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30 Fun Coffee Station Ideas for 2024

30 Fun Coffee Station Ideas for 2024

Whether you’re a coffee lover or want to liven up any room, we’ve rounded up thirty coffee station ideas to inspire your next project. 

Below are products and tips for DIYing your coffee station. Read on to learn more.

Looking for Coffee Station Ideas? We Got You

For a piece on coffee station ideas, floating shelves sit above such a station on which sit a number of trinkets related to coffee


First, figure out a theme and how much room you have for your station. We’ve gathered all of the latest decor, from farmhouse chic to industrial—and for all sizes.

Read on to see our top product recommendations and coffee station ideas.

1. Scandinavian Coffee Station

The Scandinavian style of simple perfection is making its way to the States. This style is excellent if you’re a minimalist.

If simplicity fits your vibe, we recommend this shelf for your setup. It has mug storage and clean lines to match your timeless taste.

2. Go Boho

Boho styled coffee corner with colorful mugs

Giorgio Rossi/Shutterstock

Does your apartment have tons of plants and rich jewel tones? The boho look is for you. We love this style because it brightens up any living space. A few products we recommend are:

  • Colorful mugs
  • Unique storage jars
  • Natural wood cabinet 

We adore this look for older home styles.

3. Vintage Vibe

If you love vintage styles, incorporate them into your coffee station! Make your coffee maker a statement piece.

This SMEG coffee maker in pastel blue is colorful without being too bright. Other options are to decorate with retro diner signs and storage tins.

4. Put in Hanging Shelves

Shelves with coffee mugs above your counter


This concept is best if you have minimal space but want an extensive coffee station. Some sturdy shelves we love:

  • These are perfect for coffee paraphernalia 
  • Try this rack for a rustic look

You can put the shelves above your counter or a cabinet. Either way, you’ll save space in style. 

5. Try a New Brewer

Arguably the most essential part of this list is the coffee brewer! If you want to try something different for your coffee station, get a new brewing system. 

You might want to consider trying a French press instead of a classic coffee maker, too; they give your coffee a robust flavor.

6. Make a Menu

Future baristas, this is for you. Purchase a chalkboard and write down the kinds of coffee you have.

Chalkboards are especially practical if you have guests; they let them know what you have and what you don’t. You can either get a chalkboard that stands alone or one that sticks to your wall.

7. Freshen up with Farmhouse Decor

Freshen up with farmhouse decor


Farmhouse chic has taken the home decor realm by storm. The textures and tones suit almost any home. You can spruce up your coffee station with farmhouse decor, too. Try: 

  • Repurposed shelves 
  • Black and white mugs
  • Glass milk bottles for storage

We recommend going to your local thrift store to save money and give your coffee station a rustic look.

8. Change Your Coffee Station Every Season

Change your coffee station decoration and appearance


Who says your coffee nook has to look the same all year? You can change looks every season. For fall, try plaid placemats, apothecary jars for a Halloween hint, and stocking shelves with fall flavors like pumpkin spice.

Spring and summer need brighter decor, like shells and flower arrangements. You could also have iced coffee available! A winter coffee bar could be holiday-themed, with pops of red and pine accents and hot chocolate.

9. Add Shine

An easy way to give your coffee station a coffee shop feel is with chrome appliances.

If you want to up your cappuccino game, we recommend trying out an espresso maker. The chrome finish will add dimension to your station and make your coffee maker the focal point.

10. Make a Book Nook

Spending your mornings with a book and a cup of coffee will make for a peaceful start to your day


Love to read? Try adding some literature to your coffee station!

Whether you read them or not, books give your station a cozy feel. If you have plenty of room, you could also make a book nook beside your coffee station. Other bookish ideas:

  • Literary-themed mugs
  • Library card coasters

Spending your mornings with a book and a cup of coffee will make for a peaceful start to your day. 

11. Use a Bar Cart

Bar carts aren’t just for spirits. Getting a bar cart for your coffee station means you can have coffee wherever you want it.

We love this idea if you have guests often or don’t have a ton of extra room. A bar cart makes for excellent storage.

12. Hide and Seek Coffee Station

We love this option for those who don’t want a coffee station crowding their space. With a hanging cabinet like this, you can’t fit as much as a cabinet that’s on your floor, but you save room. Organize your coffee by:

  • Hanging mugs on knobs
  • Using storage containers for sugar, cinnamon, etc.

Hanging cabinets are great for people who don’t have matching appliances. 

13. Create a Gallery Wall

Wall art above the coffee machine


Making a gallery wall is a quick way to pull a coffee station together, especially if you have a larger cabinet.

Buy some coffee-themed art and a felt letter board, and you’ll have a Pinterest-worthy creation! Make sure your art has all sorts of frames and sizes to make it whimsical.

14. Try a Tray

Using a tray as a mobile coffee station is another idea if you have little space. If you choose to use a tray, we recommend:

  • Handles for easy moving
  • A tray made from a lightweight material
  • Using a French press 

A tray is convenient and gives your coffee station a bed-and-breakfast vibe.

15. Make a Global Coffee Station

World map on chalkboard for inspiration


If you’re adventurous with your coffee, try gathering international flavors to create a station inspired by other countries.

From Cuban coffee to map wall decor, you can make every cup of coffee a mini-vacation. 

