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Entryway Planter Ideas: 20 Designs We Can’t Get Enough Of

Entryway Planter Ideas: 20 Designs We Can’t Get Enough Of

Entryway planter ideas range from sleek and modern to simple and inexpensive.

We’ve dug through thousands of home inspiration photos to find the 20 planters we think your entry shouldn’t be without. Read on to see the picks.

20 Inspiring Entryway Planter Ideas  

If you are interested in finding the perfect entryway planter for your home, the ideas below will certainly inspire you. You can choose planters that would fit in nearly any century or decade. 

You can go the simple route or choose a more extravagant view for your entryway. Whatever you decide, the designs below will help you get started.

1. Sleek Cactus Planters

Dark blue square entryway planters outside of a simple stucco and adobe-style home

Brian Goodman/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a more modern and sleek look, you’ll want to consider adding these tall, black plant pots with gorgeous cacti in front of your house.

The greens and yellows of the cactus brighten up the entryway.

Another exciting aspect of this design includes the stones put around the entryway planters. Adding a cascading plant also adds a boost of vitality to your home. 

2. The Style of Ancient Greece

Entryway planter idea in the Style of Ancient Greece

AVN Photo Lab/Shutterstock

If a modern feel isn’t your cup of tea, then you might want to go back to ancient Greece and get a golden planter in the style of Greek architecture. 

Another excellent aspect of this entryway planter is the bright and beautiful flowers within. So if you choose this planter, try out red and purple flowers or consider some oranges and yellows.

Traditional Design for the Holidays

Traaditional Christmas Holiday Entryway planter idea featuring arborvitae in grey square stone planters in front of a stately palace


You can add thick and wide gray or white planters shaped as two cubes. These planters have two bushes in the style of pine trees or Christmas trees to provide a more cheerful holiday spirit. 

Furthermore, there are two nice white wicker chairs on the side of each planter to give the weary traveler a rest.

You might also consider getting a bright blue door or another attractive color to make your house stand out on your block.

3. The Streets of Italy

Italian-style entryway planter idea made of stone in a round bowl shape with purple flowers growing from it


When I look at this gorgeous entryway planter, I think of roaming around on the streets of Italy.

The planter sits on a column and consists of a round sculpture with pink flowers and green leaves blossoming on top. The falling leaves off the flowers give this planter a very romantic feel.

If you choose this design, you will want to consider other aspects of European floral design, especially in Spain and Italy, when decorating the outside or inside of your home.

4. A Patriotic Planter

Patriotic entryway planter idea featuring an eagle with its wings spread carved out of stone

Andrew Cline/Shutterstock

If you’re getting ready for the Fourth of July, then this patriotic entryway planter is an essential decorative item.

The planter has a carving of a bald eagle, which is the national bird of the United States. It also includes the stars found on the American flag.

If you want to make this planter even more patriotic and beautiful, you might want to mix white and red roses and plant them in this flowerpot.

Roses are known as the country’s national flower, while red and white are the standard colors of the American flag. Now you’ll be ready to celebrate the Fourth of July with a decorated home, a barbecue, and some fireworks!

5. Old-fashioned, Lacy, Hanging Planter

Old-fashioned, Lacy, Hanging Entryway Planter Idea outside a stucco home with a blue door

Angelo Cordeschi/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a hanging flowerpot to add to the outside of your home, this simple white-colored and lace-inspired planter may be the right choice for you.

It includes a thin silver chain to connect the flowerpot to the white hooks next to a dark blue door.

Best of all, the flowerpot includes gorgeous light-orange flowers. Consider planting some orange or pink roses in this flowerpot to brighten up the outside of your home. 

6. Flower-Filled Staircase

Entryway planter idea made of simple terra cotta flower pots painted red and sitting on each stair of an ornate covered staircase


Do you have a staircase going up to your front door? If so, you might want to get several simple brown flower pots to put on every other stair and reach up to the front door.

