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10 Breakfast Nook Ideas We Love in 2024

10 Breakfast Nook Ideas We Love in 2024

The breakfast nook is a cozy spot. You can enjoy casual meals, coffee breaks, or hang out near the kitchen.

Whether your nook is tucked into a corner, brightly lit by a window, or set aside a kitchen wall, there are endless possibilities for making your breakfast nook special.

10 Unique Breakfast Nook Ideas

Ready to plan your breakfast nook? Here are some ideas to inspire your kitchen planning.

1. Built-In Table with Benches 

Cozy design for a breakfast nook idea featuring Built-In Table with Benches 

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

Like a photo from a magazine or a scene from a sitcom, the perfect breakfast nook may contain a comfy bench. 

Some benches in smaller kitchens may incorporate built-in storage or a design that allows you to slide bins or other storage containers underneath.

This setup is the ultimate in a space-saving design. Benches can sport a fabric-upholstered seat, but other models will use leather or materials that are easy to wipe clean.

Benches can work as a singular straight piece, angled pieces for corner setups, or multiple pieces for customized arrangements.

The best part of this design is the built-in table on the floor, so there is no way it will tip or move when people are getting in and out.

2. Sunroom Add-On Breakfast Nook

Sunroom Add-On Breakfast Nook made of natural wood benches and a t-style table and surrounded by windows

Valentyna Chukhlyebova/Shutterstock

Consider a small sunroom add-on if you want to add charm to your home with a breakfast nook.

This simple home renovation can open up your kitchen space, giving it a more roomy look and feel while providing seating outside of the dining area.

In addition, the large windows will add natural light to your home, making your kitchen more comforting. 

You can enjoy your morning coffee while you bask in the sunrise each morning with this simple addition project.

Adding this breakfast nook to your existing space will also provide extra seating for those big gatherings where you need to seat visitors. 

3. Breakfast Peninsula Nook 

Open floorplan breakfast nook idea featuring a peninsula with built-in shelves with grey cabinets and white backsplash


If you are short on space, you can opt for a breakfast peninsula nook. This area can act as a kitchen island, but it sits against one wall. 

Peninsulas work great when they are open underneath rather than using cabinets. This way, you can store stools for seating out of the way when not in use.

The great thing about this breakfast nook area is how it can double as a food prep area during other mealtimes, making efficient use of space. 

4. Private Breakfast Nook 

Private Breakfast Nook just off the dining room with dark wood floors and trim with smooth white walls

Ambient Ideas/Shutterstock

Do you have a den or study just off your dining room that is not getting used? Why not turn it into a private breakfast nook? Often, older homes will have small open spaces that previous owners had for a den or study.

Instead of storing your old bookshelf there, create the ideal breakfast nook. Your imagination is the only limit to this idea.

You can add a decorative throw rug, a large plant, and your favorite artwork to customize your space. After creating this cozy private nook, you may find that you are spending more time there than ever before. 

5. Compact Breakfast Nook 

Compact Breakfast Nook  nestled between two windows looking into the backyard below a chalkboard


If you have a minimalistic kitchen design, it is easy to add a compact breakfast nook. Avoid large round tables and chairs that take up unnecessary space.

Instead, use sharp, straight lines and select a dining set that is space-saving, where you can store the stools underneath. Many compact sets will come in various materials to match your current décor.

From wood or plastic to metal, there is sure to be a minimalistic setup that will suit your existing space.

In addition, your guests can use the stools for extra seating anywhere else in your home during large gatherings for added benefit. 

6. Bench and Chair Combination Nook 

Bench and Chair Combination Nook with blue velvet chairs, grey walls, and a gold art-deco fixture

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

You can choose both if you cannot decide between a bench or chair seating for your breakfast nook.

As long as your space allows, installing an L-shaped bench with your breakfast nook table allows additional chair seating on the opposite sides. 

One remarkable feature of this setup is removing the chairs and putting them away in storage if you do not need them.

This option can open up your kitchen space tremendously and still provide a seating area later, when you have many guests over.

7. Patio or Porch Breakfast Nook

Patio or Porch Breakfast Nook Idea between three windows and glass tile


Do you have a small enclosed patio or back porch off of your kitchen area that is not in use?

Try converting it to a quaint breakfast nook instead. Then, you and your family or guests can enjoy watching the birds while you savor your morning tea. 

An enclosed patio breakfast nook can provide a warm, welcoming feeling to any home, especially when there is minimal space for a dining area.

The only consideration for this setup is a radiant heat source during colder days if you want to use this breakfast nook year-round. 

8. Simple Bay Window Breakfast Nook Expansion 

Simple Bay Window Breakfast Nook Expansion with a small two-person table, paver-style ceramic tile, and light oak cabinets


If you want a simple way to include a breakfast nook in your home, consider adding a bay window to your kitchen.