16. Add Color

I can’t think of a theme. Just pick a color and incorporate it into your coffee station. For example, if you choose red, you could:

  • Get a red coffee carafe
  • Display red coffee mugs with matching saucers

Offsetting the color with neutrals makes for a cohesive look.

17. Spill the Tea

Chances are, there’s someone in your household who hates coffee. Add in a teapot and assorted tea bags to create a tea station!

You can organize teas by flavor and intensity. Tea packets are usually eye-catching, so they’re great on display.

18. Go Green

Go green with plants around your coffee home station

Ground Picture/Shutterstock

If you don’t want to do any intense designing, buying plants for your coffee station is a brilliant way to brighten things up. They don’t have to be authentic, either! We recommend using:

  • Flowers 
  • Succulents 
  • Cacti

You can even add coffee beans to the vases you use.

19. Add French Flair

The French love their coffee, so adding Paris-inspired decor to your station will give any room class. Consider adding treats like eclairs and macarons! Go subtle with fancy floral cups and saucers, or more direct with an Eiffel tower hook.

20. Personalize Your Coffee Station

Personalized home coffee station with family photos and customized signs


Your coffee station doesn’t have to be generic. Add in personal touches to make it specific to your home. Try any of these products:

  • Hanging family photos in colorful frames
  • A wall monogram 
  • Customized coffee station sign

Making a coffee station a family experience adds character and personality.

21. Office Coffee Station

Take your coffee station to work! Find a cart and organize all of your coffee essentials. You can even use a filing cabinet.

To make it more office-friendly, put small office supplies on the cart to create more desk space.

22. Make it Glamorous

Make your coffee station glamorous with turkish coffee cup

Esin Deniz/Shutterstock

If you love glam, integrate it into your coffee station. There’s no reason your cup of coffee can’t be as glamorous as you are. Add some sparkle with:

  • Shimmery coffee cups
  • Fashion-inspired wall art

Pink is the predictable color for this style, but other pastels like blue and metals like rose gold also add glamour. 

23. More Masculine

Men love coffee, too, so making a coffee station with masculine touches is a practical idea.

Add in wood accents (like coasters) and matte black mugs to give your coffee station a more rugged feel. You can also use these tips to make a gender-neutral coffee station.

24. Crisp and Clean Coffee Station

White home decor never goes out of style. Using all-white materials for your coffee station is perfect for a modern look. A few of our favorite products for this are:

  • Keurig Mini in white
  • Classic storage cabinet
  • White trays for pods

An all-white look will make your coffee station timeless.

25. Create a Corner

Interior with coffee corner

Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Sometimes you might not have a straight wall for your coffee station, and that’s okay! You can make a perfect coffee corner. Find a corner-shaped shelf and decorate it as you please.

Since these have more storage, you can add in breakfast options like oatmeal and protein bars. Corner stations work particularly well in dining rooms.

26. Add Wine

Coffee and wine are always together in the grocery store, so why not have them both on display? This design requires a larger cabinet but is ideal for people who love a cup of coffee with dessert or a glass of wine after dinner.

It’s useful for wine storage as well. Add in some luxurious mugs, and you’ll have a decadent coffee station.

27. Repurposed and Rustic

Have some extra furniture, or find an old dresser at a yard sale? Repurpose it for a rustic, chic coffee bar! The faded wood adds character, and you’ll have money to spend on decor such as:

  • Rustic hanging lights
  • Coffee maker mat
  • Large rustic mugs

Repurposing involves painting over an old color, so don’t worry—you don’t need to be a DIY expert.

28. Cool Cat Coffee Station

Cat and coffee


For whatever reason, cats and coffee go together. If you’re a self-proclaimed cat lover, create a cat-themed coffee station. 

First, buy some cat mugs. There are a ton available, and you can get ones that look like your cat! Try to find cat art, or, even better, cat and coffee-themed art, like this sign.

29. Add an Industrial Touch

The industrial aesthetic goes with almost all other decor. It’s modern without being minimal. We recommend finding a shelf with black or copper pipes, and:

  • Copper storage jars
  • Industrial decor
  • Marquis letters

An industrial-themed coffee station is eye-catching and unique!

30. Cottage-Core

If you aren’t familiar with cottage-core, it’s time to get acquainted. Arguably the most popular trend of 2021, cottage-core gathers inspiration from cottage life.

It’s kitschy and ideal for a coffee station. To make your station cottage-core, find quirky decor. Think evil eye drinkware, pour-over coffee makers, and nature-inspired tapestries.

Things to Consider

For a piece on coffee station ideas, a young couple standing together drinking cups of coffee in front of their coffee maker


I’m hoping that you feel inspired after these 30 suggestions. But there are a few general things that you should consider before choosing your style.

  • Choose a design that speaks to you, not the latest trend.
  • If you don’t live alone and the other person is also going to use the space, discuss it with them and bounce some ideas off each other.
  • Take into consideration that for you to get that tasty coffee with a magnificent scent, it needs to be stored properly. Don’t forget this detail when you are designing your next coffee station.

What’s Your Favorite Coffee Station Idea?

Coffee station idea featuring a rolling metal bar cart with a black coffee maker and biscuits next to a bottle of milk and a bunch of cups inside a square wooden container


We hope the ideas above fuel your creativity to make your perfect coffee station. 

Whether you love a glamorous, rustic, or retro feel, your coffee station will be the centerpiece of any room you choose.