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How to Fix a Broken Mirror? A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Fix a Broken Mirror? A Step-by-Step Guide

A broken mirror can mean a lot more than just seven years of bad luck. Mirrors are expensive and can be essential to your daily routine, depending on where you have them and what type of mirror it is.

If you break an important mirror in your life, learning how to fix a broken mirror as soon as possible is imperative.

Sure, you could go out and buy a new one, but mirrors can get expensive. If you have a big mirror or one made out of a special type of glass, it can be a lot cheaper to repair it than replace it. In this article, we’ll go over the best ways you can fix a mirror.

It turns out there are several ways you can fix a mirror. We tried to narrow them down to three specific situations or methods. One is done using mirror paint, and the other with an epoxy solution.

We felt it was important to summarize all of these methods to have a comprehensive guide to fixing any mirror in your home.

Our guide will show you the steps to take to fix yours, a few things to consider before taking these steps, and some frequently asked questions.

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How to Fix a Mirror in 5 Easy Steps

We’ll begin this section with mirror paint, then move on to the epoxy method.

Each method has its advantages, so you can decide which is best for you and your mirror. 

Fixing a Mirror With Mirror Paint

Mirror paint is a relatively inexpensive product that you can buy at most home improvement and hardware stores.

It’s one of the easiest and most reliable methods for fixing a mirror.

Step 1: Remove the Back of the Mirror

Back side of broken mirror


The mirror you have will probably require some disassembly before you can repair it.

Flip the mirror over so the back is facing you; remove it so you are left with just the mirror and the frame. Be careful not to cut yourself on any loose shards from the mirror!

Step 2: Remove Broken Mirror Glass

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to refurbish mirror glass once it’s broken. You can try to glue it back together, but you’ll be left with a crack in the mirror that makes it annoying and ineffective.

Even if you spray the crack with mirror paint, it won’t be even and will fail.

Step 3: Get Some Plexiglass

Cutting plexiglass shape with utility knife

The problem with mirror glass is that it’s so fragile. One door slam or game of roughhousing, and you’ll find yourself with a broken mirror all over again.

Instead, buy some plexiglass that’s cut to your mirror’s exact shape and size, so you can replace it with a stronger alternative.

Step 4: Cut Plexiglass Into Shape

The best way to do this is to request specific dimensions from your local hardware store.

You can get more exact measurements and don’t have to worry about cutting the glass yourself. However, if you want to cut it yourself, you can quickly do it with a hacksaw. 

Step 5: Spray With Mirror Paint

Mirror paint sprayed on a glass surface


Mirror paint will cost around $10–15 for a can, and you can get it at most hardware stores. The instructions on the can say to shake the can thoroughly before use. It looks like your average spray paint can.

Once you’re done shaking the can, you can apply your first coat of paint to the plexiglass.

After covering the glass thoroughly, you should wait for one to two minutes and apply another coat. Do this five times for the best results. 

Step 6: Fit the Mirror Into the Frame and Wipe the Opposite Side

After the coats are dry, you can put the mirror back in the frame. Remember that the plexiglass won’t be as clear as a natural mirror, but it will be much stronger.

You can make it clearer by wiping the surface with some acetone to remove the film on the plexiglass.

The mirror should fit perfectly into the frame, and you can use a damp rag to remove any extra strains or dust from the opposite side.

Epoxy Mirror Fix

Filing the mirror cracks with epoxy resin


The fix above is excellent for fixing your mirror with more substantial material.

However, it doesn’t exactly fix the existing mirror as much as it replaces the glass. If you want to fix a mirror at home without replacing the glass, try this solution.

Step 1: Clean the Mirror

If you want to fix the broken mirror, you’ll need to clean away any dust and residue from the break.

Use a paper towel or a rag with small fibers to get the best results, and combine it with a glass cleaner. The glass needs to be free of residue so the epoxy can adhere to it without any dirt or dust.

Step 2: Stabilizer Film

Stabilizer film inside mirror repair kit

Pair Srinrat/Shutterstock

For this fix, you’ll need to buy a mirror repair kit. You can find them online or at your local hardware store. Inside the kit, you’ll discover stabilizer film that will hold your mirror’s pieces in place for repair.

Remove the film from your kit and then place it on the cracked parts of the mirror. Try to apply the film smoothly and avoid air bubbles. 

Step 3: Epoxy Resin

Use the plastic syringe the resin came in to fit under the stabilizer film. Then gently release the resin into the cracks between the mirror and the film.

After filling all the cracks, smooth down the film with your finger so the resin can adhere more thoroughly. 

After the resin is secure, you can leave the mirror for about 40 minutes to let it sit and dry. Make sure you lay it on a flat surface so it can dry evenly. 

Step 4: Remove Film and Epoxy

Once you’ve given the mirror sufficient time to dry, you can remove the film and the epoxy. Start by slowly peeling away the film. You can use a thin knife if you’re having trouble getting a grip on it.

You can use a utility knife or a razor blade to scrape away the epoxy after removing the film. Make sure you scrape the epoxy gently; otherwise, you can crack the mirror all over again. 

Step 5: Clean the Mirror Again

There will be a lot of residues left from the film and the epoxy. Use your glass cleaner and rag again to make your reflection sparkling clean.

Things to Consider

Image for a post on how to fix a broken mirror that shows a framed mirror broken in many spots in the middle after being dropped


Now that you know how to repair a broken mirror, take a look at this list of other considerations:

How Broken Is Your Mirror?

If your mirror is broken into several pieces, it might be better to try the first method than the second.

How Valuable is Your Mirror? 

Some repair kits and processes can cost more than buying a new mirror. If the mirror is inexpensive and holds no sentimental value, it might be better to replace it.

Be Careful! 

Mirror glass is extremely sharp and can hurt you if you’re making a careless repair. Take your time while fixing it, and wear protective gloves whenever possible.

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Final Thoughts 

The best ways to fix a mirror are with mirror paint or epoxy resin.

Mirror paint will help you buy a new piece of glass and fit it into the same frame.

Epoxy resin will help fill minor cracks in a mirror. Whichever you choose, it should work well to fix your mirror.