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The 10 Types of Fences for a Yard in 2024

The 10 Types of Fences for a Yard in 2024

When choosing the right type of fence for a yard, you’ll realize multiple options are available.

This article explores the types of fences for a yard you can install and things to consider before choosing one.

Types of Fences For a Yard: A Summary

Fencing your yard boosts security and privacy while enhancing your home’s visual appeal.

But when researching the best type of fence for your yard, your head might spin as you encounter the different types available.

So, which fence should you install? Below is a list of ten types of fences you can install in your yard in 2024:

  1. Wood fence
  2. Precast concrete fence
  3. Vinyl fence
  4. Metal fence
  5. Composite fence
  6. Boulder fence
  7. Bamboo fence
  8. Living fence
  9. A metal fence on a stone wall
  10. Brick wall fence

10 Types of Fences to Install Around Your Yard

Enhance your privacy while boosting your home’s appeal using the following barriers:

1. Wooden Fence

Wooden privacy fence, one of the best types of fences for a yard, as seen running along a suburban backyard


Wood fences are popular go-to options for people living in semi-urban and rural areas.

These fences are easy to install, affordable, and durable. Wood fences can be great options to secure your home or provide much-needed privacy.

When planning a DIY project, you can look for the best wooden fence styles that suit your needs. For example, you may opt for board-on-board, side-by-side, shadowbox, post-on-rail, lattice, picket, or louvered fencing.

You can also choose natural color-treated wood or paint your wood fence in your favorite colors to enhance your property’s visual appeal.

Always look for durable wood that’s termite-resistant and withstands weather variations. Some of the best woods for building a fence include pine, cedar, cypress, redwood, oak, and fir.

2. Precast Concrete Fence

A unique types of fence made of precast concrete running alongside a backyard


A precast concrete fence beats wood fences regarding security, privacy, and durability. While a precast concrete barrier is expensive to install, it saves you money on maintenance, repair, and replacement in the long run.

You can install them around homes and businesses. This fence is climate-resistant, termite-proof, and fire-proof.

It’s also difficult to break, offering peace of mind if you want to keep intruders away. When buying precast concrete panels, explore the different design options from various manufacturers.

You’ll find them in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors. Remember that precast concrete panels are heavy and require a professional worker and erection machinery to install them.

3. Vinyl Fence

One of the most popular types of fences for a yard, a vinyl privacy fence, white in color, running along the back of a yard


A vinyl fence is ideal if you’re looking for a better alternative to traditional wood fences. Vinyl fences are made from polyvinyl chloride, guaranteeing low maintenance, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

If you’re ready to part with high initial installation costs, a vinyl fence will help you save a lot of money over the years. These fences are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your yard.

Besides adding curb appeal, a vinyl fence will offer privacy and security to your property. You can choose laser-cut panels to secure your home from intruders and provide total privacy.

If you’re not a skilled fence installer, a DIY project might frustrate you in the end. Hire a professional fencing contractor to install a sturdy and visually appealing vinyl fence. Unfortunately, this fence is not fireproof since it’s made from plastic materials.

4. Metal Fence

One of the best types of fences for a yard, a metal or rod iron fence, running along a backyard


Metal fences are perfect for residential and commercial installations. You can choose steel, iron, or aluminum fencing, depending on your preferred material. Metal combines strength and beauty, providing a strong, durable, and visually appealing fence.

If your home is prone to intruders, such as wild animals, a metal fence will help keep them away. Installing a metal fence requires a professional fencing contractor with appropriate equipment.

You can install this fence in a level yard and paint it your favorite color. There are many styles of metal fencing you can choose for your yard.

Whether you prefer metal railings or vertical bars, your professional installer can design your fence in different shapes and styles. Choose a corrugated iron fence to secure your property and keep prying eyes away.

For beauty, you may choose metal railings, vertical bars, or wrought iron fences. A steel fence is durable and weather-resistant. However, it requires regular maintenance, such as repainting, to prevent it from rusting.

5. Composite Fence

Composite slats made of composite running along a yard for a piece on the best types of fences for a yard


Composite fencing is another good alternative to wood fences. Manufacturers combine wood fibers with plastic polymers to make composite materials with a wood-like look. Unlike wood fences, composite fences are durable, rot-resistant, and insect-resistant.

This fence will also provide security and privacy for your property. If you’re an eco-conscious homeowner, a composite fence is an eco-friendly option because it comes from recycled materials.

Composite fences come in modern designs and sleek colors that can adapt to your property. While installing a composite fence is more expensive than wood or vinyl, it lasts longer.

It also offers a natural look to your property and requires little to no maintenance. However, its color may fade with time. Paint your composite fence if it starts to fade or when you notice bad scratches.

6. Boulder Fence

Very old but unique type of fence for a yard made of boulders and rocks

Tami Freed/Shutterstock

If you prefer natural elements around your property, a boulder fence can add a rustic look to your yard. These fencing materials are a good option for people living near mountains or plateau regions with plenty of boulders.

Boulders are strong, durable, and easy to maintain. If you wish to install a unique fence, you can use odd or even sizes and arrange them in a unique pattern.

You can also place boulders of similar colors or combine different colors to boost your property’s visual appeal.

If privacy and security are your priorities when installing a fence, a boulder fence can be a reliable option. Choose larger stones that will offer privacy and protect your property from robbers and wild animals.

Boulders can withstand nature’s extremes, such as harsh weather and fire outbreaks. However, installing the fence is time-consuming and requires a skilled mason to arrange the boulders.

7. Bamboo Fence

Fence made of bamboo, one of the best types of fences for a yard, running along a home in the Philippines

Binalonan, Pangasinan, Philippines November 24, 2019 Green house with a bamboo fence and plants/Rene_Salta/Shutterstock

Bamboo has, over the years, been used as an eco-friendly alternative to wood fencing. This plant grows faster with a higher yield than timber. Bamboo can be a great option if you’re on a budget and want to install a cheap but strong and beautiful fence.