The large window will give the feel of more space where you can place a small bistro table and chairs alongside. 

This design is ideal for a table for two, but you can expand to four if your current space allows. You may need to add a pendant light fixture for this setup to ensure optimal lighting on dark mornings. 

9. Space-Saving Breakfast Nook 

Space-Saving Breakfast Nook idea with a thin metal cafe-style table


You can install a simple ledge table, also known as a console, against the wall for the ultimate space-saving breakfast nook.

This small addition will not stick out enough to block traffic in the room but will provide enough space for you to sit and enjoy your breakfast together. 

You can opt for simple chairs or bar stools for the ultimate in space-saving design. Some console tables can expand to provide as much space as you need.

The more compact your breakfast nook can be when not in use, the better for small kitchens.

10. Island Breakfast Nook 

Close up of an Island Breakfast Nook idea with a rounded granite breakfast bar

Harry Hu/Shutterstock

Try adding an island extension if you want a breakfast nook that will work with your current space.

Some islands will have a one-piece countertop, while others may fold up and down on one end to create an instant breakfast nook seating area. 

When you have a permanent counter, you want to ensure that anyone sitting there will have enough space underneath for their feet.

Therefore, for the best comfort, the bottom should be open rather than the cabinets below. 

Things to Consider

If you’re debating adding a breakfast nook, it’s helpful to know the pros and cons for this kitchen feature.

It’s cozy, sometimes cute, and handy for kids. However, it can be cramped, overtax the space in a small kitchen, and isn’t ideal for larger households.

Color and Materials

When choosing the chairs, bench, accent pillows, tablecloth, or any add-on feature, selecting colors and materials that work with your other kitchen furniture and accessories is crucial.

While some designers enjoy experimenting with mixing styles and palates, beginners might find it helpful to pick a theme.

For example, you might limit the color palette to shades of blue, only choose wood materials, or style everything based on your favorite coffee house.

Window Seating

Ugly green breakfast nook idea that you'd likely find in your grandma's house with oak wood trim and farmhouse-style fabric window valances


Transforming window seating into a breakfast nook is often a no-brainer. Still, some thought might help create a valuable space rather than a space filler.

The easiest way to make window seating a breakfast nook is by simply adding a table. However, even a bay window with optimal, directionally advantageous lighting can be dim.

A table alternative that pairs well with window seating is an island. Installing a slim but permanent fixture can be a unique choice for counter space.

Measure Wall Space

Of course, measuring is always the first step, but after ensuring your chairs can pull in and out or your banquette bench fits the corner, consider your wall space.

For the breakfast nook with plenty of wall real estate, you might not need bench storage or an overcrowded breakfast table.

On the other hand, an alcove with minimal wall space might require more creative storage ideas.

If your kitchen already has more storage than you know what to do with (a rarity, but a welcome one), then focus on making your wall space beautiful.

Your breakfast nook should be welcoming. Having something appealing to look at (besides the person across from you) is a good strategy.

Table Alternative: Ledge

For those creating a breakfast nook from scratch with limited space to house it, adding a ledge is a practical idea for surface area. Instead of jamming on a table, L-brackets and a ledge form your table surface.

While a minor ridge is best for chairs or benches sitting side-by-side, you can install a wider shelf to fit more than two.

Attach your L-bracket ledge looking out the window with a charming view or the cramped corner to transform into a trendy breakfast nook.

Suppose you’re attaching your ledge to a bare wall. In that case, you might add other shelves to house the kitchen essentials, like salt and pepper or something you’ll enjoy looking at while you eat.

Table Alternative: Folding Table

A folding table is another innovative way to build table space for smaller kitchens. Some folding tables slide into a wall, leaving a small ledge for easy access. Alternatively, other folding tables fold flat against the wall, only being horizontally locked when needed.

For example, you might need more room to move while cooking or entertaining in your kitchen. So, fold away the surface while moving and grooving, then lock the table upright when settling into your eating space.

If installing a permanent folding table isn’t your idea of fun, you might choose a traditional folding table or a bar cart. It is easily movable when you need to clear some space, but always ready when it’s time to sip coffee seated in your nook.

Which Breakfast Nook Idea Will You Choose?

For a piece on breakfast nook ideas, a round-walled dining area with padded chairs and a serving tray overlooks a wooded backyard

Harry Hu/Shutterstock

Creating a cozy breakfast nook for your kitchen is easy when you begin with a foundation of fantastic concepts.

We hope the selection of breakfast nook ideas has helped give you some inspiration to create a unique nook design of your own!

From small corners to vast window layouts, a few decorative touches and some practical furniture choices will transform your nook into a welcoming area you’ll enjoy every day.

So, which ideas are on your list?