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15 Unique Driveway Gate Ideas We Love And Recommend

15 Unique Driveway Gate Ideas We Love And Recommend

Looking for driveway gate ideas? You’re in the right place.

We’ve rounded up 15 unique real-life examples to help you revamp the look of your driveway gate.

Read on to see the styles, why we love each, and much more.

Looking for Driveway Gate Ideas?

A driveway gate is most important for its functionality, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice aesthetics.

Just like your front door, your driveway gate can have a unique look that represents your home’s design rather than a bland gate that isn’t very visually pleasing. 

Driveway gates are an opportunity to be unique and stylish with your driveway and show off your taste. Protect your home while completing your fence line and adding value to your property.

Don’t limit yourself to just the traditional styles when there are many fun designs to explore.

15 Stunning Driveway Gate Ideas

The driveway is the actual entrance to your home, and it should reflect your style.

Your driveway gate can add a wow factor to your home without losing any functionality or security. Check out these gate designs that might be the perfect look for the front or back of your home. 

Modern Metal

Modern metal driveway gate idea featuring a horizontally slatted black metal driveway gate between two stucco supports with round lights on top of each

Sandra Lass/Shutterstock

A metal gate may sound standard, but modern metal gates combine a classic look with the sleek modern one. Metal gates require less upkeep than traditional wooden gates, which saves you time and money in the long run.

Should you want to have a low-maintenance, modern gate, the metal gives you a wide variety of styles to choose from. Metal gates are pretty standard today, so there are tons of choices out there to browse and customize to find the best gate for your home.

Metal gates are long-lasting and sturdy, providing excellent security for your house, and repairs are relatively simple too. 

White Wood

White wood driveway gate idea that mimics a picket fence

Douglas Cliff/Shutterstock

Similar to the classic white picket fence, a white wooden driveway gate with slats such as the one pictured brings a flair to the entrance to your home.

The white-picket fence is a classic American staple. Using this style for your driveway gate reimagines the traditional aesthetic.

A white wooden gate comes in all different styles, so if you want white wood but aren’t aiming for the “American white-picket” look, there are enough variations that you can achieve a modern and unique look anyway.

These gates can also be made of white plastic that mimics the look of wood but is easier to maintain and clean. 

Natural Wood

Bali-inspired wooden driveway gate idea with natural wood slats framed by black metal


A large, wooden gate for your driveway gives a strong statement yet a soft look. A natural wood finish creates a cozy feeling in any room, so why not bring it to your driveway?

The versatility of wood is well-known in the design world, including when designing your driveway gate. Choosing a natural wood gate gives you many options for what kind of wood, what color of wood, and what type of finish you want on your gate.

The finishes open a world of possibilities for how your entrance will look, and the best part of the wood is it will match almost anything you decide to do with your home’s exterior in the future. 

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass driveway gate idea between a concrete property fence


Using frosted glass panes on your driveway gate creates an air of privacy without blocking out any light and making your home look like a fortress. Frosted glass softens the exterior appearance of your home while keeping it modern and attractive.

When sunlight shines through the glass, it gives your driveway an ethereal light that will spark joy every time you pull in. 

There is always the option for non-frosted glass if you don’t mind giving up some privacy for a light and airy feel to your driveway. This option is super cool if your neighbors are farther away or your driveway isn’t on the main street. 

Classic Iron Gate

Classic black iron gate with a rounded and spiked ornamental top between two stacked stone walls

1000 Words/Shutterstock

The classic black cast-iron gate will always be a go-to for home driveways. An iron gate emanates elegance while still offering security. And around Halloween, they really work with your spooky decorations! 

These traditional gates require moderate upkeep, depending on how committed you are to it!

Rust isn’t everyone’s aesthetic, but if you are aiming for the spooky, fairytale castle look and don’t mind a little copper coloring on your gate, then go for it! 

