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Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas: 15 Great Designs You’ll Love

Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas: 15 Great Designs You’ll Love

No matter how much you love your shoe collection, that love can quickly disappear when all of those shoes clutter up the entryway to your home.

Luckily, there are some creative and functional solutions out there that will help you organize this mess while adding some style to your home’s décor.

Let’s explore entryway shoe storage ideas that work great for any design style.

Why Consider Entryway Shoe Storage?

Messy entryway with four pairs of shoes and boots sitting on the floor mat and in desperate need of an entryway shoe storage rack

Filono Cardoso/Shutterstock

Even with a small shoe collection, the chaos of life means that you will eventually clutter up your entryway with random shoes all over the place.

Especially if you live with others or have a family, the chaos of shoes at the front door compounds.

In some cases, you will even create the risk of tripping over them and hurting yourself as you rush out the door.

The first thing to know is that you’re not alone—almost every house deals with the chaos of shoes messing up the entryway area.

In a busy house, people come and go quickly, and, in many cases, yesterday’s shoes are not today’s shoes.

With multiple people working through multiple pairs of shoes, you need a system to organize the entryway chaos.

15 Unique Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas

Luckily, the right shoe storage idea can organize and add style at the same time.

So if you’re trying to free up your entryway floor space while at the same time adding some décor to your house, you should consider some of these creative entryway shoe storage ideas.

White Wooden Shoe Shelves

Image for a piece on entryway shoe storage ideas featuring a coat rack next to a multi-leveled shoe storage shelf with an open front and back

New Africa/Shutterstock

One shoe storage solution is to go with a standard wooden shelving unit that can hold all your shoes.

This example has six storage levels (including the floor and the top), and it can comfortably fit 12 to 15 shoes.

With the coat rack next to it, these simple shelves match the entryway décor while providing lots of functional storage.

Of course, you can always paint shelves like these to match your specific color scheme.

Modern Shoe Storage Bench

Modern open-front shoe storage idea for the entryway featuring a grey upholstered bench with an open bamboo-style shoe rack below

New Africa/Shutterstock

This modern shoe storage bench does not have as much storage space as the previous example, but it is way more stylish.

Realistically, you can only store five pairs of shoes on the shelf and maybe another five on the floor.

So despite the sleek style of this shoe bench, you should go with something else if storage space is most important.

One positive note, though, is that you can sit on it while putting on your shoes. 

Two-Level Shoe Rack and Bench

Two-Level Shoe Rack and Bench in front of a brick wall painted white in the entryway of a home

New Africa/Shutterstock

This shoe rack has two levels and is also a bench, and it offers a bit more storage than the previous shoe storage bench.

It has a white exterior and metal shelves that give it a stylish look against the white brick wall.

The problem with this storage is that it would probably only work for someone who lives alone.

If you need a shoe storage solution for your family, this bench is just not going to cut it. 

Large Shelving Unit for Shoes

For a piece title Entryway Shoe Storage, a large metal rack with a bench and built-in shelving in natural wood and black painted metal stores coats and shoes

New Africa/Shutterstock

The previous examples were stylish and subtle solutions that blended into the entryway décor.

But if you have a large family and are serious about organizing your entryway shoe storage, consider something like this large shelving unit right by the front door.

Despite the unit’s large size, the style is minimalistic and doesn’t stick out too much. And you will have plenty of room for shoes, bags, and even hanging jackets. 

Tall Cubby Shoe Storage

Modern eggshell textured wall painted white in the entryway of a home next to a dark wood stained door with an tall white shoe storage cubby against the wall tucked in a corner

New Africa/Shutterstock

One classic solution for entryway shoe storage that you will see in a lot of ideas is cubbies.

Cubbies are a great way to organize multiple people’s shoes into one piece of furniture because multiple pairs of shoes can fit each cubby.

You could even assign each person the allotment of one cubby. Or, if you live alone, you can have a much more spacious entryway by putting only one pair or two pairs of shoes in each cubby.

Metal Shoe Shelving Unit

Metal Shoe Shelving Unit in a lightbox-style photo for a piece on entryway shoe storage ideas

New Africa/Shutterstock

This type of shelving unit might not be for everyone, and it does risk looking a bit cheap.

The all-metal design is probably best in a modern house with minimalist décor, but it could theoretically work anywhere.

The plain metal shelves don’t compare with the warmth of some of the earlier wooden examples, but for a low price and easy setup, you will have more shoe organization at your front door.

Cubed Cubby Shoe Storage

Cubed cubby shoe storage idea, black in color, sitting on a grey tiled floor next to a white painted brick wall

New Africa/Shutterstock

If you liked the idea of cubby storage but didn’t want something tall like the previous cubby example, this cubed-shaped storage could work for you.

The cubbies work perfectly with the coat storage on the side. And the top of the table allows you to put some décor on it, like a plant.

However, since it only has four small cubbies, you will probably want a larger unit if you want a solution for your whole family.

