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30 Landscaping Ideas to Spice Up Your Space

30 Landscaping Ideas to Spice Up Your Space

Part of the job of owning a home is being able to create your aesthetic, both inside and out. From paint choice to décor, there are ample opportunities to create a unique place of your own. One part of this is landscaping.

Most homeowners have a yard, but not everyone puts a lot of effort into setting their house apart from the rest. 

Whether you decide to invest in beautiful topiaries, exquisite statues, or even something as simple as a well-curated flower bed, here are ideas to help you get inspired.

We’ve rounded up 30 unique landscaping ideas to spruce up your backyard or front yard space to distinguish your home from the rest. 

1. A Modern Garden 

Modern Japanese garden with boxwoods and rock for a piece on landscaping ideas


This modern garden is not what you’d expect when thinking of a traditional garden.

The neutral stone rocks create a backdrop for the pop of green provided by the foliage. Carefully curated circular shrubs are the focal point here in this beautiful, clean, modern garden.

2. Metal Garden Arch

metal garden arch across a stone walkway for a piece on landscape ideas


Update a classic arch by keeping it clean and not overrun by invasive greenery.

Adding a pop of color makes for an inviting atmosphere. Try installing the arch at the beginning of a driveway for a more regal vibe. 

3. Modern Zen Garden 

Modern zen garden with a koi pond and waterfall for a piece on landscaping ideas

Verdell Galeana/Shutterstock

The modern zen garden is both appealing to the eye and the soul with its square aesthetic.

The small, square ponds and cool, grey stones offer a nice place to relax. This corner of your backyard can be the perfect area for the end of a long day. 

4. A Literal Flower Bed 

Literal flower bed with an old bed frame as a landscape idea

Eric Buermeyer/Shutterstock

This avant-garde flower bed is for the lighthearted. Bury the bed and add colorful flowers for a landscaping idea that will get attention.

5. Mushroom Stone Sculpture

Mushroom stone sculpture in a green garden with yellow flowers surrounding it

Maciej Dubel/Shutterstock

A stone structure for the playful, the mushroom stone sculpture is both cute and classic.

Add this to your garden to bring a bit of life to an otherwise ordinary flower garden.

6. Cubed Trees

Image of cubed trees on either side of a light for a piece on landscaping ideas


Add some symmetry to your yard with something like these unique, square-cut trees.

This idea will help trim down some front yard trees while adding originality to the project.

7. Planted Ombre Flowers

Landscape idea with painted flowers in a dome


Not a traditional ombre, but planting flowers in diagonal rows in various shades of the same color adds an extra level of thoughtful design to your yard.

8. Retro Flower Baskets

Retro flower baskets in wicker and wood for a unique landscaping inspiration idea

Maciej Dubel/Shutterstock

Use flower baskets to give your front porch or front yard a unique planting style. You can even mix these wicker baskets into your garden or backyard landscaping.

9. Cacti Garden 

Decorative garden bed with agave and cactus and a bonsai tree

Ruslan Malysh/Shutterstock

Don’t be afraid to use cacti to spice up your landscaping space. Cacti thrive in more dry environments, so if you live in a warmer climate, look into adding cacti to your yard.

10. Bonsai Trees

Bansai trees along a brick and stone walkway for a piece on landscaping ideas

Piboon Suwankosai/Shutterstock

Though they’re small, bonsai trees live for an extremely long time. They’re also used for meditation due to their specific upkeep needs.

So, why not plant a tree in your backyard and reap the rewards of taking care of your own bonsai?

11. Animal Stone Sculpture

Stone animal sculpture in a landscaping bed with mulch and flowers

JF Prince/Shutterstock

Adding a fun, animal-shaped stone sculpture to your yard will add something extra to your home beyond the classic gnome.

12. Animal Topiary 

Peacock animal topiary featuring stones surrounding the animal

Olga Vasilek/Shutterstock

Take your garden to the next level by commissioning a piece of art made from shrubs!

13. Colorful Stone Tiles

Landscaping idea featuring flagstones arranged in a random pattern


Upgrade your run-of-the-mill grey stone walk with colorful stone tiles like these.

14. Fountain Centerpiece 

As a centerpiece for a landscaping idea, a fountain is surrounded by a bunch of greenery

HD Promo/Shutterstock

If you have the space for a fountain, bring one in to give your garden a central focal point. Add greenery and flowers to encircle the fountain for an extra touch of color.