The cast-iron design on the gate comes in so many styles that you can get really creative with how you want it to look. Some people incorporate hearts into their gate or opt for a floral, nature-inspired pattern that flows into the nature around your gate. 

Double-Door Wooden Gate

Double door wooden driveway gate idea with black farmhouse-style hardware


These gates have a large, booming presence while still offering the coziness of a natural wood finish. The double doors are a more classic look than the large sliding door that many driveways have these days. 

These huge doors have the aesthetic of a medieval castle door straight out of a fairytale. Consider adding a mote to complete the look! Just kidding, but this grand gate idea creates a feeling of awe when guests enter your driveway. 

Hybrid of Wood and Iron

Ornate hybrid metal gate with light natural wood slats in back above a paver driveway between two trees

Dmitrii Pridannikov/Shutterstock

An old-fashioned iron gate has a distinctive and classic look, but some update it by using wood as a backdrop to the beautiful iron designs we’ve all grown to expect in a driveway.

If you love the look of the class cast-iron, this gives you that aesthetic while adding extra security and privacy to your home. Wood and iron hybrid gates are becoming more popular because they are the best of both worlds.

These gates work with a range of aesthetics from rustic and homey to modern and elegant making them a versatile choice for a house that may still be figuring out its style. 

Full Metal Gate

Brown metal driveway gate idea with vertical slats between a log cabin style fence


The full metal gate is an excellent choice for those craving a bit more privacy. It also adds a serious tone to your home, creating an atmosphere of confidence. These full metal gates are a common choice for people looking for privacy and security right out of their driveway gate. 

Just because this style emphasizes the functionality of a gate, that doesn’t mean your aesthetic needs to suffer. An intriguing texture to the metal or contrasting color can give you an exciting look without losing the security you are looking for. 

Paneled Gate

Image for a roundup on driveway gate ideas featuring a driveway gate made out of brown pvc between two concrete or stone pillars skinny in size

Dmitrii Pridannikov/Shutterstock

Similar to the full metal gate, the paneled gate provides a lot of privacy with an added flair to make the gate a little more interesting. The paneled gate is a simple aesthetic if you aren’t a fan of flashy entrances. 

There is still room to get creative with a paneled design, depending on how big or small you want the panels. The panels can have a different colored border, such as white or a bold gold, to add a subtle contrast. 

Patterned Metal

Ornate and solid dark bronze forged metal driveway gate idea


This style of gate combines the classic cast-iron with the full metal gate. Just like the paneled style, you get all the privacy of the full metal but the added elegance of design.

There are infinite patterns to inspire your patterned gate, from a lovely floral design to a modern geometric pattern or even tapestry-style with a scene depicted in the pattern.

Wavy Metal

Wavy metal driveway gate idea in grey color in front of a duplex with a two car garage below

Douglass Cliff/Shutterstock

This gate is a funky design that modernizes your driveway in a fresh and fun way rather than the cold, sleek style many modernists go for. A wavy gate like this one is unique without being over-the-top unusual. 

You can get really creative with this kind of gate and create a spiral pattern to take it a step further. This style combines the simplicity of the cast-iron gate with a modern twist!

Colorful Gate

Red wooden driveway gate inspiration between two stucco walls below a slanted terra cotta roof


Throwing a splash of color to your gate can brighten up the entire exterior of your house.

A bold red like this one, a happy yellow, or a peaceful blue will liven up your driveway and create a lovely contrast if the rest of your home consists of muted colors.

Blue metal driveway gate idea with a half-slatted gate with gaps between the top slats


A stand-out color can spruce up any type of gate on this list, from wood to metal to frosted glass! Adding an accent of color or painting the entire gate.


Farm style wooden driveway gate idea with both vertical and horizontal natural wooden slats between two pillars made of red brick with light grey concrete toppers


No matter where you live, a farm-style gate for your driveway brings a homey, rustic feel to your driveway that looks beautiful during all seasons. Whether the golden leaves are falling or it’s a snowy evening, this type of gate brings a cozy and welcoming feeling to your driveway. 