Shoe Storage Cabinet With Drawer

Shoe Storage Cabinet With Drawer

New Africa/Shutterstock

If the plain look of shoe shelves doesn’t fit your home’s décor, maybe the cabinet style of this example will work better for you. The two shelves can comfortably hold around six pairs of shoes.

And the pull-out drawer could be a great place to store your keys, wallet, spare change, and other pocket items.

But because of its small storage capacity, this small unit is probably best for a single person and not a family. 

Shelf and Bench Combined

Combined shelf and bench idea for an entryway shoe storage piece

New Africa/Shutterstock

This example shows that a bit of creativity allows you to combine multiple ideas into one.

On the left is a wooden shelving unit, like you’ve seen in previous examples.

And on the right is a more standard bench, perfect for sitting on while putting on your shoes.

The key to this solution is that the bench offers a lot of room underneath it to store any excess shoes that are not fitting into the shelving unit.

Stylish Shoe Rack or Table

Idea for entryway shoe storage titled Stylish Shoe Rack or Table

New Africa/Shutterstock

It’s always great when a stylish piece of furniture can function as two things at once, and this example is a shoe rack and table.

The unit has two levels of shelves that each hold five shoes, and you can probably fit another five shoes underneath the bottom shelf.

And the top, instead of being a bench like in previous examples, is a beautiful table that can either hold some decorative items or be a place for your bags.

Shoe Rack or Clothes Hanger

Shoe storage for entryway idea made of a mobile metal coat hanger next to a black metal and wooden end table

New Africa/Shutterstock

This shoe rack and clothes hanger in one is one of the more unique-looking examples.

It has a minimalist design that doesn’t clutter up the space and would work great in any house or apartment for modern décor.

You can probably fit four pairs of shoes on the shelf and another four underneath the shelf, so while this is a sleek and creative piece of furniture, it likely does not provide enough storage for a family.

Closing Shoe Closet

Entryway shoe storage closet with hinged drawers being operated by a woman in a white hoodie and yoga pants

Tatyana Soares/Shutterstock

If you hate the clutter of shoes in your entryway, then this shoe closet is the perfect solution to make them disappear. Shelves organize the shoes so that they look less chaotic.

But this clever piece of furniture allows you to store your shoes in one of three cubbies that roll upwards and close, as pictured here.

You can probably store up to 18 pairs of shoes in this unit without seeing any of them!  

Modern Hallway Furniture

Entryway with a rustic wooden door and an entryway shoe storage cubby that's tall and skinny with doors on the left side alongside a floor mirror and a coat rack

New Africa/Shutterstock

Most of the previous examples were smaller pieces of furniture that subtly blended into the entryway. This example, however, is a legit piece of furniture that isn’t trying to hide.

But considering how functional it is, it’s no problem that this piece takes up a lot of space in your hallway.

8-cubbies can store many shoes (and other things), and there is also space on top of the unit. And there’s even a mirror to check yourself on the way out!

Small Wooden Bench

Small wooden bench next to a floor plant as an idea for an idea on entryway shoe storage

Ben Bryant/Shutterstock

This small wooden bench is beautiful to look at and would fit in excellently with modern interior décor.

Like any table of this size, it offers room underneath where you can neatly organize your shoes, so they are not thrown about in the entryway.

But let’s be honest, this shoe storage solution is mostly about looks. You should have shoe storage somewhere else in the house if you want this bench to be your entryway storage.

Shoe Boxes

Plastic bins with shoes on the inside stacked for a shoe storage idea for the entryway


If you are looking for a more flexible option that can grow with your shoe collection, consider the idea of stacking boxes near your front door. If you do not like these boxes, you can choose a more stylish option.

The main point is that each person can have separate storage. Whether boxes, buckets, or a hanging bag or pocket, the main idea is that you can always add another box if you are running out of space.

Things to Consider

As you can see, there are a lot of shoe storage ideas that are both stylish and functional.

You don’t have to look at a chaotic pile of shoes, and you also don’t have to put a gigantic shelving unit next to your front door that looks awkward and out of place.

The best of these ideas provide you with a lot of storage and also add to the décor. In general, the biggest takeaway is that the entryway décor is flexible, and it depends on your specific house or apartment.

In some entryways, a small bench is appropriate. And in others, the gigantic shelving units add to the décor and fit right in.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match ideas to come up with something that works for you. Whatever you decide on for shoe storage, keep some of the following ideas in mind:

  • Benches are a great way to have storage and a place to sit while putting on shoes.
  • For a large family, consider using designated cubbies or boxes for each person.
  • Combining a shoe rack with a bench gives extra storage and can look great.
  • Building shoe storage can be a great do-it-yourself project.
  • Combining a coat rack and shoe storage into one unit is a great way to save space.

What’s Your Fave Entryway Shoe Storage Idea?

Farmhouse entryway shoe storage idea made of natural wood with an umbrella holder on the left

New Africa/Shutterstock

It’s easy to accept that the area around your front door will always have a mess of shoes.

Hopefully, some of these creative entryway shoe storage ideas have inspired you to find a solution and tidy up your house while also adding some new décor.