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15 Entry Table Decor Ideas: Transform Your Welcoming Space

15 Entry Table Decor Ideas: Transform Your Welcoming Space

Many times, the entry table is the first thing visitors see in your home. It is also the place where you can unwind and detach from the outside world every day. 

Coming home to a welcoming entryway decorated with cute entry table decor is more important than you think. Furthermore, it is a great way to stay organized and make leaving your home easy, even in a morning rush. 

15 Welcoming Entry Table Decor Ideas 

We have researched for you and come up with 15 of our favorite entry table decor ideas. The focus here is to keep your home welcoming and comforting while providing the necessary organization and functionality. 

Keep reading to find some ideas you can implement into your already existing entryway or find inspiration for a pending entry table decor project!

1. Simple Metal Console Table 

Idea for entry table decor featuring a simple metal coffee table below a round mirror next to a tall black metal coat rack

New Africa/Shutterstock

Keeping it simple in the entryway may be exactly what you want. Use a metal console table with no frills.

Add a basic-designed coat rack and a sleek mirror to keep the space usable with everything you need without overpowering the area. 

We like this example because it can keep your coat, keys, important notes, or mail in one confined space.

It is also simple enough to fit many aesthetics, so you can keep it for many years. The addition of the tiny hat hook on the wall is a plus! 

2. Monochromatic Console Table

Monochromatic Console Table as an idea for a piece on entry table decor ideas

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

This monochromatic look helps blend the entryway table into the rest of the room. Adding small spots of color, like a family photo or a mini faux plant is a good way to create dimension in an otherwise flat area. 

Blending the console table into the rest of the wall and entryway is a clever move for someone who does not want that part to stand out.

However, bringing a small bowl for your keys or a tiny plant into the mix is the perfect way to add a pop of color to the room. 

3. Glam Mirror 

Boho style round gold and glass wire mirror for a piece on entry table decor

New Africa/Shutterstock

A good way to spice up any space is to place a glamorous mirror on the wall! The entryway is no different.

If you want to evoke a sense of glamour throughout your home, decorating the entry table with bold, metallic decor sets the tone off right. 

Adding the mirror to the wall in a matching metallic tone is a good way to tie the entire area together.

It is also a functional piece for you to make final touches to your hair or makeup before leaving the house. 

4. Unique Key Holder 

Unique cutout-style mountain key holder mounted on the wall above an entry table with decor and a snake plant

New Africa/Shutterstock

If you have a small space like an apartment, there may not be enough space for a large console table or shoe rack.

Instead, opt for a uniquely shaped key holder that will add character to the entryway. 

You can also hang a couple of flat hooks behind the door for your coat or hat without taking up too much room.

Adding a small plant or thin umbrella holder by the door is another way to use a small space while still having everything you need. 

5. Vintage Objects 

Gold picture frame with white matting mounted on the wall in a white room as an example for rustic-style entry table decor ideas

Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

Part of the entry table evokes a sense of who you are to your visitors. If you have an eclectic or vintage home, bring that out right away!

Placing colorful vintage plates or vases on the entry table is a good way to bring out personality. 

Opt for a vintage bowl for keys if you need something more practical. You can also add fun-colored frames for photos.

Choosing a neutral-colored entry table will show off the color of your vintage pieces even more!

6. Stylish Shoe Bench 

Entry table decor featuring a snake plant and two colorful and muted pillows sit on a grey tile floor next to a door on which two winter coats hang

New Africa/Shutterstock

If you are someone who likes to keep your home shoe-free, then this is the solution for you!

Bring a stylish shoe bench into your entryway decor. You can add a small side table to the area to spruce it up even more. 

Decorate the shoe bench with fun pillows and a seat cushion to make it the perfect spot to decompress after a long day.

It is also a great place to store shoes that are continually dirty, like gardening shoes or snow boots in the winter.

7. Entry Table With Drawers

White entry table with drawers sits on a grey tile floor next to a white door in front of a red brick wall and next to a tall and skinny coffee end table

New Africa/Shutterstock

Having an entry table with drawers is perfect for someone who doesn’t like clutter.

You can store away all the things that need to be stored in your entryway, like keys, mail, or umbrellas, in the drawers. 

Decorate the top of the drawers with a simple plant, a quote card, or a family photo for a personal touch.

You can also leave out a stylish bag or purse that will complete the look and match the aesthetic. 

8. Light It Up With a Lamp

Entry table decor idea in the East-Indian style with a Buddha head in front of two rounded thai-style mirrors mounted on the wall nestled between two lamps


Bringing light into an otherwise dark entryway is a great way to decorate your entry table.

Lamps are a perfectly functional and stylish piece. Add a lamp with exceptional color to accent the table and provide light! You can use them to create symmetry as well.

Place them on either side of the entry table, and decorate the space in between with a vase of flowers or a statement bust. Add candles for an added sense of warmth! 