This option doesn’t provide a ton of security, so it’s best if you live in a safe area. The farm-style gate can come in various sizes, wood finishes, and designs, so you can find which one pairs with your home the best. 

A Golden Gate

Golden driveway gate idea between two black gates blocking a gravel driveway running up to a tree-lined estate


If you want to combine the classic cast-iron gate with something a little more eye-catching, this is the option for you. A golden cast-iron gate is bold and beautiful and sure to grab people’s attention as they drive by or pull in.

With this gate, you get the traditional cast-iron design with the added drama and flair that gold adds to any design. As always, gold adds an expensive aura to your home and is an enchanting entrance. 


Asymmetrical rounded ornamental gate in an ornate style with wooden slats running vertically for an idea for driveway gates


A departure from most driveway gates, this asymmetrical design is innovative and new. If you want your gate to stand out from the norm, this is a terrific option and adds elegance and quirk at the same time. 

These gates are a great accent to a funky and modern-style house. An asymmetrical gate has a futuristic feel to it that can elevate your home’s exterior to be the fresh and modern home on your block. 

Common Driveway Gate Materials

Choosing your gate material is essential to your gate’s longevity, functionality, and appearance, so let’s discuss your options.


Redwood Gate

Image Source: Pinterest

Wood is one of the most common driveway gate materials, as it’s a classic and rustic look. Using wood gives you more options for designs, paint, stains, and customization.

And even if you don’t change the wood, there are many wood species to choose from. Wood can be more expensive and heavier, so keep that in mind when choosing.


Iron Driveway Gates

Image Source: Pinterest

Iron is one of the most durable driveway gate materials, so it’s a beautiful option if you want something sturdy and long-lasting.

They do require some maintenance to avoid rust but can last for decades. You can choose between cast iron or wrought iron, which look similar but offer different levels of customization.


Driveway Gate made of Steel

Image Source: Pinterest

Another highly durable option and one of the most popular choices. It provides a sleek look and requires very little maintenance.

It’s also one of the strongest materials, making it the best option if your security is your top priority. But steel can give the property a cold, industrial look, which may not be your goal.


Alluminium Driveway Gate

Image Source: Pinterest

Aluminum is not quite as durable as steel and iron, but it’s still strong. The lack of durability means it’s more lightweight, making it more affordable and easy to work with.

It is also less likely to cause large gates to sag or malfunction. Aluminum requires little to no maintenance and can last decades.


Glass Driveway Gates

Image Source: Pinterest

Glass is a more modern driveway gate material, offering a crisp and contemporary look. Glass is highly customizable, but expensive and can be heavy.

It’s popular for extravagant and lavish homes because of its elegant but edgy look. You can paint, cut, or frost glass to create a unique and striking driveway gate.

Driveway Gate Design Ideas and Shapes

If you’re still seeking more unique driveway gate ideas, check out the list below!


Flat Top Style Driveway Gates

Image Source: Pinterest

A flat top is simple but has an air of modernity, as old-school gates are often arched.

With minimal decoration or ornaments, you can easily elevate your home’s entrance. In addition, these gates often have a sleek and modern look and can be made of materials such as steel, aluminum, or wood.


Driveway Gates with Arched Tops

Image Source: Pinterest

Arched tops are classy and grand, so even a basic gate can look stylish because the top is arched.

Moreover, this design can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a home’s entrance and can be made of various materials such as metal, wood, or wrought iron.


Scalloped Design Gates

Image Source: Pinterest

A scalloped top gate design is a type of gate that features a decorative top edge with a series of curved arches or “scallops”.

Therefore, scalloped tops are a little fancier, with an air of whimsy elegance, making them a perfect fit for garden or residential settings. 

Similar to other styles, scalloped gates can be made of various materials, such as wood, wrought iron, or aluminum, and they can come in different sizes and styles.

If you want to enhance the personalised touches added to your property, the scalloped edge can have different depths and widths, depending on the desired look and level of detail.