15. Modern Bridge Design 

Landscaping idea of a wooden bridge above a fountain with lots of flowers and statues


This modern, wood-planked bridge will provide the perfect break from the greenery. Mixing wood and flowers translates well for a modern look.

16. Rock Garden

Modern rock garden with two large stone balls alongside simple grey rock with a comma pattern tan rock cluster


Not into plants? Use different colored rocks for a bit of separation from the standard grey color scheme.

If you’re feeling creative, place the stones in a design of your choice for a beautiful rock garden.

17. Tulip Cluster Garden

Thai-style Tulip garden landscaping idea


Not everyone thinks of tulips when they think of what to make the focal point of their garden, but these tall-stemmed flowers look great standing above the rest.

18. Swirling Pond 

Unique swirling pond garden idea


Take your pond to the next level by implementing a swirl design to direct the water flow to another area and add something unique to your space.

19. ZigZag Garden

Zigzag garden landscaping idea featuring flat hedges alongside a bench with flowers in the middle


Use both flowers and shrubs to create a strict but colorful pattern that weaves its way in front of your home or business.

20. Floating Stepping Block 

Often found in million-dollar homes, floating rocks over rock used as stepping stones for a piece on landscape ideas

AePatt Journey/Shutterstock

Spice up the walkway with these blocks that give the illusion of floating. Contrast dark and light colors for the ultimate effect.

21. Luxurious Waterfall 

Extremely nice waterfall flows into a pool next to chairs at a large beach resort

Travis Wolfe/Shutterstock

Add in these unique waterfalls that seem to come out of the greenery on the side of the home.

The waterfalls can go into a pond, but if you have an unlimited budget, they look really cool going into a pool.

22. Hit the Lights 

LED ball landscaping lights in grass with uplights in the background


Simple but effective lighting can elevate your current landscape. These glowing globes sit right on the lawn and add a sense of wonder to your already completed look.

23. Maze Inspiration 

Flower maze garden and landscape inspiration


Take inspiration from the classic maze and implement it on a smaller scale. You can use the classic trees cut into a maze or combine flowers and cement to create one.

24. Walls of Green 

Green walls made of vines on a large building with four windows

Alison Hancock/Shutterstock

Though it can be time-consuming and upkeep may be a challenge, using greenery on the side of a building is a great way to show your personality to passersby.

25. Use Large Flower Pots

Large flower pots in the middle of a town square as landscaping inspiration

Ludmila Kapustkina/Shutterstock

Flower pots can be part of the landscaping design as well. Use the coloring of the flowers to your liking and find flower pots that make a statement.

26. Or Old Shoes 

Old shoes used a flower pots next to a stump in the middle of a forest


An old shoe can also be used for flower pots if you are the eccentric type!

27. Swirling Tree

Swirling tree in the middle of a nice home for a piece on landscaping ideas


This classic but beautiful tree cut into the shape of a swirl will bring character to your yard.

28. Colorful Fence

Colorful fence made from flowers and hand fans


Sometimes a fence is necessary for privacy, but you can upgrade it with everyday items like fans or even flowers.

29. Glass Bottle Fence

Glass bottle fence made from a bunch of clear, brown, and green bottles


Speaking of fences, you may need to add on when you are building your design. You can recycle items like empty bottles to make a fence that is unique to you.

30. Seashell Accents

Landscaping ideas for a costal home featuring seashells mixed in with brown mulch and big pots

AVN Photo Lab/Shutterstock

Seashells aren’t just for the beach. Try adding some to your yard, along with some ancient-looking pots, for a complete look. We think this idea would look great in coastal-themed homes.

Things to Consider

As with all DIY projects, it is important to consider a few things before you embark on a landscaping project: 

  • Will you have the energy to execute this project yourself?
  • You may need to save up for a while to afford the renovations
  • Will you need to outsource the entire project to a professional company?

Either way, these ideas can offer inspiration to you for any budget or need.

Which Landscaping Idea Will You Choose? 

Choosing a landscaping design can be challenging, but it allows you to harness your creativity and build a certain pride in your project. And our landscaping idea roundup is a great place to start.

Regardless of what features or influences you use as inspiration, ensure that you are equipped to take on the project you have set your sights on, and most importantly, have fun!