To give these plain flower pots some more vibrancy, consider adding colorful bows to each one. 

This design includes red bows and flower pots, changing from red to white flowers. Lastly, if you have an awning, you could add vines and leaves around it for a more attractive look.

7. Blue Flower Pots Bursting at the Seams

Entryway planter idea titled Blue Flower Pots Bursting at the Seams featuring a Santorini-style home with blue pots lining the stairs of the entryway

Nature’s Charm/Shutterstock

This entryway planter design is jam-packed with blue flower pots on every staircase step, with planters standing above one oval entrance.

The flower pots come in different sizes, but all seem to be round in shape. The planters are unique and include green plants in each one. There is symmetry in this design.

8. Entryway Decorations for Autumn

Entryway planter ideas titled Entryway Decorations for Autumn with various types of flower pots and window sill planters holding white and yellow flowers and pumpkins

Michael Nosek/Shutterstock

This exciting and unique design includes buckets and flower pots with green plants and red, pink, and yellow flowers.

It also has a beautiful basket filled with orange pumpkins. This décor is a very festive and intriguing entrance decoration for the autumn season. 

There are also little statues of white bunnies, which provide a lovely view for all who pass by this home.

If you want more versatility for your entrance, you might want to get planters like these, as they all come in different shapes and sizes.

9. Simple and Beautiful Planter

Simple and Beautiful Planter in the style of a bowl and brown in color sitting on a paver brick column

Jorge Salcedo/Shutterstock

This planter stands out from the rest, as it stands atop a column of differently-sized stones and comes in a gorgeous yet straightforward round shape with a dark chestnut-brown color.

The most incredible parts of this design are the cascading flowers and plants on top.

The pink and red flowers with light-green leaves make one think of springtime. For a beautiful entrance to your home, add some of these elements.

10. Breathtaking Greenery

Terra cotta entryway planter ideas with pots on each individual step and lining the walkway leading up to the door

Randy Andy/Shutterstock

If you want an entrance to your home that will take your guests’ breath away, then this is the perfect design for you.

The entryway idea includes multiple bright-green bushes and small trees, flower pots on both sides, and each step leading up to the entryway.

The orangish-brown flower pots include beautiful purple and yellow flowers to give more vibrancy to the terrace. 

11. A Rare Gem in Planter Design

A Rare Gem in Planter Design with ornately decorated terra cotta planters on the stairs leading to a home's entryway


A new and unique look for entryway planters includes large brown flower pots with carved patterns and tall, purple flowers standing upright. These flower pots are located on each side of a staircase step.

More flower pots are seen at the very top, next to the gated entrance. The large blossoms and massive planters make this a rarity in terms of landscaping design.

12. A More Practical Choice

Practical entryway planter idea made of boho-style wicker baskets from which snake plants grow on a herringbone patterned wooden floor

Creative Nina/Shutterstock

If you want a nice-looking planter that is much more practical for transportation, then this is the perfect choice for you.

These planters are made of textile material and include handles to quickly pick up and move the flower pots wherever you need them. 

Standard flower pots are likely found inside these planters with soil to hold tall, green plants, such as cactuses.

The simplicity and practicality of this design make it stand out from the rest.

13. Striped Pottery Design

Striped Pottery Design entryway planter idea

Natalia Ruedisueli/Shutterstock

Another exciting idea is to incorporate flower pots that have striped indentations and a round shape. These flower pots have an off-white color and include green plants as well as some white flowers.

A unique aspect of this entryway includes the stones and rocks around the flower pots. For a nice-looking landscape in front of your home, consider adding this striped pottery design to your entrance.

14. Colorful and Vibrant View

Colorful and vibrant entryway planter idea housing many marigolds and voluminous colorful plants


An incredible idea is to incorporate bushy flowers of all colors all over your entryway, such as up the staircase and on top of columns on the terrace. The types of colors you’ll see include:

  • Red 
  • Orange 
  • Yellow 
  • Purple 
  • White
  • Pink

You should include these flowers, along with the typical green stems and leaves, all across the front yard. The flower pots themselves have an orange-red color to make them stand out.