9. Send a Message 

Farmhouse style entryway table decor idea with a mint green table with a natural wood top holding up a rustic and corny wooden sign and two birdcages with some natural greenery accents


Adding a hand-lettered or printed sign to your entry table is a good way to say who you are.

It also adds to the vibe of the home, depending on the material of the sign and the font of the message. 

You can style the sign with simple candles, maybe a few small bowls, or more intricate pieces like this example with the bird cages.

Any way you slice it, a message is a welcoming option for entry table decor. 

10. Color Coordinate Your Art 

Entry table decor idea titled color coordinate your art with a white entryway wall from which hang two beige framed plant prints above an entry table in reclaimed wood with blue and teal decorations


Hanging art above an entry table is a popular decorating move. However, you can up your game with color-coordinating decor on the table that matches the themes and colors in the art.

Take into account how the entryway will flow into the next space when settling on a color. 

With the example shown here, the dark and light tones of blue are matched with the bottles on the table.

The flowers match the floral motif in the art. Adding the clock is a practical move, so you can tell the time while keeping the aesthetic. 

11. Modern Neutrals 

Modern and elegant earth-tone entry table decor sitting on a wooden rounded table with a stone base in a stucco-textured room


If you are looking for a more modern approach to the entry table design, this may be what you are looking for.

Decorating with a framed piece above a wooden entry table with natural items is an inspired choice. 

Bringing in color is not always necessary for an elegantly designed space. Using natural materials and neutral-colored chunky vases is a good move to evoke a sense of modernity and warmth. 

12. Use Natural Baskets 

Natural colored weaved baskets sit on the shelf of an entryway table for a piece on entry table decor ideas

New Africa/Shutterstock

Another idea for storage on an entry table is to use natural-colored baskets. You can use baskets that are of varying colors and materials, depending on the aesthetic you are looking for.

Wooden or natural fabric baskets go well with the welcoming and warm feel. In this example, the pale pastels go well with the lighter-colored baskets.

You can use them to hold cold-weather gear like gloves, hats, mittens, and scarves, which do not have a place most of the time.

You can also throw shoes or umbrellas in there if you see fit. It is a good way to hide any clutter while staying fashionable. 

13. Zen Entry Table 

Zen-style entry table decor idea with a small statue, some bamboo, and a natural wooden lamp with magnetic ball accents that appear to float

New Africa/Shutterstock

You can create a Zen area in your home with the entry table. Adding bamboo shoots and a few Eastern-inspired statuettes or photos is a way to decorate the table with calm inspiration.

Create a sense of calm as soon as you step into the oasis of your home with an idea like this. 

Look into adding a small Zen garden for times when you need a moment of peace when you come home from work.

Making this the first thing you see when you come into your home is a good way to foster a sense of calm in the home. 

14. Water Fountain

Water fountain sits on the table of an entryway in front of a barnwood shiplap wall to act as a unique and inviting entry table decor idea


If you want to evoke a sense of calm in your entryway but aren’t into the Eastern style, you can achieve the same vibe with a simple waterfall structure.

These mini-rock waterfall structures are available at many home stores. Decorate the entry table with a small waterfall and a candle for ultimate peace.

Be careful not to over-decorate, so you can let the waterfall be the focal point. You can also add a small bowl for keys or a painting above the entry table to complete the look.

15. Full-Length Mirror 

White hallway with unique board and batten accents with stone tables on which a lamp sits and a small plant next to a purse for an idea for entry table decor

New Africa/Shutterstock

As discussed, a mirror is a big part of an entryway. Not only is it useful before you head out the door, but it also functions as a way to bounce light around the room.

It opens up the space a bit more to make it feel bigger and more inviting. Investing in a full-length mirror takes full advantage of this effect.

Place a thin console table next to it with a small plant or picture frame, add a place for your coat or bag, and you’ve got the perfect entry area. 

Things to Consider 

Before you go off and buy a ton of items to decorate your entryway, here are some things to consider. 

  • Is there anything you can repurpose before buying something brand new?
  • Do you want to store many things near the entryway?
  • Will you want to take your shoes off at the entryway? 
  • Should you keep your keys and coats there?
  • Do you like having family photos and candles at the entrance of the home?
  • Is cleanliness most important to you?
  • Do you like to keep your entry table clear of clutter or full of things?
  • What is the vibe of your home? What feeling do you want to communicate with guests?
  • Is an entry table important to you at all?

There are many things to consider when decorating because it is such a personal choice.

We think these questions are the main ones to ask yourself before embarking on the decorating journey of your entry table. 

So, How Will You Style Your Entry Table? 

There are so many uses for an entryway and many ways to decorate the entry table. Bringing a sense of who you are to the entry table is important since it sets the tone of the house.

Storing shoes, coats, hats, keys, and other everyday items is crucial to the organization of a home. Adding storage features to entry table decor is a great way to organize. 

It is also important to make sure the space is functional for you and not too cluttered. We think this round-up offers many good ideas on how to decorate your entry table. It is up to you to decide what you will do!