to make it worthwhile. 

Building a mudroom can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $16,000 on average for about 50 square feet. If you add a mudroom to your home, it can cost a little more if there is other renovation work that needs to be completed along with the mudroom. 

Some storage options just don’t work in a mudroom the same way a mudroom bench works. Generally, bigger mudrooms have more space and more need for a mudroom bench.

If you have a lot of space in your mudroom, it’s much more likely that you’ll have things that need to be stored there. You don’t need to have a massive mudroom to fit a mudroom bench in it, however.

Since mudroom benches are highly customizable, you can find one to your liking that works in your space without much issue. You could even design one yourself if you felt up to the challenge. 

Things to Consider

Average mudroom bench size photo

Scott Prokop/Shutterstock

When you’re looking at mudroom bench dimensions and trying to determine what the right size is, there are a few essential things to keep in mind:

  • Mudroom bench dimensions have standards but can vary
  • The size and capability of a mudroom bench are incredibly versatile
  • There’s no wrong way to install a mudroom bench, as long as you’re satisfied
  • Your mudroom size will impact the bench style and size that you choose. 
  • Benches can work as cabinets and coat hangers if needed
  • You can customize your mudroom bench to fit your vision
  • Carefully planning and measuring before purchasing a bench is necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering mudroom bench dimensions might not seem like an important topic.

Still, there are quite a few questions out there that have to do with the bench options, sizes available, how to determine how big of a bench you need, and how to add personality to your mudroom bench.

We’ll answer these in detail below:

How Do You Measure a Bench?

When you’re measuring a bench, you need to take a couple of things into consideration:

  • How tall is it?
  • How deep is it?
  • How high up does the bench seat from the ground?
  • Is there a cushion?
  • How high is the back?

All these measurements are essential when you need to measure your mudroom bench. The sizes noted above will give you a more exact idea of how large or small your bench is.

Some people also like to measure the thickness of the bench seat. The thickness of your seat will only minorly affect the distance between the ground and the seat.

Can You Make a Bench Cushion?

Bench cushions are one of the best accessories you can give your mudroom bench. A soft cushion with nice upholstery can make all the difference in the way your mudroom looks.

There’s no telling what kind of style choices you can add to your palette when you include a bench cushion. If you know anything about sewing, then you’re well on your way to making your bench cushions.

Even if you don’t know anything about sewing, you can teach yourself to make them pretty quickly or receive instructions from someone who has done it before.

You can purchase bench cushions all over, or you can make one at home with a lot of ease. Either way you choose, making your bench cushion is entirely possible and commendable.

What Kind of Wood Works Best?

The good news is that there’s no wrong answer. All kinds of wood will work when you’re building or purchasing a mudroom bench.

You can use whatever wood you feel like buying or even wood you have gathered in the backyard. If it’s wood, there’s a way to make it work. While there’s nothing wrong with using plywood for your mudroom bench, there are better wood options available.

Some people prefer the cheapest option and just use plywood. Maple works beautifully, as does oak and even hickory if you’re feeling adventurous.

How Tall Should a Bench Be?

Generally, a mudroom bench will sit at least 15 inches off the floor. This height can vary depending on the bench, but between 15 and 18 inches is a typical range for the bench height.

Taller benches are going to have more storage space beneath them for things like shoes, coats, totes, winter attire, and whatever else you might like to stuff under the bench. It depends on your preference.

Does a Mudroom Need a Bench?

No mudroom needs a bench. There are likely plenty of mudrooms out there that have no benches whatsoever.

However, there’s something sweet and nostalgic about having a bench in the mudroom. Not to mention, they’re handy and practical.

So, What Are Mudroom Bench Dimensions?

There are mudroom bench dimension standards that help lay the foundation for what a mudroom bench should look like.

They’re highly customizable, meaning they can be whatever size you want. But a mudroom bench is made for the homeowner.