15. Trophy-Shaped Planters

Trophy-Shaped entryway planter ideas made of stone and sitting on either side of the stone square paver walkway leading to the front door made of natural wood

Spiroview Inc/Shutterstock

If you have anyone in your family who plays sports and has won championships in the past, it might be time to celebrate their victories with a specific entryway landscape design.

These planters are enormous and have tall, cascading flowers growing on top. The planters also have a very uniform look, while the flowers are identical pinks, whites, and purples between the two flower pots.

So if you’re looking for a trophy-shaped planter, this might be the right pick for you.

16. You Pick Two Colors

Entryway planter idea titled You Pick Two Colors featuring medium sized yellow and blue planters framing the blue door from which a yellow wreath hangs

Ursula Page/Shutterstock

While the Panera Bread menu has a “you-pick-two” option where you can get a bowl of soup and a salad or sandwich, this landscape design is based on picking two contrasting colors to liven up your front porch.

In this image, the dark blue color of two planters and a blue door stand in stark contrast to the two cheerful yellow planters, yellow wreath, and yellow welcome mat. The plants themselves have shades of yellow and purple.

17. Gorgeous Enough for a Wedding

Entryway planter idea titled Gorgeous Enough for a Wedding featuring twin fountain-style planters that are black in color and sit on either side of the wooden door

Spiroview Inc/Shutterstock

Do you love the tall and beautiful centerpieces that many brides and grooms pick for their wedding?

If so, then this landscape design is meant for you! These planters have a round top, a skinny center, and are black.

The flowers in these large planters are pink, with cascading light-green leaves and tall leaves with white blossoms growing on top.

If you love the look of wedding flowers, then these entryway planters are a perfect addition to your home.

18. Purple Passion

Entryway planter idea titled Purple Passion because of the large 4' tall purple planter that sits to the right of the door and houses purple flowers


The design for this entryway planter is very tall and comes in a bright purple color. Best of all, the flowers planted in this pot are also a similar bright purple color.

This purple color is exciting when the rest of your entrance is in a rather bland color, such as brown or grey. 

If your entryway looks somewhat dull, bringing in a vast, bright purple flower pot will give your house the vibrancy it needs to stand out among the rest of the homes in your neighborhood.

19. Hanging Planters Brighten Up the Porch

Hanging entryway planter ideas that hang from a pergola awning that's attached over a simple white front door


There are two hanging planters on both sides of the doorway with brightly colored flowers in this unique design, bringing more vibrancy to the space.

The bright magenta flowers will dazzle anyone who visits. There are also several nice-looking flower pots standing underneath the windowsills.

If you’re looking for cheerful entryway planters, then consider getting a few white planters and adding some colorful flowers to these pots.

Things to Consider

When choosing the best entryway planters for your home, there are multiple significant things to consider, such as:

  • Picking a planter that matches the color of your front door
  • Choosing the most beautiful or exciting flowers, bushes, or plants to put into your pots
  • Picking complementary colors between your flowers and planter 
  • Choosing planters with long-term durability so they’ll look fabulous for years
  • Deciding whether your planters should match 
  • Figuring out which plants are best for your family
  • Picking other decorations to match your planters

The overall design of your entryway depends on many features, and the planters are a massive part of that.

What Entryway Planter Is Best for Your Home?

Front door entryway featuring a tiled floor made of gray hex tile with gunmetal tile accents next to an entryway planter idea made of black wood


Whatever type of entryway planter you choose, you now know how many different options are available.

You can choose some that have a more traditional look, others that look modern, some that have a European feel, or a few that have a vibrant, colorful, and cheerful appearance.

By spending some funds on flower pots and spending a few hours planting your flowers or bushes, your home’s entryway can look incredible.