Custom Pillars

Driveway Gates with Pillars and Statues

Image Source:

Custom pillars on either side of the gate can create a grand entrance to your property and accentuate the driveway gate. In addition, pillar gates can come in different styles and sizes, from simple and modern designs to more ornate and decorative ones. 

If you’re a fan of decoration and maximalist home design, the pillars can be decorated with various elements, such as carvings, moldings, or lighting fixtures, to enhance their visual appeal.


Driveway gate design with Statues

Image Source.

A statue gate design is a type of gate that features statues or sculptures integrated into the gate structure.

So, statues would be perfect if you want extra drama and charm. This design can add a unique and artistic touch to a home’s entrance and is often used in luxury or high-end residential settings.


Beige Drivegate

Image Source: Pinterest

Don’t be afraid to use color to make your gate more unique and eye-catching. You can mix and match your residence’s colour palette to either match or contrast the gate. Colors give you much room to experiment and bring a unique touch to your decor. 


Drivegate Lighting Ideas

Image Source:

While many use lighting purely for decor, good lighting can bring many benefits. 

Adding lighting to your gate highlights it but also makes your property safer. You’ll be able to see visitors more clearly, and it can also be used as a mini streetlight. 


Finials Details Driveway Gates

Image Source:

Finials are the pointy fleur de lis-looking accents on top of many iron gates. These are also commonly attached to the ends of rods and bedposts.

Most grand architectural designs showcase finials. Therefore, finials are the way to go if you’re looking for a thematically luxurious and dramatic look for your property. 


Slats Details on Driveway Gates

Image Source:

Slats are horizontal boards or slats placed with even spaces in-between. Slatted driveway gates are modern and sleek, creating a simple but striking appearance.


Iron and Wood Patterned Driveway Gates

Image Source: Pinterest

You can make a patterned gate with iron, wood, paint, or glass for something exquisite and different.

This allows lots of room for you to experiment or even DIY something for your gates. For people who prefer something unique to their preferences, patterned gates can allow a lot of variety. 


Collared Driveway Gate

Image Source:

A collar style is when the top or bottom of the gate has a strip that is differentiated from the rest, creating a more intricate design. These gates are fashionable and serve a functional purpose – such as providing better stability to the gate.

Things to Consider

As mentioned, a driveway gate’s most important feature is its functionality!

Not every option on this list will work perfectly with your home’s exterior or your driveway’s layout. There are factors other than style to consider when revamping your driveway gate:

  • Cost: If you want an automatic, fancy door, the price will significantly go up. A new driveway gate can cost you anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to ten thousand dollars. Plan a budget before you settle on a design, so you know what options are in your price range. 
  • House aesthetic: If you live in a lovely Victorian home, I would not recommend getting an overly modern gate. Keep your home’s aesthetic in mind as you browse gate options because you don’t want them to clash. 
  • Gate mechanism: How do you want your gate to open? There are so many options for this. The gate can have two doors that slide away from each other or one long door that slides away to one side. A more traditional gate typically has two big doors that swing in or out to let cars through. 
  • Privacy: Some slatted or see-through options don’t offer a lot of privacy for your home. Consider how much privacy you want for your driveway and avoid choices that aren’t going to fulfill your needs. 
  • Security: This depends on where you live and what kind of security you are looking for. Some driveway gates are purely for aesthetics. Should that be the case, you don’t need to factor security considerations into your decision. But if you are looking for a security gate, consider the bulkier options discussed above. 

What’s Your Favorite Driveway Gate Idea?

A bunch of different driveway gate ideas put into a square photo collage


Whether you are looking into driveway gate ideas for security, and privacy, or just to revamp your house’s exterior, there are a variety of styles and materials to choose from. 

Consider why you are getting a driveway gate so you can choose the best style for your needs.

Whether it is modern metal, classic wood, or a funky design, use the gate to express yourself and enjoy the view every time you pull into your driveway!