You can find them as free-standing panels or rolls. They also differ in color, allowing you to use a similar or a blend of different colors depending on the one that appeals to you most.

Choose bamboo fence panels with a minimal see-through effect if you want to secure your yard from prying eyes. While the bamboo fence isn’t the strongest and most durable option, you can adjust the rolls in a wooden frame to increase its strength and longevity.

Also, paint your bamboo fence with black tar to keep termites out and prevent it from rotting. If your area receives high rainfall, your fence can be highly susceptible to rot despite being painted with black tar.

8. Living Fence

A well-manicured hedge fence running along a yard as an idea for types of fences for a yard


Living fences appeal to nature lovers who prefer natural fencing around their yards. These fences are eco-friendly, and if well managed, they can add a green hue to your lawn and landscaping.

You can opt for hedge plants such as boxwood, privet, common hawthorn, barberries, euonymus, cherry laurel, and beech. The beauty of planting a living fence is that you can trim it to your favorite shape.

You can also mix a variety of hedge plants to improve color variations. If you’re taking care of a flowering living fence, you’ll create an attractive environment that invites songbirds and butterflies.

You can keep your living fence between 4 and 6 feet to keep prying eyes away. This fence offers oxygen and a natural barrier against pollutants, making it a good option for your health.

However, a living fence requires regular maintenance to keep it at its best. You’ll need to prune, water, and manure your plants to keep your living barrier healthy, green, and attractive.

9. Metal Fence on Stone Wall

Unique steel on stone, a unique type of fence for a yard, as seen from a walker's position


A metal fence on a stone wall is a suitable fencing type for people interested in securing their property while adding aesthetic quality to their yard. You can use iron, steel, or aluminum grills and install them on top of your favorite stone wall.

While this fence comes with a higher installation cost, you can rest assured of a durable and low-maintenance fence. You can raise the stone wall to knee height and install your favorite metal grills when installing it.

You’ll also need to build pillars of stones to balance the grills and keep them sturdy enough. Your professional fencing contractor can design the stone wall and grills to match your preferences.

This fence is weather-resistant and fireproof. However, it can reduce the size of your yard because of the higher width needed. You’ll also need to keep repainting the metal grills to prevent them from rusting.

10. Brick Fence

A long brick wall, one of the most popular types of fences in the UK and in New England, as seen from the position of someone walking on the street


Brick fences have existed for ages. They offer security and privacy and can be an excellent option to accent your house. Homeowners prefer these fences because they’re strong, stylish, and will last a lifetime.

Bricks come in multiple colors and designs for homeowners to choose from. If you’re worried about intruders breaking into your property, you can install a sturdy and long brick fence to provide the security needed.

A brick fence will also block noise, offer privacy, and prevent your children and pets from sneaking out. You can paint your brick fence or combine different colors to create a more appealing pattern.

You can rest assured of weather- and fire-resistant barriers when they are installed. However, the installation cost is higher, and it might take longer to build the fence.

Things to Consider When Picking a Fence

Before choosing fencing materials and installing your fence, you should consider the following:

  • Understand why you need a fence: Considering why you need to install a fence around your yard can help you pick suitable materials and designs. You might require a fence to secure your property, offer privacy, or boost your property’s visual appeal.
  • Set a budget. Fencing materials and labor costs vary from fence to fence. Consider the materials needed, their price, the size of your yard, and the labor cost.
  • Choose appropriate materials: Fencing materials will depend on why you’re installing a fence and the type of yard. Look around the neighborhood and choose materials that fit your yard and budget.
  • Check with your Homeowner’s Association (HOA): Your HOA may set rules to be followed when installing fences in your neighborhood. Learn about their recommended materials and height before installing your fence.
  • Hire a professional fencing contractor. Installing a fence around your yard can be an uphill task that requires the necessary skills and tools. If you don’t have the skills and tools, hire a professional fencing contractor to do the job.

And in the off chance that your HOA won’t let you install the fence of your choice, read one of the many ways to legally annoy your hoa!

Frequently Asked Questions

Guy building a privacy fence made of wood


We want you to have all the information you need, so find answers to some commonly asked questions below.

Are metal fences better than wood?

Wood can be a suitable option if you’re looking for less expensive fencing material for a DIY project. However, it won’t last longer than metal. Unlike wood fences, metal fences are weather, termite, and fire-resistant.

What are the disadvantages of vinyl fencing?

Vinyl materials are made from plastic. As a result, a vinyl fence can’t withstand nature’s extremes, such as a fire outbreak. The fence requires a high installation cost and stain when exposed to mold, algae, and mildew.

What’s the cheapest wood fence?

Pressure-treated pine is the cheapest wood fence compared to redwood, cedar, and other hardwoods. It’s also durable and offers security and privacy.

What is the most popular type of fencing?

Wood fencing has, over the years, been the most popular choice for homeowners. You can choose a wide range of designs from various kinds of wood, including Pine, Cedar, Cypress, Redwood, Oak, and Fir. However, wood fencing may not last longer and requires regular maintenance.

What is the most expensive fencing material?

A metal fence on a stone wall is the most expensive fence. This is especially true if you’re installing a wrought iron fence on top of a stone wall. You’ll need to build a stonewall to your knee height, several pillars, and later install the metal railings of your choice.

So, What Are the Common Fences for a Yard in 2024?

Common yard fences include wood fences, precast concrete fences, vinyl fences, metal fences, composite fences, brick wall fences, bamboo fences, boulder fences, and living fences.

Whether you want to secure your property, add visual appeal, or keep prying eyes away, you can choose your favorite option from the above types of fences.